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Natsuru Springfield
Natsuru Springfield

It’s one of those things that is kinda hard to explain in one paragraph… Ill give it a shot anyways:

Basically, its about a 10 year old Mage in training, Negi Springfeild, haveing to pass one final test before being able to get a magic licence; and that’s becomeing a teacher at an all girls boarding school in Japan. (As some test to see if he can handle leading a regular life on top of being a mage.)
However, he is found out rather quickly by one of his student’s, Asuna, who seems to be able to cancel out any magic by just getting near it, and Negi discovers that one of his student’s is a vampire who was cursed to remain at the academy by Negi’s Father, the famous “Thousand Master” who had been missing for several years.

Things get rather compicated after that. But all in all, the characters are really well developed, the action is awsome, the situations Negi gets into are hilarious, and it’s just down right crazy.


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