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The KnowYourMeme RPG (Refresh)

Last posted Feb 19, 2013 at 04:04PM EST. Added Oct 22, 2011 at 09:33PM EDT
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This is the new thread for the KYM RPG, the old thread has been locked, and from here on out, any updates will go here!

In a distant future, where the line between reality and the net has blurred, where the net itself is a reality unto itself, strange things are happening within the internet. When Know Your Meme is destroyed in a raid, the members are cast out and scattered across the four corners of the net. You, the player, will gather these forces to rebuild KYM, and achieve your vengeance, on those who destroyed KYM and the mysterious third party behind its destruction… The Know Your Meme RPG is a Action Roleplaying game with a focus on story and characters for the windows personal computer. The battles play out in an exciting active real time battle system, where there is never any waiting. Play as any of the fifteen main characters in your fight to restore Know Your Meme! Discover lost sites filled with ancient mysteries! Recruit the help of powerful optional characters!

Newest Public Battle Tech Demo
Newest Public Overworld Tech Demo

The script itself should be finalized before all too long, our last optimistic estimate was that it should be done around the end of the year, barring any bad circumstances. We are heading into the 0.0.6th version of the tech demo, but are having some trouble with the programming the first enemy. After this demo is done it should be smooth sailing until we attempt to add another playable character. If all goes well, a full Pre-Alpha version of the game should be finished by February.

Playable Characters: (All Positions Full)
-KYMtan (Paladin)
-Kalmo (Link)
-Derpy (Summoner)
-DrPepperfan (Knife)
-Natsuru (Mage)
-Captain Badass (I forget n_n;;)
-Omomon (Katana)
-Suiseiseki (Twin Katanas)
-Alex (Laser Wrist)
-Dr.Thundercritic (Sword/Sheild)
-Rocket Propelled Panda (Whip)
-Jack Candle (Pokemon)
-Mister J (Sword/Sheild)
-Ardent Gamer (Bow)
-Ann Hiro (Physical)

Characters who will only be playable for a set amount of time/Optional Characters: (Open for Notable Users or significant contributors to the project.)
-AngryPwnzer (?)
-Muumi (Artist/Okami style?)
-Ric Tesla (Heavy Gunman)
-Patrick (Guitar?)

Users who appear as summons: (Open for Notable Users)
-Captain Blubber
-Troll King
-Negi Yagami
-Evil Nemesis

Users who appear as NPC’s: (Open to anyone with the Commentator, Conversationalist, Archivist, Resident Researcher or a Mod title. Notable users may be added without their consent. Removal by request.)
-Chuck Testa
-Josh (Who was this?)
-Pimp Abra
-Silver Chariot
-Philip J. Fry
-Witch-King of Wizardly Cats
-Trick Lobo
-Ric Tesla
-Skitch the Wolf
-Negi Yagami
-Fridge Logic
-Adam DeLand
-GriM ReapeR

On the production team currently, and the people to contact if you have questions, would be:
Natsuru Springfield Director of the Project, Head Programmer, Scriptwriting
Suiseiseki 3D Modeling and Scriptwriting

Production Positions are now open!! We need Artists, Spriters, Foley Artists, 3D Artists, Composers, Remix Artists, and Potential Coders!
Just leave a note in the thread and we will PM you later!

Last edited Oct 26, 2012 at 07:29PM EDT

Okay, Bump with slight announcement. First up, we’ve made a little progress between finalizing some designs and getting the thread reset. This really is mostly just a bump though, since I’d like to keep this in the easily visible area of the forums, just so anyone who may have missed the move and wants to keep up with any progress will be able to see it without having to go spelunking. Feel free to put any questions you have about the project here, or you can contact any of the devs listed in the main post if you have a more direct question.

Minor update. Got most of the Reddit tower done (I’ll finish it during the next meeting). Rigged and animated a short run cycle for Natsuru. Created a few animation tests mainly using the generic hangar model I made.

