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KYM Pony General VI: Return of the Poni

Last posted Apr 19, 2013 at 12:20AM EDT. Added Jul 01, 2012 at 04:43PM EDT
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X wrote:

A well respected website published an article that might be of intreats to you:
The 5 signs the brony fandom is fading

Any thoughts or comments on the matter?
I am particularly intrested in hearing what Verbose, Opspe, Brownmane, Fifths and Twins have to say about this.

There’s a bit of wisdom on the tip of my tongue, that I feel as if I’ve heard before…

“Passions may Fade, but they never Die.”

Fandoms are the same:
Star Trek may have faded long ago, but it’s fans still rally in droves.
Star Wars lost its spark in recent editions, but people still remember the original Trilogy fondly.
Many Shows I watched as a kid are still around; even if they don’t show up that often.

My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic has left a mark on the world. It’s not going to be forgotten so easily.

Gee, X, way to single people out. :P

Although my opinions are clearly among those of the non-elite, I’ll share my thoughts on that article, since controversial opinions on the fandom are just about the only things that ever make me tl;dr.

To kick this off, I disagree with the overall observation that the fandom is in decline, and I can think of several reasons to support my dissent with Orsini’s statements. First of all, she arbitrarily fabricated several “signs” by which to measure the health of a fandom. Then, to support her presuppositional indicators, she singled out a few large and obvious examples and acts like they unquestionably prove her point, while for the most part ignoring the fact that the majority of bronies have no part in her examples. Perhaps it would be more clear if I listed her signs more specifically:

1) Bullying and drama

Has there been some of this? Yes, but that’s been a factor since the very beginning. And those that do such things have always been a small enough portion of bronies that growth of the fandom has been essentially unimpeded. Even Derpygate wasn’t enough actually stop momentum, and that’s easily been the biggest (and yet also most overstated) drama we’ve experienced.

And as for Purple Tinker and the Canterlot Gardens staffers, that issue is between a group of individuals in the single digits. PT has done his best to spread “awareness” to everyone who would listen, which is what has led to the appearance of a massive scandal, but most fans honestly want nothing to do with any of that, myself included. (Note: I’m not saying that PT didn’t have reason to be upset or to take action against those people, but dragging the whole fandom into it was a bit much in my opinion.)

2) Big name fans keep their distance

Uh, what? So, Yamino gets blacklisted and thus goes relatively quiet, and this is indicative of a trend of well-known people avoiding the name “brony”? lolno. How about John deLancie, or Andrew W.K.? Heck, some people have BECOME fairly big thanks to being a brony, like The Living Tombstone, and many of them are just as openly part of the fandom as ever. This one is just plain overstated.

And to support her earlier supposition that we’re rife with bullies and that’s what keeps the “big names” away, she mentions that Yelling At Cats “recorded a rap song in which he threatens to murder [Yamino].” Although that was undoubtedly done in poor taste, anyone within the fandom should know by now that everything Cats does is satirical and not meant to be taken too seriously.

3) Media oversaturation

Again, completely inaccurate. Since I joined the bronyverse just over a year ago, I’ve seen more and more media coverage up until now, and thankfully, it’s been increasingly neutral instead of negative.

4) Fewer newbies

Here, she begins by stating a forgone conclusion: “With a hostile environment apparent to insiders and outsiders alike, it’s no wonder fewer people are choosing to identify as bronies.” Do you see the fallacy? She’s proven nothing, but she acts like her facts are a done deal. She then goes on to quote Cerulean Sparks, who believes the number of fans being added has decreased, but blames the gap between season. Ms. Lauren then returns to her fallacious assumptions by reiterating, “the state they find the fandom in may deter them from staying very long.”

5) Loss of founding values

According to Orsini, we’ve apparently lost and forgotten that the reason we got into this fandom in the first place was because of “the show’s underlying values of friendship, love, and tolerance for others above all else.” First of all, Dac would disagree strongly. Secondly, we haven’t forgotten about that at all, in fact it’s a rather bitter insinuation. When I look around EqD, deviantART, derpibooru, and even here, I see fans who DO prefer to encourage and enjoy the tenets of harmony (if I may be so cheesy), rather than be “at each other’s throats”, as Pinkie might say.

