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KYM Pony General V: We Just Don't Know What Went Wrong

Last posted Jul 01, 2012 at 04:43PM EDT. Added Feb 19, 2012 at 11:27PM EST
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We’re doing weird Youtube captions now?

Yes, new page get!

In honor of this new Scootapage, have a game!
It’s a few months old, but it’s fun!

I guess they can share… (grumblegrumble)

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I think you guys are looking too much into it. I don’t get offended by them, I find them occasionally entertaining, but I don’t think they’re super awesome. They have fairly good animation, and I think HDD is pretty awesome and all for making them. However, I did think the Northern Incident was far superior to the PONY.MOV vids (bar APPLE.MOV, maybe), in that it was unexpected, ridiculous, and funny as fuck, at the end, but disturbing and creepy beforehand. It felt creative, surprising, and fairly awesome, in my opinion, and I liked it more than I have the PONY.MOV things, which, while not necessarily being cruder, are less imaginative.

@Page gets:


@Nightmare Moon:

Gaben heads Valve up, but TF2 has a team of like six or ten people, if I recall. I doubt he’s involved in any way with that, really, though he is a brony. Anyways, TF2 takes place in the 60s, so even the first gen of MLP didn’t exist, assuming of course the world isn’t so war-fueled that they would eventually invent marshmallow equines at some point.

Beyond that, the unicorn doesn’t really resemble those of the show. Unicorns are generally seen as cheery and colorful, while also somewhat feminine, so it fits with the general theme of the trailer.

Wait! Don’t go!

Not like Pyro does…just don’t stay gone too long, okay?

Dear goodness, that’s terrifying…

Anyway, I’m taking a leave of abscence after tomorrow. I’ll stay in limited contact, though. If you need anything, PM me or post it on my wall and I’ll get back to you when I can. Don’t hold back now.
Yep. That means reactions are on hold Fifths/Joe/Advance. I’ll see if I can get the final part of Lunar Dawn done before I go, so expect it late late tonight.

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That image…

@Dac below
I agree, I kept seeing everyone saying “Pyros a brony” and I was like “what?” so i replayed the video seeing the unicorn and, like you said, just because it’s a unicorn doesn’t mean it resembles MLP.

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@pyro video
Honestly, I doubt it was a shout out to bronies. It was just a unicorn in a world full of lollipops a cherubs. The unicorn didnt even resemble MLP unicorns. It looked more like the unicorn from toy story. Why is the YouTube video full of comments from bronies and haters, I mean, MLP didn’t invent the idea of unicorns. Haters and bronies need to chill.

Back Later wrote:

That is all. Back to inactivity it is

well time to turn my in brony badge in for a while im done with this whole pryo is a brony stuff
i need a break
also THANK YOU Dac for saying that i feel the same way
i found this if you want to give it a read feel free
oh and one more thing that kind of stuff like one happy world and IRL there people dieing has been done before

it reminded me of this a bit

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Sorry guys, Candyland =/= Equestria, ‘Meet the Pyro’ was not intended to be any kind of Brony shoutout. We should really just get that cleared up.

Besides, TF2 takes place in 1969, over 50 years before the rise of the poni.

On a related note, the inflatable unicorn from Pyro’s schizo-vision is available for purchase on the Valve store.

@Pyro is brony

OUR KYM Pyro is a brony.

THE MEET THE PYRO Pyro is not.

It’s kinda annoying that one unicorn/pegasus/pony appears in something and everyone’s like ZOMG A PONY DUR DUR DUR BRONY REFERENCE!

Disregard arguement;
Acquire Chrysalis:


“Really…right now?”

And because DeadParrot asked, Scoots:

Last edited Jun 27, 2012 at 07:35PM EDT

Oh brother, really guys? When someone says Pyro is a brony, I’m pretty sure they mean it about as seriously as when we say Big Mac is a brony. OBVIOUSLY the unicorn is different, OBVIOUSLY it’s not a direct reference to MLP. And to those saying it’s set before MLP, it’s a video game world, regardless what time period. It doesn’t even have a storyline, as far as I’m aware. The fact that anyone is actually being so literal about all this and actually arguing over it, good gravy girl…

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Yea, when I heard people calling the Pyro a Brony I figured people weren’t being serious and it was more along the lines of “LOLIPOPS AND RAINBOWS! MUST BE A BRONY LOLOLOL” kind of joking

It’s like how people said that Gaben and Notch were Bronies. We know there is no real confirmation that they are, but its absolutely hilarious when we say they are. Great trolling opportunity.

