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Shameless self-promotion: Post your Tumblrs.

Last posted Jul 25, 2011 at 08:16PM EDT. Added Jul 24, 2011 at 01:55PM EDT
25 posts from 16 users is my tumblr. I just reblog shit. Homestuck, terrible anime (inb4 “you mean all anime lol”) and other stuff. Maybe I should actually use it for other stuff at some point.

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Piano wrote:

You young whippersnappers with your X-bawkse and your tumblrs NOW GET OFF MY LAWN.

RF, what are you doing on my front porch?

But as far a shameless plugs go…

I don’t have any…

I started using it when I found that a lot of the blogs that I liked were from tumblr. There’s a lot of image culture going on, with lots of blogs dedicating themselves to art or Sims glitches or really good animated gifs or awesome tits.

I think part of what makes tumblr different is the act of reblogging; making a successful tumblrblog isn’t just about having lots of good OC, it can also be just collecting things from other sources and curating them to a particular kind of taste. These are really the ones that I enjoy most. Word of Command, waynedwaynetheterryhulkhoganrockjohnsongretzky, scary mansion aer some of my favorites.

It’s kind of an in-between of twitter and blogging, where you have a simple way to share messagesthat are to the point (often just a short paragraph or picture will do) and people tend to create different sorts of interests or personalities for each individual one.

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