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Hello to all - What's up

Last posted May 15, 2009 at 11:02AM EDT. Added May 13, 2009 at 05:29AM EDT
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Blargalarg. Hard question.

Everyone says I look like Light, but the thing is I like L’s sarcastic, yet childish personality.

So L’s side. However, I didn’t like Near nearly as much as L, since Near seems wayyyyyy to arrogant. Mello was just a SEXY BOY.

Last edited Jan 14, 2010 at 11:35AM EST

Looks like you’re my arch-nemesis then, since I’m a Kira supporter ;)

Agreed, Near was fucking awful. He was so blatantly a Gary-Stu, a poor ripoff of L and he won in a really stupid way as well (making a perfect copy of the Death Note in a night? srsly?). Daww, I liked Mello though, because the poor guy was always stuck in second place and overcompensated for it. Then he died and nobody cared <3

Meh. Mello always kinda got on my nerves. Plus, the first time I saw him, I swore he was a girl. After that, I kinda disliked the way he always undercut Light at like, the worst of times.

That being said, I liked him better than Near. Near just pissed me off.

Oh, and this thread is now about Death Note, lol.

I’d say we need a Mikami deletion, but since you have Missingno as your icon I’ll let it slide ;)

I thought Mello was a girl too! I pretty much had the same haircut then, he loves chocolate and has zero crotch bulge. Maybe he’s just trying to overcompensate for the last one ;)

Alright then, who’s the best obsessive Light fan- Misa or Mikami?


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