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KYM Pony General VI: Return of the Poni

Last posted Apr 19, 2013 at 12:20AM EDT. Added Jul 01, 2012 at 04:43PM EDT
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Just watched the episode

Wow…this is everything Scootaloo fanfiction writers have been dreaming of since the series began.

Dec 09, 2012 at 01:36AM EST

Blue Screen (of Death) wrote:

Just watched the episode

Wow…this is everything Scootaloo fanfiction writers have been dreaming of since the series began.

Scootaloo still hasn’t learned to fly. So only 90% of Scootafan’s dreams have been fulfilled.

Dec 09, 2012 at 02:59AM EST

burning_phoneix wrote:

Scootaloo still hasn’t learned to fly. So only 90% of Scootafan’s dreams have been fulfilled.

Really, this whole thing seemed like the perfect set-up for that kind of episode.
They just needed to establish the relationship first so that they could play off of it later.

Anyway, i guess it’s my turn to finally weigh in and to literally no one’s surprise whatsoever, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS FREAKING EPISODE!
As I usually try to do, I went in with tempered expectations, hoping for a nice bit of character development and not pinning my hopes to anything much higher.
Boy, was I wrong in the best possible way!
I don’t even know where to start!
(Spoiler button breaks because I like pictures)

Definitely my most anticipated element since she has never really had much of a spotlight before today.
They absolutely nailed it!
I’ve always imagined her as the kid who really wants to be cool, but can’t help being adorable at the same time (much to her own annoyance).
This was great!

This was adorably silly!

And this…

This was probably the highlight character moment for me and easily the most emotional sequence in MLP so far, by a significant margin.
That breakdown (and subsequent weapons-grade d’aws) was perfect!
You can see exactly what is going through her mind at that moment and it’s heartbreaking.
This is a kid who is terrified of rejection by her hero.

Maddie Peter’s voice acting was right on the money throughout, to the point that I nearly forgot to mention it here.
It just felt completely natural and believable.
The nervousness, the panic, the unnerving humming through the night, and the eventual breakdown were all delivered perfectly.
She has always been quite good with her lines, but this was the first time she really took center stage and I think she proved that she can really hold her own.

Now obviously, this story was primarily about Scootaloo overcoming her fears of rejection and growing as a character, but I think it also served as a great maturing moment for Dash, too.
I had always believed that that ‘mentoring’ side of her character existed and I couldn’t be happier to see it finally expressed.
She’s moving on from total self-obsession to a place where she genuinely cares about making a kid feel special.

After the initial shock of the misdirect wore off, that moment was a perfect example of the best of Dash.
Another perfect example of how I’ve always hoped their relationship would develop.


Plus this:

is exactly how I’ve always viewed their relationship and to see it actually up on screen is amazing!

I was talking to Fifths earlier and we noted how Hasbro seems to be suddenly realigning itself with a lot of Faust’s original ideas and this episode was a major step in that direction.
(Another example was using Zecora as a kind of alternate mentor for Twilight that had never really happened before last week)
Originally, Hasbro nixed RD as a sister because…

Clearly, they have reversed their thinking on that.
Noogies and occasional razzing can be great ways to express true underlying feelings for characters like these and I’m very happy to see Hasbro allowing that to be acknowledged.
I will say once again that I do actually prefer the fact that they have no biological relationship.
Not that the other sisters aren’t great, but there is just something extra special to me about non-family closeness like Scoot and RD now.
There’s no familial motivation behind it.
It is just pure affection for one another that makes them go out of their way to choose to be together.
I couldn’t be happier!

As I said at the top, now I can’t wait to see them continue down this path.
Dash has taken on a mentor role and has specifically vowed to teach Scoots everything she knows.
The long-awaited “Dash teaches Scootaloo to fly” episode can’t be far off!
Now, this will inevitably lead to forcing the show to finally decide, one way or another, on Scootaloo’s abilities.
They’ve been dancing around it for three seasons now, but I don’t think they can avoid the issue much longer and, with the way they’ve been incorporating Faust’s ‘lost ideas’…
Basically, this episode gave significantly more credence to the idea that Hasbro might actually follow through with a flightless Scootaloo.
Not to say that it is guaranteed by any means.
They still have plenty of room to make a ludicrously happy, ‘all her dreams come true’ kind of show (that I would be more than perfectly happy with, mind you).
But the hints were there.
They even went so far as to directly call attention to it:

I don’t know what their plan is, but I can’t wait to find out!

So yeah, all in all, an absolutely epic episode that developed my two favorite characters and their relationship in a way I had always hoped for.
I couldn’t be happier!


Oh yeah, I guess Luna was in there too.
Apparently her powers include dream-walking now which is pretty cool, if slightly creepy.
And yes, Rarity’s indifference to her sister was a little annoying to see after all the progress she had supposedly made during Sisterhooves Social (though it was still funny).
But none of that matters to me because they are all just side-characters now!

Last edited Dec 09, 2012 at 04:57AM EST
Dec 09, 2012 at 04:52AM EST

Sooooo… Does Luna dream herself? And if she does, does she constantly lucid dream or something? Basically I’m curious hwo her dream powers might affect herself.

Dec 09, 2012 at 11:00AM EST

null wrote:

Sooooo… Does Luna dream herself? And if she does, does she constantly lucid dream or something? Basically I’m curious hwo her dream powers might affect herself.

Dec 09, 2012 at 11:50AM EST

@burning_phoneix and SnowGazer: The dreamception thing is actually really interesting.

I’m sure this will last forever, just like Rainbow Dash having a pet.

Last edited Dec 09, 2012 at 12:13PM EST
Dec 09, 2012 at 12:12PM EST

I’m not really agreeing that the scene with Scoots tearing up was the most emotional in the series. Didn’t really phase me because the entire episode she was acting overly obsessive over Rainbow Dash. Something I find laughable because I am a mighty man that needs no idols or heroes, for they are merely placing a hurdle for you to crash over, as you compare yourself to them like a foolishly weak whelp. HAHAHAHA! Orange Scooter will crash and burn with her idolization of worst Mane Pony.

clears throat

Anyways, I don’t think it was in my top 10, despite laughing my ass off extremely hard while Sweetie Belle was singing. Rarity was also entertaining as well. I thought the interactions between AJ, Rarity, and their respective sisters were more believable than Scoot’s intense hero worship. Of course, I might be biased because I don’t think RD is a good idol in the first place, and I don’t like how hero worship is done in almost any show.


