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Please let this exist.
I mean when you think about it, a comic series might be one of the best ways to finally give closure to the Samurai Jack story. The iconic art of the animated series could preserved, while the issue of Aku’s VA’s death (may Mako rest in peace) wouldn’t be a speed bump.

Since Samurai Jack was always a show heavier on art and action than dialogue, a comic series would be damn near the perfect medium through which to tell Jack’s story.



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Ahaha, I just refreshed after having checked myself, and you’re right!
IDW Comics will indeed be publishing a series of Samurai Jack comics, led by Genndy himself, among other writers/artists from the show.
Back From The Past, Samurai Jack!

It would also appear that Samurai Jack isn’t the only Cartoon Network show to be getting a comic reboot by IDW:
IDW Teams Up with Cartoon Network!

Thank you based IDW. I literally hugged my monitor just now.


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