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KYM Pony General V: We Just Don't Know What Went Wrong

Last posted Jul 01, 2012 at 04:43PM EDT. Added Feb 19, 2012 at 11:27PM EST
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A voice in my head is telling me to do horrible things to you and steal your plushies. I’m half tempted to listen to it.

Yes, I’m jelly.


I’ve never bought any merchandise for a multitude of reasons. The primary one is that I’m a “stable” brony (*shudders*), and the only people that know of my fanaticism is my closest friend (who also watches the show, but isn’t a brony), and my ninja roommate. The reason for this is that one of my other close friends is against bronies (he’s somewhat judgemental) and I don’t think my dad was happy to hear that my brother liked the show as well (he convinced me to watch the show, he just doesn’t know it). He bought an RD shirt and has a Pinkie blind-bag thing.

Then, there is of course the fact that I’m in college. I don’t have a job, so I have a limited budget as it is. I’m incredibly tempted to get something from Bewareofkitty though.



Speaking of college, I’m taking my last final in a couple of hours. After that, I’m packing and moving home. I haven’t seen my family since December.

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You guise like ponies with guns? Dunno why I never mentioned this before but I’ve always liked guns, gone to gun shows, most of the movies I like have guns, a lot of the videogames I like have guns, all of the careers I’ve seriously been interested in involve guns, and yet I only like the concept of ponies with guns to a certain extent. I don’t like the idea of them shooting each other, I guess.

The gifs are always neat though

and I’ve never been able to look at this without laughing

You guys don’t have to watch out though because you ain’t got a badass over here or anything – those plushies that DeadParrot posted demanded one hell of a fangirlish daaaw out of me.

@about thread momentum
Now that it’s summer things should pick up a bit. Wasn’t it that alot of people’s excuse for not posting much was school or college?


>working hard and going to college
>not lazily slacking off until you feel like going to police academy

get on my level

On second thought maybe you shouldn’t I’m probably not going to make a whole lot of money for awhile lol

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I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to ponies and guns except that I also dislike them in real life, too!
The largest caliber weapon I’ve ever fired was a BB gun over a decade ago and I’ve never had the need nor desire to touch another gun.
I can play violent, gun-based video games all day long (I just finished Dead Space 2 the other day), but I have absolutely no interest in real ones.
As for ponies, I can read about them firing at each other (I loved Fallout: Equestria) but having it as a visual really bothers me.
They’re too peaceful and almost utopian for gun violence to tarnish them.

Did someone say ponies with guns?

@DeadParrot: They talk about guns and bullets and tanks in the show. So it is slightly canon that there is warfare, and in episode “It’s About Time” Twi asks if there’s some sort of great pony war in the future. So it could be that they have had wars before, but they’ve never gone to in depth about it. Or maybe I’m just over analyzing stuff to much. I don’t know.
Obligatory song is needed with all of these guns.


I like it if it’s comical, a la TF2 (which, let’s be honest, rarely takes itself completely seriously). Super-duper-serial things like CoD and Battlefield though rarely interest me anyways, even less so with ponies involved.

As for guns in real-life, I don’t have an overbearing interest in them or want them to be a major part of my life, but I know how to fire them and all. I also think it’s generally a good idea for concealed handgun laws and things similar to that to be enacted, though that’s another topic for another time.

Ponies with guns! I don’t prefer guns in real life, but I like it when it is not used in real life and in pics meant to be comical, like this:

<img src = “”>

Explosive Lasers AKA Solaire AKA Sexiest wrote:


I like it if it’s comical, a la TF2 (which, let’s be honest, rarely takes itself completely seriously). Super-duper-serial things like CoD and Battlefield though rarely interest me anyways, even less so with ponies involved.

As for guns in real-life, I don’t have an overbearing interest in them or want them to be a major part of my life, but I know how to fire them and all. I also think it’s generally a good idea for concealed handgun laws and things similar to that to be enacted, though that’s another topic for another time.

How do they even hold guns…in a lot of stuff that involves TF2 they hold their guns rather than have them on the side. Not only that but how does twilight even pull the trigger on her sniper rifle without any fingers?

