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KYM Pony General V: We Just Don't Know What Went Wrong

Last posted Jul 01, 2012 at 04:43PM EDT. Added Feb 19, 2012 at 11:27PM EST
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@El Slinker

Say hello to the famous Warcraftnerd. The most persistent and consistent troll KYM has ever had.

Here how it goes:

1. He says something retarded like “ur all vergins trolololol”

2. You call him out for his retardation in any way you please, it makes no difference what you do.

3. He ignores your reasoning to matter how laid out and just responds with “u mad vargin trolololol”

4. Rinse repeat infinitely

There is no getting around that cycle. The only way to win his game is to not play so just ignore him.

@New thread name

I’m going to put in one more vote for “Stay out of our shed”

Please don’t encourage the fail-trolls guys. Listen to BSoD.

Back on topic;

Sure, I’d do it. Equestria just seems more interesting. Here, we get boring problems like bills and taxes and warcraftnerds. In Equestria, you get RIDICKALUS SHIT like hydras, dragons, and the ursa. Sure, it’s more dangerous, but what’s life without the occasional scuffle with a draconequis? A boring life, that’s what. Human society just bores the piss out of me. Sure, I could just go to some third world country and find some non-boring threats to my existence, but without dragons and unicorns, who gives a fuck.

I don’t really have to worry about leaving people behind in this scenario. Like Millennial Dan said, people have to say goodbye to friends and family all the time. I haven’t made any friends offline yet because I keep moving, so everyone I know is still in my hometown. I guess I’d miss you guys but, eh, I’ll miss you when my terrible luck with internet catches up with me and I can’t get online again for, like the fiftieth time. Seriously, I’ve spent most of my three years on this site being idle because I had no internet. As for family, I’m moving out anyway, so, whatever.

@Thread Title
I vote either “Episode VI: Return of the Pony,” or “Stay Out of Our Shed.”

Yeah, sorry. As I stated before, I am not in the best of moods, so lapse of judgement.

I would certainly love to live in a world where everything was lollipops and gumdrops with the occasional insane villian trying to vertake the world. I may have to say goodbye to my friends and family, and that will be sad, but it is something I would surely sacrifice just so I could explore the world of Equestria. I am the kind of guy who doesn’t really get attached to things really quickly, but when I do, I hold on hard to it, which will help the pain of saying goodbye to the world I know, but also make it harder to let go to my family and close friends. If I do go to Equestria, I would become quickly enamored by the ponies and place. Then again, I do have an emotional attachment problem that would make my first few months there a living hell from having no contact with people I knew. But I also do have an amazing amount of emotional stability if need be… So hard to decide, but in the long run, yes.

I put in a vote for anything but “Stay Out of Our Shed.”

I’ll put an actual vote in later today, but gosh, I don’t want to be reminded of those HDD vids each time I come to the thread. Also, I haven’t checked, but do we have a simple way to count the votes?

Thread Title: I like the sound of Episode VI: Return of the pony

Did I miss seeing a warcraft troll on here? Well it looks like he was banned anyways.

@El Slinker
I don’t think I would want to say bye to my family and friends forever. I mean, they’ve been there for me when times were rough, teaches me lessons the show doesnt. The thing about being on Earth is, there are more lessons to be taught everyday than equestria due to some of the flaws of Earth. For example, what to do if you find yourself on the wrong side of town. There are more details to that lesson on Earth than equestria because of the increase of potential danger. In my opinion, I would want to live on Earth where we have more lessons to be taught than equestria. As for the love of my family and friends, that’s another factor that i would stay here. That’s my opinion, anyhows =).

Side Notes: I noticed there are followers, how does one follow a user?
And I’m a gold member already!? :O

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I agree with Verbose.
Please, no shed references…
I still don’t understand the appeal of those movies…

I said it the first time, but I love Episode VI: Return of the Pony (Poni?) and that seems to be the most widely acceptable solution presented so far.

@Moving to Equestria
Honestly, I would most likely do it in a heartbeat.
Kinda like Lantern said, I find human society to be largely boring and unengaging so it would be infinitely entertaining to go to a world full of magic and excitement.
Just make me a unicorn so I don’t have to shove everything in my mouth. =)

I really don’t care if I leave to Equestria or not..well I am unsure if I should because that would mean I would be leaving my loved ones behind….And I do get home sick…So I might not even go, though it sounds exciting.

