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Last posted Jan 10, 2015 at 01:58PM EST. Added Oct 20, 2011 at 11:15AM EDT
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In new Upd8… Am I the only one here that was confused as to why Rose can actually cast bolts of light, rather than just “Knowing stuff”?

It took me till about the point where I realized that Wizards who’s job is also to know stuff, can do much the same.




Will Homestuck end this year, or next?

Who else will die?

What will be the final ships?

What is the fate of the human race? The trolls?

Will Homestuck have a happy ending?

It’s kinda sudden and incredibly unexpected. I guess this means that Jade is for sure permadead, unless Hussie decides to bring her back for some reason. I’m super curious what role LE is actually going to play in the end of all this. Also, I’m going to bet it ends very early next year so that Hussie can catch up on other stuff while completing this.

Will Homestuck end this year, or next?

Likely, never

Who else will die?

Everybody will die. Hussie won’t finish the script until Homestuck has more main character casualties than the entire series of LOST. And then he will make more main characters to replace them.

What will be the final ships?

Well we’ve got a bunch of possibilities. But I still have a hunch that Dirk/Jake will return to the spotlight even though those two kinda broke it off earlier.

What is the fate of the human race? The trolls?

Death. Everything must die.

Will Homestuck have a happy ending?

Death IS the happy ending.

. I guess this means that Jade is for sure permadead

Looks like she isn’t getting a chance for revival, but even then, ‘Dead’ never means ‘Gone’ in Homestuck (Unless it’s Nepeta). We’ll definitely see more of Jade the next time Calliope comes into the spotlight again

I just had a dream that was about Homestuck Updating.

…That’s it…. Just… Homestuck Updating…

…I don’t remember much else.

The only conclusion to reach from this is that Homestuck has finally broken me.

Then again… I already have a lot of dreams about playing video games… For like… No reason.

You guys will want to get your hands on the hiatus vaccine that’s been released.

The serum contains granulated Homestuck comics and trace cocaine inside an IV patch. It’s proven 100% effective and clearing out the hives and bulimia some of you are getting from the hiatus.

Terezi wouldn’t have been my first choice, to be honest…

But, ehh, she’s alright.

She was the closest to avenging Nepeta, after all.

EDIT: After looking closely, Hussie isn’t even the only webcomic creator involved.

I see Clevinger’s name there… This is going to be even better than some of you would have thought. Remember that he is responsible for one of THE longest jokes ever, which took nearly an entire webcomic to come to its conclusion.

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Ahhhhhhh. My sincerest of apologies for my embarrassing gaffe. I’m somewhat unadapt to this whole KYM business and 30 days is a little more than I’ve been here. And as this evidence would dictate, I am certainly new here. I simply overreacted and jumped the gun as I didn’t want to lose the only outlet I discovered as of lately that I could utilize to befriend more Homestucks on KYM. NEVERTHELESS…ahhh yes…what are we discussing…ships? Well, it’s extremely isolated and riddled with feels, but first, my OTP:

God Tier!Karkat X DerseDreamer!Nepeta
I wouldn’t complain if it was simply Karkat X Nepeta, but this ship in particular…oh what rapture…Both me, and especially my requited significant other saw this ship as one of the most (unfortunately) unrequited relationships in Homestuck, and finding out that there was a chance it would succeed somewhere deep in the afterlife’s dream bubbles? Ohohoh! NOW THAT’S EVERY SHIPPER’S DREAM COME TRUE no pun intended. There’s that and I myself identify with the Vantas Duo as strongly as she does the Leijon Legion, so naturally we would be in support of successful examples of Vantas X Leijon. Which brings me to my next ship…

Sufferer X Disciple
Virtually everyone in the fandom ships this, and the ship itself is glossed over briefly by a pedophilic Slenderman (as, call me out if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall the Ancestor’s stories being retold in Homestuck aside from that part) but I find this irrelevant in terms of my passion for it. I’m a sucker for tales of romance and religious martyrs, this being no exception considering it boasts both. It is tragic, yes, and riddled with unfortunate sadness, but much like Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, and even Bonnie and Clyde (Okay, maybe I’m the only one who thinks this was fascinating casted in a romantic light) who had tragic ends to their romantic and, even famously so, tales, it is probably so popular and easy to get behind simply BECAUSE it has a sad ending. That and it’s canon so, HAH!! SUCK IT!

