Know Your Meme Episodes

Resident internet scientist Forest investigates.

Keyboard Cat

Keyboard Cat is the “shot caller” of most epic FAILs on the Internet. If you find yourself fencing on the edge of ugly misfortune, you can rest assured Keyboard Cat will come to rescue and “play you off” before things hit rock bottom!

Published on 07/07/09


Creepy Chan

Allison Harvard, also known as Creepy Chan, is an Amercan artist/model who garnered= attention for her ghastly portraits on the imageboard site 4chan.

Published on 05/28/09


Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Peanut Butter Jelly Time (PBJT) is a viral flash video consisting of an animated Dancing Banana emoticon and the song “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” by The Buckwheat Boyz. Known for being both annoying and funny, the Dancing Banana video became a hit, leading to PBJT-related merchandise, and many subsequent tribute videos.

Published on 05/08/09


Single Serving Sites

Single-serving sites are web sites comprised of a single page with a dedicated domain name and do only one thing. While such sites have existed since the dawn of the internet, the meme was detailed & named by popular linkblogger Jason Kottke in 2008

In fact, one of the earliest intenet memes was a single serving site: the Hampster Dance

Published on 04/23/09


Christian Bale Rant

Christian Bale Rant is an audio segment released by celebrity blog TMZ, featuring the voice of American actor Christian Bale going ballistic on the director of photography Shane Hurlbut on the set of “Terminator Salvation” in July 2008.

Published on 04/16/09


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