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KYM Pony General VI: Return of the Poni

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Sparty the Spaceship wrote:

@Ingway: That’s just sad to hear.
Dammit humanity why do we still do this?

@Season 3: Psssh, casuals. I survived this long without ponies without even breaking a damn sweat. I can survive for longer.

@X: Gotta love guilting the hell out of people for taking logical decisions, don’t ya?
At least I still have a use for IE. Sort of.

@BoxFigs: …My problem is not so much with the fact that there is a debate about whether or not cartoon horses kissed, but with how people are tolerating MLP at your school. If I breathed a word of this to my school…
Well, bad things would happen, and that would be that.

@Exudes: Hah, what’s ‘productivity’? Is that anything like manufacturing?

@Fifths: Didn’t they make a picture of rave Scoots? Because I think they did. Just can’t find it.

And for today’s image;

It’ll only makes slightly more sense if you’ve played Borderlands 2.

What, Butt Stallion?
I only implied that it was a colt, not a mare.
But hey, that’s what the word “pony” was made for.
(Also, searching up “Butt Stallion” on Google will yield very inappropriate results.)

Do they even have any concept of democracy in Equestria? Because that makes all of the debating invalid. Let’s look at the cold, hard facts:

  • Equestria has been under an (apparently) Absolute Monarchy for a thousand and two years. Before that, it was a joint monarchy between the two sisters for an indeterminate amount of time. Before that, the various pony tribes were under rulers who had clearly gained their power through status or military prowess (in the case of the Pegasi). Not one democratically elected ruler in the bunch.
  • Mayor Mare, quite honestly, is a pretty incompetent mayor when you look at it. She is unable to prevent danger to Ponyville, has little to no commanding presence or organizational ability, and can’t balance the Ponyville budget to even maintain and repair government buildings. In a democratic system, she likely would have had a recall vote called against her and been replaced by the obviously better choice of Twilight Sparkle. This suggests she was appointed, possibly as a favor or gift, instead of elected.
  • I honestly don’t remember the ponies even doing an informal election for anything, to be honest.
  • Every villain wants an absolute autocracy. Nightmare Moon, Discord and Chrysalis all want nothing but total and absolute power; we’ve never had a villain that wanted to give people a voice, but it would require some sort of terrible thing to happen that the Mane Six can’t let happen (Then again, that’s a really deep subject that doesn’t really fit in a show for 6-year-old girls).

Not that the ponies really seem to care that they live in an absolute dictatorship, even when they realize they can be completely exiled from a town by their ruler for messing up one little thing…

>People talking about politics and ponies now
>I fucking hate politics

Edit: I have always found it interesting how MLP portrays the monarch as being this wise and beneficent ruler while the democratically elected rulers (Mayor Mare and Chancellor Puddinghead) are represented as incompetent and ineffective. Obviously Faust is advocating for absolute monarchy! (Cue Deadparrot with appropriate pictures of queen Faust)

So, I play jeopardy every day with my grandmother.

I figure it’s kind of like my way of paying her back for letting me stay here.

Anyway, I saw this on there today.

He did poorly unfortunately.

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2spooky4Twili wrote:

Before that, it was a joint monarchy

The word you’re looking for is Diarchy.

As for myself….there are no political parties in Saddle Arabia, they have been deemed “Organizations of Tartarus” and we wisely bend to the will of our supreme ruler. Who we never question and is always correct in all things.

Always….Always right….

I don’t know…I’m not a big fan of politics either, but I thought it was a fun thought exercise to figure out what the Mane 6 might align themselves as.
I think it’s more fun to give yourself a limited set of options as opposed to undermining the entire question. I think it’s like playing soccer, and then saying that it would be better to just pick up the ball and throw it in the goal.
Yes. Yes, it would. But that’s not the point of the game.

Just like in chowzburgerz’s question: It’s simple to say “It’s not a democracy” (or more accurately, a democratic republic), because the people are represented by elected officials. We don’t make the choices themselves in the US. But that’s not the point of the question anyway.
For example, we all know that there isn’t a socially constructed concept of “race” in Equestria. And if you consider the cultural differences that exist among Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns, then their differences wouldn’t be the same as humans’ cultural differences in race.

