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KYM Charades

Last posted Nov 27, 2009 at 06:42PM EST. Added Nov 26, 2009 at 01:10AM EST
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I am greater than God,
More evil than Satan.
Poor people have me,
Rich people need me,
and if you eat me,
you will die.

Also, I think the Jonas Brothers have decent talent.

What am I?

C’mon guys, you’re making this too obvious. Make it harder like this:

I’m younger than what most people think, have been a video game character, a pirate, and a Mountie at different times, and am one of the wittiest members on this site. Who am I?

I have one.

Hi,I am ******.I love make friendship with others by joining social network sites and interact with them.I still read comic books and love to watch comedy movies.I started to make websites as a hobby then i quit my day job doing online marketing only now.
Now i am learning a new course named Fitness Exercise Equipment.My other hobbies are travelling and photography.

Actual quote.

I remember how I evolved on the site.

1. Becoming interested in internet memes WAY before I leaned of the site and suddenly stumbling on it after watching the Videos
2. Making sure the site was not extremely anti-furry on the Discussion boards
3. Adding a bucketload of pics to several Confirmed articles
4. Creating my first article (the Fake CCG Cards one for those who don’t know)
5. Becoming a regular heavy duty researcher on the site after getting used to all the hullabaloo

@ Ice Cream

Not really. There have been a few other trolls before him. He was the first and only member of KYM, let alone troll, who has been unbanned we can be sure of that. Be grateful, Redspear, that the admins had pity on you.


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