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Team Fortress 2 is now free! Here's how to get it.

Last posted Jul 10, 2011 at 08:26PM EDT. Added Jun 23, 2011 at 10:46PM EDT
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Everytime I talk with someone about TF2 who hasn’t heard about it before has no idea how to get this game for some reason. I decided to put in this here for the newbs who don’t know.

So with the advent of Meet the Medic TF2 is now a free game. If you don’t already have it and don’t know how to get it, here’s a quick guide.

First, you need Steam to be able to download and play most modern games. If you have it, you probably don’t need this thread in the first place. Launch it, and go to the store. If it doesn’t give you a link to download TF2, just search Team Fortress 2. Download, and enjoy.

Fridge wrote:

Doesn’t it also come packaged with The Orange Box, along with Half Life 2: Episode 2 and Portal?

No, the Orange Box comes packaged with TF2, all the HL2 games, and Portal 1. If you’re looking for a deal, get the Valve Complete Pack. That’s every Valve game for 100 bucks. Buying them individually costs like 250.

angrypwnzer wrote:

Mine is noisyroxas. Any suggestions for a newbie-friendly class?

You’ll probably want to start out as Engineer or Soldier. I like to hang out on Chocolate Hammer (ChHa), come there when I’m on and I’ll show you a few tricks of the trade. I use the same name here as I do on Steam and I’m the KYMT’s Player of the Week, so it shouldn’t be that hard to find me. I would also check out the official Wiki if I were you. It’s home to loads of useful information for a starting player like yourself.

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For some reason I am the leader of the group now.

Edit: No one saw those grammar fails.

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angrypwnzer wrote:

Do we have our own server?

No, a KYM Server was never set up. The idea was floating around for awhile, but it never got off the ground.

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angrypwnzer wrote:

Someone gave me a Degreaser and a Holy Mackerel for free.
I <3 the TF2 community.

Two of my fav. weapons right there. Pretty good =)

If you use the Degreaser, do what I do and use it with an Axtinguisher. Rips enemies apart, but you need to be in melee distance.

I’ve got a server that never gets used for anything else and already has the server client on it. We could occasionally use it to host games if everyone can agree on days. Screen name is ArdentGamer, profile is fauchardwwas if you want to friend me. I’m a medic most of the time, but switch classes if we’re missing a more important role and already have a medic.

i’ve been waiting forever for this game to be free… i’m so glad i didn’t buy it last week. My account is unlimitedpower6 , and after i download the game, i’ll tell you my ingame name.

I like the scout, when the server is rather empty, its harder to play it as more people join.

The Demoman is a pretty awesome class, he can spam grenades, do a lot of damage, and I’m sure he can take out a medic combo with enough skill.

The medic is pretty fun, but gets boring quick.

Hey, Anybody want a chargin targe? For some reason they’re about the only item I get consistently…

And We’re only boring if you’re paired with a crappy healing buddy. But even then, with the blut you can take out pretty much anybody but a pyro or scout.

‘Sup bitches, screenname’s Stoffe.

Side note, Pyro’s my favourite. Only downside is that I’m screwed in long-distance, open enviorment encounters.

Stoffe, you should start looking for a then. I might have one, if I do I’d be happy to give it to you, seeing as I don’t really play pyro often enough to worry about having one.

The flare gun is good for scouts, and medic, and slower classes.

It sorta dooms you if a Pyro pops out with a shotgun.

But when I play Pyro, its usually a team effort.

ArdentGamer wrote:

Stoffe, you should start looking for a then. I might have one, if I do I’d be happy to give it to you, seeing as I don’t really play pyro often enough to worry about having one.

Lucky me, I only need 2 more ’chives to get this badboy.


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