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KYM Pony General V: We Just Don't Know What Went Wrong

Last posted Jul 01, 2012 at 04:43PM EDT. Added Feb 19, 2012 at 11:27PM EST
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@Muffinator regarding forums…

I think the optimistic view would be the hope that it grows into a legitimate community.

We will one day rival Equestria Daily in popularity.


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In this new forum, on the serious discussions, would we still be allowed to post pictures? For example, if we were in a serious discussion about something, and to express our opinion/feelings on something we posted a reaction image, would that be alright (assuming we provide input to the discussion and it is related)? How serious are we being exactly (are we allowed to use sarcasm)?

Edit: I removed my complaining because I didn’t want to sound whiny or immature. There needs to be a sarcasm font or something.

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Muffins wrote:

In this new forum, on the serious discussions, would we still be allowed to post pictures? For example, if we were in a serious discussion about something, and to express our opinion/feelings on something we posted a reaction image, would that be alright (assuming we provide input to the discussion and it is related)? How serious are we being exactly (are we allowed to use sarcasm)?

Edit: I removed my complaining because I didn’t want to sound whiny or immature. There needs to be a sarcasm font or something.

Well, I’ll have you know that I read it, and I gave you the kramas you so rightfully deserve for such a thoughtful post.

EDIT: Part regarding the lengthy post was removed, so this post doesn’t make a lick of sense.

EDIT PART DEUX: I need some sleep. Gotta do some errands tomorrow.

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Muffins wrote:

In this new forum, on the serious discussions, would we still be allowed to post pictures? For example, if we were in a serious discussion about something, and to express our opinion/feelings on something we posted a reaction image, would that be alright (assuming we provide input to the discussion and it is related)? How serious are we being exactly (are we allowed to use sarcasm)?

Edit: I removed my complaining because I didn’t want to sound whiny or immature. There needs to be a sarcasm font or something.

Of course.

The main problem with the Pony thread on KYM is that its just one thread. And we have to do everything in it. Serious discussions, random stuff, stupid stuff. The other forums let us separate all that into different sections.

Reaction images, images related to discussion, etc is fine.

When we get a new topic about ponies on KYM, we start discussing it and posts related to the topic appear with posts that have nothing to do with anything

On the other forums, we can create a new forum thread for every new topic.

Im hoping to pull a lot of people into the new forum. Which means its going to be a lot more people posting. We got few people posting in the thread, the forums are going to be larger in terms of users.
edit: going to bed, got a weird day tomorrow and its kinda late where I am. PM me with any ideas, suggestions, etc.

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He has.

I’d suggest posting there to make suggestions for a different format/organization/gauging interest/creating rules/etc.

We can keep a lot of traffic off of here that way. I think that discussion will be fun it itself.

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That letter from Amy Keating was very, very satisfying to read. I hope that puts many concerns to rest once and for all.

Almost as satisfyingly as coming home to listen to my own music after listing to my employers music at work all day…

Let there be peace over the fandom

@Forum discussion


I wasn’t sure what to think about the idea at first since I really want to salvage this thread rather than ditch it. Plus I will always be drawn to KYM and the JFF forum

But the more I think about it, the more I am warming up to it. In the end it may be beneficial for KYM if more Bronies moved to their own forum rather than congregate in the article comment section.

Let’s get some discussions going on there and we’ll see how it goes. If it doesn’t work, we still have KYM. In order to replace KYM it’s gotta have a good image repository too, any thoughts on how to organize that?

Plus, thank you Ivan for what you have done already. I think you have really outdone yourself by offering to set the whole thing up.

If you need any help fixing bugs in the forum and general maintenance, you have an experienced web developer right here


You linked an image, did you mean to link this?


You can do something about that. Post something good

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I’m starting a thread there to discuss rules and stuff BSoD/Muffinator. I’ll be up for another couple of hours, so perhaps you’d like to join in?

Also, this needs some pony.

Also, I haven’t actually posted outside of a forum that uses something other than HTML textile, so how would you post a picture? Same method? I’m asking this here because I don’t know which thread to post on there.

Also, what would be a “serious discussion”? Would the “what would you do if you were transported to equestria” discussion we had earlier go on there? Or is that reserved for philosophical things?

@ Verbose starting thread

It’s getting late and I’ve got work. I also don’t know about that sort of thing.