I did sort of think of MLP when I saw that living plush unicorn in the video but that’s just because I’ve been a Brony for so long that every depiction of a horse reminds me of MLP, but there were no MLP references whatsoever in the video. One plush unicorn doesn’t count as one. The setting of being so high you are wandering in a land of Lolipops,rainbows and unicorns long predates MLP. So I really am not sure who’s taking the claim seriously or why.

What we do know for certain however is that the Pyro is really, really coked up on some nasty shit

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@Blue Screen

That’s for sure. I thought the video was really funny, but as I pondered it afterward, it struck me that the guy is still pretty scary. What level of schizophrenia would someone need to have to dwell in such a reality? And what sort of life would have brought him to that point? Creepy.

And now, for the sake of relevance:

@Pyro and brony status
People can be stupid at times. No, rainbows and unicorns =/= brony.
In fact, the acid-trippy candyland world he lives in could be anything.
1. A defense mechanism so he doesn’t have to see the horrors he does
2. Drug use (Its the 60s, I wouldn’t put it past him)
3. He just likes to see the world better than what it really is
4. He’s fucking insane
Option 4 is the most likely one.
Overall, I enjoyed this one.
I like how every single class is completely terrified of him. The Heavy fought the Scout in MTScout, the Soldier wasn’t scared of the Spy in MTSpy, but this time, they all just ran for it as soon as he stepped on to the battlefield.
That is the kind of fear and power the Pyro projects.
Not to mention he bludgeoned the Heavy to death with an ax, locked the Medic in a barn and burned it down, made a gaping hole in the Soldier’s chest, and left the entire battlefield a burning, charred wreck.
This is probably the most badass Meet the Team short I’ve seen. Valve did a good job on this one.

@Moon and Dan
I think another way pyro got like that could be the fumes from his flame thrower. Or, who knows, maybe the so called “imaginary world” is what’s really going on and the team fortress universe is a sick nightmare in his head. Even in that way, that’d make him scary as fuck in the happy fluffy world. Anyways, I’m waiting for the bubble wand secondary weapon, the lollipop melee weapon and the rainbow thrower.

Now for some relevance.

I typed in “Derpy Hooves” on Slogan Maker and I got something like “When you think dirty, you think Derpy Hooves”

Derpy, your so dirty! I better “clean you up”.

That’s better.

Last edited Jun 27, 2012 at 10:40PM EDT

Yeah, I’m more worried about the haters’ reactions.
I’m resonably sure that most bronies are just saying ‘Pyro is a brony’ for giggles based on the happy unicorn and rainbows while not truly believing that it was a shout out.
Haters saying that MLP has now ruined TF2 officially, though?
I’m not sure there would be any reason for them to pretend to be so annoyed by it, which makes me think they actually do believe it!

BTW, did anyone else notice that in a video focused entirely around a character whose main weapon is a flamethrower, they never actually showed another character actively on fire?
Lots of flames behind and around them, but never any actually on them.


they never actually showed another character actively on fire?

They certainly implied people being on fire, including a medic and a sniper moments from being incinerated before the camera switched scenes.

However they probably avoided showing people burning alive in order to keep the video’s parental rating down to a minimum

But we are getting off-topic here so have some nice Derpy fan-art

We should take any further Pyro discussion to the actual thread

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I’m going to agree with Dac on this. I like the PONY.MOV series for starters. I’m a fan of random humor that doesn’t really need a background, the .MOV series give this to me in ways the regular show doesn’t. Then again, I don’t mind if I watch a new episode a few days too late.

But what people seem to forget the most about it is that it’s a parody. The .MOV series isn’t serious and based on the content we can conclude they don’t take themselves that serious either all the time. The series is made to make fun of the MLP:FiM universe.

