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in reply to Youyou Meme

Lemme break it down fo ya.

I think the hatred for this has nothing to do with the pictures themselves. I find it degrading to male gamers.

Why? Because this is a tactic often used by both individuals and marketing companies to try and exploit gamers on the stereotype that they’re all lonely, desperate nerds that will buy into anything if there’s sex appeal.

But you know what else? Its just stupid.

^ this is fucking stupid


in reply to Beta_Carotene

I just want to point out that that is Jessica Nigri who, to the best of my knowledge, does nothing but gaming and anime cosplay as a job and has been doing so for a few years. I really don’t think she’s a “gurl gamer”.


in reply to Duchess BrushieBrush

But she’s not using video games purely as a way to garner attention and play up faux-nerd stereotype like the entry is describing.
If cosplaying is her passion and her job and she enjoys doing it, more power to her (though, yes, that particular .gif is pretty stupid, but still, isn’t the same at the entry).


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