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Though I respect your opinion on the matter, Sceppata is much better and Hargritus-kad does a so much better job showcasing it. Froboloco good sir/ma’am/splorgo.

Sweatie Killer wrote:

Inglés, por favor.

I think its Spanish.

I see your espaniola and raise you a guapeitome helynix.

In all seriousness, I’m finding myself wondering if this is an Internet meme. I spent some time researching it yesterday, but my Spanish is very rusty.

A partial explanation is here:

Rough translation as far as I can follow from 3:10-4:00:
Piripitiflautica, where did it come from? asks Juan Quesada. Um, piripitiflautica was a word we heard from Dr. Tangalanga, who [makes prank phone calls?] in Argentina, and he said ?] with the word piripitiflautica. [sentence I can’t make heads or tails of…] joke with piripitiflautica that doesn’t have any special significance…boy!…doesn’t have any special significance, but [? means [???].

Anyway, despite having no intrinsic meaning the word does seem to have some spread on the Internet. Dr. Tangalanga is a very old man in Argentina who does comedy routines based on prank phone calls, and I gather from what they’re saying, he made up the word, although I can’t find the specific routine it came from. (I’ve listened to a few of them on YouTube, and they’re full of Argentine slang and cussing, so it’s even harder to follow than these guys.)

Correct Translation:
Piripitiflautica, where did it came from? You should ask Juan Quesada. Um, Piripitiflautica was a word that we heard from Dr Tangalanga, who is a dude who makes prank phone calls in Argentina. He asked people around if they could make a rhyme with Piripitiflautica. I just copied the joke, and thats where it came from.The word Piripitiflautica doesn’t have any special meaning in the blogs, but it usually means relaxation or other shit like that.


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