In summary, this was a poor article overall that painted a one-sided picture for the sake of controversy. Perhaps her biggest mistake was citing tumblr so many times, and its various hater-blogs. Even tumblr has its good points, but it’s crawling with angsty anons and drama queens/crybabies like Ken Ashcorp. If she was interested in doing balanced reporting, she would have taken into account just how many of us get along just fine, and indeed take pleasure in each others’ company.

It’s a sensational attempt to get shares among all the brony sites, and nothing more. Although some of her points should certainly be brought up in a discussion like this, they were so poorly handled that they end up losing their helpfulness. I hope any who happen across this piece will know better than to take it completely at face value. But anyway, that’s the news for you.

Ya feel me?

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X wrote:

A well respected website published an article that might be of intreats to you:
The 5 signs the brony fandom is fading

Any thoughts or comments on the matter?
I am particularly intrested in hearing what Verbose, Opspe, Brownmane, Fifths and Twins have to say about this.

Well i have read the article, but i think it’s way to early to come to the conclusion that ponys are fading. So here are my views on acouple of those points:

  • Drama
    If you spend some time on those blogs about “bad brony behaviour” you will find out, that most – if not all the stories are exaggerated. The only thing those blogs do, is casting a damning light on bronydom. You will find opinions without context or false interpretations, of course there are some genuine stories, but in the end bronies are still people. There will always be guys who get angered easily, have strange opinions, say bullshit and do bullshit. It’s not that liking ponies makes a saint out of you.
  • Big Names Leaving Fandom
    I honestly have never heard of Yamino. There are people like Veggie55 who have stopped producing content due to lack of time or other personal backgrounds, but i think i missed people saying they are leaving the fandom. Okay wait i know one case, Teh Brawler here on kym.
  • Media Oversaturation
    This is a very interesting point, because i have never seen any bigger german magazin/newspaper to feature an article about bronies, i am still waiting for it. Right now bronies are very underground here.
    You should take a look at the comment section of this not so old Guardian Article. It’s almost time traveling to the beginning, there are still lots and lots of people who never heard of MLP:FiM and don’t have a clue what bronies are. So the point is: Saturation isn’t reached yet!

All in all i am about 100% sure that ponies will prevail for some time, we are leaving the pony draught right now, as the next season is about to start. The article has a sensationalist tone, wants to provoke, but lacks statistics or verifiable numbers.

@Millenial Dan
Jup, well said!

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Suddenly I feel like starting off in a new direction… Your Favored Interpretations Of Derpy!

Personally, I like the idea that Derpy is Rather unobservant, and has poor eyesight (Maybe even Blind). But she still has a fair degree of intelligence (Maybe even above average), balanced out by being incredibly immature.

Everyone loves the idea she can break stuff (including reality) just by touching it. And I think that’s cool; and considering I found some good rules on that for my AU Comic (The RPG based one with Dash as a knight), one could even inject a little bit of drama into that minor detail itself.

And then, there’s the fact she seems to have so much personality, that one can’t stay mad at her; partly cause she’s always trying to do what is right.

And considering Derpy is the Mythical Figure of the Fandom…

I’ve come to a Conclusion a while ago. Derpy would make the best Oracle. (By Pathfinder RPG Standards).

Edit: Oh, Dear. I Completely missed the more important announcements that just happened behind me.

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@ Fading Fandom
Exactly. Personally, I have begun to “drift” somewhat from the brony fandom, but that’s simply because there haven’t been any new episodes or anything is so long. Do I still consider myself a brony? Of course! Heck, I still make an effort to participate in things online whenever possible, even if it is somewhat less now. That being said, I try to avoid spoilers for season 3, so that may also contribute to why I don’t participate as often as I once did…

Ponies have become such an imbedded part of the internet now that many people just take them as a given. I think that’s why they aren’t getting the kind of attention they used to, at least online. In the outside world, that’s a different story. I was actually quite surprised when a relatively internet-literate friend of mine said that they had no idea what a brony was.

No, I’m pretty sure that this fandom isn’t going away anywhere anytime soon. Certainly not before season 3! :P

@ Derpy
I’ve always seen Derpy as the embodiment of how much the show’s creators appreciate the fans. Really, it is a huge deal that they not only hide her in almost every episode somewhere, but that they also gave her a speaking role and (temporarily, at least) a name! That’s why Derpy is awesome.

@ Season 3 Release:

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@Failing fandom:

We’re still producing content, still very large, and still growing.