But if you had to make the comparison based upon some reasons, then why would you think that Twilight would be a minority in North America/Europe? It’s a touchy and a tough question to answer without sounding racist, but I think that’s part of the “game.”

Also, it sorta just makes the person asking it feel bad. Basically, “Your question is bad, and you should feel bad.” I don’t think the question was bad, at all.

So I was thinking, about Lyra’s obsession with humans, the only way there could be a shred of a chance it’s legit is if there’s primates in MLP world. Problem is I don’t remember any episode with apes or monkeys or whatever in it, even for a second. Is there?


Just because I don’t like something personally doesn’t mean I’m insinutating that it’s bad to like it. What from my post makes you think I was calling it a stupid question?

As far as race in the show goes, I think one of the things I really like about MLP is how they’ve been able to acknowledge race relationships indirectly without coming across as pretentiously trying to address an issue that’s way bigger than them. You know how Sephanie Meyer tried to use Twilight, ahem, fucking Twilight, to make a stand on the abortion issue? Ya, when mlp touches upon race stuff, it doesn’t do that. It doesn’t pretend to the ridiculous notion that all the nuance, complexity, and history of human race relations can be addressed by a show about talking ponus.

Still, some sense of race does exist in the mlp world. There are the three kinds of pony who mostly get along now, but this hasn’t always been so. There are griffins, zebras, buffalo, and (arguably) dragons who are similar enough to the ponies intellectually to be more or less considered the same ‘species’ as the ponies, albeit with some obvious cultural and physical differences that mark them off.

MLP does push a agenda concerning race, but it isn’t so heavy handed about it so as to come across as offensive. Its basic message is that “Race relations are just personal relations writ large. To solve race relations, you have to start at the roots, at the relationships between individuals.” This is a very basic message that most sane people would agree to. In order to start solving race problems, people have to be willing to recognize each other as human beings, not as strange and mystical animals that are fundamentally seperate.

Notice I said in order to start solving race problems. Mlp has the grace to not pretend that a simple flowery message of “Why can’t we all just get along? PEACE AND LOVE!!11!” is all it takes to solve centuries old race feuds existing on a global level. Not only does Pinkie’s song gets rejected in “Over a Barrel”, its patronizing simplicity is shown to be irritating enough to start the race war! The conflict of the episode is not solved by the application of the moral lesson, but by a genius use of deus ex machina, or rather, pie ex machina. Turns out the Buffalo like apple pie and the problem with the ponies was really just a misunderstanding. The general sillyness of the episode and its equally silly solution kept Over a Barrel from becoming a loathsome attempt to talk about race seriously. The problem was solved by apple pie, NOT by Pinkie Pie.

MLP is great at reminding us of that basic message of “You fucks better start getting along or else The windigos will come and bring eternal winter Nightmare Moon will banish the sun Discord will cockslap reality silly you’re gonna have a bad time” without pretending that ponies are an appropriate medium to discuss anything more in depth.

badsitrep wrote:

Meanwhile on Battlelog:

A wild Veggie55 appears!

That’s nice and all I guess, but I have no clue on who he is.

I also don’t see how this is related to ponies.

RandomMan wrote:

That’s nice and all I guess, but I have no clue on who he is.

I also don’t see how this is related to ponies.

Veggie55 made a ton (and I mean, a ton) of well-done pony comics. He was a mainstay of the fandom without having to get controversial.

But still, I don’t see how him posting in a forum means much. I thought he was just done drawing comics. It’s not like he couldn’t get online to interact or anything. I mean, who doesn’t get online to interact nowadays?

Hey my good fellows!
I’m surprised I find myself posting on here again.

You probably don’t even remember me or know me for that matter.
But with Season 3 coming up, I get the feeling that its going to be pretty busy around here.
Funny you should bring that up because I’ve been thinking about that as well.
Does anyone remember the baby cakes episode?
There’s a particular scene.
This screenshot to be exact.

I’m not sure if it was discussed or not but it was surprising to see nonetheless.

Whether it was something like perhaps a gingerbread man or some animation trick, was there really something as crazy as humans existing in the equestrian realm?

Verbose wrote:

Veggie55 made a ton (and I mean, a ton) of well-done pony comics. He was a mainstay of the fandom without having to get controversial.

But still, I don’t see how him posting in a forum means much. I thought he was just done drawing comics. It’s not like he couldn’t get online to interact or anything. I mean, who doesn’t get online to interact nowadays?