Bro, I think you mispelled Celestia twice and screwed up your links to her pics. Also the copy-paste praise of her after the images. I know it’s probably all of the asbestos and your suit and the blood-red walls that is the insanity encasing your mind from the rampant horror you unleash upon individuals using fire and metal, but that’s still a sharp mistake.

@Fanfic potential:

It didn’t make me tear up or get melancholy at all.

Do u fagets even fanfic?

Dec 09, 2012 at 01:57PM EST

DeadParrot222 wrote:

Originally, Hasbro nixed RD as a sister because…

Clearly, they have reversed their thinking on that.

I don’t think they really changed their mind on RD’s character, they just gave her a bit more development. She is still very irresponsible, and it shows. This episode was a really defining moment for her, because it shows she is learning a bit more responsibility. She still seems to be the kind of character who wouldn’t know how to treat a younger sibling right, and that’s a role she will have to grow into a bit.

Dec 09, 2012 at 03:34PM EST

When I saw that, you know the first thing to come to my head was?

…Hint, I’ve been reading too much Homestuck lately.


Edit: Speaking of which, my personal way of thinking of RD and Scootaloo is like a Freaking Double Mobius Reacharound.

-> Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo being sisters
->Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo get seperated from parents an become orphans, never knowing they are sisters.
-> They meet for first time
-> Eventually, (i.e. Now) RD Adopts Scootaloo like a Big sister; and are a family again.

What next?

Last edited Dec 09, 2012 at 03:56PM EST
Dec 09, 2012 at 03:47PM EST

Sandstone wrote:

@Lone K
>RBD is still at the top of the list
>not Luna
>Not NmM
how the hell could you not have this face at the top of your list:

or this:

Boy I outta smack you with a car battery

As for the episode, I thought I was going to hate it at first due to the center of attention being a shit tier orange chicken
Then Luna came along and I fucking loved it
Then back to hating it because the princess’ episode was stolen by the shit tier orange chicken
/end standard “Luna is best pony” crap

In all seriousness, I enjoyed it. Nice writing, good flow of events. Only thing that really stuck out was the voice acting
All of it seemed….off for some reason
Either that or I’m playing Spor and Taxman too loud and my ears went

Hm, you’ve convinced me.

1. Rainbow Dash
2. Scootaloo
2. Luna
2. NMN
3. Twilight Sparkle
3. Applejack
3. Fluttershy
3. Pinkie Pie
4. Derpy Hooves
5. Doctor Hooves

Whelp, Rarity just got bumped off the top 10 list.

Stop making me bump ponies off the list. The last one before Rarity was Lyra and I HNNG’d from that.

I like all of the ponies, but some mean such to me. :(

I will always stand loyal to Rainbow Dash, no matter what.

Last edited Dec 09, 2012 at 04:06PM EST
Dec 09, 2012 at 03:59PM EST

Dear god…the animated series voting look like a massacre. The comments section are lol-worthy too…specifically those that are bronies.

Dec 09, 2012 at 04:30PM EST

Daft Punkjet wrote:

Dear god…the animated series voting look like a massacre. The comments section are lol-worthy too…specifically those that are bronies.

{tpbofr s ;oml yp yjod “smo,syrf drtord” [;rsdr.

Decode that.

Dec 09, 2012 at 04:57PM EST

First off, I can’t seem to like Rainbow Dash anymore after this episode. In fact, I like her a lot less. On the other hand, I also don’t see why people are disliking Rarity more after this episode. She did precisely what I thought she would have done.

I can’t be bothered to go and quote who said what, but I think remember the comments well-enough.

  • In regards to Rarity being “Flanderized” and having her negative traits overemphasized:
    • Perhaps I’m comparing things to how the writers portrayed the present three of the Mane Six, but making Sweetie Belle carry stuff on a trip she didn’t want to go to seems to be fair enough. Consider the the fact that carrying a massive load of things isn’t usually a big deal. The only time ponies have trouble carrying anything is when it’s necessary for a gag. And on the whole, Sweetie carried Rarity’s things just fine.
      Rarity loathes camping, and she’s never had a hint of wanting to camp otherwise. She hated the idea of the Sisterhooves Social, she hated the idea of getting muddy, she hated being in the cave with the Diamond Dogs…
      Why would anyone think that she would like to camp? And remember, she went anyway, because Sweetie Belle wanted to. Considering how busy Rarity is with her boutique and how much she didn’t want to go, I say carrying Rarity’s things makes up for Rarity’s phobia of being dirty and being physically unappealing, not wanting to camp, and letting her sister stay in her “tent.”
  • Dash trending up in any sense of the phrase.
    • Ha. I think the people who liked Dash to some extent to begin with simply saw things in the episode that were appealing to her. Scootaloo was obviously scared witless during the entire episode. Dash didn’t even notice even though she was the “adult” who was with her the most. Applejack noticed all throughout and (again) was a much better older sister than Dash was (by letting Scootaloo off with the small bit of firewood she did manage to get.)
      Stand loyal to Dash, if you’d like, but she fell pretty far behind Fluttershy in my book, who at least has her adorableness to go on. Dash gets a bit more development than Fluttershy, I think, but I find all of the other Mane Six to be more appealing than Rainbow Dash regardless of how Dash is developed.
      And you might say that Dash is a bit oblivious, but she really isn’t. She’s quite skeptical and is fairly quick to the draw. Note how no one considered noticed Rarity’s odd behavior in Sweet and Elite…all except for Rainbow Dash. This being Rarity, probably the best pony in regards to chicane manipulation (yeah, I used “chicane.” What then?) and no one (not AJ or Twilight) had her pegged except for Rainbow Dash.

And let’s not forget Hurrican Fluttershy, where I thought Rainbow Dash had a really good showing. She was direct and brash as usual, but she genuinely cared for Fluttershy.
Which leads me to believe that she just plain didn’t care about Scootaloo being scared. Scootaloo is always exuding a sense of pride. Never have we seen her being that scared for that long. (Know where we can find a cannon at this hour? And her being timid in the woods only after Dash told her camp story, obviously being dead tired, and other small hints didn’t tip Dash off?) I’m sure it did, and she just didn’t care to address it. Scootaloo’s a bit scared. “Big deal. I shook it off. So can she.”

Yeah. I don’t want to see Dash as Scootaloo’s sister figure as it stands. I like Scootaloo too much for that.