Sorry. I might start some threads later though. I have some ideas.

Also, this page needs more pony. Rarity isn’t my favorite, but it’s the best I can do right now.

Ok, fine, one more. Here’s some Samurai Applejack for you.

Seriously though, I got a paper and some Shakespeare to read.

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That forum Ivan made uses BB code for post formatting (all phpBB forums do) and you will love it so much more than textile.

BB code is far more versatile than textile, mark my words. I’ll give you a crash course in you want.

As far as serious discussion goes, well I think about just any discussion where we can go into lots of detail and think plentiful on the subject. I doesn’t actually have to be serious.

We’ve talked about things like “Do Pegasi preen?” and “What happens if a Pony randomly appearred in your back yard?”, stuff like that. Totally non-serious stuff that you can make up on the fly but can talk about it in a serious way even though you aren’t. It’s actually quite fun.


Samurai AppleJack! AWWW YEEEEAAA!

@Verbose & Muffin

More pony coming up!

Trixie casts level 4 chain lightning but Twilight absorbs it with her level 6 mana shield

Throwing the companion cube in the incinerator just got harder

Welp, time for a new pair

Has anyone noticed how often Rarity turns up in steampunk art? It’s rather like how Fluttershy is always involved in Skyrim art.

Last edited Mar 01, 2012 at 02:12AM EST

Caramel wrote:

Finally, facts!
I personally thought that the voice was a bit overdone and that if they had to change anything, it should be that.

The one thing I’m still butthurt about is they removed her name. I know what it means and how it can be offensive from this and Verbose’s TL;DR. But I’m sure that if you “did more in-depth searches” you could find that some people could associate Ditzy with retarded and be offended by that too.
I personally think that Ditzy is worse, both as a name and as an “insult.”

I know I’m slow beyond belief, but that article really cleared things up for me.

Now I don’t blame Hasbro. I blame the idiot parents who think derpy means retarded. Context people, context. Derpy Hooves has nothing to do with mentally deficient people at all. Clumsiness=/=ableness (cool inventing neologisms when there’s already a proper term for it). I still don’t like them taking out the name reference, but at least I know Hasbro had to do this for the sake of political correctness, not on their part, but on those people who complained.

This reminds me of the Superbowl nip slip thing that got hundreds of angry phone calls from parents saying “WTF THAT WAS THE WORST THING I’VE EVER SEEN SUE SUE SUE!” Yeah, did you not breast feed your children when they were young? A partially exposed breast is going to scar your children forever? What about when you give them baths, and touch their naked bodies? Someone call Chris Hansen, pedophile alert!

Like I said, parents these days. Especially (stereotypes ftw) American ones.

But hey, Hasbro was kind enough to add in the name as a “tip off to the fans.” I think Hasbro was actually forced into doing this, because there was no possible way to avoid a shitstorm, and they’d rather take one from bronies than parents who would sue, claiming their children have been “offended in irrevocable ways,” and want millions as compensation (read: to make $).

It would be nicer if they told someone at ED beforehand. At least we would be warned and wouldn’t have to rage against Hasbro so hard.

Well, Ditzy Doo is canon now. It does have a nice ring to it. I never really liked the word “derp” anyways. “HURRDURR” is where it’s at. Imagine “HURRDURR hooves.” So much butthurt.

I think I’ll call her that from now on. Derpy would still be her nickname though, because of her clumsiness. I like to believe it always was, since no parent (!) would name their child derpy. Something like how DJ-P0N3 is a stage name, but eventually Vinyl Scratch became more popular in the fandom. I say we do the same for Derpy. Erm, Ditzy.

Also, kind of disconcerting Ditzy Doo has 2 Os but Daring Do has only 1.

Just finished catching up with the show. I don’t want to be any slower than I already am, but I want to say, I literally became entranced with the show and watched them all (from Last Roundup to Friend in Need), and then I backed up to The Return of Harmony and rewatched season 2 entirely. All in one sitting. I really had to pee somewhere around Baby Cakes (that probably had something to do with it), but ponies couldn’t wait, and I held it in until I finished them all, and what am I saying TMI TMI.

I really missed the show. Hadn’t watched it in a good month or so. I’ve got to say, I didn’t think FiM was the best show ever before (BLASPHEMY!), but these newer few episodes were amazingly done. Especially the Applejack ones. About time.

