Know Your Meme Episodes

Resident internet scientist Forest investigates.

Intro to Pokémon Memes (Part II)

Know Your Meme’s Internet scientists explore some of the most notable character memes that emerged from the children’s anime TV series in this second part of our intro to Pokémon memes!

Published on 10/23/12


Intro to Pokémon Memes (Part I)

Your very own Know Your Meme legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokemon Memes awaits!

Published on 10/10/12


Troll Science

Troll Science (also known as “Troll Physics”) is a rage comic series illustrating various experiments that are based on faulty understanding of scientific concepts. The pseudo-scientific drawings are usually accompanied by Trollface and used to mislead the viewers or frustrate science educators and students for their obvious errors.

Published on 09/28/12



Fanfiction is literature written solely by fans of a particular work, and is thus both non-canonical to the original work yet also based off the characters and settings of such a work. Though fanfiction is not a product of the Internet, the Internet has proliferated such literature to proportions greater than those it could have achieved in print.

Published on 09/22/12


That Really Rustled My Jimmies

“That Really Rustled My Jimmies” is an expression that is used to convey feelings of discontent or discomfort in response to someone else’s post in imageboards and discussion forums, most notably on 4chan.

Published on 09/14/12


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