Last edited Jun 21, 2012 at 10:29AM EDT

My vote is Return of the Pony, and I don’t even like Star Wars. I just don’t want the thread to be called ‘Stay out of our shed’.

For that discussion on whether or not you’d live in Equestria:

No, I really wouldn’t want to do that. I couldn’t leave behind everyone I know and all of the things I’ve achieved. I haven’t achieved all that much, but if I were taken to Equestria, it would all be for nothing. I’m also not enough of a dick to leave my entire family behind so that I could go enjoy my own personal paradise. That seems a little selfish to me.

I also doubt I could cope with the technological and societal changes. I don’t know what I’d do if I were suddenly disconnected from the internet, my video games and my music, and I’d be completely incapable of acting like everyone else in Equestria. I’m nowhere near nice enough to fit in there. I doubt many Equestrians would approve of my tendency to drop occasional F-bombs in random sentences.

Equestria also seems to be a bit bipolar. It would either be really slow, e.g. everyone goes about their business with huge smiles plastered on their faces, selling flowers or picking apples, or it would be a little too interesting for my tastes, e.g. cities under attack by mythical monsters. Earth is a bit more stable (or at least it is where I live).

There are also other problems that have already been mentioned, like difficulties with sex or learning to adjust to a new body.

How would you have sex in equestria? Its all nice and fluffy and happy and stuff, how would you have sex? The ponies don’t have sexual organs so how are fillies born? Magic? What about the pegasi and earth poni- WAIT A SECOND. Earth ponies…. that means they’re from Earth… what if two different gendered earth ponies were on a rocketship, from earth, and they lost contact, then one day the rocket ship hit equestria and the ponies could talk there due to a different atmosphere. This means we can go to equestria. Somebody call NASA now and demand a trip to the magical planet of Equestria!!!

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Earth as in soil, dirt, and ground.

As for how they reproduce, Lauren Faust confirmed they reproduce like normal mammals.

And you have to realize that your sex drive might be changed when you’re put into the new body. You’d likely find ponies more attractive as a pony yourself, for one, and you’d only really have a massive sex drive when you’re in the rut, usually. So, it’d be a lot less simple than you guys are painting it as, unless you keep ever single function of your human body, except for the appearance. In which case, you aren’t technically a pony, really.

You guys are also treating the ponies as if they truly are horses. We tend to do that a lot, I know, but they have enough human characteristics to not be horses. Diapers, toilets, bathing, silverware, cooking food, etc. prove that they’re far more hygienic than a common horse on Earth. Saying otherwise is damn silly.

As for people talking shit about earth ponies:

Give that my mother was relatively old when I was born, and my brother’s probably psychotic enough to die young (I’m already going to Hell, so why should I care?), if I didn’t have any romantic bindings to Earth, I might seriously consider the offer to live in Equestria. It wouldn’t be an immediate ‘YES!’ like the fucking fan-fics portray, but I would consider it.

@DeadParrot222 and Lasers
Well I guess that makes sense, but you never see the ponies penis/vagina (of course sense the show is supposed to be directed towards kids too), are they so microscopic you cant see them with the human eye or something or do they only magically appear right before sex? Also a question on the going to equestria thing, does that include only canon, or does include all the fandom, including tumblr and what not?

I’ll break this out:

