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Asuras Tabletop Miniatures Painting Thread

Last posted Aug 06, 2014 at 04:08AM EDT. Added Jul 22, 2013 at 09:42PM EDT
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Hello KYM, and welcome to my Painting thread. and welcome to my painting station were i work.

As you may have already guessed. i’m into table top miniatures. i’ve been in this since i was 9, and now i’m 21 1/2.

since people have been posting drawing threads and such. i’ve decided to do something different and do miniatures instead. i have a lot of miniatures that i have been slacking off on painting and i’ve just been buying stuff without fully painting them, or just neglecting to paint them all together. well, actually, i’m just a bloody procrastinator. all i just need is something to motivate me to paint. something to push me to do it.

so this is were you come in KYM. what i will be doing is posting various miniatures that i have that are still unpainted or that are incomplete. i will post pics of the painting process of the models im working on. showing the paints i use. how i do it etc. im not an award winning level of painter. im just a bit above table top quality. meaning i put more effort into my guys than those who just want to get them on the tabletop to play.

Here are some samples of my many armies i have to show for it.
(i dont own an hd camera to take better quality photos. they look better in person i swear.)

My first army ever. my true love.

My skaven army. i could care less wether i kill myself more than my opponent kills me when i play them. as long as shit dies than im happy.

I always wanted to do a winter themed army. what better than the sons of mother russia.

one of the main games played at the store i go to. a lot of fun. very tactical when it comes to measuring. a lot oc combos you can do to make your units become better. and also steam powered robots beating the scrap out of each other. whats not to like. this faction is pretty much old testament christians. join our faith or burn heathens. they focus more on faith and miracle like abilities than technology. they pretty much deny people to do certain things and say NO to people. you want to cast magic or shoot my guys. No. you want to kill this guy. No. lots of fun.

Ininity is a small Sci-fi Skrimish game that uses D20 sided dice for great versatility. it is a very complex game with a very deep learning curve. but it is an atrocious amounts of fun once you get into it. one of the best fetures is that you can always respond to your opponents actions in various ways, so your never waiting for your turn to start. your always playing. looking for an opportunity to react.

my faction is Haqqislam, Space muslims pretty much, not the crazy ones but more peace oriented. they specialize in terraformation (in fluff) and have the best medicine and doctors in the universe (in game and fluff) they are not as high tech as the other big factions but are very versatile and tricksy.


Just to remind you all. i work monday to fridays from 7 am and arrive home around 5 pm east coast time zone. Toronto canada pretty much. i’m off on weekends but spend my saturday away. sundays are my full days off. i will try and post when i can and i will try and keep up with peoples requests. so please don’t wait for me to deliver ASAP because i am a busy guy, a slow painter, and i am also constantly dragged into the roleplay thread as well. so please bare with me on this.

i will post later on tomorrow what models i need to work on, but will be suggested by you guys which ones i paint first. I will go step by step on what i do and my works in progress to update my status.

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Jul 22, 2013 at 09:42PM EDT

Okay people: here are my main things i want to work on.









Mind you all, these terminators have excruciating amounts of details and designs such as scrolls, beads, and jewellery, etc. will take a long time to finish them all.


so here are my options. i chose all 40k stuff because there is an event that the store i go to that runs grand scale 40k games called apocalypse, but with some minor rule changes to balance it out for everyone. one main rule is that all minis must be fully painted and based. so that is why.

i have also been meaning to find ways of livestreaming myself painting my minis so i can show you guys what im doing exactly. i also own a mic so i could talk to u guys while i paint. if anyone has any good sugestions on sites i can use for this. i might consider but not too sure on it yet. help is greatly appreciated.

for now you can contact me through steam. here is my Steam page
so, picky my poison people.

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Jul 23, 2013 at 06:59PM EDT

The blood angels librarian in terminator stuffs. It looks complex. Du it <>_<>
Also, Livestream is a popular site that people use to stream artsy stuff. Maybe one of our artists here would be willing to help walk you through?

Jul 23, 2013 at 08:21PM EDT

also would like to mention. there are certain models and parts that can be free for colour scheme selection. though limited. i could also try and do designs or freehand work to an extent. could use the practice. so if you have a model you’d wish to have me paint. say what certain feature you would like and i will try to accommodate it. i have a very specific colour scheme for my guys that i am trying to stick to but i can still leave some room for you to choose a colour scheme, pattern or special effect such as glowing or weapon fire.