And parodies come in many ways. You cannot like them all. If you don’t like them, I respect that but don’t go tell me it’s shit and you don’t get why I watch it. If you like it, that’s ok, but don’t force others to do so too, that’s just annoying. Opinions are opinions and everyone is in their right to have their own. Nothing is perfect, everything has its flaws. People that like something are able to look around those flaws as if they’re not or hardly present. People that dislike something will try to find the flaws and exploit them to proof themselves correct. It’s human nature, nothing more, nothing less. 9gag is hated by many, but they must be doing something right to get an userbase as big as it is now. The 9gaggers won’t point out all the time how their userbase is terrible for “claiming memes theirs”, while the haters like to mention this every time they talk about their dislike.

@Pyro being a brony

It seems the conclusion was already drawn that the Pyro isn’t a brony, he’s just baked.

But I have to mention that I’m sometimes getting annoyed by this. “Hey guys, there’s this odd shape on this weird rock that vaguely represents Twilight Sparkle. IT MUST BE A SHOUT-OUT TO BRONIES HURRDURR! LOL, TAKE THAT HATERS, YOU GOT NOTHING ON US HERP DERP!”

Although obviously fake, it does represent a common reaction in those situations. Every small wink or nod that might seem related to MLP is claimed by many bronies as a shout-out. Commonly followed by the person responsible being called a brony. But this isn’t always the case. MLP is huge, you can’t avoid it. So of course companies will notice it and try to use it. But that doesn’t mean they are bronies directly. If Skrillex was wearing a Pikachu t-shirt, I doubt /vp/ would go all WOOT, TAKE THAT HATERS. Pokemon’s big, so spotting a celebrity with it is only natural at times. Not to forget unicorns are a common mix with rainbows and sunshine. But that doens’t make either of those a shout-out to bronies all the time. Remember unicorns and pegasi existed in myths long before the G4 ponies.

I don’t mind it when people like seeing ponies in the mainstream. It’s cool and you have every right to like it. But don’t go exploit every small wink or nod all the time and use it as ammo against people that don’t share your bronyness. It’s annoying and certainly makes it seem like bronies are forcing their pony love unto others.


Last edited Jun 28, 2012 at 12:21AM EDT

Still talking about Meet the Pyro. In the pony thread.


I get it though, the reactions to the balloonicorn makes it somewhat relevant. Eh.

Last edited Jun 28, 2012 at 12:22AM EDT

@Pyro Discussion.
The video it self speaks to Pinkie in such a way. The functions going on the Pyro’s brain is just a mysterious one…but I can relate… We have been going through the same affect of what Pyro is going through…but in a reverse effect heh… Pinkie is wanting it to be left at that, do not want to tread into further of the suppressed memories we have encountered.
But have a complementary Pinkamena Pyro picture:

[Insert pun of temperature and attractiveness here as one word]
“We will purge the impurities from the land, only red will stand!!!”

Rarity is a bitch.

I saw a photo in the image gallery that prompted me to go look up this clip of Sweetie Belle.

I hadn’t really thought about this when watching Sisterhooves social, but that was a truly beautiful gesture. I mean she went through all the work of cleaning that disaster zone of a room for Rarity, unprompted, and just look at how fucking excited she is about it. She even went through the trouble of HIDING so she could jump out at the perfect time. I mean, if I had a kid who did that, I would instantly unregret the condom breaking.

So ya, I know Rarity learned the friendship lesson eventually, but what kind of heartless monster could watch that scene and not immediately just love the hell out of that little twit? I don’t care if she accidentally destroyed the Mona Lisa, you do NOT scold that. Sweetie Belle is new favorite crusader.

Warning: Hnng

Edit: I just realized something. “Oh, we could paint together. We could ride bikes, play chase, sing a song.”

Those are all things I fucking love to do. That’s it, I’m adopting Sweetie, I don’t care how many American laws, Equestrian laws, and physical laws I have to break to do it.

Last edited Jun 28, 2012 at 02:18AM EDT


The problem was entirely that Sweetie Belle tried to help unprompted. She did something that was detrimental to Rarity without asking, and without realizing it. If somebody were to clean up my stuff without asking, I’d be rather upset too (I know because my mother did it occasionally when I was living at home). It’s not a matter of Rarity being a bitch, it’s a matter of Sweetie Belle not thinking properly and asking first. Same deal with cleaning the sweater and using the diamonds for art.

