Know Your Meme Episodes

Resident internet scientist Forest investigates.

Get Down

Get Down is a series of stop-motion dance videos mimicking a software glitch in the Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye 007, wherein the characters would suddenly spaz out if the game cartridge was only partially attached to the console.

Published on 10/01/09


David After Dentist

David After Dentist is a viral video of an eight year old boy dwelling on heavy thoughts on his way home from the dentist’s office. Sedated and super confused, David’s aww-some ranting in the backseat of his dad’s van became one of the most watched videos on YouTube.

Published on 09/02/09


Bubb Rubb

Bubb Rubb is a Bay Area resident who appeared in a local news segment on the growing trend of “whistle tips,” a custom-modified exhaust pipe that generates deafening sounds of whistles during motor operation.

Published on 08/17/09



Weegee is a photoshop meme based on the avatar of Luigi. Placing Weegee in an image creates awkward situations and a sense of discomfort.

Published on 08/07/09


Three Wolf Moon

Three Wolf Moon is the name of a “power animal” t-shirt that was ironically made into one of the top selling apparel items on Amazon in 2009, thanks to thousands of internet users who hyped it up with hilarious, tongue-in-cheek customer reviews. Befitting its widespread reputation, the shirt is so virile and mesmerizing that you probably shouldn’t look at it in a direct angle.

Published on 07/30/09


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