Jul 23, 2013 at 09:21PM EDT

I have descided to paint the terminator librarian.

i am accepting any colour pattern and effects for the force axe he is wielding. meaning i will paint any effects or colour of the blades and to give it a glowing effect on the armour after the whole model is done. post a pic of what you may want so that i can try and replicate it. the one with the best clour scheme and pattern will be chose by me to do.

BTW this is how the model looks like fully painted.

so any requests?

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Jul 25, 2013 at 09:12PM EDT

Make the blades of the axe a light blue, like electricity is going through it. Paint the part he is holding a golden color, and the skull a dirty white. You can make the trinkets and stuff on it a silvery steel too.

Jul 25, 2013 at 09:15PM EDT

so guys i finally got my livestream page working thanks to ann and zarathh. here is the link to it for the future. i will try and do these more often.

here is what i have done so far.

what i have done first is basecoat the armour a dark blue ad base to when i build up the colours. the next thing i did was the shoulder pads and staff handle. just to get them out of the way for now. after that i started the next layer to the armour by not adding a regular blue. i applied it to only the higher recesses of the model. so that when i aply black wash on the model, not only will it bring out the recessed areas. but will also blend the blues together nicely. still a lot of work needs to be done if i want the armour to look perfectly.

i hope you guys enjoy this and i thank everyone who was in the livestream with me. thank you guys so much and ill see you guys tomorrow.

Jul 26, 2013 at 12:14AM EDT

Amazing stream, man.
To be honest, you’re the first KYM member whose face I’ve seen.
I shall remember that oh so beautiful face for all eternity.
Next thing you should paint is the tank.

Jul 26, 2013 at 11:56PM EDT

Damn man, I missed it. Your gonna have to do stream slightly earlier so I can catch it

Jul 29, 2013 at 12:18PM EDT

Laika wrote:

Damn man, I missed it. Your gonna have to do stream slightly earlier so I can catch it

Sorry man, i was gone for most of the day. By the time i got back u were away. Promise i will stream when i get back. If my bro isnt using my laptop. I will also post what ive done so far.

Jul 29, 2013 at 02:05PM EDT

hey guys sorry for not posting stuff.

here is what ive done so far

The baal predator. ive added a few coats of red over the spayed on base coat to give it a much solid red. then i added in grays and metallics to the main weapons and tank treads. i hate tank treads.

The terminatour librarian. i had to change the blue on it because after applying some wash, it didnt add the colour affect i was looking for. so i readded the dark blue from before, but turned out that the light blue added some depth to when i added the dark blue as welll. after drying i washed the whole model in black wash to not only darken the armour so i can build up the edges in highlights. it also gives more contrasts to the details in the model. making it stand out more and blend the blues together.

soviets 76mm artillery company for flames of war. these models are fairly easy to paint. for their clothes i just used a very creamy coloured paint. their helmets and the main guns i used a dark green because of simplicity. i used a dark red for the bricks and walls on the bases. and i used a gray for the base because it is going to be snow themed terrain. after all the colours are painted on them, i apply a dark brown wash on all of it to reveal all of the details on the soldiers.

i shall be livestreaming now if you want. go to my previous posts for the link. though u wont hear me cuz i have people over.

Jul 29, 2013 at 07:05PM EDT

streams over. thanks for joining me everyone. heres what ive done so far.

i added cream like colours for all of the purity seals on the armour and did basecoats for the gold areas. i did all of the metalics and i did some touch ups to the blue as well. more to come tomorrow.

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Jul 29, 2013 at 11:10PM EDT

Edited: i accdentaly posted before i was finished.

sorry for not posting stuff in a while people. been very busy. though this is what i have done so far.

i primarily focused on the armour. i used various tones of blues to build up the recessed areas and highlighted the sharp edges with a bright tone to make the models details stand out more. after that i applied some blue washes to all the armour to not only darken the blues but it also makes the various shedes almost blend naturaly together to give the effects on the armours shadows.

i will be streaming soon. just need to take care of some things first.

i hope you guys enjoy and ill be seeing you soon.

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Aug 06, 2013 at 06:32PM EDT

EDITED: i dun goofed. i deleted my post and moved it here. thanks zarathh.

livestream over for now. thanks all for joining me for entrainment.
also big thanks to captain falcon for live chatting with me on steam during the livestream. falcon u have a sexy voice.
ill try and be on later, if not thank you all and ill c yah next time.