In the long run, it wound up working, I guess, but it really was Sweetie Belle’s fault that they had the falling out. You always want to ask before using somebody else’s stuff, even if it’s your sibling (especially if it’s your sibling), and you want to make sure you’re helping, instead of hindering. I could easily understand Rarity being upset with Sweetie Belle, because she ruined a sweater, used up several gems, and possibly hindered Rarity’s work (which is how she makes a living).

Overall, I’d say they both had their mistakes, but it was Sweetie Belle trying to be too helpful without asking and not thinking her thoughts through that caused the initial problem. Rarity reacted with her anger, which she soon got over after Sweetie Belle’s plans turned out to have unintended benefits (although, really, it was kind of an unlikely outcome, in my opinion).

You can’t call Rarity a bitch for reacting in a human way, and then apologizing for it, when she was the one who lost money from Sweetie Belle’s mishaps. Rarity reacted more or less normally, and probably held out longer than most people would have, and wound up doing a pretty gutsy thing to win her sister’s affection back.

Anyways, regarding best Crusader…

You picked a favorite, you sick monster. You’re lucky this is the internet, and I have yet to discover a miraculous ability that allows me to sword-punch you across the tubes.

So this page went from a Scootaloo thread, to a Derpy thread, to a Pyro thread, to a Sweetie Belle thread. We sure are on topic right now.

Methinks we need to reach page 200 sooner.

And mark my words, this time, I will be the first poster in that thread.

Oh, and Sweetie Belle and Rarity are best Cutie Mark Crusader and mane pony respectively.

Last edited Jun 28, 2012 at 03:00AM EDT


I’m glad you brought up the parody aspect, because I was meaning to mention that as part of my brief review.

It is of course inescapable that our opinions of such spinoff creations are tied to our personal tastes; that being said, a decent contrast for my own tastes is Friendship Is Witchcraft. Like HDD’s animations, that series is an alternate imagining of the characters that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it appeals to an entirely different sense of humor. That also applies to FimFlamFilosophy’s parodies. Both attempt to make use of more subtle twists to the original work, relying more on witty dialogue and narrative than just shock value. That is my own preference, but it’s pretty clear that the .MOVs do appeal to a huge audience. It’s not my intention to put down fans of those videos, but merely to point out what some of us find lacking in the series. Different strokes and all that, at the end of the day.

As for brony pyromania, it has on occasion occurred to me that some bronies still have a great big net troll in them, just waiting for a chance to get a rise out of people. And they seem to be doing a pretty good job of it with those haters, if you ask me. Honestly, when I saw the balloonicorn, I thought of MLP too, but I didn’t say anything about it in the comments. If I had, though, you can bet it would’ve been so I could troll some folks. I’m not saying that’s right, it’s just that low-hanging fruit is tempting sometimes.

@Sweetie Belle vs. Rarity

As is the case for many a sibling quarrel, they were both to blame, in different ways. Sweetie never stopped to think of what consequences might arise from tampering with things that didn’t belong to her, and Rarity, as the oldest, showed insufficient maturity to deal patiently with young Sweetie. The thing that bummed me at the end was that although Rarity was repentant, Sweetie remained rather concerned only with her own feelings. I think it would have been nice to see just a little more growth from her as well in that episode, but I guess I’ll just have to settle for her teensy loss of innocence. And with that, have a picture of a very sad Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie Belle is still best CMC.

Last edited Jun 28, 2012 at 04:15AM EDT

@ Deadparrot

I have to admit that i didn’t took a closer look on the graphs and just looked at the summary for decision makers (aka the final percentage numbers ;) ). Well AJ gets beaten by Fluttershy by a margin, but i think it is quite okay as Fluttershy’s character doesn’t fit in every situation. She needs more time to develop and her short appearances usually center around her shyness for the comic relief.
And i think it is quite clever to not show her everytime, as you could get fed up with her shyness quickly. She rather deservers episodes which are focussing manly on her, so that she doesn’t appear one dimensional and boring.