  • Dash developing to become a sister figure.
    • That I can work with. She may become more caring in the future, and the end of the episode lends itself to that. But I’m not going to change my opinion of her until I see that. This episode didn’t do much for her. I find the cuteness at the end of the episode to be as effective at dispelling my dislike for Rainbow Dash as seeing a mother spank her child in the middle of a grocery store, not talk to him for the duration of the trip, and then get him a candy bar at the checkout to make up for it.
      But if those episodes and clips come along, then I may not dislike her as much. But Dash is still Worst Mane Six pony, in my opinion, and this episode is the reason why she’s probably in the bottom quarter of characters that are either important secondary or primary characters.

Iron Will, Trixie, Luna, Celestia, Cadance, Shining Armor, Discord, Nightmare Moon, the Cakes, the Cake Twins, Braeburn, Babs Seed, Diamond Tiara, Granny Smith, all of the CMC

All rank higher than Dash now. At the moment. I find it hard to believe that there is so much reasoned out support for her after this episode. I mean, if you just like Dash because of her design or her attitude, then that’s fine. But I wouldn’t use many of the actions here to justify that like.

Also, it’s Sunday, I’m free, and it’s about 2 hours to 7pm Eastern. Synchtube, maybe?

I’ll crank up a room a little bit before that time, and we can pick out episodes as people come in.

Also, Derpibooru has implemented a favoriting system along with the ability to withdraw upvotes and downvotes. Big news for me, as I love finding pony images.

Source upon clicky.
I picked out this image, because it didn’t have Dash’s sneaking outfit.

Last edited Dec 09, 2012 at 05:08PM EST
Dec 09, 2012 at 05:02PM EST

Verbose said a lot of what I thought. I really didn’t like Dash in the first place, and this episode was just cringe-worthy with how obsessive Scootaloo was over Dash. I know she’s kind of been Scoots’s idol, but never “SHE’S TOTALLY GOING TO LOVE ME AND BE LIKE MY BIG SISTER BECAUSE I’M NOW STALKERLOO!” Maybe I’m just biased because I’ve never really liked RD, but the episode didn’t really do it for me. It seems people are just freaking out about how it’s the best episode because Scootalove and Luna. Just like Magic Duel was the best episode because Trixie came back and was ‘redeemed’.

That’s not to say I didn’t like the episode. It was fine, but not close to my top ten. I might just be rambling, but the whole episode seemed /off/ to me.

Also, I’m pleased that Verbose seems to not like Dash about as much as I do. I’d tell you why I don’t like her, but she has no character traits that I can list as to why I don’t like her. Mainly because she has no character traits, period. Besides being a bitch, of course. Also she goes fast. She’s about as retardedly shallow as Sonic, but at least he was actually a pleasant shade of blue. Dash is also a bitch. I mentioned that, but it’s worth noting that she’s a bad shade of blue and a double-bitch. Can you be a bitch, and then be a bitch again? Dash can.


Last edited Dec 09, 2012 at 05:47PM EST
Dec 09, 2012 at 05:47PM EST

Like I said before I normally don’t like CMC episodes but this one reminded me of when I was a kid
camping and telling scary stories. I remember being just like Scootaloo. 6/10 for making me nostalgia. Then out of nowhere wait that was Luna WTF! Princess Luna has dream powers. This CMC episode just kicked into awesome 10/10

Last edited Dec 09, 2012 at 06:07PM EST
Dec 09, 2012 at 06:00PM EST


Not particularly mad, no.

I’ve always been aware Dash wasn’t perfect, but the one thing I like about her has been omni-pressent with her ssave for when she got Discorded.

Her Heroism.

I know it’s odd, but Dash is kinda like Dave Strider from Homestuck. Not very good with people, but has a kind heart underneath it all… and the main time it is seen is when it is used for it’s primary outlet.

Saving their friends and defeating evil.

Dash has a lot of maturing to go through, but I imagine, when she is ready, the path of a Knight will be the one she walks.

Dash is probably the clearest cut of those where you can see a mythological Role. Surpassed only by Twilight.


Dash’s thick headed-ness in relationships is a given, and for her to so much attempt to be better at it is a step forward at this point. So yeah, her attempting to be better for Scootaloo is a point of maturation in my eyes.

But… that was never the original reason I liked her. I liked her for the whole “Dash is a compulsive hero that gets bored a lot” thing. And her lack of maturity when involved in relationships is just a point of how much further the series has to go before the character’s current flaws are wrapped up.

But, if you’re annoyed at dash getting up-trend, then I’ll just say, my opinion of her hasn’t changed really because of the episode. She was my favorite before AND after, and the episode didn’t make me hate her, nor make me love her more.

… I guess what I’m trying to say is… Don’t hate her for this episode, she’s just freaking thick headed, immature and clueless of others. That’s always been her flaw. Always. But she’s also always been willing to make things right when she finds out she was wrong. Albeit with embarrassment. The problem is she doesn’t realize she’s wrong on her own…

I hope that makes sense… And I also hope I’m not going round in circles here.

Dec 09, 2012 at 06:03PM EST

@ Dash discusion
She has a brash ego that still is apparent like when she said she would deny ever being afraid but she has already started to grow emotionally by reading Daring Do books. Also being a big sister to Scootaloo is a big responsibility that will help Dash grow even further. I agree she will grow to be the defender of the 6, the knight of Canterlot, the hero that Equestria needs.

Last edited Dec 09, 2012 at 06:29PM EST
Dec 09, 2012 at 06:22PM EST

ZeroBlue4 wrote:

… I guess what I’m trying to say is… Don’t hate her for this episode, she’s just freaking thick headed, immature and clueless of others. That’s always been her flaw. Always. But she’s also always been willing to make things right when she finds out she was wrong. Albeit with embarrassment. The problem is she doesn’t realize she’s wrong on her own…

Precisely why I didn’t like her to begin with. This episode simply added a filly to the mix that I do like. I’d rather Scootaloo not have those attributes to look up at as model traits, and I wouldn’t want Scootaloo to deal with that. I think Scootaloo probably grows up better without having Dash as a role model (or at least a distant role model. Outside of her loyalty and brash honesty, she doesn’t seem to have good traits. Just neutral ones and bad ones.)

The good news is that the writers aren’t going to have Scootaloo be beat up physically or emotionally too much, because that’s way outside of the scope of the show. If the two become sisters, then Dash will likely get to be better at being a sisterly figure.
I deal with inconsiderate and rather dim adults on a regular basis. I can work with that to an extent.

People who are inconsiderate can become more considerate. Some of which try to be better people.
People who lack mental facilities honestly can’t help it. But most try to.