Anyone else feel that Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 was a bit like the Spongebob episode where Spongebob and Neptune had that Krabby Patty frying competition? Come to think of it, it was exactly the same thing. Good times, good times.

That feel you get when your posts look like TL;DR but are actually just a bunch of normal sized posts squished together (thank you 404), and that no one will ever responded to everything you’ve written, and your only friend in the world is the lowly


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burning_phoneix wrote:

I’m really not sold on the separate forum idea. I like it here on KYM and really can’t think of more ways to talk about ponies than I do now in a single thread.

I don’t think this thread has to die. I think people will still post on here, but it won’t have the same boundaries as a pony forum. But that’s one of the main reasons I wanted to leave this thread alone. (but it also allows for people who want to just post pony in someway to do so.)

And personally, I can talk about ponies in various different ways. Also, as it stands, there is a board for off-topic conversation. That way, if someone is having a bad day, they can go there and vent without feeling like they’re going off-topic. Or if you want to talk Star Trek, you could do it there without being off-topic among people you know here.

But if you had a brief topic that you wanted to present to the KYM community at large who aren’t necessarily bronies or to bronies, then you could still pose it, get three decent responses, and be done with it.

Somehow I think soccermoms is behind all of this, ever so oblivious about the fact that there is this fandom existed. In truth, they are just slapping their own arses thinking they are always correct. Typical, just typical…

404 user not found wrote:


at first i was like…


but thin i was like …

“wait a minute, thats just a bunch of normal sized posts squished together.”

Mind if I use that on my wall, and get connor to add that to my brony profile. Hell, how much would you sell full licensing rights for that for?

twins wrote:

Also, kind of disconcerting Ditzy Doo has 2 Os but Daring Do has only 1.

I think it’s to emphasize the actiony attitude of Daring Do (Ie, “Do or Die”. “To Dare is to Do”)

Verbose wrote:

I don’t think this thread has to die.

It doesn’t have to, but it will. Having two forums is redundant and one of them will have to go.

Verbose wrote:

I don’t think this thread has to die.

burning_phoneix wrote:

It doesn’t have to, but it will. Having two forums is redundant and one of them will have to go.

The two could split. That wouldn’t be great, but that’s a possibility. And even in that, you could very well have an entirely different culture at the Beta forum than there would be here on the thread. And if you happened to be the only one here who liked discussion, it would be forcing you out of here to the forum/forcing you out of the forum to the thread.

Since there aren’t a whole lot of us, then I’d guess you’d have to argue why it’s generally a bad idea. I think that a forum would solve a lot of problems while introducing only a few less severe problems (e.g., being our own mods and choosing them, handling our own drama, organizing the forum, only having a few users potentially.)
I think a lot of problems come from the fact that we’re a community (KYM Pony Gen Bronies) within a community (KYM Bronies) within yet another community (i.e., KYM at large.) We like to talk about other interests, and the forum has a board for that. Being off-topic mid-discussion can actually be moderated.

There wouldn’t be an issue with image spamming or joking around and letting the thread get silly, because there are boards for both of those. We wouldn’t worry about R34 or grimdark, because there would be more specified rules (which we’re forming) for that and potentially threads/boards for that.
It could render this thread void, and the forum may end up being a bad idea in practicality and die. Heck, both might die in the process, but I think the forum offers more freedom and more order at the same time. And as long as the thread is featured and doesn’t turn into a shitstorm, it won’t be locked due to inactivity. We could always come back to it. (Well, most of you could. I’d probably try to find another forum.)

Also, I don’t think we’d be leaving KYM altogether (just in case you had that thought in mind.) I’m still a user here and a moderator. But given the sustained interest in the show and the fandom (and in ourselves as people,) KYM bronies seem to be able to now support a small forum by itself with strictly on-topic, somewhat on-topic, and completely off-topic boards and discussions. If a user doesn’t like a board, they have other options without leaving the community.

Last edited Mar 01, 2012 at 04:40AM EST

shit I’m already on 4 forums plus the 20 others I lurk on. I’ll just have to troll one more that’s all. Plus you will all be back after the first big fight anyways. Let me know how starting your own thread works out for ya.