“She missed out on more of season two, but she still has the second-best appearance rate having missed only 4 of the 52 episodes so far.”

About the appearance rate: If you take a closer look you can spot Derpy in almost every episode, but that doesn’t make her one of the mane 6. She is a background pony even though she appears quite often.

(BTW how can i quote whithout copying all the images? This forum is not really userfriendly…)


There are a just a lot of people who see rainbows in their sleep. I mean not every unicorn, rainbow or pegasus needs to be associated to MLP. The candylandtheme is old and has nothing to do with it.

For example if you take a look at Freddiew Mr. Toots video:

When it was posted a year ago there was not a single MLP related comment, but now there is some sort of comment war as well only because it features a unicorn and rainbows.

I’m leaving soon, so remember:
PM me or post on my wall if anything needs my attention or its something I might enjoy. I’ll see if I can do the forums but I’m not promising anything.
I’ll see if I can access FIMFiction while I’m away and finish the story. Other than that,
so long!

Oh no, guys!
RandomMan has (or will soon have) a game!
He’s taking over!

In all seriousness, this looks very cool.
Can’t wait to see the final product!

@Mega, below
Right, like Fluttershy would be a challenge for Angel…

(I actually operate under the assumption that Angel is the only animal not susceptible to The Stare.)

Last edited Jun 28, 2012 at 12:35PM EDT

DeadParrot222 wrote:

Oh no, guys!
RandomMan has (or will soon have) a game!
He’s taking over!

In all seriousness, this looks very cool.
Can’t wait to see the final product!

@Mega, below
Right, like Fluttershy would be a challenge for Angel…

(I actually operate under the assumption that Angel is the only animal not susceptible to The Stare.)

Looks like it’ll be a good game
Final Boss: Fluttershy.
Dodge her stare.

I wonder if nightmare moon, discord, and chrysalis could resist her stare….

Related: Because its supposed to be a scootapage

Last edited Jun 28, 2012 at 12:52PM EDT

Why is it that everyone gets all up in a tizzie about Scootaloo being unable to fly, but not about Sweetie being unable to use magic? I mean, people have started to theorize that there must be something seriously fucked with Scoots for her not being able to fly, but no one says shit about Sweetie. It’s weird because in both cases, you have about equal evidence for an abnormality. When Dash was Scoots’ age, she performed the first sonic rainboom. When Twilight was Sweetie’s age, she did this:

So ya, why is Scootaloo being unable to fly notable but Sweetie’s magical dysfunction not?

Also, fuck Angel Bunny. I really don’t understand why the soccer moms got in such a tizzy about the Derpy scene when they’re perfectly happy to allow for the depiction of the abusive spouse in bunny form. I was watching this scene today.

Now you want to think “aw that’s sweet, Angel is trying to comfort Flutters.” but watch closely. It lasts for just a second, but look at Angel’s expression when Flutters thanks the squirrel. Look at the jealous rage that passes across his face. Angel isn’t comforting Fluttershy because he genuinely wants her comforted, he’s comforting her because he wants to control her, because he wants her to feel that he is the only one she can turn to in times of need. This is all just to keep her from kicking his fluffy white ass to the curb the next time he feels like slapping her around a bit.

I think we need to stage an intervention guys, need to get Fluttershy out of this unhealthy relationship.

Last edited Jun 28, 2012 at 12:52PM EDT

To be fair, Twilight is a friggin’ magical prodigy child.
I would guess that she had a bit of a leg up in terms of magical ability.
I don’t recall Rarity saying that she had ever used magic before her little ‘journey’ and she was probably around the same age at that time.

That said, Sweetie Belle probably is similarly behind in her abilities as Scootaloo.
The difference is that Sweetie Belle has something to latch onto, namely family and home.
Scootaloo has nothing in canon: no parents, no family, no home.
That makes her inability to fly a little more tragic, I think, and thus a little more popular.
Plus, flight is just a much more visible and physical talent than magic, making it a little more… visceral, I guess.
I do love Accidental-Pyromancy Sweetie Belle, though.