I wanted to show people that he was not ded.

That and I wanted show how even the Reddit/testerone driven community of Battlefield has had to bow to the might of pony, so much to the point that some famous artists hangout with the Battlelog ponies.

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I don’t know anything about Battlefield. However, I’d personally like to see more mainstream spread. The newspaper articles have been nice, but seeing a professional athlete “come out” as a brony or a celebrity that isn’t in the stereotypical Web Culture would make my day.

I wonder if there are any ponies that are into sports like baseball. I’m sure that there should be an episode in which two pony teams play baseball. If they make an episode like that, I hope they don’t do a reference to game six of the 2011 World Series. Yes, I’m a Rangers fan and I’m not happy right now.


No apes have ever been shown in any episode though I’m sure a chimpanzee soundbyte has been used somewhere in the Everfree forest…but that doesn’t matter.

Those sort of things are implied in the MLP universe anyway.

You can’t really say what is or is not in MLP simply because an episode has not shown it because the creators can throw in anything they want in any episode. They have no limitations and nothing has to make sense. Whatever the creators can think of can be shown so you have to assume there are humanoid creatures along with anything else that exists.

Can we assume there are humans in the MLP universe? In G1 there was, so yea.

But we probably won’t see them in G4 because Lyra’s human fascination is not canon, therefore the writers don’t have a strong motivation to include a human character in the show.

You will just have to use your imagination, just like everyone else who helped forge Lyra’s fanon character. Pretend that she contacted and studies humans through Tumblr or something…either that or she uses Aperture Science Portal devices. One or the other.


So apparently Chis Menning decided the forum lacked cheeto’s and renamed the boards.

Fortunately for him, Pony General has him covered

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Majorly late to this conversation but I’ll go ahead and take a stab at it.

Political preferences:

AJ’s pretty easy to pin as a conservative, both socially and economically. Not really too much to say here…

Rarity seems to be pretty socially conservative, but her element would suggest a more liberal policy toward finances. Overall, she’d be relatively independent.

Twilight would be on the liberal side as she is essentially a grad student living in government-supplied housing. =)

Fluttershy is obviously going to be on the liberal end of both scales, though her general cowardice would probably keep her from really standing up and proclaiming those views.

I would consider Pinkie to be almost completely apolitical. I can’t see her really caring about or understanding) the political process on any significant level.

Dash is a bit more complicated because she has attributes of both parties (maybe a bit more conservative), but in the end, I’d say that, like Pinkie, she probably wouldn’t be much of a voter. She has better stuff to do.

So there you go, one Republican, one Independent, one Democrat, and three non-political ponies spread relatively evenly across the spectrum.
(Don’t you love how these characters are all so distinct that they each have their own views without seeming to overlap?)

As for the actual political system, they definitely live in a diarchy, and like someone up there said, I don’t recall any voting ever taking place, even informally, so that does suggest a certain lack of elected government, though separation of powers was briefly impied:

Then again, in a society where your talents are literally stamped on your ass for all the world to see, who needs elections?
“Your cutie mark is a gavel? Here are your robes. Just be in court on Monday!”

And since Fifths asked for it, have some crazy God-Gueen Fausticorn:

@Primates in MLP
Tsk, tsk, tsk, people…
You call yourselves fans and yet you can’t even remember our genetic relative’s big scene?

As for actual humans, I truly hope that they never appear in the show.
(I don’t think they’ve been around since G1 anyway.)
I like it better with no humans because honestly, it always seemed like the humans in these fantasy universes are just added in an attempt to make the world ‘relatable’ to children.
The characters we have now are strong enough that, despite being entirely different biologically, viewers relate to them as well as any ‘human.’
Actual humans are just unnecessary and it would probably be pretty awkward trying to introduce them now without having it seem like some kind of odd pandering.
This is a fantasy world of magic and mystery.
Leave the people at home for this one.

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What’s the sauce on your seperation of powers pic, Parrot? Selection by cutie mark actually makes sense, let’s call this system a diarchy with a meritocratic (best parallel I can come up with) governement.