‘“horse f###er” implies its bestiality, which it may or may not be.
Why “may not be”? Well, “best” implies “beast”: an unintelligent form of life. “beast” would imply the creature cannot speak, build, or form advanced communities (such as towns, cities,advanced governments, etc.).
Now, C.S. Lewis’s “Chronicles of Narnia” does feature what he calls “talking beasts”. They can speak, but as Qui-Gon Jinn in “The Phantom Menace” states: “The ability to speak does not make you intelligent”. As such, though those creatures can speak, they lack the other abilities that would otherwise make them intelligent (aside from, say, centaurs & fauns in the series).
The MLP ponies do carry the ability to speak, build cities and citadels, have advanced form of government (an absolute-monarchial position held by Celestia) and form advanced social communities, with an economy. In short, they are intelligent. Therefore, the term “beast” may not be applicable.
The main issue is that in Real Life, there are no creatures (that we know of now) that are intelligent as the homo sapiens. Therefore, the prospect of inter-intelligent life mating is not particularly thought of. The nature of the equines in the show makes it the target of “beast” though if they existed in real life they may not be.
However, there is an interest in communities (especially online ones) with other forms of intelligent life. Star Trek and Mass Effect both feature other “intelligent” forms of life other than humans (if I remember, protagonists in both do/can do things with these creatures). And remember that MLP is a cartoon. This feature throws most things about reality out the window.
Lastly, I think that most of the clopping bronies are fully aware of the fictionality of the characters.
Why is this important? Because its less likely for them to go out and do it in real life (where it would be seriously taboo). Sure, there are body pillows and that Lyra plush, but those are not real horses, are they?
I don’t clop, or take enjoyment out of sexualzations of MLP, but I just wanted to sort that out. No, it’s probably not what many would call morally correct, but it’s not what they think of. The issue for them really should be more “jerking off to fiction” rather than “jerking off to an animal” (pardon the terminology).’

Though, at the same time, it doesn’t make it less weird or taboo. I would have no problem if I were to do anything with a human Chrysalis, but the regular one…that’s going to take some thought, and I’d probably not do it.
Now, if I were a pony, then of course, that’d be a different story. Being fully intergrated into the culture, I guess things are different (of course; I’m a different species all together). Being such, I guess gender preferences are all that count here, considering I’m a pony and so is everyone else.
Would I go? At the same time, that take’s thought. To do so is to pack up and leave all you have here and start from scratch over there. Though an overall better society, one will have initial problems adjusting to it. If one get’s through this, sure, all is fine, but you have to consider how much you’ll leave behind, and think if it’s worth it.

You really expect them to draw that stuff in the show? I’d assume Mammalian reproduction does include those things, but I’d doubt they’d ever consider showing ponies doing it. There’s R34 for that.

Though as funny the thought, I doubt wings or horns have anything to do with their reproductive system. If they have anything to do with their sexuality at all, it’s probably a sign of arousal. Other than that, headcanon states it’s like every other mammal from there.

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The fandom thinks of some freaky shit from out of nowhere (wingboner is so accepted it’s practically canon, even though wings are made up of hollow bones and feathers and have very few if any blood veins in them, much less becoming rigid with arousal and I’m overanalyzing this because it irks me that the fandom accepted it so fast and I wanted to see how long I could make a fragment sentence and it seems pretty long so I think I got the point across). So, apparently, horns are dicks, wings are dicks, and earth ponies are everybody’s bitches.

I guess.

Derpy Vazquez wrote:

These are the current ones suggested thus far:
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I like stay out of our shed

KYM Pony General: Refriengeance

A couple people have said that they find human society boring and unengaging or that humans are uninteresting. Well, I have a couple things to say about that. Before I do, let me just say that I might sound a bit preachy and like a concerned parent, but I’m just trying to give helpfull advice.
First off, you can fantasize all day about equestria and the ponies and how nice it would be to go there, but you can’t. It’s impossible.
Human society isn’t boring and unengaging, it’s that you might not be engaging yourself. There is plenty of stuff to do and see in this world. Plenty of fun to be had. Millions of things to achieve, but if you just sit around complaining about human society and fantasizing about fake ones, you are missing out on your life. You might say that you don’t like to party or do sports or whatever, but ask yourself if you have actually tried it. The only way you can’t enjoy all the fun stuff in this world is if you have clinical depression, in which case you must get that checked out. Just go out, have a good time, meet people, just do something. I hate this acronym, but YOLO.
About relationships and humans being uninteresting, Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I might be going out on a limb here, but to the ones who have said this, have you actually had a relationship with a girl( or guy)? Don’t just close yourself to the opportunity due to preconceived notions that you really shouldn’t have because you don’t have the experience to have formed them. What else can you do? Fawn over characters that can never return the love you give them because they don’t exist?
I just wrote this because some of the stuff I hear saddens me. Lack of irl friends, society and humans boring you, life being dull, etc. I am just trying to give you some stuff to think about that might help you get more out of life.

