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“the twisted Japanese “cripple fetish” hentai games”…
Now this is something I have to disagree with. People need to learn to do their homework before opening their mouths. I have played the so-called twisted game mentioned above, and here are facts that people should know to stop giving Katawa Shoujo bad reputation:
1. The game is not about “cripple fetish”. It’s about a boy with heart problems, sent to a special school, and can choose to be the soul-mate of one of the 5 girls with different disabilities. It’s about understanding people, and seeing beyond the outer appearances. It’s definitely and totally not about sex.
2. So far, only the first Arc of the game has been released, and there is no mature content yet. The full game, planned to be released in 2011 will have mature content, but only about as much as your avarage movie. It is not the developers’ intention to put emphasis on the sex, but on the story. There will be sex because it’s just a natural thing in life. As a matter of fact, the player can choose to skip the sex part. Katawa Shoujo is a visual novel. So condemning the game a hentai game is just a proof of pure ignorance.


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