What you’re saying is that Dash doesn’t have the capability (or worse, the desire) to be better right now. I don’t deal well with people who don’t try. When the rules are laid out in front of you or when you’re given a clear opportunity to be better, then you take it. I’m not going to try to work with a person that isn’t going/willing to change itself. This sounds a lot like Rainbow Dash.

Those negative attributes don’t outweigh her negative ones for me, at least.

As for being clueless, I don’t think she is. Again, she picks up on a lot of odd behaviors (Rarity in Sweet and Elite, Fluttershy in Hurricane Fluttershy), so it led me to believe that she just wasn’t all that concerned about Scootaloo’s uncharacteristic skittishness. She just didn’t care until she was directly confronted with it at the end.

That’s rather juvenile for an adult.

Here a Synchtube room. I’ve got the new episode loaded, and then whoever wants to can suggest others.

Dec 09, 2012 at 06:52PM EST

@ Verbose
Yeah she picks up on her friends acting weird, but she knows them all very well. How well does she know Scootaloo? Scoot’s entire purpose for going on the camping trip was to spend some time with and get closer to RD, so they obviously don’t get together much. Dash doesn’t exactly know how Scoots usually acts, so there’s not much for her to notice.

And RD is incredibly irresponsible. She would be a horrible older sister. That’s why I think that last bit of the episode was great, because not only did it show our favourite chicken growing up, but our totally-awesomely-radical wonderbolts fangirl growing up too. Not very much, but it’s definitely there.

Dec 09, 2012 at 07:41PM EST


Worse than the yellow one? That’s just unfair man.

Last edited Dec 09, 2012 at 10:51PM EST
Dec 09, 2012 at 10:49PM EST

Solaire wrote:

Something I find laughable because I am a mighty man that needs no idols or heroes, for they are merely placing a hurdle for you to crash over, as you compare yourself to them like a foolishly weak whelp. HAHAHAHA! Orange Scooter will crash and burn with her idolization of worst Mane Pony.

Oh god, Celestia please rape this guy already.

Solaire wrote:

Verbose said a lot of what I thought. I really didn’t like Dash in the first place, and this episode was just cringe-worthy with how obsessive Scootaloo was over Dash.

I had an argument long ago with Deadparrot where I also pretty much stated that I hoped Rainbow Dash would never be Scootaloo’s mentor because it seems only you, me and Verbose realise the terrible truth:

Rainbow Dash is worst Mane 6.


That being said, I’m not too invested in my own personal headcanon. I can easily enjoy episodes like for what they are. Afterall, it’s a cartoon for little girls so chill out and masturbate over the Dark Souls 2 news.

Dec 10, 2012 at 12:02AM EST

So I say something and then there is a big discussion…

I’m already liking my job now.

And you all should calm down and just watch the show. After all, the creators are the one who give the personality to the characters. Headcanon much?

Let’s give each other a pat on the back for making my head hurt, again, and discuss the next topic, shall we?

I don’t really mind Rainbow Dash (although you people probably do). I like her, as her personality is semi-mirrored with mine. She’s hardheaded, same with me. She has an ego at times, again, like me.
But in the end, she stays loyal to her friends and never backs down when they are in trouble. (She has that “fearlessness” thing, although I tend to talk about them out-loud with my friends instead of keeping them secret.)
She has a heart, even if it doesn’t show.
Hate on her, then hate me, too. We are both alike and nothing can change that.

Let’s get back on the road!

EDIT: Someone edit those < div > textiles. It won’t do the correct thing I want it to do. D:

Last edited Dec 10, 2012 at 12:57AM EST
Dec 10, 2012 at 12:52AM EST


>Calling RD worst pony overall
>Calling RD worse than Yellowquiet

Sure, Dash is pretty careless in this episode. Sure, in a lot of ways, she was really disrespectful. But:

  1. It’s a kid’s show, and to be honest, none of the ponies seem to grasp reading body language most of the time. I’d expect that from a show that wasn’t supposed to be overanalyzed by late-teens and twentysomethings.
  2. One of Dash’s faults is her love of praise. Scoots hero worships Dash, and while even I, an ardent Dash fan, question her decision of idol, she’s entitled to what she wants to think. Once again, it’s a kid’s show, and the CMC are supposed to be closest in age to the target audience. They want the kids to see that they can decide what they want. Anyways, Dash can tell Scoots wants to emulate her, and she laps it up. She didn’t notice, because she was basking in Scootaloo’s attempt to be just like her. Simple as that.

Besides, it’s obvious at the end that this episode wasn’t just for the Chicken’s character development, it was also important for Dash as well. In those last five minutes, Dash realizes that Scootaloo doesn’t just want to be her number 1 fan, she actually wants to learn from her, as well. In that moment, some of that maturity I’d been hoping Dash would find soon appeared, and for possibly the first time in the series (Read It and Weep doesn’t count, as she basically said that the Daring Doo books were “cool”), she let down that gruff and tough facade and admitted she wasn’t so tough, and by mentoring Scootaloo, took on some more adult responsibility than clearing the sky in 10 seconds flat and napping the rest of the day. That’s a huge step in Dash’s character for me, who, while I really like her personality, has always been awfully juvenile for my tastes.


Guys guys guys look at my Blops2 emblem

The background is a lot more purple than the picture lets on, but otherwise yeah.

Last edited Dec 10, 2012 at 01:38AM EST
Dec 10, 2012 at 01:36AM EST

Lone K. the Brony wrote:

Hate on her, then hate me, too.

…Tactically, there’s a problem with that gambit. Let’s say that you shouldn’t assume certain facts to hold true in the face of anything.

As for what I mean, I think I’ll just say that I agree with the quoted statement and that I still dislike Rainbow Dash. Infer what you will.
This episode still makes me dislike her more than I did, because she had the opportunity to help Scootaloo and save her a lot of grief. I’m not saying that she can’t change, but as it stands, I don’t want Scootaloo to have a sister figure like Rainbow Dash. Lots of people have good attributes, but role models can often exhibit bad if not terrible ones too.

Just wish Scootaloo would idolize someone else…

Like Applejack or Luna…or Chrysalis….
However, Fifths, DeadParrot, and Daniel (Derpy) made arguments that I eventually accepted in this evening’s Synchtube. I no longer think that Dash simply didn’t care that Scootaloo was terrified. She likely didn’t know that Scootaloo was afraid.