About the bullying and drama… Guise, the fandom started on monkey-fighting 4chan. Everybody there is a bullying dramafag, or a hate machine. Or both, come to think of it. The brony fandom isn’t gonna die because of assholes being assholes.

About the big name fans… So? I’ve never heard of Yamino, to be honest, nor have I heard of any death threats. I’ve heard of Yelling At Cats. Once. Just once, and that was a long time ago. I think there are a few that moved on to bigger projects or RL. There are also a lot that went on hiatus due to the long pony drought.

Which is another thing. Judging the fandom dying when it’s been months since that last episode is so fucking biased it’s laughable. I don’t think the columnist even thought for a minute about the big picture of the fandom and just jumped to a conclusion he had drawn based on little evidence.

Now, on media saturation, I hardly think it’d cause a fandom to die. It’d turn the public eye on it, but what can they do that the internet hasn’t already? Figure that people like Erin Burnett are actually helping the fandom, rather than harming it. Jerry Springer is another fairly good example, though you have to consider he’s more for comedy as well, and he had jackasses on the show.

The fourth point regarding newbies is, again, another biased statement. There are fewer newbies because the dozens of people that were newbies at the start of the fandom aren’t now. It used to be everybody was a newbie, and now a lot of the members that are becoming bronies already know a fuck-ton about them before they join.

I particularly love the final point. Especially the ‘founding values’ part. Because, y’know, 4chan was dead-serious about being loving and tolerating. Think about that for a second. ‘Love and tolerate’ originated on 4chan.

I rest my case.

Guess who’s back in the saddle?

EW can exclusively reveal that all-new episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic -- the colorful kid’s series that became an Internet phenomenon -- will premiere on The Hub at 10 a.m. on Saturday, November 10. The show’s third season is kicking off with an epic, hour-long two-parter centered on a whole new corner of Equestria: the Crystal Empire, an ancient, cursed place that mysteriously reemerges after a thousand-year absence.

Pony head writer Meghan McCarthy tells EW that season 3 will focus on main pony Twilight Sparkle as she advances in her magical studies: “She’s been in Ponyville for awhile now, and so her journey is going a little bit further,” McCarthy says. It’ll also feature “very catchy and very, very cute” new songs, “the usual pop culture references,” and the reemergence of a certain unnamed fan favorite villain -- who McCarthy says will return “in a very, very awesome way.”

Fans should also watch out for an upcoming installment that deals with a very topical issue: bullying. “[It] explores how you should handle a bully, and sometimes what the source of bullying is,” McCarthy explains. But don’t expect an awkward Very Special Episode: “It’s wrapped in a story that’s really fun and funny, and has music, and doesn’t feel heavy-handed.”

There’s way too much there for me to even comment on. Where to begin?! At the very least, I’d like to point out that Shining Armor is not only with them, he’s looking rather like a beast. And is that KING SOMBRA CHASING AFTER THEM AS A BLACK CLOUD? We got some crazy stuff goin’ on in S3 man.


I find my headcanon regarding her to be mostly in agreement with this tumblr. She’s a fairly intelligent, accident-prone pony with an eye condition and a soft spot for the Doctor.


All true.

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I was going to comment on it right after X posted it, but I was tired and short on time, so here is my more coherent opinion.

Simply put, she is looking at our fandom from an outside perspective.

All of her points have some validity. Yes, there are major players who are gone. Yes, there are less Pony n00bs. Yes, “love and tolerate” is probably a dead concept, and I’ve believed that since I joined the fandom this summer. However, it’s all from someone who obviously has little to no experience within the fandom, and several points have logical fallacies anyways.

Point 1: Bullying and Drama

Ever wonder why the news loves to tell you about the seventeen murders that happened downtown today? It’s because it’s more interesting than the mundane stuff that also happened yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that. In the same way, we’re more likely to hear about a major bullying incident than bronies being nice as usual. Simply put, while I still hold that the original ideas of love and tolerate are dead, that still simply isn’t us. These bullying incidents are out of the ordinary, and that’s why they are as prominent as they are.