Now you understand why I was heavily against any negativity towards Hasbro and insisted that people drop the subject. It is and always was a non issue. What happened, had to be done and it was best decision that could have been done

PS: I wouldn’t say ‘Ditzy’ is canon now. It was originally going to be canon. However they canonically changed it to ‘Derpy’ as an act of kindness to us :D

Now its back to ‘Could be either’. Which name you choose is a matter of preference but I’m sticking with Derpy personally.

What kind of parent would call their kid Derpy you ask? Same kind of parents who named their kid Grumpy, Fancy Pants and Snails.


Thats actually the first thing I thought when the issue first surfaced. I was quick to blame soccer moms and white knighters. However I dropped that thinking when Verbose slapped me with a rolled up newspaper of reason and informed me that some of those who complained were legitimately offended and weren’t just being ‘heroes’.

Why are we still talking about this anyway? Happy Derpy day everyone! Muffins for all!

@This thread

It’s not going anywhere. It will live as long as MLP will.

My very presence here may even outlive that because I like KYM and I’m not leaving it as long as we have so many cool posters here.

@New forum

Rather than join the discussion on how the new forum is going to affect things in the future, I say “Wait and see”. Lets just see how it works out before we jump to any conclusions, alright? Cool.

Last edited Mar 01, 2012 at 05:40AM EST


I’d like to draw your attention to this:

LONDON--For athletes, the Olympics are about the gold. For London organizers, the Olympics are about the pink, the purple and the orange--colors that will give the 2012 games an immediately recognizable look.
the Olympics are about the pink, the purple and the orange
pink, the purple and the orange
pink, the purple and the orange

Cite wrote:

Algie’s close to leaving too, mainly because of that reason.
And Hell, now that I think of it….

Yeah, I said a lot of crap last night that I really regret now. Honestly, I couldn’t focus in morning lectures ‘cause I felt like shit because of the whole thing. I want to apologise to everyone, and let you all know that I’m not going anywhere. Even if this new forum really takes off, KYM will always be my point of origin, and I couldn’t just leave it behind. I’d miss too many awesome people here.

To anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about, just know that I said some stupid stuff and I’m sorry for it.

@New forum

I’m not entirely sold on the idea either, mostly because of the low amount of members it’ll have. I really like the idea behind it, but I can’t see a forum surviving for very long with less than 30 members. It might be a good idea to advertise on EqD once it’s been polished up a bit, but then we’d be risking a flood of new members who’d potentially ruin it.

I’ll still give it a shot though, so expect me to set up an account later today.

Ponies eh? They’re cool aren’t they.

Ponies are eh pretty cool animal. They smoke weed and doesn’t afraid of anything!


I’m guessing you were saying things in a synctube or a PM since I have no idea. But as I have said before, I don’t blame anyone for their frustration with…well…pretty much everything over the last month.

It’s been a tough February for all of us. But the good news is that it’s March now. Lets put February behind us and get ready for celebration because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY IN 2 DAYS!

Quick! What would Pinkie do in this situation?…

…Uh…okay, that was not really what I had in mind….but I suppose that will do. Portal 2 co-op anyone?

Last edited Mar 01, 2012 at 07:24AM EST

I have five minutes to read all of that. FIVE MINUTES.

Challenge accepted.


@Derpy Letter
Personally, I would rather they had just found a creative way to alter her name in the future. After all, the episode was already made, so changing it is not going to really undo much. I would have rather they moved forward with it and learned from it and maybe even done an episode where Rainbow learns not to treat different people differently or something. Possibilities are endless.

@opspe and Verbose and other ppls “leaving”

@Forum thread idea thingy
I made a whole “Push It Somewhere Else” for this, but I can’t post it. Only link it. Effing QuickMeme, How does it work?

But in all seriousness I think the only way we can further develop as a community is to move to a less restrictive environment. This forum is great for a quick stop for a pony chat, but is it really everything we wish it could be? I think not.

Final note, Happy Derpy Day! May all your muffins be tasty and derped.

Last edited Mar 01, 2012 at 09:03AM EST

Okay so Im working out the technical aspects of this thing.

Renting a server with full access and using forum software on it (full control over everything – customization, etc)
Or get pay for hosting just for forums. Cheaper but less options.

Forums vs. KYM – Its one or the other. NOPE. There are plenty of other communities out there besides this one and they all coexist.