We don’t need no stinking fingers!

Absolutely, yes.
I had to cover part of the screen with my hand just to force myself through it, but that damn programmers made it a frickin’ mini-game!
You can’t look away too much or you’ll lose!
And you could have told me it was right at the very end of the game.
I was anxiously anticipating it the whole time. =)

@Ponies w/ guns

(sorry for going over image post)


…but if they really do use firearms, I would assume a larger hoof trigger would be necessary. You can probably build the guns in the same way, but just have the triggers a little larger.

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In response to the ponies with guns thing…

Which crossover would work best with ponies in your opinion? And no, not Fallot: Equestria. I mean crossovers that haven’t been made into fanfic. If you can find any that is…

RandomMan wrote:

“Mature Content Filter”

Yeah, not going to make a DeviantArt account just for that. Can anyone just post it here under a spoiler button or something?

The text in the description should give you a good idea what it is.
The mature censor says “ideologically sensetive material”. In layman’s terms, it offends idiots.

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@El Sinker
-Band of Brothers
-Tom Clancy novels (anything from him)
-Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy
- We Were Soldiers

Some of my picks that aren’t ponified (as far as I know)

@Omegadrone & Camera Man
Well that took things to another level.

That was…rather sad. Very sad in fact. .
unrelated note: Alright, time to write…Lunar Dawn Part III is gonna get finished soon, I promise.

EDIT- Well, the image gallery is going through that weird phase again…

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@The pic people are being bitches over:


@The pic people are being bitches over, part two: the real version:

That’s the kind of shit that hits right home. That’s the kind of stuff that undermines your masculinity. My inner paternal instincts feel bad, as does my inner not-a-dick.

Although, I’m not sure about the validity of the whole deal, considering what Luna and Celestia have proven to be, even more so since it’s Nightmare Moon.

@Ponies with guns crossovers:

-Splinter Cell
-Red Dead Redemption
-L.A. Noir
-Deus Ex
-Metal Gear Solid

Not sure if they’ve been made into crossovers, really. Would be awesome for them to be.

Also, that last one is in there entirely because of this:

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Need I say more?
@the image
That…that hurts. Seeing my own foal suffocate right before me…I don’t think I could live with myself if that ever happened. I’m relieved it’s just an image…just an image…

I dare somebody to name each pony and the gun they are holding. Do it, I fucking dare you.

I’ll even give you a hint by listing the names of some of them:

XM8 Compact, XM109, XM2010, Ares LMG, M249, AK47, AK74, AK108, Dragunov, AW2000, AAI ACR, Uzi, MP7, MP5, MP5k, Steyr TMP, Steyr AUG, Demon Slayer, TDI Vector, Beretta, Desert Eagle, SOCOM, HK UMP.45, HK416, HK G36, Klobb, OICW ACR, Mossberg, M3, Pancor Jackhammer, Magpul FMG 9, Remington SR8, FAMAS, IMI Defender, UTS 15, SCAR-L, M4 Carbine, LR300

Good luck figuring out which is which.

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Sandstone wrote:

I…I have no idea what to feel anymore.

I just need something to get everything in my head straightened out.

EL Slinker wrote:

Which crossover would work best with ponies in your opinion? And no, not Fallot: Equestria. I mean crossovers that haven’t been made into fanfic. If you can find any that is…

WHY THE FUCK HAS THIS NOT HAPPENED YET? IT WOULD BE SO EASY! Ponies showing up in an Island on the Grand Line wouldn’t even be that weird in One Piece Canon. :/

Explosive Lasers wrote:

-Splinter Cell
-Red Dead Redemption
-L.A. Noir
-Deus Ex
-Metal Gear Solid

For the last one, there’s an excellent fic called Pony Gear Solid on EqD. I highly recommend it.

BSoD wrote:

I dare somebody to name each pony and the gun they are holding. Do it, I fucking dare you.

I’ll even give you a hint by listing the names of some of them:

I would if I had the time. It’s not very difficult at all really.