Point 2: Big Name Fans Keep Their Distance

Yes, several artists have stopped making art, and people are starting to shy away from the title of “Brony”. I’m guilty of that, too; I don’t really like using the title in public, even though I’m not afraid to display my fandom. Note, however, that not all of the departing artists are “retiring” because they don’t want to associate with the fandom anymore; as far as I can tell, that’s actually a small percentage. Many of them have stopped for personal reasons, or, like Veggie55, they simply didn’t have enough time anymore. He, and I’m sure several others, have explicitly named it as a hiatus over a retirement, as well; if they can find more time, I’m sure they’ll be back. Veggie said he really regrets having to take time off. That doesn’t sound like he wanted to leave.
Besides, there are other big, mainstream names that have joined the Herd, names that hold more overall sway than deviantArtists like Veggie, and not made any sort of motion to distance themselves: names like Andrew W.K., Deadmau5, John DeLancie… The list goes on. While I respect the artists, I personally feel that those are some of the most important names in the fandom.
As for distancing ourselves from the moniker of “Brony”, I think that’s simply the fandom maturing. I’ve had friend take more negative connotations out of it from the “Bro” part of the word, and I’ve never really felt like “bro” meshed with our ideals anyways. I know many users here, even, would prefer different monikers; Fifths jokingly refers to himself as a “miniature equine enthusiast” on his profile, but the idea still stands: we’ve outgrown the Awesome McCoolname of “Brony”.

Point 3: Media Oversaturation

No. That’s not media oversaturation. 50 Shades of Grey gets more reportage. Twilight gets more reportage. Besides, the media’s become increasingly more accepting of us, while not constantly saying “look at teh silleh men watchin poni”.

Point 4: Fewer Newbies

Well, yeah. The initial fandom is now two years old. The majority of the fandom is well past its first year. By this point, it’s easy for a newb to get information on MLP. I’m only a few months in and I already know a lot about the fandom, because I can get that information easily.

Point 5: Loss of Founding Values

“Love and Tolerate” is dead.

Some of you might argue against that, but some of us were seriously bothered by the Springer clip. I personally have a hard time with the haters now, especially after reading an article about bronies in the military, where the first comment was about the “feminisation of the military” or something similar, followed by a hundred or so comments defending the article, and how these soldiers having the guts to admit that they like a show about pastel ponies potentially makes them the bigger men. I honestly have to agree with that. Of course now, every time someone says it’s not manly, I have to defend myself – “No, but I’m manlier for admitting it, etc” and I’ve gotten angrier about the haters. There was an Overconfident Alcoholic 4-panel on MLB the other day, referencing love and tolerate, which I found ironic, since the Springer clip had been MLB-frontpaged the day before and downvoted to hell.
But while our original tenet is no longer a reality, I think it’s morphed a bit. It’s obvious here, at EQD, and most of the other sites. Now, it’s simply “be polite.”
And honestly, that’s still a radical concept for the internet. In my experience, most of the internet is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. It’s really only on brony sites and a select few others that I’ve seen a semblance of community respect, and that’s amazing.

I have some comments on the MASSIVE SPOILERS, but I have to go to work. I’ll be back to give some theories.

Overall reaction:

Point by point:
Yes, bad, but massively exaggerated.
The whole Purple Tinker thing is quite literally the only significant case of alleged bullying that I have heard of in this fandom.
And I do mean ‘alleged’ because, once again, this article has documented Tinker’s complaints without giving any voice to the other side of the argument.
That is just incredibly lazy reporting with no interest in delivering unbiased information.

Big Names:
Well, I was going to make my point here but Whitish and Solaire kind of made it for me.
If you have to explain who Yamino is/was every time you bring her up, she wasn’t exactly a ‘big name’ in the way this article is trying to imply.
And again, just like with Tinker, the writer is taking an isolated incident between a tiny handful of people and attempting to use it as a club to beat down thousands upon thousands of fans.
Anyone who actually sent death threats are jackasses of the highest order, but as I recall there were maybe… five or so?
As for Yelling at Cats, I have tried to give him a chance on multiple occasions but all of his songs seem to follow the stupid formula of ‘Violence + Profanity + Sexuality = Awesome Rapping!’ that plagues the rap industry as a whole.
He is absolutely in the wrong here and this is the one point of the article that I agree with.
His crap does not however, imply that the fandom as a whole is nose-diving, only that this particular guy is willing to go to the crassest of lengths to be ‘edgy.’

