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@Katie McDonald, Cullen Martinez, Shannon Llewellyn (Facebook Comments)

The focus of this entry is a video of a slow loris being petted (which isn’t animal cruelty) remixed to music and other fanworks based on it. It is a video of one loris, not a collection of multiple being abused. Both cases are irrelevant to each other. These videos support what you’re describing just as much as the Downfall Parodies support Nazi Germany. In other words: They don’t. When a random stranger looks at these videos, “oh jeez I should probably support illegal slow loris trade now” is most likely one of the last things he’ll think of.

Cullen Martinez, your help is appreciated, but it’s unlikely we’ll add a section about the suggestion you send us. As you noticed as well, the two cases aren’t relevant to a point that it should be added.


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