KANKRI X….ummm…it’s complicated…
It’s really a complex tie between my complicated web of Kankri ships. Most are just idle crackships, fantasies and interesting pairs that I think would be cute in my head, but here it goes. Damara X Kankri because they’re polar opposites with some parallels. Celibacy and passive flirting (See Latula) – Promiscuous behavior and abrupt physical contact, ambiguous language through superfluous dialect, completely incomprehensible language due to speaking botched Troll Japanese, and in fanfictions that were so not written by me, they could bond over the fact that they both want someone that belongs to another. (Rufioh and Horuss, Latula and Mituna) Next, Cronus X Kankri (although I see them more as cute Moirails, buuuut I can still see them casted in a lovey dovey light in certain instances) Meulin X Kankri, and I know it’s been addressed as improbable (“She’s nice, but really?”) but think about it. Curiosity killed the cat. Or in this case, shipped it. Kankri is already surprised the Sufferer was willing to revoke his vows to put himself out for the Disciple. What if he started acting on it, just to find out why exactly? AND THEN EVERY ROMCOM LOVER’S FANTASY. HAHA. LOVE THAT WAS ARTIFICIAL. THAT TRANSFORMED INTO SOMETHING TRUE. AND THEN SUBSEQUENTLY AFTER, THE INEVITBLE OVEREMOTIONAL SCENE WHERE THEY’RE IN THE RAIN AND SHE FINDS OUT HE STARTED DATING HER JUST TO SEE WHAT IT WAS LIKE FROM A SPITEFUL NEGLECTED CRONUS MOIRAIL WHO WAS IN ON IT FROM THE START, AND MEULIN MISUNDERSTANDS AND, CRESTFALLEN, BREAKS OFF THE RELATIONSHIP, BUT THEN KANKRI REASSURES HIS LOVE FOR HER BY- Er hehem. I’m sorry I seemed to have let my whimsical affinity for tacky B-movies get the best of me. Kankri X Porrim because it’s cute, Kankri X Latula (BUT LATUNADAMNIT), and finally, Aranea X Kankri because….6lah8lah6lah8lah6lah. Muahahaha.

Apologies all with hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, I seem to have Kankri’d on for quite a while. So, tldr? Nepkat, The First Ship, and a tie between Damkri, Meukri, Crokri (but more in a moirail kinda way in most instances) Porkri, Kantula and Arakri.

It wouldn’t be such a conflicting tie if I could figure which I shipped the most. But like….if you read the Kankri rant just above the word hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, you would find good reasons for all of them. WHY IS A SHIPPER’S LIFE SO HARD?

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My top three ships?

Roxy x Nepeta
Roxy x Meulin
Nepeta x Meulin

Because MEOW

MEOW is why.

I’d ship Fem!Mutie x Roxy if I could. Or… Hmm… Maybe some hypurrthetical Mutie!Roxy x Leon!Nepeta?

The purrsibilities!

Seriously though, I’d like to see more of Mutie.

Very nice choices. Katnep is wonderful, and Kankri is fun to ship with everyone.

As for me, I haven’t really gotten into shipping in a while. But… when I was really into talking about ships all the time, my favorites were

I just thought there was something really cute about this “cool” guy becoming hopelessly infatuated with such a dork. Really, the biggest dork in the entire webcomic. Their interactions were always hilarious, as well.

In my head, they just seem really compatible. I’m sorry; that’s it.

Snoop Leijon

I used to ship a lot of things when I first got into Homestuck, but since it is coming to an end I narrowed it down to just:

I mean seriously they are just the cutest pairing ever and I love them so much my precious babies.

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