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Last posted Jul 03, 2014 at 10:16PM EDT. Added Apr 22, 2012 at 10:44PM EDT
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I have a question, I have one scorched key left. Should I sell it on the last day of the update? I don’t know if the price of the key will go up when the update draws to a close. In addition who is interested in buying “The Idea Tube” from me?

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Jul 05, 2012 at 05:24PM EDT

Notsocool the Dewott wrote:

All I have for crafting Pyromania Weapons is a spare Shortstop, Madmilk and Winger.
Well I don’t really care about the Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol so i’ll trade the madmilk and winger for another Shortstop.

Still interested in trading?

Jul 07, 2012 at 03:03AM EDT

Borrowed my friend’s copy of the Orange Box…
Started up TF2…
Fell in love.

Jul 07, 2012 at 03:07AM EDT

fml. Spent 2.33 ref in 9 piles of ashes.
And what did I get?
The prices of all the items I couldn’t sell are dropping like they’re hot.

And on friday, I saw a 8 y/o kid (first time playing ever) buy 2 booster packs of magic the gathering and get 2 mythic rare cards plus another rare one, and among them 3 that I’ve been looking for desperately.
And I might lose my job because I have trouble waking up in the morning (actually 4 pm) and tend to sleep through and arrive late/not going, and no one in my family at least try to help me wake up.
And I also missed two appointments with doctors and now have to wait at least a month till I can see them again, and I ran out of pills…
and there’s no steam summer sale this summer
and homestuck is in hiatus (wont get a cool flash update for my birthday 7/13 like I wished for :( )
so, yeah, I’m accepting charity now.

Jul 08, 2012 at 11:23AM EDT

Just played 2 forts with an Engie. It was so much fun after I found out good spots to plant sentries in (ones where I could tank if needs be).

Jul 08, 2012 at 06:45PM EDT

Joe Amethyst wrote:

Borrowed my friend’s copy of the Orange Box…
Started up TF2…
Fell in love.

well the demoman was doing the medic’s wife anyways

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Jul 08, 2012 at 08:09PM EDT

I just got it today

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Jul 10, 2012 at 12:54PM EDT

oh ya and i also got SFM i heard you can use mlp models with SFM

Jul 10, 2012 at 02:13PM EDT


Jul 27, 2012 at 01:27AM EDT

Let’s talk about this weapon. Anyone else like flying across the map with it?

Jul 29, 2012 at 07:49PM EDT

Scoot is best class.

Jul 29, 2012 at 08:07PM EDT

how do i played better.

Seriously though, I need some tips. Getting stomped hard even after 15+ hours of gameplay.

Jul 29, 2012 at 08:14PM EDT

I got the best training on the offline mode. On easy is the best to start with, but the bots will be so very bad. Make sure to pick a short gamemode.

Last edited Jul 29, 2012 at 08:17PM EDT
Jul 29, 2012 at 08:14PM EDT

It seems everyone here (including myself) is a scout. I thought I was unique.

Anyways, I happen to have a spare one of these:

(Image links to wiki page)
It’s in Outdoorsmen style. Any offers? I would love some scout weaponry or headwear (that I don’t have already, obviously).

Also, this is my inventory. I’m not looking to trade much (other than the shirt) at the moment though. I generally tend to immediately smelt weapons into tokens or scrap, so I don’t have much to trade anyways. Still, its there if you want to look.


The best advice I can give is go look up some tutorial vids on Youtube. I’m not very good at giving advice unless it’s class-specific.

Last edited Jul 29, 2012 at 08:22PM EDT
Jul 29, 2012 at 08:20PM EDT

Heavy/Medic advice pl0x.

Jul 29, 2012 at 08:31PM EDT

As a heavy, jump before you spin up, So you can travel a bit farther. As a medic, fully heal people and stay behind them so you wont take as many bullets.

Jul 29, 2012 at 08:40PM EDT

Zipperbars wrote:

Heavy/Medic advice pl0x.

Medic – The most important thing is to try not to die. Since there is only about one on the team at a time, your survival is more important than anyone elses. So if you’re about to die, run, even if it means abandoning your teammates. Your team needs those ubers! They can often change the tide of the game.

Also, don’t overheal a single teammate. Juggle between all available teammates. Not only does it make your entire team extra-strong, it also builds up your uber faster. It also can’t hurt to juggle your uber on multiple teammates.

Your medigun can extinguish fires. Common knowledge, but just in case.