I didn’t feel like making my avatar related to Paris Hilton, so I’m just boring old me again.

@Blue Screen:

I dare somebody to name each pony and the gun they are holding. Do it, I fucking dare you.

Nightmare Moon: Ares Shrike w/ Grip, Princess Cadence: H&K XM8, Princess Celestia: GE M134 Minigun, Princess Luna: Barrett M82A1, Shining Armor: SIG SG750 w/ Holographic Sight, M203 Grenade Launcher, Grip, and Laser Sight, Queen Chrysalis: Kalashnikov RPK, Rainbow Dash: Norinco Type 56, Applejack: Colt M16A4 w/ Holographic Sight, Fluttershy: Ingram MAC-10, Twilight Sparkle: H&K MP7, Rarity: H&K MP5SD, Pinkie Pie: Beretta 92FS and Tactical Knife, Tank: ENARM SMG, Winona: Steyr TMP, Angel: H&K MP5K, Owloysius: Walther P88, Spike: Beretta 93 Raffica, Opalescence: SITES Spectre M4, Gummy: SRMC Lupara, Cherry Berry: SRM Model 1216, The Great and Powerful Trixie: Dual CZ-UB Skorpion vz. 61, Soarin’: JIC QCW-05 w/ Suppressor, Berry Punch: Z-M LR-300, Cheerilee: Franchi SPAS-12, Spitfire: Kalashnikov AK-103 w/ GP25, Golden Harvest/Carrot Top: Springfield M21 SWS, Dizzy Twister: Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout, Derpy: AMC AA-12, Bon Bon: IMI Uzi, Lyra: Steyr AUG, Aloe: H&K G36K, Lotus: H&K UMP45, Vinyl Scratch: FN P90, Octavia: Accuracy International Arctic Warfare, Dr. Whooves: MA5B ICWS, Gustave: MFWI EMERK, Gilda: H&K MP5, Cranky Doodle Donkey: KB Shar TVGK, Matilda: RATMIL M96, Mulia Mild: VB Berapi LP02, Spot: Techno Arms MAG-7 Shotgun, Fido: Calico M960, Rover: Van Bruaene Rik PDW, Big Macintosh: SDUSO M60, Granny Smith: Winchester Model 1887, Braeburn: Armsel Striker, Zecora: AAI LSAT w/ Red Dot Sight, Grip, and M203 Grenade Launcher, Sweetie Belle: Bazalt RPG-7, Apple Bloom: Glock 18, Scootaloo: IMI Micro-Uzi, Twist: Łucznik PM-98, Mr. Cake: Dragunov SVD, Mrs. Cake: FN F2000, Millie: Remington ACR, Mayor: Mossberg 500, Minuette/Colgate: KRISS Vector, Sunset Bliss: Steyr ACR, Pink Lady: Magpul ACR, Diamond Mint: Pancor Jackhammer, Merry May: Metal Storm MAUL w/ Red Dot Sight, Heart Throb: Bushmaster ACR, Lightning Bolt: KBP Instrument Design Bureau PP91 KEDR, April Showers: SIMA FAD, Flitter: CZ-UB Skorpion EVO III, Cloudchaser: Beretta ARX-160, Peppermint Crunch: Walther WA2000, Blossomforth: Kel-Tec RFB, Snails: KBP Instrument Design Bureau PP93, Snips: KBP Instrument Design Bureau PP2000, Truffle Shuffle: IMI Uzi Pro, Half Note: CZ-UB CZ75, Lickety Split: H&K VP70, Rumble: Claridge Hi-Tec, Featherweight: Colt SCAMP, High Score: VB Berapi LP01, Junebug: FAMAS, Roseluck: FN SCAR-L, Lily: IMI Micro TAR-21, Daisy: H&K PSG-1, Shoeshine: Colt M4 Carbine, Sea Swirl: H&K FABARM FP6 w/ Red Dot Sight, Lemon Hearts: Kalashnikov AK74Su, Bluenote: Dual Magpul FMG9, Silver Spoon: Walther MPL, Photo Finish: H&K 417, Hoity Toity: Walther PPK, Fancypants: Magpul PDR w/ Holographic Sight, Fleur: FN Five Seven, Sapphire Shores: Benelli MR1, Filthy Rich: KBP Instrument Design Bureau PP90M1 w/ Red Dot Sight and Suppressor, Diamond Tiara: KMZ AEK-919K Kashtan w/ Reflex Sight, Doctor Horse: Agram 2000, Mane Goodall: BAE SA80, Nurse Tenderheart: Serbu SUPER-SHORTY, Nurse Redheart: FN FAL, Nurse Sweetheart: IMI Galil, Nurse Coldheart: Intratec TEC-9, Nursery Rhyme: TAO Jatimatic, Doctor Stable: ORSIS T-5000, Caramel: IMI Desert Eagle, Silver Speed: UTAS UTS-15, Thunderlane: Chang Feng SMG, Twinkleshine: Beretta MX4, Twilight Sky: H&K XM29 OICW, Wild Fire: Łucznik MSBS Radon w/ Hybrid Sight and Grip, Lucky: VB Berapi LP06, Amethyst Star/Sparkler: Norinco QBZ-95, High Style: TTX 80.002, Powder Rouge: Valtro PM-5 w/ Grip, Pretty Vision: High Standard HS-10, Regal Candent: Dual Trejo Pistol, Roxie: TSKIB-SOO OTs-23 Drotik, Soigne Folio: SIMA MGP-84, Midnight Fun: Silver Shadow Gilboa APR, Stella: TAP SR-3 Vikhr, Flim: Robinson Arms XCR-L, Flam: SIG STR970, Donut Joe: Daewoo USAS-12, Gizmo: Parker Hale PDW w/ Red Dot Sight, Horte Cuisine: Dual Patria Mod.2, Royal Riff: Arsenal Shipka, Luke: Orbis MGV-176, Star Hunter: Interdynamic MKS