Aug 06, 2013 at 09:39PM EDT

- goes back on to thread
-sees it locked even though it was less than thirty days of inactivity
-sends message requesting unlocking to continue on with it.
-gets featured so it stays alive


i have nothing really big to say but thanks a lot for doing this for me. i really appreciate it.

i am sorry for neglecting this page people, ive been very busy with real life stuff (cough RP thread Cough) that got in the way of my painting time. but now im back and ready to continue this.

as for my actual reason for doing all of this. i have turned one year old on this site

i would like to thank everyone for making me waste untold amounts of my life on this goddamn site that i cant seem to get away from. well now that im stuck here, might as well make the most of it by celebrating it.

as for my celebration, this is what i will be doing for you guys.


i will go out of my own way to buy it, build it, and paint it to that users recomendations. but you all have the choice of what user i choose. it can be anyone. even the mods on this site. or you can choose yourselves. whatever.

Pick a user i should make a model for, the best one shall be approved by me and will be worked on immediately.

so the choice is yours KYM, which user deserves to be immortalized into a miniature that shall be crafted by my hands.

you decide.

Here is a list of models from one of the games i play. look through to get an idea of any model u think resembles the user the most. just to give u an idea.

Go through the different factions image galleries and see which ones look the best for the user

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Aug 29, 2013 at 06:54PM EDT

So due to a lack of actual requests, plus featuring his thread, plus apparently some stuff I did for the Roleplay Thread, Asura insisted on painting a figure based on myself, by his above personal suggestion to paint a figure based on site users.

So digging through the huge list of options presented in his previous post, I decided to go with this figure. The description reminded me of my mod status and KYM stuff, dunno. It was one of the 5 Asura apparently picked out for me as well, so I got creator approval.

That’s of course a paintjob based on example, so it doesn’t represent the end result. Plus the thing still needs to be build, plus painted, so I have some time.

We both came up with some paint ideas, like making the cape a KYM labcoat and replacing the Emblem something more fitting, but suggestions are of course welcome (I’m shit with color schemes).

But yeah, I’m leaving the updates to Asura himself. He wishes to do this for me, so I’ll avoid becoming too demanding. Updates will be posted by him as the thing gets build and painted. Looking forward to the result.

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Aug 31, 2013 at 02:18PM EDT

after about 1 1/2 hours of trying to craft the fucking bunny ears and get them fixed onto the helmet. here it is so far.

as you can see the texture of the ears look a bit funny, but it will look a lot better once i get paint on them.

after the ears are fully dried and the putty is hardened. i will also make the generals hat as well to go in between them. not just because the hat is also a trademark of randomman besides the actual bunny stuff. the hat will also seve to keep the ears more secured to the model by having them glues to the hat so that it is a lot more stronger and not prone to falling off. unless dropped on the floor by accident :(

as for the colour scheme, im going to give the model a white cape to represent the kym scientist lab coats. for the clothing on the inside, im gonna make the cloth black. the armour will be a mixture of dark blues and black to tone down the white so its not too bright looking of a model.
lights and darks must be in balanced so that one is not overshadowing the other. symmetry is key when it comes to tones. the helmet will be white as well as the bunny ears, which will have the pink flesh colour on the inside to represent actual bunny ears. the engraved areas on the helmet will be dark blue to once again show off the KYM colours, but i will have them glowing very brightly on the helmet to give it more effect, building from bright blue to dark as it spreads away from the central areas of the helmet.

and finally that leaves the sword and the spitfire (the gun) left to do.

painting requests available
I have no idea how to paint these two for Randomman, so i will leave it up to you guys once more. what colours do you want the gun and sword to be painted. for the sword, dont make it a simple colour like light blue. throw me a challenge to paint it. something unique with a type of hue or glow effect on it or crackling of energy inside the weapon. throw me a freaking bone here.

more to come once the model is fully built and base coated with black primer spray. hope you enjoy this.

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Sep 01, 2013 at 03:11PM EDT

Asura wrote:

After about 1 1/2 hours of trying to craft the fucking bunny ears and get them fixed onto the helmet. here it is so far.

Nice idea. One point of correction though (sorry), they are HUGE, like dominating, like one ear being twice the size of the face. I don’t know if suggestions are still open, but perhaps a bit smaller will look more fluently in comparison to the size of the character.

Then again, you wish to add a hat as well, so it might look better once that’s added. Dunno.

I have no idea how to paint these two for Randomman

Wait, two?! Hey man, I appreciate one figure a lot, but I really don’t want to keep you occupied with two figures unless you don’t mind at all. Otherwise no one else gets a shot at getting himself a figure.