The medics bonesaw is also a very powerful melee weapon (high crit chance). That doesn’t mean charge them, but if you’re being harassed by a scout or there is a spy, you can easily kill them with it. Also, your syringe gun is pretty effective against scouts.

Also, be careful not to heal spies. Just walk into someone before healing them. If you can’t walk through them, it’s a spy.

Heavy- Can’t help you there, I suck at Heavy.

This video might help instead:

Jul 29, 2012 at 08:42PM EDT

Kairos offered some good tips. I’m gonna repost some of my Medic tips from an older thread too.

Pocket Medic is what bad medics do. Heal EVERYONE. If a heavy can’t keep himself alive long enough for you to heal someone else, he’s terrible and deserves to lose. A full team with overheal beats a heavy with overheal any day. Give demo or soldier an uber if you need to take out sentries. Give Heavy or pyro uber if you need to clear out huge crowds quickly,heavy in open areas, pyro in close corridors. if you have a kritzkrieg, take note of your teammates loadouts. PROTIP: Sniper may not seem like the guy to uber, but his SMG is fast, accurate, and does about 45 damage from any range with crits. Also, kritzkrieg effects the sniper rifle, guaranteeing 150 damage with just a blindfire. Other than that, kritz uber heavies, demos, soldiers, maybe even a scout if you find one that’s a good team player (but that’s rare, so don’t count on a scout unless you are 100% sure he’s awesome). Pyro, generally just okay with the kritz. Most of ‘em will W+M1, thinking nothing can defeat them with their massive damage. Which usually works in very, very close quarters, but these jackasses will usually get you killed by bum-rushing if you’re in an open area.

One last medic tip: Despite what many think, Quick Fix is NOT useless. Just situational. Use it when a LOT of your teammates are clumped together, taking on the enemy as a group. The quick-fix allows you to heal one person very quickly, so they can get back out in the fight quicker, making it suitable for healing large crowds because of its speed. Also, the speed makes it the best medigun for battle medics, especially with the overdose due to the fact that the uber is not that useful. And the overdose’s speed boost allows you to get from one teammate to the next quicker, so you can get to your heal target faster.

As for heavy, he is my least played class. Just watch the video in the last post. That guy is a pretty good heavy, judging from the looks of it. Also, the shotgun is good when you’re in tight, winding corridors and don’t have time to rev up your minigun around every corner. It’s also great for harassing snipers when you’re out in the open and it’s too dangerous to spin up. If you’re a good shotgun heavy, you can even trade out your minigun for a brass beast. Use the shotgun while going through the sneaky routes that spies usually take, get behind the enemy, and while they are distracted with the rest of your team, mow them down! Also, Natascha is pretty terrible, but it’s great for all the obnoxious classes that just rush right in your face like pyros, demoknights, scouts, etc. If you stick with another heavy or a soldier, using this makes for great teamwork, slowing the enemies while they deal the damage.

Jul 29, 2012 at 10:36PM EDT


Also, your syringe gun is pretty effective against scouts.

I don’t know how it works, but it works. That syringe gun is oddly dangerous to scouts. Which is important because scout players will try and go for medics. Their role is to harass support classes when not capturing objectives


Let’s talk about this weapon. Anyone else like flying across the map with it?

Some says its OP, some say it’s UP. I got one from a scorched crate but I have not really used it much since. It was useful in a map where I had to lay down constant suppressive fire on a chokepoint. The Beggar lets you just keep on constantly firing without every stopping to reload but that’s only useful if you don’t have to adjust for the .5 second fire delay after you click M1.

The poor accuracy, delay and the fact you cannot restock from dispensers really negates its usefulness in other situations for me. But I might try using it more. Perhaps I had not explored its full potential

Lets have another discussion topic: Post your favorite class and setup. Here’s mine

I threw in the stats too just for the hell of it.