  1. We might have seen Scootaloo freaking out, because it was necessary for the audience to see Scootaloo as panicked as she was to get the point. In-universe, she might have been hiding her fear relatively well. Or more simply, Rainbow Dash saw a different Scootaloo than what we saw.
  2. Dash may only notice when something is wrong with ponies she knows. She isn’t that familiar with Scootaloo (this coming from Blind Follower.) AJ may have picked up on that, because she notices the obvious doesn’t have to know a person to make that sort of assumption that something is wrong.

There were other arguments like Dash not acknowledging Scootaloo’s fear, because she didn’t want to embarrass Scootaloo. If an arguer has to reach for other arguments after the first is debunked, then I think that indicates that they are basing their argument based more on the character instead of the situation, but I was likely doing the same thing, even though my argument stayed the same. I certainly dislike Rainbow Dash, and I don’t think I’ve said otherwise.

I liked the episode, but also like Blind Follower said, Dash isn’t the sister figure I would want for Scootaloo. The ending was sweet for most people, but the music and cool scene with Dash flying Scootaloo along just hints at their further interaction. I’m not keen on it, and I’m not going to be.
Note that I don’t have to like a character. No one really does. There isn’t any history with people that remind me of Rainbow Dash, but I’ve never liked people like her. I’m not going to. I feel no need to.

See?  I have Rainbow Dash images that don't involve her in a bad situation.

Anyway, with my own on-topic derail, there was a lot of interesting information and events in this episode.

Like how Luna can “invade” dreams. I don’t dislike Luna, so/and I didn’t see it as “invasion.” I think she simply “felt” that there was a disturbance in a young filly’s dreams, and she came to see about her. For a god-like alicorn like her, it was probably like Superman hearing a scream from a distance and going to help.

Also related to Luna, she’s sorta creepy. I think it’s justified, because of the whole moon lockdown thing and being removed from society for so long. Her dialect is still very different from Celestia’s, but considering she is the Princess of the Night, it sorta fits.

Old image, because I'm sorting through my pony collection.

Dec 10, 2012 at 02:07AM EST

Lone K.K. Slider wrote:

{tpbofr s ;oml yp yjod “smo,syrf drtord” [;rsdr.

Decode that.

*provide a link to this “animated series” please

Dec 10, 2012 at 02:27AM EST

Verbose wrote:

Dash may only notice when something is wrong with ponies she knows. She isn’t that familiar with Scootaloo (this coming from Blind Follower.) AJ may have picked up on that, because she notices the obvious doesn’t have to know a person to make that sort of assumption that something is wrong.

Frankly, I believe AJ picked up on Scootaloo’s nervousness simply because she has more experience dealing with family, children and especially the CMC. The CMC has their little clubhouse on the Apple family farm and AJ is the one that spends the most time chaperoning them, so it makes sense that she would know something is wrong with Scootaloo.


Dec 10, 2012 at 02:44AM EST

Sorry to say, an Earth pony can’t teach everything a Pegasus needs to know.
If that makes sense in a way.

We Pegasi may hard-headed and brash, but we get the job done when we’re needed.

sigh I thought you guys would understand that.

Think about it like this:

A war scenario with each race of pony.

Pegasi are the Elites, called in whenever needed and always finish the work.
Unicorns are the mortar and covering fire.
Earth ponies are the front-line infantry.

It’s not Rainbow Dash’s fault anyways. It’s a show, calm down.


Finally, someone deciphers it. Now I just need a link to whatever that person was talking about before.

Something along the lines of “ massacre” or something, whatever.

Dec 10, 2012 at 03:08AM EST

@Lone K and Burning Pheonix

L-K makes a good point, by pure virtue of Pegasus having wings, RD is essentially the ONLY one of the main six that could make a good mentor to Scootaloo.

…but only in the domains associated with Pegasi, plus several Skill based Mentorship domains; as opposed to a Moral, Advisory or Platonic Mentorship.

And what Scootaloo wants is a Skill based Mentorship, so what’s the problem?

Yes, it wouldn’t be prudent for Scootaloo to RD for advice, or moral perfection, and probably not comfort either; but for skill, you can’t beat her at what she does. And what she does is the epitome of what a Pegasus is all about.

…Skill wise anyways.

Anyways, if we were going to be realistic here, Scootaloo would have several mentors to help her with areas she’s not perfect with yet. RD is already pegged for skill, so let’s look at the other three I mentioned.

Advisory- Twilight?
Moral- Applejack?
Platonic- Pinkie Pie?

Urgh! This is harder than Troll romance! Which is remarkably easy in comparison. I need to stop coming up with systems that I end up breaking anyways.

Dec 10, 2012 at 05:54AM EST

burning_phoneix wrote:

I had an argument long ago with Deadparrot where I also pretty much stated that I hoped Rainbow Dash would never be Scootaloo’s mentor because it seems only you, me and Verbose realise the terrible truth:

Rainbow Dash is worst Mane 6.


Oh trust me, it’s not just you guys. I’ll take all the Rainbow hate I can get.

I’m just messing with you guys, calm down. I don’t hate Rainbow Dash…

You know what’s kind of sad though? I once thought she was kind of alright. In fact, I would even say I liked her. I was intrigued with her element. “Loyalty,” I thought, “now that’s not a bad lesson at all.” So many people are disloyal these days, and I liked hearing a reminder of the virtue of sticking by your friends, your family, and yes, even your country.

As the show has progressed, however, I began to grow increasingly dissatisfied with her. In one of the earliest episodes, she quickly decided to cheat against her friend in silly competition, simply because of her haughty pride. Where’s the loyalty in that?

She seemed so shallow, so enamored with her own athletic greatness. The lame thing is, she didn’t even have to work for her athleticism much, as near as I can tell.

How do I deduce that? She did a sonic rainboom quite possibly when she was even younger than Scootaloo. There was nothing leading up to that little accomplishment, it was simply something she did as she discovered how much she enjoyed competition. And for some reason, she wasn’t able to reproduce it for many years. Why? She is positively the laziest of all the mane six, that’s why. We know this is factual. She relies on her talent to see her through, while occasionally practicing her fancy maneuvers. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t impress me one bit. It’s like in Good Will Hunting or something. So you’re a natural born genius, big whoop! You’re still a mixed-up immature brat with an ego the size of a mountain.

Oh boy, that ego. Like Verbose, (if I understood him correctly), I’ve never cared much for this kind of person. Heck, I don’t even much like that side of myself. I do so hate to lose.

