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KYM Pony General V: We Just Don't Know What Went Wrong

Last posted Jul 01, 2012 at 04:43PM EDT. Added Feb 19, 2012 at 11:27PM EST
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Definition of Swagger.

I think I’m finally starting to get un-obsessed with Chrysalis. For one thing, I’ve stopped saving every picture I see of her, regardless of quality, Anyone know what I’m sayin’?

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I’m gonna continue writing. The first fic’s coming along great. I’ll either proofread tonight or tommorrow depending on whether on not I get done, and probably tomorrow afternoon, I will have uploaded it the the FIMFiction website (name: We’ll_Never_Know). I’ll go on there and post an overview of the whole four-parter on my page.
Anyway, I remembered that ship thing with Shining Armor and Cadance from before that had me at mixed emotions, and Dr. Greg just posted the humorous follow up story:

That pic’s great, and very good stuff that Dr. Greg posted. But I ask, do you like it more just because it has flames (you’re Pyro, after all), or that you really appreciate the art style?
Not accusing you, just asking

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I just thought, what are the chances of a Chrysalis figurine? If it weren’t for bronies, Nightmare Moon probably wouldn’t have even gotten a figurine, and now we have a part-insect character with hole-riddled limbs that would require an entirely new mold for production. The body could prove difficult to make, and the somewhat grotesque appearance isn’t what Hasbro is going for with their My Little Pony line. Do you think Queen Chrysalis stands a chance in terms of marketability as a toy?

After rereading this comic, I ask, do you think the intended demographic might actually want a Queen Chrysalis? Do you think young girls have any interest in a villain toy?

On another note for those who are tired of discussing our Queen and Glorious Hivemother Chrysalis, hail to the swarm and all glory to her name, how about that Cadance, huh? Was it the same singer for both characters in “This Day Aria”? And was it the VA who did the singing? If so, Britt Mckillip is one of my new favorite VA’s for the show. Dare I say, almost as good as Tabitha St. Germain. Almost.


Also, fun fact, Jayson Thiessen spells it Cadence, as does We Love Fine. Who says the official spelling is Cadance? Could it be the toys are actually misnamed?

@Jackal Lantern
For the first count, I don’t collect, so it doesn’t affect me much. However, it would be interesting to see it on the shelves the next time I go to ToysRUs for Star Wars exclusives…
As for the second count, dunno. But all I can say is that it was damn good. So good, in fact, I can put it up there with some of my other favorite animated movie/show songs (and that list includes Disney movies!)
Third count, I dunno. I started spelling it Cadance (and remains such in the fic I’ve been working on), but I’ll wait and see. Perhaps, spelled both ways? (like Joseph Stalin. I like spelling it Josef Stalin, but Joseph is also used. Same pronounciation, but just different spelling)

Ric Tesla wrote:

Night all ima go to bed!
But first I need to show you this pixel gif I found!

There’s your brohoof for tonight. So cya tomorrow fellas!!!

Not to be a dick, but can we stop with the bed posts and return posts?

It’s kinda a pointless post telling everyone here you’re going to bed.
We’d notice it eventually if you stopped posting.

Last edited Apr 28, 2012 at 08:44AM EDT

RandomMan wrote:

Not to be a dick, but can we stop with the bed posts and return posts?

It’s kinda a pointless post telling everyone here you’re going to bed.
We’d notice it eventually if you stopped posting.

Okay, I guess I can stop going through that habit. I didn’t know it would annoy anyone.
But sorry and I will stop.

I feel really heart warmed when I see this,

but oddly I feel kind of sad for some weird reason when I see it.

Last edited Apr 28, 2012 at 09:39AM EDT

@Pyro’s post
Remember, future conquerors, the way to get rid of meddling Lunar princesses is not by exiling them to the moon for a thousand years, but by sending them to get Pizza for a massive party. You get great food AND you don’t have to worry about her coming back all pissed.

PopperFett the Mandalore wrote:

Don’t play. I already sent you a suggestion about that.

Also, this is the exact response post that Random was talking about. Just follow through with it.

But my annoyance aside, I guess there are a few new users here that don’t know the “history” of the thread. It might help to know why Random or I request that certain things not occur here.
When the thread was first made, it was slow. You have no idea. The thread was made on Feb. 11, 2011. The last post on page 1 was made a full month later (er, 28 days. March 11.)

Of course, KYM began to develop its own brony community (myself included) with people who became active or joined the site, because they were interested in the show and KYM’s documentation of the brony community. Basically, the posts began to pick up in frequency, but it was still relatively slow.

Found that back there, by the way. I suggest Zelda fans copy this in with Fluttershy, Rarity, or Applejack as your instrument: y w-- r y w-- r yiu t rty w qew

Anyway, the influx of bronies came about as people who posted primarily in the comments section of the article moved from there to the Pony General thread. People were beginning to be annoyed that MLP:FiM was always trending. Always. (In a way, there’s so much news going on related to an ongoing show, it was always trending, but most of the comments there had little to do with the spread of the subculture…kinda like it has gotten again.) But Tomberry and others suggested that we post in what was becoming a dead Pony General thread instead of in the comments.

From there, we worked our way into true image sprees.

You posted so many images there, my computer had a hard time keeping up. You might want to be more selective in future, rather than posting everything you find related to the topic. I mean… if that’s ok with you…

(That’s where we got that 3 image restriction from.)

Before that, some people (i.e., me) wanted there to be more discussion about the show and the fandom. After starting a now locked thread for pony discussion so the random could keep up here, along with the small flamewar that came with it, people began to discuss the show and the fandom a little more.
Of course, the people who hung around got to know other people here and we became actual friends. So the thread became more of a chat with embedded images more than a thread (complete with greetings and farewells.)

That got the thread going at speed previously unknown on the Internet. But it made other users annoyed that the Pony General thread was moving so fast. Not because we were talking pony, but because often weren’t even discussing ponies or posting images in our posts. We were off-topic (one of my pet peeves, and it just annoyed other users.)

Look at this page. The link itself should go to my post on the matter. It’s from strings of pages like these that we began to notice that it was less of a thread than it was a brony hangout (which was beginning to annoy people who posted in the thread.)

Anyway, that should give you some background as to why we dislike certain tendencies on the thread.

We’ve seen some sh!t.

To tell you the truth Verbose, the Okay guy was really meant as more of a joke rather than serious. I know how you feel, which is why I’ve tried to stop posting good night messages. Sorry for any inconvinience.

And in other, news, my first fic is complete. I’ll just have to proofread it and hopefully wait for Gigatoast (thank you so much again Gigatoast) to do some art for me, and then it should be up soon on FIMFiction (name again, We’ll_Never_Know)

Now, for a discussion:
I’ve started to notice some more red-eyed Vinyl art coming out:

I know we’ve had a discussion on the eye color before, but my question is, do you guys think the brony community will ever get over red-eyed Vinyl and accept canon Magneta-eyed, or do you think it will always be to us (like Derp-eyed Derpy is to us), Vinyl with the red eyes?

Last edited Apr 28, 2012 at 01:43PM EDT

badsitrep wrote:

Somepony thought it would be fun to imply Luna did not sleep Canterlot on my DA.
So this happened:

Wear glasses that actually fit my face?
Too mainstream


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