I’m not sure if I want to call it representative yet. As far as we’re aware, Princesses Celestia and Luna create the laws. I need to know if the pic is legit, and even then we don’t know the full extent of the legislature’s power. I’d assume that the judicial branch has some power, although once again Celestia seems to be able to give final and unquestionable judgement, and we know the executive branch (which as far as we know is limited to mayorship) has at least some power. It makes me think that the three branches have some power, but the Princesses are considerably more powerful and unchallengable… oh god why am I analyzing this so much?

Although if Mayor Mare’s special talent is executive governement, she’s pretty talentless…

Last edited Oct 06, 2012 at 11:15PM EDT

I always found it interesting that upon the formation of Equestria, a sort of blending of the tribes’ various governments seems to have been formed. At the highest level, their rule of law comes entirely from a royal line, just as it was for the unicorns. When it comes to local matters, they seem to have a more representative style, same as the earth ponies did. Even though we have seen no elections, I would still venture that Mayor Mare can be “fired” by the townsfolk if they thought she was doing poorly. As for how they’re appointed in the first place, maybe they do have elections, but not term limits. That would explain she-with-the-fake-grey-mane is seemingly there for good. And lastly, the pegasi still make up the majority of the royal guard, which seems to be the primary military force Equestria possesses. This of course seems like a throwback to the days that pegasi were governed by individuals resembling war-chiefs. Fascinating, really.

As for cutie marks determining their role in government (and society), I’d like to point out that isn’t entirely the case. For some, there’s a direct correlation between the flank-stamp and their occupation, whereas for others the connection is a bit more tangential. Take Rarity, for example. Her talent is what, finding gems to dig up? And yet one would hardly call her career that of a miner. She simply uses the talent indicated by her mark to accommodate her business of choice. And what about Twilight? Her talent may be magic, but that doesn’t specifically equate into being a researcher or a librarian. The same ability could have been used any number of ways, like going the same route as Trixie.

So when talking about local rule, yes, their CMs may have a strong tie to what they do, but it isn’t a strict determinant. Maybe that judge pony could have just as easily been a reporter, or sports referee, or whatever.

Now, about Lyra. Some of you probably know about the idea that humankind is actually an ancient, extinct race in that world, right? Little things like the car tire underground support that notion, even though it was probably only put there for kicks. Perhaps Lyra’s fanon interest in humans is merely a fascination with the arcane, or with objects of mythology. It doesn’t have to be completely off the wall, you know. But like most others, I hope living homo-sapiens never do actually appear in the show. Andy Price has already confirmed they’ll never be in the comics, and I’m pretty sure the series will stick to the same thing, so I believe we’re safe there.

Now have some Power Glove Lyra.

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I’m not wrong. Thats a monkey. We still have not seen an ape.

Not that I want to argue that anyway because like I said: The creators could add an ape in the very next episode. It’s their oyster

But we definitely won’t see humans in G4 for the reasons you stated. I’m sure the shows creators are aware of that. They wouldn’t do that unless they really had a reason and since Lyra’s interests are purely fanon, they have one less reason on top of that.

I’m just saying that it’s not out of the question, at least as far as your headcanon is concerned. I’ve already seen a tumblr which brought back the G1 human character into G4


I think there are some Lyra Tumblr’s that address exactly that: The concept of Lyra being an archaeologist of sorts, researching the remains of a human civilization that was wiped out and replaced by an evolved form of horse

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Dan kind of brought this up, but I was wrestling with seeing the “government ponies” (THAT NAME IS NOW FANON) – in the song “Smile, Smile, Smile” by the way, Parrot didn’t want to make a post about it but since I was going to add to the conversation I figured I might as well – because it just didn’t make sense. As I’ve brought up, Celestia appears to have absolute power, and I’d assume Luna does as well. If that’s true, then there is a massive imbalance in power for the executive branch over any others. We know she can make laws and pass judgement without approval from other branches, therefore meaning not only is she the highest power executively, but also in legislation and judcial powers.

I have a new theory, however. What if Equestria is governed through a series of governmental powers, each with decreasing power and domain?

