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Last posted Feb 16, 2015 at 09:26PM EST. Added Oct 20, 2011 at 11:15AM EDT
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Okay, so it’s really interesting that Hussie is and has been planting references to this throughout the web. Like the Amazon review of that art book, and Caliborn’s DeviantArt profile (which is live and active – check it out).

Now, this is different than older Homestuck material, like Rose’s GameFAQs guide, which appeared to be hosted on another site, but wasn’t.

In any case, Homestuck things NOT hosted on could be outside of Hussie’s control, and therefore not permanent, so uh, enjoy them while they’re fresh, I guess.

So, if an author makes art in real time media (like Caliborn’s deviant art or Strong Bad’s new Twitter, does that date the art? Will people reading Homestuck in the future truly appreciate these things, and will they always be available? Discuss.

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You know i used to think homestuck was boring, gimmicky and mud paced faster than the plot in it, if there was any plot to begin with.

and yet i still think this

But somehow after forcing myself trought more than the first pages i start to get this constant feeling of wanting more, of wanting to see whats gonna happen next.

Like being a secret military base full of red buttons, you know you dont like whats gonna happen but you still want it to happen to know what it is.

and now i cant get off this damned ride, and i got a long way to go.

well speech over now you guys can continue talking about more ahead moments.

Alright now I presume most people have seen [S] GAME OVER by now.

Let me try and work my head around the chain of events:

Gamzee [Cane] Karkat
[lava] Karkat
Karkat has been eliminated!
Kanaya [Chainsaw] Gamzee
Gamzee has been eliminated!
The Batter Witch [deathray] Kanaya
Kanaya has been eliminated!
Areana [katana] Jake
Areana [katana] Jane
Jake respawned
Jane has been eliminated!
Jack [claymore] Dave
Postal worker [claymore] Dave
Dave respawned
Areana [katana] Terezi
The Batter Witch [trident] Rose
Rose escaped
Roxy escaped
The Batter Witch [neck snap] Areana
John [curbstomp] Caliborn
John escaped

Confirmed death toll:

Anything I missed?

Important things to remember:

- The alpha timeline is (or at least was) covered in pixie dust or whatever and glitching the fuck out
- Aranea’s plan involved killing Caliborn before he became Lord English, then using her Sylph powers to heal the now-doomed timeline and make it the alpha timeline, thereby making it so English never existed in the first place.
- Let’s also assume that Caliborn is definitely, unquestionably, going to become Lord English (confirmed, but lets be real it IS hussie)

Using that info, we can theorize that this is NOT the alpha timeline. The first glaring sign is that Aranea intentionally tried to create a doomed timeline, as noted. The second sign is that the game isn’t glitching out. There was ONE thing that was, though – John. John is from the alpha timeline, and has used Caliborn’s artifact thing (possibly a source of power) to be able to travel between timelines, at a level even beyond Dave’s; the Alpha John can visit offshoot timelines (where as time-travelling Daves are invariably doomed). So far we’ve only explicitly seen his powers let him travel along the alpha timeline, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

However, if this is a doomed timeline, why is it important? Because instead of killing Lord English, Aranea just helped create him. The events of A6A6I3 create cherub Earth (maybe?), the doomed timeline forces the Void Session, and he’s going to figure out how to break out of the session using his Lord of Time powers.

Also, BSoD, it did say that Jake and Dave died Heroic so they really are dead (remember, Heroic and Just are BOTH permanent deaths).

Aradia Megido

Nepeta x3 Dead
Feferi x3 Dead
Sollux x3 Alive
Karkat x3 Dead
Vriska x3 Dead
Tavros x3 Dead
Kanaya x3 Dead
Eridan x2 possibly still Alive as Sprite
Equius x2 possibly still Alive as Sprite
Terezi x2 Dead
Aradia Megido x1003: Alive
Gamzee x2 Probably Alive
John x2 Alive
Dave x5 Dead/Alive-as-Davesprite-maybe
Rose x3 Dead (Lived long enough to tell Roxy she loved her)
Jade x3 Dead
Jane x4 Dead
Dirk x2 Alive
Roxy x2 Alive
Jake x4 Dead
Calliope x1 Its complicated.

Note: I am counting all deaths that happen in the Alpha Timeline… Even if they came from a Doomed one or are a Dream Self.

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