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So KYM, WTF do you do? (A typical day in the life of a KYM user).

Last posted Nov 01, 2011 at 11:41PM EDT. Added Oct 26, 2011 at 10:12PM EDT
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Thursday – Monday: Wake up at 6 am,
Go to work for Geeksquad mission control.
Deal with people who have no business owning a computer or the current product they own and want geek squad to fix instantly.
Go home at 4pm mentally and emotionally drained.
hang out with some bronies
play video games
zombie out for the rest of the day on steam.
Go to bed between 10-12.

Monday night – Wednesday: Sleep when I want, drink what I want, do what I want.
And mostly zombie out on Steam playing games and talking with people.

Weekdays: Wake up,shower,breakfast,play PS2,surf the internets,lunch,read books,surf the internets again,dinner,surf the internets again,sleep.

Weekends: The same as weekdays.

Im homeschooling.

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Wake up at noon, check email, send out my daily resumes, check with friends for open jobs, vidja, tweet up a storm, more vidja, slam food in my face, vidja with people in other time zones, sleep, repeat.

I find that most days I wake up, which means I survived the multiple assassination attempts throughout the night. I generally eat a bowl of cereal, but always after I check for cyanide and arsenic poison. I always make sure to check KnowYourMeme everyday amidst the gunfire and shrapnel cascading around me, because I can at least take comfort in the fact that no matter how crazy my life gets, Fluttershy’s squee smile can make me HHNNNNGG every time. Also, no matter where I am in the world, which changes quite often considering my job, I always make sure to poop, because a good day doesn’t start until you slay at least a dozen yetis and take a good #2. Afterwards, Me Gusta. After the Intelligence has been secured for pick up, I also make sure to spend time writing the novel I’m working, which I am self-editing and translating. After picking up my annual Nobel Peace Prize, I check KnowYourMeme again, just to see if any more good Rageguy comics have been uploaded. After that, I generally go brush my teeth with bleach and then get comfortable in my nice firm frame Iron Maiden.

I may not be the most interesting man in the world, but it’s because I can’t maintain my cover while in the public light. I am Codename: Invisible Spycrab, and I approve this transmission. Signing off. Over and out.

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Sweatie Killer wrote:

I’m in a family business, so I basically wake up, eat sleep, clean, and etc, and run a shop 10am-9pm.

When business is dead I browse the internet.

Oh, and then I make tea like every 10 minutes.

Good lord, you must piss every 5 at least!

Monday and Tuesday: Get up, get breakfast, go to school (across town), run to class.
Classes: CP Chem, CP English, Spanish 2, PE, World History, Algebra 2. 1 hour each with 5 minutes in between classes.
When I get home, some YouTube, then homework, then dinner, then mixed YouTube and gaming. Maybe drawing. Shower, then bed.

Wednesday: Same for the morning.
Classes: CP Chem, Spanish 2, World History. 2 hours each.
When I get home: YouTube for a bit, go to my dad’s (my parents are divorced), homework, dinner, Shower then bed.

Thursday: Same thing in the morning, except I have to get up an hour earlier.
Classes: CP English, PE, Algebra 2.
At home: YouTube, homework, catch with my dad or fetch with the dogs, dinner, moar YouTube and gaming, shower, bed.

Friday: I get an extra hour in the morning, and I usually go to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (a local café, really good). I get to walk to class instead of my usual sprint at the last second, and all my classes are 10 minutes shorter.
When I get home: NAP. Then dinner, and YouTube, Twitter, KYM, and gaming.

Saturday: My sister and mom are gone in the morning, so ponies! Fuck Yeah! Once that’s over, Doctor Who or gaming. Lots of gaming. Maybe catch in the afternoon with my mom. Dinner, shower, bed.

Sunday: Sunday comics, breakfast, then the usual stuff. Maybe draw a bit. Dinner, shower, bed.
Also, in the mornings, especially on the weekends, I have a habit of playing songs like “Mr. Blue Sky” and “Here Comes the Sun” in the mornings. Best “alarm” ever.

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Not sure if reluctance to post details of life paranoia
or sensible aversion to ego’s desires to seek attention by talking about the mundane details of one’s self

Well, it depends on the day.

On days I work I work, which is most days (but not today). Today I got up at 1pm, after Halloween (and partying at event). Made lasagna, which is ready in five minutes.

Tomorrow is chores I don’t get to when I work, then rehearsal in the evening with a band I play with sometimes. The day after is work, followed by rehearsal with another band I play with sometimes. The day after is work, followed by playing a show with the band I rehearse with tomorrow.

Some days I spend an unreasonable amount of time online. (OK ME, JUST ONE MORE PAGE OF ANIMATED GIFS! REALLY! OK, ONE MORE!) Other days I avoid even checking my e-mail. (I have no Blackberry or iPhone, and any internetting I do is on a desktop.)

Don’t really have a typical day, though far too often I just work, come home, have a beer, and surf the net. Lately I’ve been working on spending a less disturbing amount of time on the youtubes (and succeeding.)


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