@Best Crossover

It’s funny how often the question of crossovers pop up in one form or another. That’s one of the things I like about the pony medium, it’s like this blank slate that works with everything (hence rule 85). I don’t really know if there’s a bioshock pony fanfic out there, or more specifically, if there’s a good one.

@Really sad NMM pic

The artist, CosmicUnicorn, said in the description:

Paternity is irrelevant--the foal’s colors are simply the colors of dawn. Besides, I would think that immortal alicorns reproduce differently anyways… cosmic dust or special magic or something.

That statement was made a number of months back, so it’s not really too surprising.

Still, here’s what I think. (Copy/pasted my own comment because why not.)

If there’s anything the most recent episodes have shown us, it’s that alicorns aren’t all that different from other ponies. They certainly aren’t the immortal deities they were once believed to be. After all, normal unicorns used to do the very same tasks that Luna and Celestia have given to themselves. Their magic is much more powerful, but I contend that their heightened magical abilities are possibly due to the amount of time they’ve been alive. Oftentimes when it comes to magic, more study=more power, which is why older wizards in various fantasies are usually the ones you have to watch out for. Besides, Cadance is an alicorn, and she just got married like any other normal pony.

I say all of that of course because I disagree with the statement that paternity is irrelevant. I think there would have to be a father, and that being the case just makes this scenario that much more tragic. Mothers certainly aren’t the only ones who love their children…

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Conspankulations, you win $1000INT

To be honest I just wanted someone to tell me what they were because I had no idea. I only recognized a quarter of those guns and half of those characters

You also corrected me on a few guns I confused for something else. I like guns as much as the next guy so it’s nice to have straight facts. Thank you.

@Blue Screen

Happy to help, though I was beginning to think that list would swallow the whole page.

My older brother is a huge gun fanatic and a pony fan as well, I should totally show him that image.

Now to spend those internets!

