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Duchess BrushieBrush
Duchess BrushieBrush

This. This is the worst kind of person as far as I’m concerned. These slutty, attention-seeking scum are worse than Hitler.
They’re not special.
They’re not appealing.
They’re whores.
Freaking everyone plays video games.
I remember I was watching an episode of 1,000 Ways to Die and this guy was losing to some ‘girl gamer’. Here’s what she was wearing, I kid you not: a fedora (ugh), her bra and underwear. And she looked like a supermodel. It was disgustingly retarded and made me want to throw myself out the window.


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And then people develop such a bad knee-jerk reaction to attention-whore “gurl gamers” that the rest of us gamers who are girls get the flak for it. I once entered a TF2 server and immediately got called an attention whore for nothing of my own doing and was harassed the entire time. I later guessed it was because I had a female sign in my username, but I only added that because I got tired of the lengthy “Who’s the 12 year old boy?” and “Wait, was that a girl I heard?? Who was that??!” panics every time I first spoke and having to identify myself before getting back to business and playing like a normal person.

And the G.I.R.L.s too. Getting lumped in with those is even worse! The guys won’t trust anything you say, and you’re expected to prove yourself before getting any kind of respect (and not even then, because sleazebags will start treating you like FDA-approved Grade-A Piece of Ass, which is the only reason they care so much in the first place). Which has nothing to do with what you’re trying to play!

Damn attention whores ruining it for everyone. And other people making it worse.


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