Media Saturation:
This got my biggest ‘What?’
Are they trying to imply that pony is just some underground, hipster trend that relied on its obscurity to be ‘cool?’
It’s a show about friendship.
We wanted the media attention.
Yeah, Wal-Mart made an odd misstep, but we largely applauded their desire to appeal to us.
Plus, we still have the documentary on the horizon and new articles are coming out all the time.
Trekkies have been in the limelight for decades and it has only served to strengthen those fans.
Why would ours be any different? (We even have Q rooting for us!)

Fewer Newbies:
Uh, duh?
It’s a fandom with a large presence on the internet.
Most of the major circle of people who might be interested have heard of it by now and made up their minds one way or the other.
There will always be new people popping up regularly because nothing can have full saturation in any population (Seriously, there are people out there who have never heard of Micky Mouse. Micky!) but this complaint is pretty dumb, especially when the article actually acknowledges that the new season is just around the corner and just chooses to ignore it.

Loss of Founding Values:
This last point isn’t even a point.
She tries to claim that the ‘loss of values’ is the root cause of the first four points which is more of a summary than any kind of argument itself.
I’ve already given my opinions on all the others so there’s no real need to put anything here other than, once again, she’s taking one unsubstantiated quote from one person and extrapolating that into a doomsday scenario.

In the end, yes, ponies will eventually ‘fade’ but they will never die out.
Artist will start drawing other things, new shows will come along
They will become another one of our generation’s fondest memories and be referenced basically forever.
There are shows out there with much smaller fanbases that have gone much longer without new content while still maintaining a presence to think that ponies will be going anywhere.
(DBZ comes to mind for me. I watched that a decade ago and I still see it daily.)

@Season Three
Only 23 more days…
Only 23 more days…
Only 23 more days…

@Derpy Headcanon
My brain falls mostly in line with her portrayal in the Doctor and Derpy series of radio-play things.
She’s relatively clumsy and absent-minded, but with a good heart.
She’s a bit emotionally fragile at times but incredibly strong at others.

And just for fun (and to extend this tl;dr to the edge of space! ), this is both hilarious and completely in-character for Scootaloo:

Keep it up, kiddo!

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The Cute Master :3 wrote:

But I really can’t wait for more herpes Derpy…

I can’t agree more… about the Derpy part, anyway! I’m quite looking forward to seeing how she makes an appearance in season 3.

Excerpt from that article:

I think this very poorly represents why alot of people got into the fandom. How often do you see people mention they came for the love and tolerance and just said “meh, I guess I’ll stick around for the things like the show’s great characters, music, animation, ect” on the internet? Also the writer clearly doesn’t know (and I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere else) that the love and tolerance thing started out as a joke on 4chan like Solaire said and it’s kind of a miracle that some fans even took it to heart in the first place. If they were gonna write about this in it’s own little section, it would have been worth knowing that not all of us took it seriously since day one.

I think it’s nice that more people are being pleasant on the internet today because they feel the need to love and tolerate the shit out of each other, but it’s never been what I liked most about the fandom at all or why I even got into it. Honestly I think this article was kind of low, terribly biased and the points they’re trying to raise should have been researched a little better (especially the one about freaking Yamino which was way more complicated than that). Give us a break lol.

@November 10th

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“Episodes that deal with bullying”
Actually, I was thinking Gilda might return. But I suppose it could be Diamond Tiara.

Anyways… Back to theories.

>view of Crystal Empire, I mean seriously it’s made of fucking diamonds it has to be
>King Sombra
>Shining Armor

Obviously, these are from the 2-parter, thanks to Sombra and the (assumed) Crystal Empire. What catches my eye is Shining Armor, though. He’s accompanying the Mane 6, probably, as he’s in both pictures, but where’s Cadance? I’m thinking that the theories that Cadance has something to do with the Crystal Empire are true. What if King Sombra needs her to rule the Empire/Equestria/The World and the Mane Six + The Guys are trying to rescue her?

And there’s your plot theory of the day.

@Fandom fading

Well, I’m rather late to the party. Pretty much all I could have said got covered by others. Still, may as well toss in a few bits since I’m apparently that important.

Bullying and drama, yeah well, welcome to the internet. As folks pointed out, no place in cyberspace is free of this particular miasma. But then, bronies are one of the few groups that generally at least try to act a little more civil, so this really stinks of cherry-picking. Considering that most of her sources are basically dedicated to demonizing the fandom, not very surprising.