Tim the Enchanter wrote:

You are looking at the wrong documentary, John De Lancie is producing the documentary you mentioned. This is just a crappy brony documentary made to make us look bad.

oh thank god.

if that was the good documentary i would lose a lot of hope…

with no will to offend, DAMN these guys looked awful.

why would anymore put freckeles on him and dress like applejack???
why would you put pony ears?
how the hell do you let a fortune cookie infulence your desicion ln life?

with all due honesty. if this is the type of crowd that goes to Bronycons then im afraid there is no way to make them look good…


@Dan, Bioshock
There is a fic in progress called ‘Harmony.’
I haven’t actually read it myself, but it’s got 6 stars on EQD so they must be doing something right.

@That Nightmare Moon picture
I feel oddly heartless after everyone else’s reactions, but that picture (with the story) really didn’t do anything for me.
I get that it’s supposed to be sad, but t just feels too… ‘forced,’ I guess.
Like they just said, ‘What can I do to make her banishment even more tragic? I know! Give her a kid, then kill it!’
It was just too arbitrary to really affect me.

@Jolly Jew
I wouldn’t worry too much about it.
There will always be people at cons who seem to fall on the ‘weird’ side of the spectrum.
It’s just part of the deal.
A good documentary will not try to avoid them, but actually talk to them on a level that makes them relatable or interesting, instead of just pointing out their strangeness and laughing (like a certain ‘news’ network).
Yes, there will be awkward moments (this is a pretty ‘geeky’ fandom in a lot of ways), but the people making the big documentary are experienced enough to know how to handle them.
I’m not worried about it at all.


Last edited Jun 15, 2012 at 10:00AM EDT
It’s funny how often the question of crossovers pop up in one form or another. That’s one of the things I like about the pony medium, it’s like this blank slate that works with everything (hence rule 85). I don’t really know if there’s a bioshock pony fanfic out there, or more specifically, if there’s a good one.


It got a 6 star rating and I would like to argue it’s one of the better fics out there. Though it’s a Bioshock crossover, it’s been adapted, so those that haven’t played the game won’t miss anything and those that have won’t predict the plot.

Right now, it’s one of my favorites. I check every story update on Eq D hoping to see this one. The author takes his sweet time updating though. That’s probably a good thing, but still.

Edit: God damn it Parrot. I’m still recommending it.

Last edited Jun 15, 2012 at 09:49AM EDT

@ DeadParrot

I didn’t care for the picture because everything about it just seemed rather ludacris. First off, the idea of NMM/Luna’s banishment involving trouncing around on the Lunar surface instead of being inside it really only works in a humorous context. Second the idea of NMM being mortal enough to give birth to a creature that needs air but not needing air herself seems inconsistent. Third, NMM thinking that one breath of air will sustain her foal for a thousand years just makes her come across as massively retarded.

I like the way you described your own dissattisfaction with the picture because that was EXACTLY how I felt about My Little Dashie. I couldn’t make myself feel really sad about it because it just seemed like such a massively arbitrary case of authorial intervention in order to set up a sad ending.


I would really like to see a Majora’s mask crossover where it’s Luna who pulls down the moon. Seems like such an obvious idea that I wouldn’t be suprised if someone has written a fic about it already.

@Fridge Logic

That picture wins all of my yes.

Joe Amethyst wrote:

I owe you a nut sucking apparently, Chris.

Damn… Where’s a camera when you need one. I missed alot after my blackout.

Anyway, I’m kind of surprised I haven’t found a good Red Dead Redemption crossover yet… With Braeburn as John Marston. Maybe a Super Sentai crossover would work. I know I would love to see a One Piece crossover.

Last edited Jun 15, 2012 at 11:11AM EDT

@Fifths and Parrot
A lot of the points you brought up are good ones, but at its core, its a mother who lost her child after just giving birth to it. That alone should be saddening. Sure, the rest of it is a bit too forced/My Little Dashie clone, but the base idea should be enough to make you feel a bit of remorse. But then again, some people will find an excuse to pick anything apart and complain. Damn human nature.
But to each their own I guess.
Also, its a comissioned drawing. Which means its a crazy brony who wanted to see sad paid this person to draw it. The little dialogue was also provided by the person who comissioned it. So blame him/her if you find issues, not the artist.

