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Community Building Contest #4:VERY IMPORTANT NOTE TO TEAMS

Last posted Mar 28, 2012 at 06:23PM EDT. Added Dec 29, 2011 at 10:58AM EST
170 posts from 49 users

New page. So here’s the list of participants from page 1.

- Aristocatification
- Mister J
- Kalmo
- Gespenst Pikachu
- Papaphill
- burning_phoneix
- Dinner
- Eridan Ampora
- Madcat
- Brucker (and his list of Nicks)
- Witch-King
- ArdentGamer
- Alex
- Efrain
- Philip J. Fry
- Drpepperfan
- Opspe
- Klax Tetris
- Charmalandosaur
- RussianFedora
- Tom Middleton
- Wsxdas
- SSBMMasta
- Blue Screen
- Syndic
- Daniel Vazquez
- Nikolaki8
- Omomon
- Teh Brawler
- CitationNeeded
- Patrick
- RememberTheLolrus
- StJimmy

There is no limit to the amount of players, but there is a time limit for signing up. So don’t be late.

Last edited Dec 30, 2011 at 03:40PM EST

Captain Blubber wrote:

You bet.

Nothing’s set in stone right now but it’s probably gonna be fancy winner titles for the winning team and some sort of online gift card or steam game or something for the MVP.

Maybe even so demeaning titles for the losers, we’ll see.

What do you mean by, “demeaning titles”?

Klax Tetris wrote:

Any hint on what the challenges will be?

Well I can tell you the challenges fall for the most part into 4 categories.

Things you gotta do IRL, things you have to do on other websites, things you can do on Know Your Meme and Art stuff.

Some a user could do all by themselves but you’ll probably need your teams help if you’re gonna complete ALL the challenges.

(Right now we have about 40 challenges written and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon)

Captain Blubber wrote:

Probably something like “loser” or “failure”. You don’t have to worry about having “retard” as a title or “Grand Faggot”.

>Grand Faggot

Fuck the losing team, this should be the title for the WINNING team.

Klax Tetris wrote:

I think it should go like this
1st Place: First Place problems
2nd Place: 2chan
3rd Place: Third Place Success (Diriveted from the third world success kid)
4th: 404
5th: 5 translations later…

That won’t quite work because you’re working in teams.

uglidoll wrote:

I am good at drawing, on computer or out. I can only do this, however, if it starts after january 4th.

It certainly will.


That’s the plan. One for each team, 1st, 2nd,3rd, place doesn’t really work. It’ll just be winners and losers.

Frig it. I’m signing up. Hopefully I’ll be able to be of some help, but that depends on what happens. I’m up to the challenge, though. lowers sunglasses Lez do this.

Good at simple stuff, stuff involving the military, stuff involving cars, videogames (mostly shooters and driving games), and that’s about it.

Last edited Jan 04, 2012 at 05:29PM EST

Sign-up closed.

Working on teams immediately.

Teams will be posted sometime within the range of later today until saturday.

If I were you I’d put my money on Friday, to be honest.

Teams will be posted in this thread and so will instructions to view your team’s forum.

Team making was easier than expected.

Oh well. Gonna post the teams now. They are circle team and triangle team. I named them that so there wouldn’t be a team 1 and team 2. Because people on team 2 never feel as important as team 1. And in case you’re wondering, the roster is in order of when each user signed up.

Circle Team

Aristocatification aka Lolishiiit
Mister J
Gespenst Pikachu
Eridan Ampora
tom middleton
Blue Screen (of death)
GriM ReapeR
Cpt. Douglas J Falcon
Sparty McFly

Triangle Team

Philip J. Fry
Klax Tetris
Daniel Vazquez
Teh Brawler
Fridge Logic
Dr. Gregory Horse The Prototype

Okay, now, after you’ve finished griping about the idiots you’ve been assigned to deal with here’s how to reach the forums.

Sign-up to your team’s forum. Then, shoot me a PM on KYM (this is important) so I can grant you access to the forums. This is to ensure no one from the other team tries to sneak in.

These are the forums (i messed up so one is .ca instead of .com, my mistake and I love you just the same)

Don’t worry spectators, I might open up the forums after the contest is over so you can read everything that happened in these secret hideaways.

So yeah. Let’s start the CBC #4 pre-game bitches!

Last edited Jan 05, 2012 at 03:55PM EST

Mister J wrote:

What will happen if someone never showed up after they signed up?

Well they can’t win any prizes for one, and your team can decide to kick them out if they really think it’s necessary, and since some challenges require your full team for points, it might be a wise decision.


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