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The Feminist Uprising

Last posted Jan 14, 2012 at 03:19AM EST. Added Jan 07, 2012 at 05:30PM EST
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I think it’s time we stop dancing around this INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT issue, here. We all know that women outnumber men, like 60:40. It may not sound bad, but that’s still 20%! I’ve been busy, turning my room into a war-room, and I suggest you do the same.

Soon that day will come, when the feminists come out of their central top secret worldwide feminist headquarters, and say, “It’s on now, motherfuckers!”

The time to strike is now! Now that we’re in Winter, it’s too cold for the feminists to rove the streets in their wave formation! I’ve been preparing for it by eating nothing but pizza, and drinking milk (sure the diarrhea is unbearable, but it’s worth it)- preparing for the long bitter cold like a bear. We can learn a lot from bears… Anyway, dude, you should totally join up, and fight the feminists with me.

But…I claim to be a feminist as a guy…

Admittedly, some feminists say that men can’t be feminists, because they cannot understand what it is like to be immediately identified as a woman and be exposed to a lifetime of sexism, but I’d argue that it is important for any social movement for a underprivileged group of people to have allies who don’t identify as (and aren’t identified as) women, given that the structured system of oppression would be unnecessarily difficult to overcome without being able to network with those who are given privilege (i.e., men) to use the system to the cause’s advantage.
…Wait, this isn’t Saffron City…

….I don’t even know what to say. Only that this is a rediculous subject. I ain’t sayin’ anyone’s right or wrong (feminists can be annoying to me at times, too), but this is just….strange.

…..if there’s more women for the taking, then I’m all in. ….that is, if I get to keep them. I do get to…..right?

Shoujo Ai wrote:

Why did you bump my thread!? What if the feminists see this? Our plans would be ruined!

OP Posts thread.
Gets flustered when thread made by OP gets bumped because thread may be seen.
The same thread OP made to be seen.


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