Other than that, your paint suggestions are all ok with me, I won’t request too much there, you’re the expert. I’ll leave the schemes to the suggestions of the people here.

Sep 01, 2013 at 05:07PM EDT

randomman. i meant the two as in the sword and weapon. im not painting a second model. if u want the ears bigger or smaller i can do that.

Sep 01, 2013 at 05:27PM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

randomman. i meant the two as in the sword and weapon. im not painting a second model. if u want the ears bigger or smaller i can do that.

Gotcha, my bad. But yeah, I think a bit smaller (not too much) might look a bit more fluently.

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Sep 01, 2013 at 05:31PM EDT

so guys here is what ive done in the past time. ive finally finished the librarian in terminator armour, just a few touchups here and there and some base work and tada. theyre you have it.

I hope you guys enjoy what ive done as much as i have.

and now for randommans work in progress. most of it is just base coats. just a single layer for a base. i aplied a blue wash to the blue areas to darken it up and to ad depth to the crevices in the model to make it stand out more when i build layers around them to ad more depth to the colours. and for the white i built up from dark grays to a very light gray. i shall build up more around the edges of the coat and armout to make it stand out more and to make the shaded areas more revealed as well. still have a lot more to do on this one but so far its coming out really good. hope the ears are good with you man.

enjoy the photos everyone. more to come so stay tuned.

Sep 09, 2013 at 09:34PM EDT

Blows off dust from this thread.

Pulls out Cleaning fluids and rags to wipe down the dust and cob webs.

Does this for a few minutes to realize I was just cleaning my computer screen.


Puts rags and cleaning fluids away and prepares paints and brushes for painting.

So yah. It has been a while since I actually posted content in this thread. There was many reasons why I have been Procrastinating on my painting Cough Cough Roleplaythread Cough Cough And also a lot of DOTA 2.

But with the death of that thread and with the more available free time I have because of it and with Real life stuff out of the way, I can finally continue with doing what I do and Showing it off… I mean… Sharing it to you all. I Made this thread to not just show off my work, but also as a motivator to push me to get shit painted at a regular rate, and to also attract the other users who also do tabletop miniatures like myself. So which is why I ask other users for requests on what or how I should paint what miniatures. But back then, the actual contribution was low, which also led to my turning away from this thread for a while.

I Have been doing some painting in the time between my last post and now, but much less than I should be. It gets really boring just painting in my room all on my lonesome and I get easily distracted with the internet. So what usually helps me to get shit done is a bit of a push or pressure to get working.

So here are some things I have had the pleasure of painting. Well, starting to paint for some of them.

A picture of a fully painted Chimera in one of many colour schemes.

A space marine statue that has been through the worst of weathering over many years and battles. And a Destroyed Imperium Aquila symbol.

A fully painted hellpit abomination in full detail, in one of many schemes as well.

So with those pictures of the Chimera and the Abomination, they are not fully painted, because I would like peoples requests on how I should paint them. The chimera has the base colours I want for it, but is still open for any ranges of colours and effects for them. Same goes for the Abomination. model.

This is a Paint requesting moment. Throw at me what you want me to paint and I will do what you ask for to the extent of my abilities for those two models. Shades, textures, and highlights and other features are yours to request, and I will deliver.

(Im really behind on my painting, and it helps if people pressure me to work, so you know.)

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Feb 05, 2014 at 09:01PM EST

What about something like this color scheme for the Skaven Hellpit Abomination?

Feb 13, 2014 at 06:18PM EST

So yah, This got released just yesterday and I managed to get my hands on one. They are called imperial knights. More or less baby titans.

This model is being painted in parts and sections so I can get to rather dificult areas much more easily before the final assembly.


I am taking in Painting requests for this model.

This models painting scheme is open category, so it can be painted however I want it to be. I have an idea for a colour scheme for it but am still open for suggestions.

I need 3 colours:

One primary colour.

One secondary colour

And one colour for the trimmings around the armour plating on it.

Whichever one comes up with the best colour scheme I shall paint it as so.I will also be buying more of these in the future so I can do different requests over time.
Last edited Mar 02, 2014 at 03:07PM EST
Mar 02, 2014 at 03:04PM EST

>Baby Titan
That thing is bigger than a Riptide… Holy cow.
Anywhore, let’s give this a stab:

Primary: Institutional White
Secondary: Light Grey
Trim: Crimson-y Red

Mar 02, 2014 at 03:33PM EST

hellpit abomination needs to be like venomous skumm eather that or riding the abomation which is which

Mar 02, 2014 at 04:07PM EST

@sir crona.