Oh, I think we know, AJ…

And the ‘wingboner’ thing is just a joke.
As with anything, there will always be a few people who take it seriously, but it was never really meant that way.
If you pay attention, the pegasi in the show will flare their wings during just about any emotionally charged scene (Dash yells at someone, Fluttershy screams, etc.)
Then, someone noticed this during Over a Barrel:

As Freud would say: “Everything is dicks!”


It’s called the threshold of detail, or something like that. There are obviously some things that they’re just not going to show.

I guess we never established this, but I assumed becoming ponified would be part of this gig. Being the sole human in the world would be a drag, if you ask me. So if we can assume that you are no longer human, the idea of bestiality would be moot. Not much to worry about there.


Personally, technology isn’t something to which I’m really irrevocably attached.


Who said anything about fantasizing the impossible? This is all based on Fifths’ prompt, nothing more. I think many of us would jump at the chance to explore new worlds. And just because some would do it for the reason that it seems like a better life, well, that’s nothing strange at all. In fact, it’s what most people want anyway, so I don’t see the big deal. This is in no way indicative of emotional problems, as you seem to be suggesting.

Edit: You know what’s crazy about the horn thing, horns are sharp. They are commonly seen puncturing books, fruit, all kinds of stuff. I doubt they would make a very good prop for intimacy.

Last edited Jun 21, 2012 at 12:24PM EDT


Yeah, I know it’s a joke, which is why I had the shitty run-on sentence to explain it. But, I’ve also seen a lot of stuff taking it seriously.

Horns are another story altogether. It seems people think that, since they’re phallic shaped, they must be intense sensory organs with a tie to sexual stimulation (i.e. a discostick)!

Wow, we are just speeding towards the end of the forum now.
We all do realize that it is just a fantasy, a simple “what if” scenario which most have complied that we probably not go. In addition, human society is a complex structure formed out of pride and power, were we are rarely willing to help those who we consider to be beneath our stature. It may not be perfect but I have come to terms with it, unfortunately. Finally, I already have a list of thing that I want to complete within my life time, some would call it a bucket list. (If you guys want to see my list to know what I am talking about, then I am more then happy to supply it.)

Bucket Lists/Life Lists are much more objectionable then YOLO which is used by young people for the justification to act stupid and try destructive actions which harm themselves and others.



Larger version

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I wasn’t talking about you nor was I just talking about this question, but without naming anybody, There are a couple that I was talking to indirectly. And finding human society boring and uninteresting is an emotional problem, depression.

“You only live once” isn’t stupid, what people do with it is. You can use it to justify trying a new restaurant, learning a new language, getting the courage to ask that girl you like out. It’s not stupid at all.

Don’t Make the mistake of thinking I’m addressing all of you or that I’m talking just about this question. If you don’t thinks it applies to you, it might not.

Last edited Jun 21, 2012 at 12:42PM EDT

Right on the money with YOLO. It’s stupid. I mean, it stands for “You Only Live Once”, so if that were the case for them, why the hell would you do something that would significantly lower your lifespan?

Anyway, in regards to the current topics, mind you that the interpretations that have been set as far as the use of horns and wings as erections came from coincidences like the one DeadParrot posted. Naturally, someone would take the folded out wings as an erection, and then (pompf?) we have “wingboners”. Horn sparkling? Someone was like “that’s gotta be arousal”, and then (glow?) we have arousal-via-horn. So my guess is that all the things that are taken in regards to wings and horns came out of coincidences mutated into fads we have today.


You make a good point, if your a pony there really is no beastiality, so it would be ok to have sex with another pony, if you were a pony. Then again, what would it be called if a pony were to want to have sex with a human? Would it still be called bestiality or something else?

Last edited Jun 21, 2012 at 12:33PM EDT

Dac wrote:

I wasn’t talking about you nor was I just talking about this question, but without naming anybody, There are a couple that I was talking to indirectly. And finding human society boring and uninteresting is an emotional problem, depression.

“You only live once” isn’t stupid, what people do with it is. You can use it to justify trying a new restaurant, learning a new language, getting the courage to ask that girl you like out. It’s not stupid at all.

Don’t Make the mistake of thinking I’m addressing all of you or that I’m talking just about this question. If you don’t thinks it applies to you, it might not.