Jul 29, 2012 at 10:43PM EDT

I am great at Heavy and sniper so I will gladly shed some light on the issue of the use of the heavy.
1. Never use the Brass Beast on offense, it is to slow and it will waste your progress with an Uber, it is mainly used for defense
2. The Natasha is used only for supporting fire, I would mainly use it in conjunction with a massive attack to slow down people who are making a push or who are retreating
3. The Tomslav is mainly used for close quarters where you want to surprise the enemy and always keep it spinning, if you do not you will most likely lose on a 1 on 1 with a default heavy.
4. I personally find the default the best, it is mobile and deals a a good amount of damage. Again when ever you are on the offense or defense keep it spinning so you are ready to deal damage to you opponent.
5. To make a quick attack forward, jump while spinning the mini-gun, it will propel you faster forward and you will be ready to deal damage to anything that you are targeting.
6. Kill Pyros as they move towards you, do not give them the opportunity to air blast you, it is hard to re-target them while in the air.
7. When pushing against a sentry get the ubered medic to stand in front of you so you can advance forward without being knocked back so you can deal more damage (allot of medics are terrible because they do not do this). FYI: the quick fix is terrible, it is only to be used on multiple people, not on offensive pushes.
8. Spy check, as a heavy you are a large target to the spy.
9. Try to get close to the sniper to dispose of them, you mini gun sucks at long range and obviously try to avoid their line of fire.
10. Keep moving forward, you are the tank, crush them like the ants that they are.

Last edited Jul 29, 2012 at 11:07PM EDT
Jul 29, 2012 at 11:01PM EDT

I have about three favorite classes.

Medic is probably my favorite. I usually wear the Tyrolean, but I recently found the Mountain Cap as a random drop.

Scout is my second favorite. Yes, I have been obsessed with getting kills with my Atomizer.

Finally, I play Sniper when the situation calls for it.

Jul 29, 2012 at 11:09PM EDT

Despite having gotten TF2 from the Orange Box, I haven’t been playing for nearly as long as everyone else. Thus, I’m still experimenting with my loadouts and they may not be the most efficient.


I prefer the default scattergun. It has a large clip and does a pretty good amount of damage. The only downside to it is it’s reload speed (quick reloads are essential for a scout’s life).

As for the secondary, I switch things up a bit. Right now, mad milk is there. It’s useful for when you get the drop on someone and can be used for a quick refill on health. I also like throwing it randomly into crowds of enemies for my teammates. I’ve mainly used it to extinguish myself and my teammates though. Mostly the former.

And the sandman is my favorite bat. You lose health, but the idea is that you’re supposed to be hard to hit anyways. It’s great for stunning medics with prepared ubers or leaving enemies vulnerable to your teammates.

Also, behold my Fast Learner. Yes, I bought it (on sale), but I still love it.

The class I play the most, the medic:

Usually, I’m retreating while firing the syringe gun, so the Blutsauger’s reduced range can be a bit useless in that regard. But it can fill you up with some health if you manage to get a few shots off a scout or an unwary heavy.

Usually, I use the standard medigun, but the Kritzkrieg can still be a great help to your team. It charges really fast, so if you live long enough you can do quite a bit of assist-damage.

I’m not really sure about the ubersaw though. Sure, it can build up an uber, but you should only really be using it if an enemy happens to be where you are. The one that saves 20% of your uber might be more helpful for me.

And the soldier:

The only good launchers I have are the stock and the Direct Hit, and since it’s hard to get a direct hit on someone, I just go with the stock.

I use the reserve shooter mainly to increase my weapon switch speed. I might switch back to the stock. It’s too hard to hit someone whilst they’re in the air for me.

Also, remember people: spare Apparatchik’s Apparel. Outdoorsmen style. Up for trade. Yup. Heavies will love it.

Last edited Jul 29, 2012 at 11:42PM EDT
Jul 29, 2012 at 11:41PM EDT
FYI: the quick fix is terrible, it is only to be used on multiple people, not on offensive pushes.

Ubers are great for making a push, but if there’s not an engie nest, it’s not typically necessary. You can usually just stick with the quick-fix and keep everyone healed and make a push anyway. Not having overheal sucks, but the boost in healing speed makes up for it. You can heal one guy and be on to the next one easily, whereas other medi-guns take forever, especially on classes like heavy and soldier.

Also, EVERY medi-gun is meant to be used on multiple people. But you can still pocket people. Instead of Heavies, try scouts. Also, the update allowing you to mirror explosive jumps makes it effective (and fun as hell) to pocket soldiers and demomen.

As for my favorite class and setup, my favorites change from time to time. My current favorite class is Medic, and I use the full Clinical Trial set. Like I said in my last post, you move fast and heal fast. In addition, the piss head lets you see an enemies health, which is great for close range one-on-one scuffles. Since you can see the opponents health, you know if you should avoid the enemy and fire away with the syringe gun, or if you should rush them with your melee.

Jul 30, 2012 at 04:39AM EDT

Thank you all! Lots of helpful tips.