But many (not all) of her fans downplay or dismiss RD’s brashness, her rudeness, her self-absorption, her overall abrasiveness, as if the ability to fly fast makes up for it. I’m sorry, but I just don’t like excuses for that kind of stuff.

Does she have a few good points? Some. Sure, she’s saved a few ponies lives. That may be a very good thing, but it’s not exceptional. They’ve all saved lives; all of Equestria, in fact. And she’d be an absolute waste of space if she had the ability to save a life and didn’t.

But she’s still worst mane six. Even when she empathizes with somepony for literally the first time ever with Scootaloo, she sprinkles her obnoxious vainglory in with it. “Sure! I mean, I got over it because I realized pretty quick that if there was such thing as a headless horse, I could totally take it on.” “I’m gonna tell you something, but if you every tell anypony else, I’m gonna deny it.” Good thing she doesn’t represent the Element of Honesty after all, it would seem. Of course, as we saw after the jousting match with Fluttershy, her reputation is apparently very important to her.

And she had the nerve to call Gilda out on that very thing.

I could go on all day with examples of times she annoyed me, but I don’t even like talking about all this that much. Believe it or not, I never cared much for being all negative about other people’s favorite ponies, even though my dislike of Dash has become pretty poignant. But hey, some of you foals keep making fun of a certain Best Pony named Fluttershy, so it seems like a little balance and perspective is in order. At least when Fluttershy overcomes an obstacle, you know she had to face a lot of personal challenges to get to that point.

What has Dash ever overcome? Dash’s episodes are often are about her arrogance, and yet somehow she still hasn’t learned a thing or two about modesty. She just keeps finding new ways to bug me.

Despite every last bit of what I just said, I actually want to like Rainbow Dash. I want them to really bring her around and make her more mature. Of course, I have a laundry list of things I’d like to see in the show, doesn’t mean any of them will happen. Exaggerated hopes and expectations are risky business.

So, final thoughts. I legitimately enjoyed Sleepless in Ponyville, and Scoot is a good kid, but she needs to stop worshiping that skittle pony.

P.S. This is probably the longest rant about her you’ll ever see from me, so if it vexes you, just ignore it and move on.

Last edited Dec 10, 2012 at 09:44AM EST
Dec 10, 2012 at 09:19AM EST


I can agree with you.
But that doesn’t mean I actually don’t have to support it, right? :T

Anyways, I really want to see the writers make her more mature and such, instead of juvenile and whatsoever. And yes, I take that “hate her, hate me” statement I posted earlier. I was tired and could not think much, as it was getting late and the night before I slept pretty damn late. She’s becoming more of an adult and more emotional (as Derpy Vasquez said before) and hopefully the writers will bring out the best of her.
I’ll just put aside all of your rants in the backside of my mind just in case…

Oh well, anyone want to start discussing something else? Besides these kinds of topics that make us type ridiculously large amounts of text and make us argue about a kid’s show?

Oh yeah, the upcoming episode…

Last edited Dec 10, 2012 at 10:49AM EST
Dec 10, 2012 at 10:45AM EST

@*Millenial Dan*:

You pretty much encapsulated my feelings about Rainbow Dash.

That being said, I rant a lot about Rainbow Dash but I genuinely do not dislike her. In fact, I can not think of a single character on the show I actually hate.

It’s just that Rainbow Dash, for the reasons you mentioned, is not my most hated but rather… least liked.

Dec 10, 2012 at 11:18AM EST

@Millennial Dan: Still, RD is my favorite pony.
I don’t hate any character, but I dislike some. Diamond Tiara for example. I don’t like neither dislike her, she is just… Blergh

Obligatory GIF:

I always wondered why Derpy’s cutie mark is a bunch of bubbles since she like muffins and works with mail.


Dec 10, 2012 at 12:18PM EST

Well… seeing as the whole RD thing is still going…

We can pretty much divide the Cast into tiers of maturity. Three, actually. And for some reason. RD in in the bottom one, along with Pinkie.

For getting you up to speed, Twilight and Rarity are somewhere in the middle, and surprisingly, Fluttershy shares a tier with Applejack at the top.

So, I’m just going to point out how this all goes down… The Growth so far, and where it needs to go. As you kind of need both for a good character arc.

Fluttershy is leaning to implement her new lessons for maturity barely, and it’s bouncing her personality around between FlutteRage and KindShy, and now she needs to learn to reconcile the two sides. The good news is, she has matured enough that social stuff doesn’t bother her as much. Despite being as quiet and unnoticeable as ever.

Rarity is mostly a drama queen, I think the main source of growth for her is to learn to tone that down. I mean, she’s in deep need of a reality check for her emotions. And ask herself some questions about why she’s being so dramatic in the first place, and if it even matters when she has her entire job as an outlet for it.

But she has made progress on learning not to take social situations seriously as some kind of panic mode… I think. Considering it was a thing with her once, it’s now… not a thing I noticed? I haven’t seen Rarity freak out over social elites yet, but she is now obsessing over pointless stuff.

Applejack… She’s… Fine I guess; she’s been hard headed, stubborn, determined, and proud, but she kinda got over that mostly… Until something I shouldn’t be mentioning… but like all the others, it involves a task. Maybe that’s her deal, she takes her job too seriously?

like every job is some herculean task that she must complete on her own with a straight face or fail, yet she forgets that thinking like that is exactly the wrong way to go about it and others CAN help, and she can have fun, and she can take care of the need of her family without subduing herself to her own self imposed trials.

Pinkie Pie… She needs to balance her happiness with a dose of reality. Not complete reality, just enough that she begins to realize she doesn’t have to act crazy to make others smile. I have no idea what progress she makes on this, all the ones that involve her acting sane-ish (Creepyness not-withstanding) are also the ones where she gets depressed as hell. Maybe she needs to stare something utterly fearsome herself that she CAN’T laugh away. I don’t know… something sad… Really sad.

Twilight is… just about to go through her major “thing” if anything is going to happen. But really, she just needs to let go of all her doubts and fears, and let her heart guide her for once. And then… I can’t say, that would be quite out of my place. But from where she’s came, she’s had to learn to let go of what she can’t do herself and trust others, and in other times, she had to trust in her own abilities as best suited the situation, and not as she thought the task demanded.

From here she can only go up to trusting in herself, not it her skills, not in the friends who believe in her, but believe in her… who believes in herself… her own judgement, her own choice of which friends can handle the task, and her own thoughts… without second guessing them.