YOLO is a scapegoat for the use of stupid actions. Here is an example of the average YOLO user.

I am not saying living in the moment is bad, I simply do not believe in spontaneous doing something with very little thought which leads to destructive actions. That is why I believe a Life List is superior compared too YOLO.
/end rant

Last edited Jun 21, 2012 at 12:45PM EDT

No, not right on the money popperfet. If you use it to justify dangerous behaoviors, you are in the wrong, not the phrase. Like I said, you could use it to get of your* ass and finally start drawing, working out, catching up with old friends, etc. saying it is stupid because people use it for the wrong reasons is like saying hypodermic needles are bad because they are used for various elicit drugs, you are ignoring all the good that can come from it.

  • not yours, but in general

And a bucket list can’t be used for the same thing? But whatever, I wasn’t telling anyone to drive drunk or do drugs in my post, so why you are focusing on yolo so much doesn’t really make sense. I’m just saying that everyone needs to be more optimistic and try to enjoy the world instead of saying its dull and boring.

Last edited Jun 21, 2012 at 01:00PM EDT

Horn are sexualized because they’re phallic, plain and simple.
No deep thinking needed there.

It’s just a silly way of alluding to dirty things without actually referencing dirty things.

Pretty sure I’m one of those ‘indirect’ people because I think I used the word ‘unegaging’ on the last page.
Psychological analysis over the internet (with all the inaccuracies of tone rising from purely written language) is a tricky business so I don’t really want to make a thing out of it.
Suffice it to say that while I’m sure I fit a few of the qualifications for depression (who doesn’t nowadays?), it’s really more of a general apathy to a lot of things.
I have plenty of stuff I like to do, but I’m also perfectly happy to just sit around doing nothing.
Or sleeping. Sleeping is fun!

Now we’re busting out the Japanese school girl outfits?

@Windigo, down below

Last edited Jun 21, 2012 at 01:09PM EDT

I understand what you mean. But you are ignoring the fact that people use this for what it is not intended which is why I dislike it. I have tried to find a definition of yolo which you described, but unfortunately could not find a definition which matched your description of yolo. The meaning of yolo has been altered to the point as I mentioned before, is used for stupid or careless actions. A bucket list is a planned out list which is not intended to be living in the moment, it is intended for the long run, to enjoy life and not the moment. Living in the moment is terrible because you cannot look ahead to see what lies ahead, to see what the future holds.

Last edited Jun 21, 2012 at 01:13PM EDT

@tim, last thing I’ll say on the matter
I never said that you should live for the moment, I said you should live your life to the fullest.
If yolo means living for the moment, than fine, forget I used it. Anyways, I never meant to offend anyone, if I did sorry, but take out the pony aspect of my post and all I’m saying if live a happy life and don’t let negativity bring you down. That’s it

Anyways, the earth ponies really got the short end of the stick. They should start a revolution with pony Amon at the helm.

I really don’t want to do this in a pony thread, but I’m gonna get a bit truthful here.
The humans around me have made me dislike humans oh so much. Give me one decent human that isn’t on the internet and I’ll reconsider how I view them. But until either that or if humans around me change a bit, expect me to not like them very much. Internet humans are alright for the most part, but IRL ones have killed my taste for them overall.
@wingboner thing
Its probably just a side affect of arousal, like how some humans start to sweat or some hair stands up. Both of those happen for other reasons as well, so it is just an indicator of excitement, but not always an indicator of sexual arousal.

I understand your intention. I’ve never been a fan of the phrase (because I’ve firsthand witnessed what some people use it for: to destroy themselves), but I agree that one should not let negativity bring you down. However, I would say one should not be afraid of commitment either, nor should they seek out demeaning things just for the sake of trying them.

As for Earth Ponies, I can compare this to a classic Medieval hiearchy

-Kings & Queens/Alicorns: They rule due to inheritance of family (who acquired it somehow)

-Lords & Ladies/Unicorns: They make up the retinue of the Monarch. Usually they come from notable families and some hold a position in the the Monarch’s government.

-Knights/Pegasi: Though not as special or notable as Lords, they are still invaluable to the state (raising armies; managing towns for knights; controlling weather for pegasi) as well as serving as lower-class nobles.