Jul 30, 2012 at 10:37AM EDT

Anyone else played on this map?


Jul 31, 2012 at 12:11AM EDT

I figure I’ll leave a link to my inventory. I’ll sell any duplicate weapon for a scrap. SERIOUSLY, I HAVE FOUR AMPUTATORS, PLEASE BUY ONE. Also, I have a stout shako now. Any takers?

BSoD said:

I don’t know how it works, but it works. That syringe gun is oddly dangerous to scouts.

It does around 10 damage at any distance the scout is even remotely effective, and it’s rapid fire. Also, the rapid fire makes it hard to avoid, even when jumping around. You may do more damage, but you have 6 shots in comparison to 40, so you can’t afford to miss. With 125 health, you can’t afford to be hit either, making the syringe gun all the more menacing.

Post your favorite class and setup.

I already mentioned Medic, but I figure I should mention spy. He’s my most played class. I prettty much always use my strange loadout. I have a strange Conniver’s Kunai for my knife. Up to 484 in the few months I’ve been playing! :) Hard to use, but makes escaping easier if you’re caught after a backstab. I used to use the Ambassador with it, but I’m not that great with it. I recently traded it off, and bought a strange Diamondback. It suits me better. Also, great for gunslinger spammers! Only 6 kills, but I’ve only had it for an hour. :P Also, stock cloak is my favorite. Cloak and Dagger is VERY limited by comparison once you know you can refill the stock watch’s charge with ammo and dropped weapons. And, personally, I don’t care much for dead ringer. It makes playing spy WAY too easy.

Maybe. I’m pretty sure there are numerous Mario Kart maps, though, so it might’ve been a different version. They’re fun to goof off in for a short while, but I can only piss around for so long. If they’re not just pissing around, I don’t care for this map. Way too open.

Jul 31, 2012 at 05:05AM EDT

Favourite class and setups? Okay then.

Medic is my second most played class. Feels good to help out your team and I freaking love the Medieval Medic set

This was tough, it was either my regular set up or the Gas Jockey set up. In the end, I went with the regular set up because I like my Touhou themed hat better than my KS themed hat (Sorry Hanako)

Demoman holds the honour of being my favourite and most played class. I prefer the vanilla loadout with a Pain Train or Half Zatoichi as my melee. I also have no problems with Demoknight and I sometimes go with my HHHH/Targe combo.

Sniper is a class I used to play as a lot, but over time I started to sorta ignore him. These days I still play as him regularly, but not as much when I first started.

Jul 31, 2012 at 05:41AM EDT


I counted the duplicates you have that I don’t

-Cleaners carbine
-Southern hospitality
-Direct hit

For 2 scrap I could take those off you, however what I am really interested in is the strange sandman. It wouldn’t be for sale by any chance would it?

I’m also looking for a name tag but apparently they cost 1.22 refined. I’m nowhere near able to afford that. Darn.

Jul 31, 2012 at 05:43AM EDT

88y8y8 wrote:

Let’s talk about this weapon. Anyone else like flying across the map with it?

Oh boy do I love this weapon. Call it OP or cheap, whatever. It isn’t by far and it’s so much fun to use. And if you so happen to get a kritz uber with this weapon, then the other team can kiss their asses goodbye. IMO, the best weapon from the Pyromainia update.

Jul 31, 2012 at 05:45AM EDT

Thanks Jackal. Now my entire scout loadout is completely strange

Also the Southern Hospitality is amusingly practical in degroots keep. Makes for some hilarity because you don’t expect an engineer to cause a lot of damage on that map.

@This thing

Going back to my last post on this, I said that I didn’t find it very useful but I decided to try it again.

This time I used the Beggar to break up a camping situation where my team was boxed inside their spawn. The Beggar worked wonderfully well as you can dive out of spawn and unleash 4 rockets before the campers can react. If you time yourself correctly you can guarantee a kill on anyone who gets too close to you.

Also the Beggar is the only rocket launcher I have used so far that is capable of taking out a level 3 sentry under engineer repair. So the beggar has its uses after all, just not in long distance situations or ammo scarce ones.

Jul 31, 2012 at 08:20AM EDT

Why is the Dr. Enforcicle Loadout(Enforcer, Spycicle, Dead Ringer) looked down upon?

Aug 01, 2012 at 09:56PM EDT

Alright, I worked myself out of the rut I’ve been in since before the Pyromania update in which I played like total shit. I’m still worse than usual, but getting back to where I was before.