Last edited Jun 15, 2012 at 11:29AM EDT

@Jolly Jew

Y’know, that documentary didn’t do a very good job of denigrating bronies if you ask me. Either the makers are working from the standpoint that anything and everything that in any capacity deviates from their precious “normality” is automatically wrong and striktly verboten! or they lack the skill to make proper propaganda. Or, as a third option, they simply took an independent, ambiguous documentary, added the hateful description, uploaded the thing to YouTube and called it a day. Laziness and confirmation bias at its finest!

What I saw when I watched the documentary was people being people. Granted, the people in question were of the nerdy, not-exactly-socially-trendy sort, but that’s hardly any sort of meaningful modifier. Take any other “nerdy” subculture, and you’ll get the same result. So yeah, if this is the best the haters can muster, I’d say we’ve got nothing to worry about. Let the judgemental cunts wallow in their despair, for their opinions are both mindless and worthless.

Oh, and sorry to crush your dreams here, but these sort of people can always be found at conventions. Now, to rekindle the hope I just snuffed, imma let you in on a little bit of a secret; “normal” people also go to conventions. You just never hear about it or see them on film, ‘cause pffffft, fuck dat! Nobody cares how socially well-adjusted and average you are, the crazies is where it’s at! Of course, De Lancie’s doc is more about proving that bronies are, in fact, not all that dissimilar from everyone else (the fact that something like that needs to be “proven” is fucking bananas, but there ya go, that’s humanity for ya) so they’ll do a comic role reversal and interview the moderates instead of the fanatics for once.

Now, I’m not questioning your ability to reason, but do you really want to go down that particular path? I fail to see how it is relevant how a given person looks. Not all of us have the good fortune of being born with a million-dollar face and a keen fashion sense, you know. As for the fortune cookie, the guy seemed a religiously devout sort. Those folks will, more often than not, make decisions based on seemingly inconsequential factors. But hey, if you’re gonna judge someone for shit like that, don’t complain when someone judges you for liking ponies. We’re all full of imperfections, so don’t get too focused on them.

@Merchandise discussion

I’ve got seven blindbag ponies (Mane Six + Cheerilee) which I’ve got right here on my ‘puter desk. They’re excellent little tokens of one’s fandom: compact, somewhat show-accurate and best of all, affordable. Had to do some hunting for ‘em, though. You’d never think it, but apparently there’s quite a bit of demand for them here in Finland. Most of the time someone had already visited the box and snatched up the mane six models, so it took me a good while to assemble the whole set. I’ve got no intention to add to this little collection of mine any time soon though, unless quality plushies become readily available in an affordable price-range.

What really baffles me is the fact that Hasbro seems to be so disinclined to make quality plushies. It’s a veritable gold-mine of an opportunity; Decent quality, show-accurate plushies would be an absolute hit with both the target audience and the bronies. But nope, instead of this, we get this. And it’s not even that much of an abomination, just fix the hair and the proportions, get rid of the unnecessary voice module and voilà, you’re good to go!

So what gives, Mr. Corporate Suit? Materials too expensive? Not buying that, I know for a fact the materials are a pittance compared to the worker salaries. But even then, you’ve got all the industrial sewing machines and Chinese sweat-shops a greedy capitalist could ever want to minimize the costs there too. So is it the research and development that’s eating away at the greens? That’s easy, just pay one of the fandom’s popular plushie makers a few grand for the patterns and whatnot, there’s all the R’n’D you need.

The point here is that it should indeed be possible to mass-produce plushies of a decent quality for peanuts and then set the retail to something like $50 to reap a tidy profit. Of course, I’m no expert and all of my data could very well be wrong, but that seems to me like something any businessman would jump for joy at. So what the hell, Hasbro? I thought you liked money.


From what we’ve seen, Luna and Celestia are not normal alicorns. Cadence is enough evidence of that, I think, since she seems to be fairly normal and limited, and has aged exactly like a normal pony, so far. It’s safe so say that Luna and Celestia are, at the very least, demi-gods. They’re far stronger than a normal pony, but they can’t rival Discord without the Elements of Harmony.