-Peasants/Earth Ponies: They make up most of the population, with little or nothing special about them. They provide the labor force for the upper castes, Their welfare is not of highest concern.

Especially in a land where species is what dominates social caste, I guess that the Earth Ponies can’t do anything about it, unfortunately.

Have Fluttershy with a gun:

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A couple people have said that they find human society boring and unengaging or that humans are uninteresting.
Human society isn’t boring and unengaging, it’s that you might not be engaging yourself.

Human society is very advanced and complicated. We draw out the most mundane of tasks with terrible bureaucracy. THAT’s my problem. I’ve wasted hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of my life trying to talk business over the phone, filling out paperwork, etc. I was simply pointing out the fact that, even if these boring tasks exist in Equestria, their simpler society would undoubtedly require far less of it.

You might say that you don’t like to party or do sports or whatever, but ask yourself if you have actually tried it.

Yes, I have tried them. Neither were enjoyable for me. Perhaps a sport that doesn’t revolve around the tired concept of throwing balls at things might interest me more. But I don’t really know where I could get into boxing or kickboxing, the only sports I can think of I’d really want to try. And I can’t really take it upon myself to just do these things because there just isn’t demand for exchanging blows. So I just bullshit on the internet about how I’d like to fight dragons.

The only way you can’t enjoy all the fun stuff in this world is if you have clinical depression, in which case you must get that checked out.

It’s not that I can’t enjoy things; it’s the fact that I find far more activites here to be dull. I can have fun, but there are very few activities I find truly engaging. The more I think about it, the more I agree with Millenial Dan. As a result of having so little to indulge me, I just want something that feels new. The prospect of exploring a new world would undoubtedly sate such a desire. Honestly, I would probably get bored of Equestria after a few years too. It would probably be ideal for me if I could go to Equestria for a while, then go to another world after a few years, and keep repeating that process. When other people want to change things up in their lives, they go to a new restaurant or take up a new sport. When I want to change things up, I want to explore a world governed by different laws of physics, or experience life as another creature, or something else completely ludicrous that isn’t possible. But it’s the fact that it’s impossible that intrigues me. I want to explore the impossible. It’s in my nature.

Lack of irl friends, society and humans boring you, life being dull, etc.

As I’ve already stated, I don’t have any friends because I move too much to meet people. Perhaps now that my brother and I managed to acquire jobs, we’ll have enough income to stay in one apartment and we can finally get some stability. Wait, nevermind. I just remembered, the second half of my college is on campus so I’ll have to move halfway across the country soon, for the fourth or fifth time. YEAH, SCREW IT, I’M PACKING MY BAGS AND MOVING TO PONYVILLE. TIRED OF THIS SHIT.

@Going to Equestria
Just a few months ago I would’ve undoubtedly, unequivocally said “YES!” I didn’t have much going back then and was depressed. It would be exciting and new to go to Equestria, even if you’re not involved in the Mane Six’s adventures. Something about a simple life without technology and without many worried appealed to me.
Now, however, I’d have second thoughts. There are a few people that I care about now (but still none IRL) and I’d be loathe to leave them now. I’d still want to go, but I would look for a way to bring them with me, and if I couldn’t, I’d hope they could forgive me someday.

Millennial Dan wrote:


If I may offer a rebuttal, I find that reasoning a bit odd. Instead of simply taking Equestria as we see it in the show, you claim that’s not how the “real world equivalent” would be. Why not? Is the idea of such a society so extraordinary that you reject even the possibility of its existence outright? That kind of reminds me of a quote, actually.

“Some believed we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world, but I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through misery and suffering. The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from.”

Your views are fascinatingly similar to Smith’s claims, don’t you think? Personally, I see no reason why an idealistic and peaceful society should be deemed so impossible, in spite of the factors you mentioned. If it’s a whole other world, who says they have to play by our rules?

One other issue I have is that you reduced it to an “unrealistic pony-filled fantasy”. I would see it as an incredible discovery, and an opportunity to experience a story like no other, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Lately, we’ve been throwing the word “fantasy” around like it’s dirty or something. When we describe Tolkien’s epics as fantasy, I’m pretty sure we don’t mean it in a negative way, so why here? Humans have a pioneering spirit, so I see no reason it should automatically be creepy that many would choose this way.