As for Angel, he’s really only been outright abusive in that one scene which, as I recall, surprised even the storyboarders with how far they were allowed to take it.
I typically like to think of them as almost mother and child more than spouses.
The whole ‘eat your carrot’ thing in Dragonshy implied as much and Angel generally seems to treat Fluttershy similarly to how a stubborn toddler would act with his mom.
It’s an odd balance between love and hate.
Now, go away.
All your insults being heaped upon her favorite pet has made Fluttershy cry.

Edit: I started this page, damn it! Why do I keep forgetting to add Scootaloo?
Here she is, plus more flaming Sweetie Belle!

Last edited Jun 28, 2012 at 01:34PM EDT


Because Scootaloo seems to be the sadder character, and there’s a lot of differences between their role-models. We assume Scoots wants to fly because RD does, and talks about it all the time. We can’t make the same assumption for Sweetie, as Rarity doesn’t really talk about magic all the time. It’d be different, I think, if Twilight was Sweetie’s role model, and not Rarity. It’d also translate to people possibly caring about Sweetie Belle more, because, on average, a lot more people like Twilight than Rarity. So, by extension of that, somebody closely related to Twilight (sibling), that’s introduced earlier than the finale of the second season (don’t interpret this as hating on Studio B for not bringing Shining up earlier, because I rarely ever mention my brother [to be honest, other people usually bring him up before me]) would be a lot more cared about than someone closely related to Rarity. Especially if they were lacking in something that defined Twilight.

I also think it’s part of what everybody thinks their talent is. People think Sweetie is going to be a singer, which doesn’t require magic (Sapphire Shores), while people think the Scoots is going to either be a racer or a stunt devil, something that benefits greatly from flight.

So, it’s a bunch of things put together, along with Scoots getting (usually) the most love of the CMC, since she seems to be a ‘sadder’ character.

As for the Angel thing:

First of all, Rule 1 of the Pony Thread: Don’t talk about Derpy. It’s like Rule 2 (DON’T talk about Derpy).

Second of all, he acts more like a toddler than an abusive spouse. When his ‘mom’ is in distress, he acts kind and loving, but he gets upset when she gives attention to somebody else. He also acts spoiled and demands what he wants, because he can. Fluttershy is a character that fits as a more lenient mother for Angel because she’s timid, which is an open door for a toddler. However, I think it’s hinted that she kept the toughness Iron Will gave her, so Angel isn’t as demanding, which is somewhat proven by his appearances in Hurricane Fluttershy. Not just when he was comforting her, but also when he was cheering her on (after getting tossed away by a tornado) before she started flying.

Troll King wrote:

I find it funny how half of the people posting in here have never posted in any other thread on KYM.

I’d downvote you for being a dick and coming into the forum just to criticize the posters here, but I’m actually going to upvote you, because its the truth.

On that topic, I encourage those who post only in the Pony Forum to post in other forums as well. You don’t have to, of course, but I encourage it. KYM is a great community, and there are plenty of interesting topics on the boards.

Regarding everything being related to Equestria…

Its bullshit, pure and simple. Just because there’s a unicorn, pegasus, rainbow, or violent rabbit,
doesn’t mean its related.

Last edited Jun 28, 2012 at 01:50PM EDT

@DeadParrot, Solaire

You know, I can’t wait until they finally get around to the Scootaloo episode and reveal that she has a HUGE family. Heh, wouldn’t that be funny if everyone went from interpreting her as the orphan character to the underappreciated middle child who just wants a little attention?

Makes sense actually, simultaneously explains why she is into the daredevil thing and is so desperate for attention from RD.

Actually, I read a fic a while back that put RD herself in that position, with similar explanations for her attitudes. I think she had something like nine or ten siblings with RD lost somewhere in the middle. I’d look it up, but I can’t remember the name.

The real issue here is that we know nothing about any of the pegasus families.
Did Fluttershy really ‘never leave’ after falling off that cloud, implying that she kinda ran away from home, albeit accidentally?
What was RD like as a child hanging out with Gilda and getting ‘kicked out’ of flight school?
Where the hell does Scootaloo go at night?