  • Celestia and Luna are the unquestionable and infallible leaders of Equestria, with the final say in legislative and judicial matters, being able pass laws and pass judgements without opposition. In addition, they are the heads of state and government. They could be equated to (in American terms, sorry Eurofriends) the President, Chief Justice, and Speaker of the House in one person (as in all that power per princess), if the Chief Justice and Speaker’s powers were greatly expanded.
  • This level is purely theoretical, but makes sense logistically. It’s extrapolated from the assumption that Celestia and Luna cannot handle all of the national-level duties by themselves, even being able to perform 24 hours a day between the two of them. I’m guessing that there is a national meritocracy to take care of mundane federal matters, with a parliament of sorts and a national judiciary. There may also be an executive cabinet of ministers, although I doubt there would be a prime minister-type, that being the princesses’ job. This would be merit-based appointment, with special talents taken into consideration, based on the lack of democratic concept in the show. This level of government, along with the next, are what I feel really make this absolute diarchy make sense.
  • Finally, there is a regional level of government, again meritocratic. This is what we see in “Smile, Smile, Smile” and Parrot’s picture. My theory is that Ponyville is the capital of the surrounding region, and that “Mayor” could possibly be the title for the executive of a region; after all, no-one said that titles had to be one-to-one with the real world. The only reason I see it as being regional instead of local is having all three, especially the judge, in one place – Ponyville might have a regional/state courthouse, otherwise, I don’t see why it would be big enough to house a circuit court.
  • There is probably a local level of government as well. This could actually be Mayor Mare. I just feel like her powers extend to the surrounding area a lot, not just up to the borders of Ponyville proper.

So essentially we have an Absolute Diarchy with a Meritocratic Representative Federal government. Logistically and based on the canon we have, this makes sense to me.

tl;dr crazy theories on pony government. pic related.

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@Humans in Equestria

Don’t tell me you people already forgot about this guy:

Minotaurs are technically half-human, as anyone with even cursory knowledge of Greek mythology will tell you. Funny thing though, Lyra didn’t bother attending his seminar. I even went and double-checked the episode, only saw Bon Bon in the crowd. A case of the animators stealthily poking a little fun at us, perhaps?

@Pony government

I’m surprised that no one has proposed that Celestia and Luna are just figure heads at this point, like the royal family in the U.K. I mean think about it, how much governmental power have we really seen Celestia exercise? What has she really done besides frequent tea parties, preside over weddings, and prove stunningly useless at stopping any of the disasters that frequently threaten Equestria? How many laws have we seen her pass, how many executive actions have we seen her take?

There is some evidence that Equestria’s social evolution has been similar to western europe’s. It seems that Luna and Celestia had a lot more power 1000 years ago when Equestria was still in its medieval phase. Over time however, as Equestria has become more prosperous and technologically advanced, the ponies have demanded more political power to match their growing economic powers. Celestia was willing to surrender this power gracefully, so she was allowed to stay around as their beloved princess as opposed to getting guillotined to death, but the real power in Equestria resides in elected officials like Mayor Mare.

Hmm, perhaps Luna eclipsed can be interpreted as the distress of a ruler who comes from a time where respect was taken for granted to a time where the love of the people must be earned through, ech, personality.

@Humans in Equestria

Hey guys, I think it’s about time we got a human council together and voted to make Lyra an honorary human. We’ll send her a fruit basket and a pair of gloves.


Okay, so I did a little research on the minotaur to make sure it was the son of a human and a bull (I had thought it was the son of a human and a God in bull form or some shit, but Im thinking of when Zeus took the form of a swan and got some sweet swan action with a human.)

Anyway, here’s what wikipedia had to say.

“After he ascended the throne of Crete, Minos competed with his brothers to rule. Minos prayed to Poseidon to send him a snow-white bull, as a sign of support. He was to kill the bull to show honor to Poseidon but decided to keep it instead because of its beauty. He thought Poseidon would not care if he kept the white bull and sacrificed one of his own. To punish Minos, Aphrodite made Pasiphaë, Minos’ wife, fall deeply in love with the bull from the sea, the Cretan Bull.[6] Pasiphaë had the archetypal craftsman Daedalus make a hollow wooden cow, and climbed inside it in order to mate with the white bull.”

Ok, first question: Why does Aphrodite give a fuck that some guy might have made a slight on Poseidon?

Second question, how awkward must that conversation have been when Pasiphaë asked Daedalus to make that hollow wooden cow?

