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This case has nothing to do with race. Do you know why Zimmerman joined the neighborhood watch in the first place? It was because a black family in his neighborhood had their homes broken into. Also, there was a case where the son of a white cop killed a black homeless man, guess who advocated for justice for the homeless man? George Zimmerman.

Up yours, mainstream media and race-baiting hypocrites.


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THANK YOU. This confirms my suspicions.

Though we shouldn’t pretend that GZ is a perfectly innocent man. Let’s not forget that, while it wasn’t a race thing, his paranoia caused him to shoot a kid.

He may not be racist, but he is crazy, and shouldn’t be allowed gun ownership.


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Getting knocked to the ground, straddled, beaten in the face, head repeatedly being bashed against the concrete. Kid grabs his gun and tells him “You’re gonna die tonight, motherf***er.” Yeah, paranoia. He should totally have just let himself be murdered. I’ll be sure to do that if I’m ever in the same position.


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