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Potential Update on Neutrinos

Last posted Feb 28, 2012 at 10:19PM EST. Added Feb 22, 2012 at 02:48PM EST
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Sweatie Killer wrote:

Dang, that kinda stinks, I’m sure we’ll find something eventually.

Nice to see you posting again.


Well darn….there goes my fun.

Oh well, I enjoyed making crackpot theories and dreaming about awesome new sci-fi possibilities while it lasted. We’re back to business as usual on the sc-fi front now.

Although we should also be glad as this restores normality for a lot of people and puts many minds at ease.

There is still plenty more to discover though. I still say that portal technology is the only way for us to reach other planets in other star systems, keep at it scientists.

As one person said,

“Did you try turning it off and then on again?”
“Did you try wiggling the cables?”
“Oh fu-”

Also, the first article was updated with a link to new official statement by OPERA:

“The OPERA Collaboration, by continuing its campaign of verifications on the neutrino velocity measurement, has identified two issues that could significantly affect the reported result. The first one is linked to the oscillator used to produce the events time-stamps in between the GPS synchronizations. The second point is related to the connection of the optical fiber bringing the external GPS signal to the OPERA master clock.

These two issues can modify the neutrino time of flight in opposite directions. While continuing our investigations, in order to unambiguously quantify the effect on the observed result, the Collaboration is looking forward to performing a new measurement of the neutrino velocity as soon as a new bunched beam will be available in 2012. An extensive report on the above mentioned verifications and results will be shortly made available to the scientific committees and agencies.”

Aww man, and I was just about to use the neutrino’s popularity to earn money…by promoting my new subatomic cereal, Neutrin-Os! They’re dark matter-licious!


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