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Jostin Asuncion
Jostin Asuncion

If that’s true, then I have to ask you if you know of the April 2001 flash movie series, Xiao Xiao. In most sites I’ve seen it mentioned, it was called an internet meme, especially the third episode, but I need confirmation from you to be sure of this.

Here’s how they described it on Dipity.com’s Internet Meme time line:

With the rise of flash animation based entertainment sites such as NewGrounds and eBaum’s World, XiaoXiao became an instant with its simple but pleasing flash animation The fighting stick figures have lead to dozens if not hundreds of spin offs and have inspired flash movie and game makers across the internet.

Now, I know that Dipity’s list can’t always be trusted but it’s not the only site that mentions it being an internet meme. There are more:
- Wikipedia
- DuckDuckGo
- Wapedia
- ||l|ll||||l|||ll|l|||
- Gourt

The problem is, I don’t see how this can be memetic. The only explanation would be that this is a classic internet meme. What are your thoughts, good sir?

Here’s the infamous third episode:


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