Natsuru run cycle

Hangar and Reddit Tower.

Will the final game be released as an .exe? I can’t use .exe’s on my Mac, and that would be a huge disappointment if I couldn’t play it.

And plenty of other people use Macs, so they wouldn’t be able to play either.

Philip J. Fry wrote:

Will the final game be released as an .exe? I can’t use .exe’s on my Mac, and that would be a huge disappointment if I couldn’t play it.

And plenty of other people use Macs, so they wouldn’t be able to play either.

I don’t know about the final file type for the game but there are many ways to run .exes on a Mac. Since I don’t know what kind of Mac you have you should just google it and there should be a plethora of results and at least one will work for you.

Philip J. Fry wrote:

Will the final game be released as an .exe? I can’t use .exe’s on my Mac, and that would be a huge disappointment if I couldn’t play it.

And plenty of other people use Macs, so they wouldn’t be able to play either.

Last I heard Game Maker 8.2 will have support for an exporter for the Mac Equivilant of .exe. If the game is done after they add that I will also export it that way.

Suiseiseki     wrote:

Updated run cycles:

On Natsuru

On Suiseiseki

I don’t know much about the program you’re using, but a faint turn of the torso each step would reduce the static feel by a margin.

Hello there, just dropping in to apologize for the fact I haven’t really made it to a meeting for a week or two. The source of my absences is basically the fact that I am still an adolescent, and thus my mother controls every aspect of my life and schedule. I will attempt to drop in as much as possible, but due to the fact that I was signed up for some kind of drab club that meets nearly every day for several hours, I can hardly even get my homework done.

The quoted post has been deleted.

Sorry for missing the last few meetings, I’ve been having the worst week in a long while. But I’m back now, and I’ll do my best to make the meetings. Also, I change one of Derpy’s summons from Nyan Cat to Airman, also giving an alter to it called “Airman Will Not Die.”

Last edited Oct 27, 2011 at 01:35AM EDT

angrypwnzer wrote:

guys, my mom has expressed interest in the project. Should she say it’s a legit project, I maybe able to get on the late-night weekend meetings.

>mfw you need your mother’s consent

angrypwnzer wrote:

Hey, do want me to make the midnight meeting’s or not? I’m only a high school student!

When I was in High School, I was sneaking out to meet the opposite gender! Now you darn kids just listin’ to yer parents, blarin’ yer hippity hop music and usin’ MANNERS! Such a waste of genes.

angrypwnzer wrote:

Hey, do want me to make the midnight meeting’s or not? I’m only a high school student!

I think 80% of KYM are high school students and college/university students……

Hey, I haven’t made a moveset yet. Give me a general idea of how to construct one? Like, what kind of status afflictions exist in the game, what’s an average base power for a move, how many moves in a set, things like that.

Don’t mind me folks, just dumping info from the old thread here. Stuff is subject to change.

The battle system will be very similar to the linear motion battle system used in the Tales series, especially the ones pre Symphonia insofar as the dimensions are concerned. It acts like a blend between a 2d fighter, with characters having a few basic combos and a list of special moves and a traditional RPG where moves need to be unlocked and cost points from a character specific pool and how much damage can be dealt is based off of stats that are increased by leveling and which items are equipped. Five characters will be on the player’s side and be active at a time, but only one will be controlled beyond basic orders such as “Use only these skills, stay back, and target whoever has the most HP” Items can be used in or out of battle to apply effects to a target, but often equipment cannot be changed mid battle. It is possible to run away from non plot critical encounters. When all characters on the players side are knocked out, if the player has a secondary or tertiary party, they will sub in and continue the fight, but characters from one team cannot affect the characters of another using buffs or healing or anything of that sort. By the end of the game the player will have at least one full five member secondary party. Encounters will occur randomly within dangerous areas, but the longer the player goes without encountering a foe, the more likely it will be that their next step will trigger one. It is also possible that there will be mobile representations of encounters that can be avoided entirely or sought out. Enemies can appear at either side of the field when encountered, and sometimes will appear on both sides. If there are any further questions about the battle system either Natsuru or I should be able to provide some form of answer, even if it is “I don’t know yet”

Videos for extra credit:

Montage time

A one on two battle that better showcases the system

A four person boss battle that better shows off how a more typical battle would go

There will be a test on this later (No there won’t)

Also, the Battle Tech Demo has been updated in the first post! Go check it out, and give us your feedback.