Only slightly related, but funny:


3 things about that picture

1) Scootaloo is a cannibal

2) Fluttershy can’t eat chicken because that’s not exactly the average diet of a tree…

3) Rainbow Dash is a (chicken)egghead and her mother was in the bucket of chicken, she’s crying behind that daring do book

Also, I would like to see an episode of rainbow dash’s or fluttershy’s families, cus really we haven’t even seen or heard a hint that either of their families, like what you said. Maybe they don’t even live near ponyville, maybe they live in (I hope i said this city right…) Manehattan. An episode where rainbow dash and the mane 6 go to manehattan to search for her parents or something.

Last edited Jun 28, 2012 at 02:15PM EDT


No, Fluttershy ended up coming back. The flashback to flight camp shows both her and RD with their cutie marks.

Entertaining picture though. I like how instead of maybe trying to hide her face in the book, Dash just straight up puts it up as a shield. Tactful as ever, and the best part is that Scoots doesn’t even notice.

I’d like to see Octavia cover this.

Explains why she never talks.


I saw this picture once before, but it was before I knew what Joseco looked like. This shit seems so surreal to me now. I wonder if Lauren Faust had any idea the kind of shit JJ draws. I’d really like to know her opinions on the clop community in general.

Last edited Jun 28, 2012 at 02:44PM EDT

@Scoots family:

My theory is that her parents are earth ponies or unicorns (Cake family genetics), so she lives on the ground. She probably goes home to her parents house every night, simple as that. Do we ever hear Sweetie say ‘Oh, I’m going to go back to my parent’s house, which as at 141 Whogivesafuck Avenue.’

Hell, it was VERY late into the first season when we first discovered Rarity was her sister (which, incidentally, gives some credibility to Shining Armor not being mentioned). So, Scoots family exists, in my opinion, we just never see them (kind of like AJ’s parents, when we know they exist [or at least had to die VERY recently, if they don’t exist] and like Rarity’s parents, which got a very short cameo in the middle of the second season).

@Fluttershy never leaving the ground:

Somebody jacked my argument about flight camp.

Either way, I’m pretty sure she said ‘never leave’ as an exaggeration, if her going to Cloudesdale in Sonic Rainboom is a hint.


Both Flutters and Rainbow’s family live in Cloudesdale if anywhere, I think, considering that’s where they were as fillies. I’d assume their parents would more than likely stay there.

@Chris’s video

Here are some of my favorite comments over there. Tell me it all doesn’t make sense to you now.


Also, fuck Angel Bunny. I really don’t understand why the soccer moms got in such a tizzy about the Derpy scene when they’re perfectly happy to allow for the depiction of the abusive spouse in bunny form. I was watching this scene today.

Now you want to think “aw that’s sweet, Angel is trying to comfort Flutters.” but watch closely. It lasts for just a second, but look at Angel’s expression when Flutters thanks the squirrel. Look at the jealous rage that passes across his face. Angel isn’t comforting Fluttershy because he genuinely wants her comforted, he’s comforting her because he wants to control her, because he wants her to feel that he is the only one she can turn to in times of need. This is all just to keep her from kicking his fluffy white ass to the curb the next time he feels like slapping her around a bit.
I think we need to stage an intervention guys, need to get Fluttershy out of this unhealthy relationship.

Quoted the whole darn thing because confound it, it’s true. I don’t care what excuses you make, that right there is abuse, plain and simple. Know why? Because Fluttershy would never even THINK of slapping him back. That bunny’s a bully and a manipulator, there is simply no denying it.

By the way…

Don’t talk about Derpy.


So, don’t ever mention her at all? That’s a bit suppressive. Who cares if someone mentions the incident in passing, it was months ago.

As for Sweetie Belle’s magic: at her age, Twilight studied incredibly hard to just do a tiny amount, like turning book pages for example, before the rainboom occurred. Also, like Solaire said, Sweetie doesn’t really seem that interested in magic from what I gathered, since it doesn’t directly pertain to her talents and role models. And not only that, she lives in an earth pony town where magic isn’t even that appreciated sometimes.

Scootaloo, on the other hand (or hoof if that suits you), seems to use her wings all the time, and still gets nowhere. As for her family, all I can say is I hope they explain it in S3, one way or the other. If she has a big family, I’d go along with that, but you have to admit the orphan idea would be way more interesting.

Here’s some sad Scoots to go with my earlier sad Sweetie Belle.

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