Lastly, does loving others mean that we can’t possibly live without them? Now, if I had children let’s say, that would be another matter. But people say good-bye to friends and family members all the time. I think this really comes down to what your root motivation is. As it stands for me now, it would be a difficult offer to refuse. But, at the end of the day, I don’t believe there’s a right or wrong answer to this one.

Now for some art to make this post seem more interesting.

Well, anyone who’s known me on here for a while knows that I tend to over-analyze things to hell and back. In my view, the real world equivalent of Equestria wouldn’t be all cartoonish and happy and perfect like in the show, but if that how other people see it, I’m fine with that.

I’m not necessarily putting Equestria in a negative light here. I say “unrealistic pony-filled fantasy” in the nicest way possible, and there is nothing wrong with it at all. It just wouldn’t work for me is all. I’m sure many people would take the opportunity, and a similar amount of people would choose to stay on Earth instead (look at all the posts above you). It would be slightly awkward for me, living in such a perfect society, and that’s why I wouldn’t want to go (if it really was perfect).

Yeah, it all depends on your current perspective of life. I’m suitably happy and comfortable right here on Earth, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. And yes, I really do love my friends and family enough (and even all of you people here) that I would feel a bit guilty about leaving you all behind for my own interests. If you see life in Equestria as some sort of escape from reality, so be it.

And I really don’t agree with that quote at all. Like I said in my post, I find humans to be (most of the time) rational beings, save a few outliers, and I don’t like Smith’s bleak view of human nature at all. I agree with the impossibility of a completely perfect world though, although I’d venture to say that most people in the world would agree with that as well.

@New thread name
Hopping on the bandwagon with “KYM Pony General VI: Stay out of our shed.” I’m not a real fan of the .mov series, but I like the reference.

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Ergh…. i may have seen that game before… Is it a playstation game?
I play xbox so if it is I’ve probably never heard of it

Anyways, I wanna ask you guys a question: During the 3rd season, what kind of new character would you like to have introduced? A couple examples, maybe a never before seen member of the apple family, maybe a villain, a hero like mare do well, etc. Personally, I think I would want a new superhero in equestria that’s there to stay, unlike mare do well who was several different people just to teach rainbow dash a lesson.

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I’ve been lost in my own mind for the previous pages. Sorry I haven’t been contributing anything to the discussions as of late. With that, I would like to apologize. So will you guys forgive me? Also, here’s an obligatory picture like all of my other posts.

Dac wrote:

Dude…. Honestly what the fuck? Many regular users here know that I am not very “dorky” and tend not to like conventions and cosplay, but to call the people who do " unclean filth"? That’s just so stupid I’m not even gonna counter any of your stupid points.
“While social norms are not mendatory, completely throwing them out the window is outrahous and uncceptble”
I have always said this so I agree, but who said that the majority of bronies are " throwing social norms out the window"? That’s a huge generalization. Anyways, who are you to talk? Using proper spelling is a social norm, but you’ve obviously thrown that out the window.
I swear, you need to calm your tits. Every post you make is just a misinformed rant full of butthurt and packaged in bad grammar. Sorry to be rude, but when you call people you don’t even know “unclean” than you can expect to get some rude responses.

uuuugh again, my words are tanken out of context.

i didn’t say that ‘all bronycon paricipators are unclean filth’

what i said that most of the bronycon participators THAT I SAW in that video were unkept and unclean. many of them don’t bother to shave and some wore outragous and rediclious constumes and behave stragely (one guy had a goddamn fortune cooky that made his descion)

again, this is what i, personally, SAW, in that “documentary”

if this is the main kind of people that goes to bronycons, then im worried.

while randomman has many fine points, it’s most likely that these bronies are very nice people. i still stand that it’s wrong that the disregard social norms.

by social forms, i of course mean the common western forms most of the civlized world has.

i was tought my whole life that no matter how much i disagree with the social norms and how stupid the revolting they seem, i still must obey to them otherwise i will be a social outcast.
and i was a social outcast untill i decided embrace them.

and when i see other people disregard them it pains me.
the people i have seen that disregarded them really are enclosed and self centered. but i was stupid to so generalize so crudely…

and im of course worried about the public image of th bronies. again even if they are the nicest people in the world, if this is the main crowd that goes to bronycons the documentors still won’t be able to bring them into a good light….
because people belive only what they see.