@Jolly Jew:

If we act like the type of crowd that goes to Bronycons is something to be ashamed of, I’m afraid there is no way to make ourselves look like respectable human beings…



Yo, Popper, I’m real happy for ya, and Imma let you finish, but Eternal was one of the best fan-fics of all time.

One of the best fan-fics of all time!

(Pretty good, and somewhat tragic, but I really couldn’t see some of the scenarios happening with the way we know the characters. I suppose it’s possible under the stress of war, but it just seemed ‘off’ to me.)

@The Harmony fan-fic:

That shit BETTER have the goddamn crossbow in it.


You pretty much ’splained a lot of my own opinions there.

Anyways, I think I might actually shell out enough money to get a pony plush, instead of getting a better computer.

But, fuck, then I can’t run Skyrim on a computer or run GW2 on max settings…

Oh, yeah.
I meant to bring up My Little Dashie a few days ago because I finally got around to reading it!
I also wasn’t very impressed by it, but for different reasons.
I didn’t really have a problem with the concept so much as the writing style and skill.

Details and scenarios seemed to pop up randomly without any justification or real explanation.
There’s the one multi-year time jump in the middle where he basically says, ’Dashie’s been with me for 10 years now. I got a better job and we moved out to a farm.’
I rarely talk to myself but I actually stopped and said ‘What?’ out loud.
Up until that point, the speaker was a depressed loner living in a run-down, abandoned, semi-urban wasteland with no prospects for improvement.
Suddenly, we’re a decade in the future and living on a farm without seeing any of the development that could have led them there.

The blatant telegraphing of story points didn’t help either.
Even if I hadn’t already been familiar with the ending before going in, I would have picked up on it very early.
Rather than having the speaker be unsure about the future or questioning his situation, he seems to immediately come to the conclusion that Dash will be taken away from him (probably by ponies) in the future.
I’m guessing the writer was trying for foreshadowing but it was far too obvious.

The ending was a little better, but it was really the only part of the story that contained any actual dialogue or character events as opposed to the general, vague descriptions from a single perspective that the story had been up to that point.
Overall, I’d say that the concept of raising a pony in a human world is interesting, but this execution was disappointingly lacking in a lot of areas that made it very difficult for me to really enjoy it.
I’m honestly surprised that it became as popular as it did (to the point of generating tons of fan art, music, spin-offs, a friggin’ live action movie, etc.)

Anyone else want to chime in about MLD?

I wasn’t trying to ‘blame’ anyone for the picture.
That would imply that I was offended or annoyed by it.
That’s not the case at all.
In fact, I think it’s very well drawn from an artistic viewpoint.
I simply said that the emotional aspect of it fell flat for me.
Yes, losing a child is traumatic, but without any context, it just comes off weird for me and I didn’t have any of the teary-eyed reactions that all the above people had posted about.

Edit to add more happy NMM:

I said it on the previous page but I’ll say it again here.
If Hasbro is nervous about marketing accurate, full-size plushes due to cost or whatever, they should do what this artist has done: BEWAREOFKITTY (Go order from her. $25 – $35 a pop! She does great work and deserves more business than I think she’s getting. She does OCs, too!)

For all intents and purposes, they’re Beanie Babies but with ponies.
All of them are based on the same base body, making manufacturing much cheaper and easier not to mention massively customizable.
They’re relatively small and simple so they should be affordable for a lot of people.
And lastly, they are damn cute!
If Hasbro is wary about jumping in full scale, these would make an excellent test case for the viability of a plushie market.

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Bleh. This is why I’ve got to stop posting right after I wake up. I should really have my coffee before I read over reations…As for my reaction, I guess I’m a fucking sap for anything sad involving Moon/Luna. I was having a weird-ass mess of feels when I first saw that. I’m still trying to sort them all out. But after a depressing picture, I feel the need to follow-up with a happy (at least, I think she’s happpy anyway. Sure looks like happy) Moon:

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