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site tuneup

Last posted Apr 30, 2009 at 12:41AM EDT. Added Apr 20, 2009 at 11:28PM EDT
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Gleuch, toddboom & I have been hacking on the website a bit lately and deployed last night. Notable changes & fixes so far:
- site-wide activity & other info when logged in
- submitted memes in Research
- comments image tagging & comments
- embed codes & share links as needed
- episodes subscribe page w/ HD, iTunes, Miro etc
- forum tweaks & doublepost fixes

and, of course, Greg’s error pages: 404 Not Found, 500 Unavailable, and 403 Unauthorized

said it in the internets post but chris entirely missed what i was talking about.

have a method of showing who contributes to the site.

my idea: everyone has the ability to give 1 “internets” to a member when they make a good poast/meme entry or w/e. your ability to give higher # of internets (or your “internets power”(how fucking awesome is that?)) goes up the longer you are here, moar posts you have etc.

person with highest # of internets is king and gets a t shirt.

@james -- great idea, I threw together some prototype code to show off how many contributions each person’s made to the site -- entries, images, comments, forum posts etc.

Also playing around with favoriting of meme entries, which could translate into more points for the person/people who contributed to it (then eventually giving people internets directly)

what should be on the t-shirts? :)

Ooh. I have this one idea. When I enter Know Your Meme it says “Sup Captain.” I think it would be nice if you added compliments to the end. Like “Sup username, have you lost weight?” or “Sup username, people enjoy having you around.” or mabye “Sup username, your awfully attractive.” Hey, it’s an idea. I’d appreciate it.

I like the old way of viewing images.

You could just click next to cycle through them.

Now it doesn’t appear that you can do that anymore, requiring you to click on a picture, then back, then click on the next one. I like the old way. :(

Feedback duly noted -- fwiw I’m also starting to miss the lightbox

@james -- we pushed out some beginnings of internets/contribution scoring; check out
Still a work in progress, but getting excited :D

Gang, we’ve brought back the lightbox for images, substantially improved (big thanks 2 greg)

Inside the lightbox you can use the arrows or just click the image to jump next, and there’s link to its full permalink page for tags/comments

Hey, there is a problem with your contribution system. When I delete a picture I added twice by accident, my points don’t go down. So what keeps someone from adding one picture and contantly deleting then adding it again? Well, besides the lack of desire to contribute.

Have been quite busy these last few days and didn’t really take the time to take a look at all the changes. Seems quite good though.
There is a thing that I couldn’t help but notice, though:
“You don’t have permission to view that page.”
That’s what happen when I try to access my Dashboard. I mean, shouldn’t I still be able to access it or something? ;)


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