i hope i was more civlized and rational this time. didn’t put effort into the previous post…

Eh, I’m not horribly excited about new characters.
I know they’ll be there and I’m sure they’ll be cool like all of the other smaller characters, but what I’m really hoping for is greater exploration of current characters.
Yes, coming from me this does primarily apply to Scootaloo, but I posted a tweet on the last page that implies that Zecora might be getting some more screentime and that’s pretty cool, too.
I also think there’s a lot of room to work with other minor characters like the mayor, the Cakes, Snips & Snails, Diamond Taira & Silver Spoon, Cheerilee, the Princesses, ect.
The fan fiction community proves that there are goldmines-full of stories that can be written around them and I’d love to see the real show explore some of them.

But, yeah, mostly just give Scoots her damn episode already…

“Wait… That mare in the portrait… I know her… but how?”

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I’d like to see them expand on Zecora, Scoots, and other minor characters that are already in the show. Show the relatives of the ponies who likely have them, but we haven’t seen them yet (Flutters and RD’s parents). And don’t bullshit me with the ‘Pegasi don’t have family unites’, because Rumble and Thunderlane.

Furthermore, I’d like to see world building. Maybe expand on Iron Will, along with minotaurs and goats, as well as zebras (Zecora episode), as well as griffons (blergh, Gilda might return). It’d also be somewhat neat to see the other cities besides Appleloosa, Canterlot, and Ponyville.


>Doesn’t contribute to a discussion
>Asks for forgiveness

Get out Why would you need to apologize for that?

I agree, they have an episode for quite a few of the minor characters, but Scootaloo I think have an episode in season 3. I’m curious about scootaloo’s history, her family, and maybe even have a little sister figure relationship in the episode between scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. They’ll probably have an episode for scoots in season 3 anyways, and if not than I ask “Why?” Also an episode about princess celestia would be cool too. As far as I remember, there has been one episode centered completely around luna (not including nightmare moon) but not one completely centered around a trouble or problem with Celestia, which i find strange :/ .


Is that derped-eye pony statue next to Clop Johnson Derpy?

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Motherfucking tits, I hate slow internet. I finished a new pony song and I’ve been trying to upload it for over an hour. Fucking modern technology. Anyway.


Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Scootaloo episode made you hate the character?


That was a kind of dumb generalization don’t you think? You’re positing that the extremely subjective claim that the world is fascinating and interesting and worth living in and talking about it as if it were some objective fact of the universe. It’s arrogant to presume that you yourself are a superior master to a person’s tastes and experiences than they themselves are. I understand you were trying to help these people, but you need to take a different approach from simply patronizing them.

@Jolly Jew

Look, I don’t even need to argue that you’re wrong to expect people to conform to social standards because these people aren’t even breaking social standards. Are they going to job interviews dressed as ponies? No. Are they walking around in public wearing little plastic wings? No. These people are taking there free time to meet with some other like minded individuals. The social norm for how you dress and act privately in your free time is pretty much anything goes so long as you aren’t hurting anyone, and in that regard, these con bronies are perfectly in line.

A camera got taken into this private world, it filmed a video, and you chose to watch it. Now you have the audacity to demand they change their appearence and behavior just because you personally find it distasteful? Get out of here.


Yeah I would be really happy to see a Scootaloo episode to have the collection complete. Plus I wonder where Scootaloo lives and where. But I am hoping for a episode between Luna and Celestia doing things around the castle or doing some awesome adventures to protect Ponyville with their abilities….But then again it could be doll, the story writers do have good ways of figuring out how to make something like that exciting though.

>Implying that there’s some way to not like that face

Unless they somehow do a complete 180 on her personality, I doubt that will happen and considering that I’ve at least liked, if not loved, every other character in the show so far, I’m feeling pretty good about their ability.
Now that need to actually do it…

I’ve seen her home life explained in so many different ways in fan work that I honestly don’t care too much about which way they choose to take her.
I think I actually slightly prefer the ‘orphan Scootaloo’ angle as a way to explain her somewhat scrappy nature and outright adoration of Dash, but it’s not necessary at all.

Unrelated, but awesome:

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