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AHH HATERs GONNA HATE! Yea, memes are definitely a waste of time. i know this now, whats the point of trying to make people lol if people gonna ban great material. What? its a little inappropriate? Deal with it, kids should not have computer access in the first place, and any adult that don’t wanna see some great but somewhat inappropriate material should sack up, this is the internet, Which is also the spawn of sin! And it was not even really inappropriate. Is you know how Puns work, and the fact that a Rooster is called a Cock, and Pussy is short for Pussy Cat, then this was clearly appropriate. The only thing that can make that post seem inappropriate at all is if your mind is in the gutter. I Personally would call you a cock cause your such a dick to deem my work inappropriate, but there no way you could be one since your too pussy to let good material stay on the internet. Unless by some unexpected way you turn out to be both, which makes you some freakish hermaphrodite mistake only made as a joke to appease the gods while they watch you suffer on this living hell of a planet. Oh and by the way, Thank you so Much for Your Time. Toodles Niggah!


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