Jack created his moveset today. Needs a bit a tweaking but I can do that myself. OGW was added as a summon to KYM-tans moveset. Also Sui gave me some stills for the Bot enemy he created so I can sprite them.

Hopefully the shitstorm Katie caused in here will be deleted, and if she ever posts anything in here again I want you to ignore her and give her nothing more than the thumb down. Thank you and goodnight.

Let’s see… the original creators are Pwnzer, Me, Derpy, and Captain Badass. Nope, most all the original creators are still on the team. :D

@Sui: I will put the sprites in the next demo.

Last edited Oct 27, 2011 at 08:53PM EDT

Attheshows wrote:

You still stole from us. You stole our ideas. ( When I say us I mean Kate, me and Tristan)

Angry was the original creator. It was his idea.

Don’t like it, make your own game. Seriously, if we’re apparently so bad at it, you should have no problem making it yourselves.

Omomon wrote:

Ooh, how did I turn out?

Edit: I think it would be best for human characters to be done in the same style as KYM Tan for consistency.

I don’t have your model rigged and animated in part of a cutscene yet.

Last edited Oct 27, 2011 at 10:01PM EDT

Jacks moveset has been updated and (mostly) set to our standards.
I began expanding the enemy list, but gave up and decided to wait untill I have help.
I was able to aquire all the Team Fortess 2 voice clips, which where uploaded by youtube user EmerlenDerMovies (if I spelt that right). Now all I need is sprites…
Also, I updated the credits to include the voice actors of all the voice clips we currently own and began crediting any companies or meme creators whos property we have refrenced in the script. (However, I will probably won’t credit any companies from our movesets untill everything is finalized.)

Tech Demo Update: I solved the left corner glitch, only to move the glitch further up the screen… Well, it’s progress at least. But the next thing I will try has a lot of busywork involved, so I may hold off on that for a bit.

As a side note; Attheshows, a previous production team member, has denounced everything negative he has said about the current project and agreed to stop his attacks in exchange for one of the optional character positions. I will attempt to work with him via PM’s and have Jack update the list to include him ASAP. If the Dev Team has any questions ask me at the meeting.

Hope the rest of the production team enjoyed their parties & such! :D See you all tomorrow!

“Hope the rest of the production team enjoyed their parties & such!”

But yeah, sorry about that. I never expected to be gone so late.

We got the first draft of the first part of the jorney to Reddit and added a event line of what will happen while the heros are there. (Meaning we have decided on the next 4 bosses, who we shall not spoil)

We also discussed what characters we wouled introduce in the first act, as the final list stands:
•KYM-Tan (Default)
•Kalmo (KYM)
•Derpy (KYM)
•Natsuru (Youtube)
•Ashbot (Youtube/Reddit)
•RPP (Reddit)
•Suiseiseki (4chan)
•Dr. Pepperfan (tumblr)
•Jack Candle (4chan, second go)
•Captian Badass (Youtube, second go)

Alex, Omomon, Mister J, Ardent, Pwnzer, Russian Fedora, and Thundercritic will be hired in the second act. Though Omomon and Russian Fedora appear breifly in the prolouge and first acts.

Update: We did a large brainstorming session for enemies/bosses tonight. The list is nowhere near final, as we just dumped every meme character or character related to more than one meme into the mix.

Also, we decided a certain fairy boy in a green tunic will be a boss. Your welcome Kalmo.

@Pwnzer: Okay… your on my wait list now.


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