Pasiphaë: Hey Daedalus, I’ve got a commission for you.
Daedalus: Ok
Pasiphaë: I want you to make a hollow wooden cow that I can go inside.
Daedalus: …why?
Pasiphaë: Reasons.
Daedalus: Whatever, I could use the work.
Pasiphaë: Oh, one more thing…um…could you make a…a hole…between the cow’s…you know.
Daedalus: …

And then 9 months later, Pasiphaë gave birth to a monsterous half-man, half-bull and Daedalus got even MORE work when he was commisioned to build the labyrinth!

Last edited Oct 07, 2012 at 11:24AM EDT

Fifths wrote:

I’m surprised that no one has proposed that Celestia and Luna are just figure heads at this point, like the royal family in the U.K. I mean think about it, how much governmental power have we really seen Celestia exercise?

The reason being is that we haven’t seen anyone other than Mayor Mare exercise ANY governmental power. In addition, we haven’t seen anything even approaching a senatorial or parliamentary house (and even if there was, it doesn’t mean anything. Saudi Arabia has a senate….doesn’t make it anything other than an Absolute Monarchy). So it is safe to assume that Equestria does not have any real form of democracy.

Fifths wrote:

@Humans in Equestria

Hey guys, I think it’s about time we got a human council together and voted to make Lyra an honorary human. We’ll send her a fruit basket and a pair of gloves.

NEIN! I will not stand by and watch as the purity of the human race is tainted by such untermenschen! The day we allow ponies to become humans is the day we sign our death warrant as the master race!

Seig Menschlichkeit!

Fifths wrote:

Second question, how awkward must that conversation have been when Pasiphaë asked Daedalus to make that hollow wooden cow?

It’s not that I’m worried about. I don’t know much about bull dicks but if they’re anything similar to horses….how the fuck did her womb survive?

Also, as to why Aphrodite would care…..Poseidon was one of her many lovers so maybe she was pissed when he didn’t get her due?

I’m bored, so here, have something somewhat interesting.

Lets take a look at the members and discussion topics of the past threads:

Pony General I page 77 Began on September 10, 2011. We had a Sweetie Belle Derelle, all page long. Posters included Dr. Greg, me, Ric, StarGazer, Karnage, Blue Yoshi, Romana, Beans, staz, RandomMan, badsitrep, and cite.

Pony General II page 77 Began October 16, 2011. We talked about the Royal Guards’ names, the new episode, and random stuffs. Posters included Blue Yoshi, Fridge Logic, me, Ric, Nathan, cite, Karnage, Daniel, and Berry Punch.

Pony General III page 77 Began November 14, 2011. We talked about shipping charts, ColgatexBerry, wet mane Rarity, other inappropriate stuff, and Assassins’ Creed. Posters included Ideo, Ric, Berry, me, badsitrep, Romana, cite, opspe, Dr. Greg, owens, Dac, Verbose, Daniel, nukefire, StarGazer, Riyku, and staz.

Pony General IV page 77 Started on January 8, 2012. We talked about newfaggotry and everyone got mad at each other! :D Posters included Pyro, Dac, Riyku, Iamslow, me, cite, JAB, Algie, Ric, Ideo, RandomMan, X, Ashbot, Verbose, Daniel, Bob, phoenix, and Ric.

Pony General V page 77 Started on April 13, 2012. We talked about rustled jimmies, grimdark stuff, the upcoming season finale, and The Pony Hub site. Posters included Dr. Greg, Solaire, Ric, BSoD, Pinkamena, DoctorHobo, Dac, Twins, Muffins, PopperFett, me, Verbose, Epicus, Chris, and pyro.

Pony General VI page 77 Started October 2, 2012. We talked about Springer bronies, clopping, fandoms, and Pony Politics. Posters included Trash Boat, Ingway, Bruno, Solaire, BSoD, Twilit, Verbose, DeadParrot, Omni, RandomMan, Commodore, phoenix, Fifths, disturbedbrony, Mexx, ExudesAffluence, opspe, Ice, me, Fun Police, chowzbergerz, and Dan.

So, you guys see any trends or anything?

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Fifths wrote:

I’m surprised that no one has proposed that Celestia and Luna are just figure heads at this point, like the royal family in the U.K. I mean think about it, how much governmental power have we really seen Celestia exercise? What has she really done besides frequent tea parties, preside over weddings, and prove stunningly useless at stopping any of the disasters that frequently threaten Equestria? How many laws have we seen her pass, how many executive actions have we seen her take?