And now… RD…

I’ve put this off for most of this post, because… of reasons I forget. But here goes…

Rainbow Dash has a character arc that turns into a freaking Mobius Double Reacharound. She starts off mildly cocky, and becomes a bit more harsh as we approach and Pass Sonic Rainboom… We forget that episode was a moment of character growth for RARITY and not RD.

In fact, Sonic Rainboom may have triggered a backfall. In Sonic Rainboom, Dash is scared out of her mind that she might not be the kind of superstar she tries to act like. Before that, she’s mostly doing a bit of relatively harmless showmanship. But it’s not until after we see the repercussions of the act.

She gets to attempt to hang out with the Wonderbolts, she goes of the freaking deep end with pride at every opportunity, and though they may have quietened her bragging with the Mare Doo Well incident, they treated the symptom, not the disease. Her own ego seemed to have been inflated much more than necessary from Sonic Rainboom, and now she treats every-pony as if… well… They are her personal… Okay forget that word!

But the point still stands, she has yet to meet her true character defining moment. Scootaloo’s episode helped, yes, but on the wrong front. What RD needs is a complete and total shock to the system… She needs to have a true chance to question if she is the best, a chance to fail, and…. Either truly fail, or Almost fail, and give her a taste of what it all means… That she is not as great as she thinks she is, but she could be if she tried, rather than tell herself she already is…

Now excuses me if this comes as a shock to you…

…Such an episode is already Here!

Wonderbolt Academy is coming… And it will either make or break RD. either in the eyes of her fans, in her personal growth, or both.

Sorry for the Homestuck Refference, but it’s true, if RD is meant to develop in this season at all, she’s not going to develop a pivitol trait until HER episode.

And the Episode… Is in just a few days… About 4 or 5 Days. But to be precise, about 117 hours and 37 minuites I guess.

And then we will see… Her ultimate rise or failure in every way we can dream…

But remember… I’m probably not a Freaking Seer as far as I know, so I have no freaking Idea what I’m talking about.

Or maybe I am… And I’m scanning the void for some kind of clues on knowledge that We’re not supposed to know…

…And there’s my Homestuck indused headache again, I need to attend to this, guys, sorry. More Pony stuff when I’m awake, hydrated, and not currently the owner of an excruciatingly painful head.

Now go back and read it all again!

Are you sure you read all of it? That looked alot like TL;DR…

Good… I’m sorry to do that do you, but Attention span needs to be remedied some time. and now seemed like the right time.

Last edited Dec 10, 2012 at 01:27PM EST
Dec 10, 2012 at 12:59PM EST

Very briefly, Bruno. It’s because Derpy is a generated background pony with a randomly generated cutie mark. She has no story behind her cutie mark in canon, just like any other background pony.

The only thought that went into the pony we now have made into Derpy was “Does the design for this pony look alright for the background? Is she going to stick out too much?”

I don’t know where the mailmare idea came from. The muffin love comes from her saying “Muffins” in Applebuck Season. In actuality, everyone else was fawning over the muffins too, so canon-wise, she probably doesn’t like muffins anymore than anything else.
She was basically made to like muffins and have other attributes by fanon, and the show incorporated it into the show without taking away from the show (i.e., her having a muffin decal on her satchel in Putting Your Hoof Down.)

So any explanation for her cutie mark is up to the fandom. There isn’t a canon explanation as of yet.

Last edited Dec 10, 2012 at 01:05PM EST
Dec 10, 2012 at 01:04PM EST

I am a bit late to episode reaction time, but I am going to jump in nevertheless. Please don’t mind me interrupting all your Rainbow hate rants and love letters. Even though I don’t really like RD, her bragging and egotism, I was about to write a tl;dr defending her with references and sources. There is something about those one sided rants, that makes me twitch…

So this was just a beautiful episode and it featured the good old ponycombo of fun and feels. It was also the premier of a new writer who left quite an impression. There are so many cute and awesome details to be pointed out, but I will have to rewatch the episode first.

The Rarity and SB relationship was also cute and fitting after Sisterhooves Special.

I actually thought Rarifans would start ranting like the Flutterfans from last episode. “We have seen that joke been done thousand of times before, yes we know she always finds someone to carry her stuff” and “Why must it be repeated so often here”, “Argh totally annoying, worst episode evoar”…

I am also quite happy that I didn’t get spoilered, well Fifths made some damage after saying this will be Deadparrot’s episode, implying a special Scooterloo episode. But seeing Luna through the trees in the first nightmare was totally surprising. The “did I just see that correctly” kind of surprise, this foreshadowing was very well made and produced some tension, because you just don’t show Luna sneaking around in a dream without any motive.

Last edited Dec 10, 2012 at 01:18PM EST
Dec 10, 2012 at 01:15PM EST

@Derpy’s Cutie mark.

I prefer to think it’s because she’s some kind of Master of Space… much like Doctor Hooves is a Master of Time.

I first based this off of an RPG explaing the highest power to stem from the heavens is to reincarnate as a “Star Child” which looks… kinda like a bubble.

But considering scientists consider the entire universe to be made of bubble like membranes, It’s kinda appropriate.

Also, the possibility she’s partly blind and breaks everything she touches, kinda fits in with two of the possible curses that “Oracles” have to take at least one of. And considering her… and the possibility of taking two… That works perfectly.

Derpy, Blind Oracle that Wrecketh Stuff with her cursed touch! Step forward and punch through time and space with…

Argh crap, I have no idea how many references I just butchered, I need a nap.

Dec 10, 2012 at 01:18PM EST

So yeah, I could go into why I like Rainbow Dash once again but this is clearly not a crowd that’s on my side and I don’t really feel like fighting that tide.
Suffice it to say that I don’t deny most of the faults that people find with her.
She is brash, stubborn, and self-absorbed a lot of the time, yes.
However, people who like her are not just enamored by her flying abilities, in fact, they don’t really have much to do with it at all.

I like her for her passionate simplicity.
She loves what she loves and she hates what she hates.
She doesn’t mince words when she wants to get a point across.
Yeah, it can be abrasive at times, but there is very rarely any actual ill intent behind her words.
She’s almost always the first to jump into the fray to solve a problem head-on and, while not always the smartest idea, that kind of raw passion is admirable to me.
(Note: I also really like Fluttershy, so I don’t get this ‘At least she’s not Fluttershy’ thing either.)

To those saying that Scootaloo should find a new role model, maybe, but that’s really not the point.
Scootaloo looks up to Dash as an athlete, not a moral guide.
Scootaloo isn’t looking for someone to teach her the proper ways to act in various social situations.
Scootaloo wants to be a performer, to be a daredevil, to be cool.
It’s obvious she would latch onto Dash for that reason alone.