The new community is going to be created by KYM users, but its going to have others there besides ourselves.
Another thing to consider is vBulletin vs. phpBB. vBulletin allows for HTML code directly.
we’re much more used to textile and HTML code than to BB code

This thread ain’t going nowhere, the users ain’t going nowhere. Im pretty sure a lot of us here browse other pony related sites. in my case Eqd, DeviantArt pony related groups, etc.

Just need a place for serious discussion and stuff.
About the forums/community, I need a name. Ill consider all suggestions. The hosting im paying for is a general server, ill install the phpBB software on it myself. That server can be used for anything really.

Fill in the blank:
paid hosting means that we dont have to have a sub domain from someone else eg. or w/e. we get our own domain. Just need a nice, cool name.

Wait, what? It’s Derpy day?!

I’ll have to buy a muffin in celebration
(>implying I don’t already do that every day)

Image dump powers, activate!

(Wow, haven’t done that in a while)

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the vid below. It’s some damn good fan animation (fanimation?).

@forum stuff

My first thought was ’Twilight’s Library’. I thought it was pretty good. It’s sorta catchy, and I thought it fit with the purpose of the forum (pointless yet entertaining overanalysis of a children’s cartoon). Then I Googled it and found that there’s a PonyChan board with that name.

We could just steal the name of our Steam group and just call it ‘Brony Brotherhood’. That might help in attracting more members if we advertise on EqD (though it may be a little sexist). Alternatively, you could ignore me completely and wait for somebody who’s better at suggesting names to chip in (I’d recommend this option).

Edit: I quite like Stargazer’s suggestion. I tried Googling it, and it doesn’t look like it’s been used yet. I did however find this. Weird.

We’re all fairly intelligent individuals. I’m sure we’ll be able to figure out new formatting codes. We’ll just need a thread where we list all of the useful commands (like the one Random set up for textile).

Paying for servers
So, why are you paying for it? I thought you said you could do it for free as long as you allow advertisements. Wouldn’t it make more sense to get the forum up and running, and then start paying for it if it seems worthwhile? I wouldn’t mind having ads for a while (adblock+ ftw), and it would mean you could save money (always a good thing). How much does it cost to rent servers, anyway?

Last edited Mar 01, 2012 at 11:40AM EST

I’ve been reading over posts from the last day, and it seems there’s been a bit of misinterpretation.

Some of you may have noticed that I have been posting much less frequently over the last month; this announcement of my “leaving the thread” is merely a formalization of that. I’m not really leaving in the sense that you’ll never see me again; I’m just not going to be following the thread that closely anymore, and I won’t be posting a whole lot either.

What I said to Verbose and Bob came at the end of a long, stressful day, and it was more…brash than I typically act. But it doesn’t make it any less untrue; this decision has been a long time coming. My schoolwork has jumped exponentially in the past few weeks, and I’ve been unhappy with the direction, or rather lack of direction, of the thread. As Verbose said, I prefer this to stay about ponies, especially because there are numerous other methods of communication available to us.

So what I’m saying is this: I’m not really leaving altogether, I’m just going to be focusing my attentions elsewhere.

About new forums: I also like StarGazer’s name – we’ll just have to see about the site’s viability with so few users at first. Advertising on EqD might be a good idea, as has been suggested.

Last edited Mar 01, 2012 at 11:53AM EST

Everyone’s opinion matters on this new forum idea. No one is ignored.
This community (KYM Bronies) did a lot for me. I finally started drawing, I always wanted to draw, but with only when I started watching MLP: FIM I started actually doing something. And a million other things.

I wanna do something for the community that has done so much for me. Hosting prices depend on the type of server. (full access [do whatever you want – dedicated games server, image galleries] or forum-only hosting). Im paying for full access. Theres a lot of storage, etc so the server can handle a lot of things at once. Maybe we will start our own dedicated game server for some games or something.

As for the price, don’t worry about it.


If you have adblock, the site doesn’t make money from ads. Just so you know, so saying that it can make money from ads and then turning around and saying you will block them is sort of counter-intuitive.

@New Forum

That’s really cool, and it’s great that you’d be willing to set up something like that, Ivan. Perhaps if you decide not to do ads, you can add a donation button to keep the forum up and running?


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