I am not that good at painting models in white. White is actually a hard colour to paint properly. Also I have descided to go with a Colour scheme suggested by Natsuru during chat.

Primary: Royal or Dark blue.

secondary: Purple

Trimming: Gold.

The model is still in process. Currently applying a black ash on the mechanical frame of the knight, which is A lot of wash.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will post some pics of it in progress later on.

@Jace is a boss.

Sorry, but too late. I am already more than 3/4 done with the hellpit abomination. All I need to paint is some of the mechanical frames on it and paint the base. Will post a pic of it later on with the knight WIP.

If you want, you can look at the other models I have not yet painted and request me to paint one of them.

Mar 06, 2014 at 07:32PM EST

jace is a boss wrote:

do you have vampires

No I do not. But is there something particular you would like to learn to paint or something. I can also give out painting advice too or lessons if you want me to. Remember, I’m not a high class painter. I just paint a bit above tabletop ready quality.

So what is it specifically that you would want to know?

Mar 06, 2014 at 08:23PM EST

So here is what I have so far for the Imperial knight.

I have the worst fuckingl ighting in my room ever. It does the models no justice at all. Though they still need work done on them. Still.

This is also the Hellpit abomination I was working on earlier. It is almost done, Just need to do the base and soe of the mechanical parts on it.

Hope you guys like it. More to come.

Mar 09, 2014 at 04:07PM EDT

You see, Asura, I said I’d post at some point. Only took me 6 months

Anyway here are some of the very last models I painted, it’s been about 4 maybe 5 years since I’ve been painting for proper so I have no idea how I’d be now

Before I finally quit up 40k though I decided that I’d repaint my entire Tyranid army in a new custom colour scheme (they were previously Hive Fleet Leviathan colours) before respraying everything I decided to test out my custom scheme on some of my bigger pieces, mostly my prized Carnifex.

I think I went with Fortress Grey for primary and Dark Angels Green for the secondary then Gore Red(?) for the scything talons and such. Looking back now I definitely coulda done with touching up those carapaces…

And then you have one of my Zoanthropes

I never actually got round to finishing this one for some reason so but as you can see I used the same colour scheme.

Admittedly I did like it and was intending to repaint my army in it however it wasn’t long afterwards that my nearby shop closed and brought my 40k hobby to an abrupt end.

About a year afterwards though I had the itch to do some painting and decided to take a look at the Warhammer website, I came across some Tau units that really caught my eye, an XV25 Stealth Team. I ordered a set and painted them up

I was pretty chuffed with the turnout if I’m honest and found them relatively easy to paint.

On a final not I tried to get back into the hobby about a year and a half back, I was starting up an Imperial Guard army and had ordered 2 squads and 1 command team, brought a few of the new paint too and a few brushes unfortunately though I never got round to finishing them and found myself with no time to spare to be able to put into it.

Anyway whaddya think, As?

Mar 25, 2014 at 03:28PM EDT

Sorry for the late response.

Stuff looks ossim man, especially the tau stealth suits. And like the colour scheme you chose for the bugs.

After god knows how long of procrastination and work getting in the way. Here is my imperial knight. Colour scheme recomended by Natsuru Springfield during chat. I believe that this was a great choice, despite the fact that it takes me forever to do the gold the way i do it best. but, the labour is worth it.



And now, one of the final thing this mercenary Knight needs is his own logo/emblem that goes on the right shoulder spacing between the head and the right arm, just like the gun on the left side of it.

Anyone that can find a badass emblem that can go with this knight would be greatly help. I am having trouble finding one for him.

I also promise to do more models considering I am in a painting challenge to help motivate me to crank out more models. So if anyone has any requests on what I should paint from above, tell me and I will get right on it.

Stick around, more to come.

Last edited Apr 07, 2014 at 11:30PM EDT
Apr 07, 2014 at 11:21PM EDT




I made is icon based off of a heroes ability icon from DOTA 2, Banes ultimate ability “Fiends Grip”

It just looks so fucking cool and really matches it.

So what do you guys think? I still need to work on my freehand skills, but not bad for an attempt.


FYI, the shoulders and arms are detachable for easier transportation.

Last edited Apr 10, 2014 at 10:37PM EDT
Apr 10, 2014 at 10:35PM EDT

I like the colors. Kinda remind me of Sentinel: purple and blue.

Also love the Bane ulti icon. Amazing job.

Aug 06, 2014 at 04:08AM EDT

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