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Leaving the amazing Know Your Meme community.

Last posted Apr 08, 2012 at 06:04AM EDT. Added Apr 07, 2012 at 05:56AM EDT
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Recently , ive been going through hard ships as i have lost my first job as an accountant ..and I feel this website has been holding me back in life .. so i bid my farewell to you all as i begin my new job as a genius for Apple , Thank you all for the kind friendship you have all offered me , You have all played a great role in my life , especially through this transitioning .. I love you all (no homo)

So i bid you farewell in the only way i know how

Dude if someone else took control of your account and wrote this, the proper response is to apologize to those who mistook it as you leaving and request a lock. Not to post a vague all caps message of “I GUESS I GOTTA CHANGE MY PASSWORD AGAIN” which judging by the comments bellow that, didn’t get the message through. Of course, this could of been done by the person who did this to your account, in which case take better care of your account.

To everyone who is still confused: I asked Dr. Meme about the last time he made a…questionable…thread. He explained to me that his account was indeed compromised:

Well, not exactly. I have this big bro and that. Once I think I told him my password, can’t remember why.
What’s the worse thing that can happen?
That thread.

It would seem it has happened once again.

I hope your not leaving.
If you are, then good luck with the job. I barely got to know you.
If you aren’t leaving than change your password. As a punishment for messing with us i give you a pony video saying my thoughts on the situation.

Last edited Apr 08, 2012 at 02:59AM EDT

Good thing you’re not leaving.
Ultimately, you had a lot of people scared for a second,
Including me!
Sorry I’m a bit late of this.
Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, right?
Safety for your account is vital.
Either do that, or be prepared to get your account hacked.
Right now, my password exceeds 10 characters.
I know 10 characters is a lot, but make a hard password that no-one will crack!
On the bright side, this experience has hopefully given you the idea of a password that is hard.
Unarmed safety wise can ruin a whole lot of crap.
Seriously, look what could have happened now is your brother changed your password!
Lucky that didn’t happen.
You seem like you’re not leaving, so that really all that matters.

(P.S. This was hell to write)


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