The reason I see Celestia (and therefore Luna) having absolute power are:

  • Celestia making a decree/law for Twilight to study in Ponyville (gimme a break it’s a kid’s show, people don’t make serious laws in these shows often)
  • Twilight being afraid she will be banished from Ponyville by Celestia in Swarm of the Century and Lesson Zero
  • Word of God:
“I know “princess” sounds cuter and helps sell more toys, and because of that you were probably forced to keep her as a princess by the powers that be…"

That’s what happened. I was told that because of Disney movies, girls assume that Queens are evil (although I only remember 1 evil queen) and Princesses are good. I was also told that the perceived youth of a Princess is preferable to consumers.

She does not have parents that outrank her. I brought the weirdness of that situation to my bosses, but it did not seem to be a continuity concern to them, so I’m letting it alone. I always wanted her to be the highest authority, and so she remains so. And I certainly don’t want marriage to be what would escalate her. (Bad messages to girls and what not.)

Sorry I couldn’t give you a more satisfying answer. Maybe as the series goes on we can thread something together. I put up a bit of a fight when her title changed, but you win some, you loose some.

That’s a direct quote from Faust’s deviantArt. Short version: Celestia was going to be a queen with absolute power, now she still has that absolute power, according to Faust, just a title change at Hasbro’s request.

Due to this, I stand by my theory on the Equestrian government structure.

Last edited Oct 07, 2012 at 02:08PM EDT

Now, I don’t live in England so I don’t have first-hand knowledge, but I’m reasonably sure that all of those points could still apply to a constitutional monarchy.
The Queen of England is still technically the top of the government, she just tends to exercise that power so infrequently as to be little more than a figurehead.
She has aides and assistants who she can order around, though I don’t think she has ‘students’ like Twilight.
The royal guards of the show were clearly based off of Britain’s traditionally emotionless palace guards.
I do still tend to think of Celestia as an actual active ruler, but Fifth’s proposition is equally valid based on what little evidence we have.

Then again…

“Aww, little Angel’s trying to feel important… Does some-bunny need a hug?”

Deadparrot, it’s time for a history lesson.

Actually, the Queen (or King) of England has extremely minimal power. The Monarch used to be the most powerful person in the country, but starting with the Magna Carta in 1215, and culminating by most estimations with the 1689 Bill of Rights, essentially all of the original monarchial power was transferred to the people: first the barons and the supreme power of the “law of the land” in the Magna Carta, then transferring practically all legislative and executive power to Parliament, and by extension the Cabinet of Ministers. Due to this, the Monarch’s power is pretty much nothing. Everything he or she does has to be non-partisan and within precedent set by Parliament. In other words, they can only do what Parliament wants. She does sign laws into effect, but as far as I’m aware, no Monarch has ever vetoed one.

This means that the Queen of England is essentially only the Head of State, or the international representative of England. (Ambassadors are representatives of the Head of State, but that’s a story for another day.) In the United Kingdom, the Head of Government, essentially the highest executive official, or what you were suggesting the queen is, is in fact the Prime Minister. In comparison, the President of the United States is the Head of State and Government. Being the Head of Government allows the President to enact Executive Orders, for example. Celestia and Luna, on the other hand, appear to be Heads of State and Government like the President (that decree at the end of Friendship is Magic is especially of interest to me in that regard), but based on what I’ve seen they (I say they, but really it’s mostly Celestia, I’m just assuming that “rule together” meant Luna was once again on equal footing with her sister) also have considerable judicial and legislative powers.

Have some pretentiously anti-big government ponu.

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Between what? Britain and Equestria? Realistically, Britain exists and Equestria doesn’t, so Britain. Theoretically, Equestria has MAGIC UNICORNS. Equestria.

>mfw this page

And political systems too, I suppose. F**k politics.

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Explosive Lasers AKA Solaire AKA Sexiest wrote:

It’s France (Prance for ponies?).

Fluttershy said so.

I think each country needs a ponified name in their language. I don’t speak French, so I can’t help you there. But Pferdland is my headcannon.

Also, you misspelled best country.

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Explosive Lasers AKA Solaire AKA Sexiest wrote:

It’s France (Prance for ponies?).

Fluttershy said so.

Actually, it’s France if G3 has anything to say about it…


But you realize y’all posting in a GB thread…


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