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Need to solve motivation problems (help?)

Last posted Oct 31, 2011 at 11:57PM EDT. Added Oct 30, 2011 at 03:57AM EDT
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So I took me long enough to write this (around 4 hours considering the time I’m writing this now, and the time I wrote the Topic Title) and I probably won’t see this until much much later due to the fact that in my time zone its way past midnight, so I apologize.

Anyways to get to the point, for some weird reason I have this lack of passion in many of the things that I once had fun doing. I don’t think it’s a depression or that I’m sad about anything but there is a driving force inside of me killing off the urge to do what I normally do for fun. I’ll get more important, pressing things done such has tasks around the house or my homework (though it will take some time and motivation) finished eventually. But everything else isn’t even second, like if I have nothing to do on that day, I’ll find myself litterally doing nothing for hours and hours. (from the mental viewpoint) I won’t even put the effort or time into as something that you need very little commitment for, like a video game but my brain has this mental barrier saying that: “Oh you shouldn’t do that, you’ll just lose yourself in that [again]” even though I know that won’t happen.

The other thing, is (now I’m not sure if its that same ‘driving force’ at hand here) it is like a werid laziness I have that makes me resist me doing things like going on my computer or playing games. My mind (I know this for a fact) will, on purpose, cloud it’s self saying it isn’t worth it. That doing what isn’t important will take “To much effort” and that, all that effort isn’t worth it. It is true, that many times espeically on KYM I will put a lot of effort into things, which will be wasted. Like for example I send PMs to a fair amount of users in epic length. Many times it gets deleted, or I get error pages, or it doesn’t send, or a shit-ton of other shit, and it takes me 8 times as long to get it done. But even with my past failures, I know that shouldn’t be the reason this is happening to me.

Now I’m not sure if it’s one main reason or if its many, but there seems to be this single ptoblem plagueing me and I need it to go away. I have seeked advice from a few friends of mine, but they have failed. So I ask you guys, some of the smartest kindest people I know (should that pe an honor or a very sad reality?) to help me out. So that I can be the best I can be, and so I can be more active again!

You sound like you are doing things by routine, so you don’t do much mental thinking(since its planned out ahead of time), and what excess mental energy available, you put into this subject.

What are you life goals at this point in time?

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Amazingly I find myself awake and please forgive spelling errors, I know I’ll make them this damn late.

My life goals, is stuff I’m waiting on to happen to me. Which is to go to prepair for my career and go to school for that. I plan to be a Electrian’s Apprentince, which would be my (hands on) education and my job at the same time. When the apprentinceship ends, I suppose thats when you would call it you career, unless I go to school for something else. My other goals includes making music in things like audio production and music composition. The class for (one of those, I’m not sure which) that starts for next simester, which is not soon. Also I don’t and won’t have money to buy the resources I need on my own, for my own use, for at least 6 months. (with how I plan my finances and where it’s going) Less meaningfully is to complete one of these three games before I’m 18: Sonic CD (best ending) Zelda II, or Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. Wish me luck.

About my life goals, besides the unimportant video game ones, I just have to wait for time to pass and when the time is upon me, my goals are pretty much waiting for time to pass. Oh also (I know it will happen) I would like to pass high school. That seems to be the extent of everything. If your wishing to hear more (seemingly) meaningless goals, that I could think of later or are currently holding back on now to help solve my problem, I can do that for you if you need too. Thanks so far.


Passion, passion. I have similar problems, but those are an issue of career path and cutting my loses financially.
I’ll try to draw a comparison to myself: Dangerous ground upon which to tread.

  • I usually decide to stay in my apartment when I’ve had invitations to go to parties or just hang out. I’ll explain it off by saying, “(Verbose,) you know you don’t like to be around a lot of people in loud places,” or “(Verbose,) you don’t really like these people. You’ll just get annoyed with them and leave after 30 minutes.” However, when I force myself to go out, I usually have a decent time and sometimes a good time.

From what I can gather, it may just be a matter of disregarding rationalization (i.e., waste of time) and focusing on the actual reasons you would normally do something (e.g., “I really wanted to play this game” or “I’ve always liked doing certain things online and that shouldn’t change.”) I would try “making” myself do some things that you would normally do. After doing it, you may decide that it was worth the time and effort after all. Repeated instances of proving rationalization wrong should help remove that mental block. It has for me to a certain extent.

That’s a very simple suggestion. But I’ll keep an eye on the thread and responses to try to offer something more useful.

Try doing something new for a while, you might just be tired of them. After a while, you’ll go back to it feeling refreshed.
Worked for me with many things included, but not limited to, Minecraft, Basshunter(lol swedish techno), Smash Bros, Mario 64, Will Hoge (LISTEN TO HIM FAGGOT), Bleach, and internet in general.

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Piano wrote:

I’m glad to see you back on KYM, you’ve been inactive for a while.

Well the point of this topic is to help me with that, which is progressively working, though slower then I wish. In time, I’ll be ‘back’ again. Like a more complete back anyways.

Skimaskkass wrote:

Well the point of this topic is to help me with that, which is progressively working, though slower then I wish. In time, I’ll be ‘back’ again. Like a more complete back anyways.

We’re all looking forward to that day, bro! I’m sorry I couldn’t really help… But! There is still a piece of advice I can impart unto you:

Truth be told. I’m also kind of feeling like this now. But what i did? Well, i took on new activities, changed my routines. But my lack of motivation isn’t necessarily a “lack of motivation” but was rather… ahem one passion i got

But really, as verbose said “make” yourself do things you normally would, and as itizpwned said find new stuff. Soon enough you’ll see it was really worth it. I may recommend for you to watch Ranma 1/2 if you still didn’t, or also play some Fallen Earth, it’s pretty fun. (Oh, and do complete rondo)

I know i ain’t helping much by saying almost the same thing the others did but, i hope you get healed soon.

I fully understand what you’re going through, and to be honest, I’ve been in a lull like that for awhile.
The feeling is rather akin to floating in nowhere.
My suggestion is to do stuff.
Just do stuff. Do your work, and think about it as something to give you purpose.
Then play, see it as a reward for your work. Try not to sit back and do nothing, the longer you do, the worse the feelings become.
Granted this is certainly easier said than done, but it’s not impossible.
As a friend, I want to help you through it. And even though I don’t know you all THAT well, I do wish to help you.

Well, SMK I hope you find your motivation soon. Just know that we still love you and your tl;dr posts that we read anyways.
Also, Rondo of Blood, incredibly fun and it only took me a week to get maximum completion.

You should just get on a bus and travel the states, doing odd jobs, etc.

Might find what you like.

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Oh……you are back.


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