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We are *THE GAME!*

Last posted Dec 30, 2011 at 01:09AM EST. Added Dec 29, 2011 at 11:55AM EST
16 posts from 12 users - Through The Wormhole: Is there A Creator pt 4/5 Video

You can watch the rest on youtube if you want, but the next part (5/5) after this one would have the rest of this interesting subject.
This shit blown my mind out of the water, I should have seen it as soon that the scientists say that “Math is the language of the universe.” I freaking knew it! ALL OF US ARE REALLY REALLY ADVANCED NPCS AND GOD IS THAT THIRTEEN YEAR OLD BOY THAT JUST LIKES TO FUCKING WITH US! I need to find the cheat codes of this reality fast… But it’s quite interesting theory, don’t you think so?

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Then who is the coders coder, and then his coder and his coder? Then you realize, it doesn’t matter like the rest of life.

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Only those who choose to believe in The Game will lose at it. To truly make yourself immune from losing, you must accept The Game for what it truly is: nonexistant. Although by doing so, you may be dividing by zero and putting the world at great risk. But if for some miraculous miracle, the world stays safe, then you have officially made yourself an exception to the rule. Way to go, Smart ass.

CLYDE (Joe's Nightmare) wrote:


I call complete bullshit on that for one reason only, nobody ever reads the terms of service.


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