While I’m sure a pony like AJ would be willing and able to impart some wisdom, I can’t really see Scoot caring all that much simply because there isn’t a relationship there.
Scoot has no plans to live the life of an apple farmer and trying to learn from one would likely just end up boring her.

What now needs to happen (and it was begun in this episode) is to have Dash show Scoot that living her life isn’t quite as easy or glamorous as it may seem to a starry-eyed fan.
This episode was all about showing Scootaloo that even the tough, brave hero ponies are allowed to get scared sometimes.
You just have to realize that you can face and overcome your fears (That was the real point of her “I could take on a headless horse” speech in my opinion.)
In other words, Scoot is going in with rather shallow expectations and it will be up to Dash to impart a bit of actual wisdom.

The best part about their relationship is that it is set up to be a great way for both characters to mature simultaneously.
Scootaloo will learn that being awesome isn’t all it’s necessarily cracked up to be, and Dash will begin to show genuine, heartfelt interest in someone who isn’t herself.
The events of this episode are not an endpoint, but a beginning of what I hope will be an interesting character arc for the two of them.

Hmmm, I said I didn’t want to go too deep into it and then I wrote all that…
Oh well!

What I really want to know about this episode is why Dash is getting taken to town for her various missteps while Rarity has been largely let off the hook.
I found her treatment of Sweetie Belle far more annoying than anything that Dash did.

I don’t agree with Verbose’s idea that all of this was ‘compensation’ or something for making Rarity do something that she didn’t want to do.
That just seems massively petty.

First off, the whole point of Sisterhooves Social was to teach the two of them to occasionally break out of their comfort zones in order to bond with each other.
Rarity didn’t want to participate in her sister’s activity unless it was made as convenient and as comfortable as possible for her.
If she did want to make Sweetie Belle ‘earn’ her participation, it would have made more sense to have her do extra chores or something beforehand, to prove that she is truly passionate about the trip.
If Sweetie hadn’t wanted to put in a little effort to get what she wanted, it probably didn’t mean much to her.
But once Rarity knew how badly Sweetie wanted to spend time with her, she should have met her halfway.
Make Sweetie pack her own bags sure, but treating her like a pack mule for the whole weekend just came across as exploitative to me.

Let’s move on from all this crapping on people’s favorite ponies because I feel special today.
I just found the first edit of one of my vectors up on Derpibooru!

That’s an accomplishment, right?
(Even if it was made in service of an overdone joke…)
Yay, I’m an artist!
(Not really…)

As Verbose said, there is no official reasoning behind Derpy’s mark.
There are a number of fanon explanation that are fun though.

That ties her cutie mark into the whole shippi- uh, package delivery profession that she’s been given.
(By the way, I believe that the idea of her being a mailmare came from way, way back when she was first found in the pilot by the earliest fans and definitely before her delivery scene in Feeling Pinkie Keen. They started brainstorming on what a cross-eyes pegasus would do for a living and someone came up with the concept that she would deliver the mail and be unexpectedly good at it in spite of her ‘condition.’ It was cute and funny enough to elicit fanart and discussion so it spread and back when the fandom was that small, it didn’t take long to become widely known and liked. From then on, any new people coming into the fandom were immediately introduced to Derpy = mailmare so it’s just been a staple ever since.)

That took a long time to write…

Going over the ‘Three images per post’ rule is fine when your post is as long as a full page would be on any other forum, right?

Last edited Dec 10, 2012 at 02:16PM EST
Dec 10, 2012 at 01:53PM EST

Blind Follower wrote:

DeadParrot222 wrote:

Originally, Hasbro nixed RD as a sister because…

Clearly, they have reversed their thinking on that.

I don’t think they really changed their mind on RD’s character, they just gave her a bit more development. She is still very irresponsible, and it shows. This episode was a really defining moment for her, because it shows she is learning a bit more responsibility. She still seems to be the kind of character who wouldn’t know how to treat a younger sibling right, and that’s a role she will have to grow into a bit.

Yeah, RD is still irresponsible.

I mean, what responsible elder sister would lift her little sis hundreds of feet into the sky while balancing on only one hoof.

>Rainbow Dash

Dec 10, 2012 at 02:18PM EST

@Rainbow Dash discussion

I think Rainbow Dash is awesome. She’s not my favorite of the mane 6, but she is the coolest. Like most of you, I’m not going to write fucking paragraphs on this subject. I’ll just say that if the writers want to over exaggerate on a characters personality, let them. It’s their show. I’m not going to complain if someone is acting over the top in a cartoon.

Dec 10, 2012 at 02:29PM EST

RandomMan wrote:

Yeah, RD is still irresponsible.

I mean, what responsible elder sister would lift her little sis hundreds of feet into the sky while balancing on only one hoof.

>Rainbow Dash

“What are you talking about? I’m totally responsible!”

“Oh crap!”

“Let’s… just pretend that never happened, alright kiddo?”

By the way, my original intent behind saying that Hasbro ‘reversed their position’ on Dash as a sister was not meant to imply that Dash had changed, only that Hasbro had changed their minds about allowing that kind of rough-and-tumble sisterly relationship on the show.
Basically, when first put forward, the CMCs were all going to be sisters of the main six with Scootaloo being directly related to Dash.
Faust dropped the idea after she received some pushback from Hasbro saying that Rainbow Dash wouldn’t be the type of sister that MLP has traditionally promoted.
Clearly, Hasbro has softened on the issue.

Dec 10, 2012 at 02:37PM EST

Notice in the midst of this “Worst Pone” tangent, we have pretty much neglected a couple of Pones:


No, I didn’t make this comic.


Last edited Dec 10, 2012 at 03:30PM EST
Dec 10, 2012 at 03:27PM EST

Derpy is a bubble headed blonde that’s why she has bubble QT mark.
I see her as a ditzy anime character the only problem I have is the voice is too deep and doesn’t fit my headcanon at all

Dec 10, 2012 at 03:40PM EST

These two didn’t show up in the last episode, but if you want to talk about worst pone:

If only every episode would begin like this… Yes, I am a bit mean

Ooooooh, but still…worst pone remains unquestioned.

Last edited Dec 10, 2012 at 04:31PM EST
Dec 10, 2012 at 04:17PM EST



After my Robotics Club.

Dec 10, 2012 at 05:30PM EST

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