I used to be a die-hard Soldier with a Direct Hit that rarely missed and a Shotgun that never missed. My accuracy is shakier since the rut, but it’s returning. The problem is that Spy is slowly taking over in my mind. The subterfuge, satisfaction, and ability to flip the tables quickly is entertaining, as is getting to utter “Feel familiar, gentlemen?!” in my best fake French accent. Same deal with Fat Scout (Shotgun Heavy), who is unconventional, situational, and ridiculously fun.

I’m also starting to get a lot more playtime in multiple classes, instead of sitting in the Soldier spot the entire game.

Aug 01, 2012 at 10:07PM EDT

This is like Deus Ex all over again. All-new, non-community weps for pre-ordering a game.
That new Pyro melee was made for the Plan B achievement.

I’m a F2P who doesn’t have but 20 items so far.
I mainly use stock weps.
But, I do favor one class: Soldier.
Direct Hit with a shotgun and an Equalizer.
That’s basically it.

Last edited Aug 02, 2012 at 10:45PM EDT
Aug 02, 2012 at 10:42PM EDT


Critical hits vs stunned players, plus it is a secondary weapon so I can use it with my sandman. If I get my hands on that, I’m going to make people complain that it is overpowered.

Aug 02, 2012 at 11:38PM EDT

Blue Screen (of Death) wrote:


Critical hits vs stunned players, plus it is a secondary weapon so I can use it with my sandman. If I get my hands on that, I’m going to make people complain that it is overpowered.

Good news about that cleaver thing! I managed to craft it, and I’m already in love. The combo with the Sandman is a bit tricky to pull off, but it’s good practice for arching weapons, and it’s powerful enough to down a SOLDIER.

Diagnosis: awesome.

Aug 03, 2012 at 01:40AM EDT

3 mad milks and a reclaimed to craft the flying Guillotine? Friggen heck, where am I going to get those mad milks!?

Does it have a trade price yet? (Probably something ridiculous like 2.66 ref)

Also is it throwing only or can you actually swing it?

Last edited Aug 03, 2012 at 01:53AM EDT
Aug 03, 2012 at 01:52AM EDT

Kipp wrote:

Why is the Dr. Enforcicle Loadout(Enforcer, Spycicle, Dead Ringer) looked down upon?

Because all three items work well with each other to the point where the only downside Spy has is low health.

Pyros are no longer a problem, DR and Spycicle give you two safety nets.
Spy can still defend himself thanks to the enforcer, which is powerful enough to take down light classes in two shots.

Thankfully the Enforcer got a slight nerf, but the set is still considered pretty cheap.

Aug 03, 2012 at 02:15AM EDT

Here’s a video about the new weapons.

IMO, STAR/Niichts is the best person for explaining and demonstrating weapons.

Aug 03, 2012 at 03:31AM EDT

Hey can someone give me soldier/demoman advice?

Aug 03, 2012 at 04:15AM EDT

Well, I got 2 mad milks so far (technically 3, but I’m not crafting my strange). I just need one more and then a reclaimed. If anyone’s got any spare mad milk, I’ll give you scrap for it or some stuff.

Aug 03, 2012 at 06:40AM EDT

So many people asking for advice. I guess I’ll just put this here.

I hope it helps.

Aug 03, 2012 at 08:01PM EDT

Disregard all that fuss I made about crafting the flying Guillotine earlier, I finally scraped together enough scrap and milk by the end of the day. I sold a strange pistol to do it but I wasn’t using it anyway, nor was it something I unboxed so it doesn’t matter

What matters is that I now possess the cleaver. MUAHAHAHAHA. William Schell is right; getting instant kills with it via the stun crits is so much damn fun. Plus according to the most recent update, you can use it in Medieval mode now and that makes it even more viable. Finally scouts might actually have some stopping power in Degroots Keep, we shall see.

Also big thanks to Burning Phoneix for gifting me the Boston Boom-Bringer. We had a pretty good game on his Australian based [AuB] server last night. Always fun to play with other KYM forum members

Last edited Aug 04, 2012 at 12:31AM EDT
Aug 04, 2012 at 12:30AM EDT

Today I played against a Huo Long Heatmaker Heavy.
Damn that thing is OP. Just 3 or 4 seconds of sustained fire at close range (close enough to set you on fire, that is) are enough to kill a full health heavy.
I want one.

Aug 04, 2012 at 05:36PM EDT

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