Fans keeping distance, well, that actually carries a smidgen of merit. I’ve seen some folks shy away from the term and some people refusing to watch the show because they don’t want to be associated with the fandom. But they’re in the minority, not to mention a bit irrational about it, so this idea holds little water. People are more likely to leave for reasons other than not liking the rest of the fandom, as folks pointed out.

Media oversaturation, well, that only applies if you hang around in places with a sizable brony and/or hater community. Oh sure, we’ve had an unusually high amount of news coverage lately, but oversaturation requires constant, pervasive appearance in the headlines for an extended period of time.

Fewer newbies, well, most people who’ve heard of all this have already made up their minds about it, whether they be fans, haters or just plain indifferent, and don’t pipe about it as much these days. Despite claims to the contrary, this whole shebang is kept mostly under wraps and quarantined in specifically designated zones, so we haven’t really been reaching new audiences for a while. That could well change soon though, what with the new season incoming and the aforementioned increase in media coverage.

Loss of founding values, my ass. As many pointed out, we’ve got no constitution, no Declaration of Independence. We’re just a bunch of people who like a cartoon. How much a given brony follows whatever lessons the show teaches is entirely up to the individual. Sure, we’re generally not as belligerent or malignant as some other groups, but we’re not wide-eyed idealists and we aren’t exempt from the general rule of humans being bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling.

@Spoilers McSpoilerton von Spoilburg


Well, we’ve known Cadence has something to do with the Crystal Empire for quite some time now. We just don’t know precisely what that something might be, but it very likely has to do with running the place. So yeah, could very well be that ol’ Sombra has a vested interest in controlling her.

As for Sombra himself, I’m betting he’s some sort of vampire, komplete vith ze stereotypikal akk-zent und referenzez to traditional volklore as vell as pop-kulture favouritz like Dracula und Nosferatu. He certainly looks the part.

I wonder if he’s in some way related to the Nightmare Moon incident. Perhaps an old lieutenant of hers, who decided to bail when things went sour? He seems to have a penchant for mental trickery and transformation, much like NMM, so could well be.


We know that she leads it from a toy. The toys, honestly, aren’t the most exact source (although they are canon, but I trust the show more). The exact quote, by the way, is that Cadance and Shining Armor “lead the Crystal Empire together”. However, this is the Crystal Empire that has been gone for a thousand years (see the spoilerriffic NYCC clip). Cadance has been around before its reappearance, since she was teenaged (leaning towards the younger side of teenaged, as Twilight is probably on the upper end of that scale now) when she foalsat Twilight, and grew up at a (assumingly) normal pace for an alicorn. Therefore, I don’t think she leads it until November 17th. However, someone brought up her cutie mark awhile ago, I think after the NYCC clip, and pointed out the “Crystal Heart” comment. I wonder if she has something to do with unlocking it/reviving it/etc. In other words, Cadance is the chosen one.

Also, if you’re going to use merch as canon, I might as well point out that the trading cards attribute a seventh Element of Harmony, Love, to her and Shining Armor. The Elements of Harmony have a habit of showing up in the openers. If it’s showtru, this may be important, maybe even one reason why Shining is there.

updated with more info, read it.

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I came by to tell you that the only post I read in all of this tl;dr is X-singular’s.

I also intend on not responding until later just to spite him.

Carry on.

@Article on dying brony fandom, season three release date, any sort of conversation

Yeah, I need to stop being so late to the tl;dr party. You guys should talk about animation more, so that I may seem knowledge about something.

@X-singular and that article

Any thoughts or comments on the matter?
I am particularly intrested in hearing what Verbose, Opspe, Brownmane, Fifths and Twins have to say about this.

Oh so you aren’t interested in hearing what I have to say? DO I MEAN NOTHING TO YOU X!? I THOUGHT WE WERE SPECIAL!

Anyway, so I see that I am late to the discussion again but at least that gives me a chance to see how everyone else reacts first and comment on that as well.

Right after reading the article, I instantly expected the response to it would be outright denial and rebuttal of the claims. I wasn’t disappointed. Fair enough; All 5 points were immediately hard to swallow for everyone involved, especially the one about rampant bullying and the claim that “Brony” has suddenly become a bad term. That is damning news indeed. Nobody wants to think that.

I won’t deny that the claims are questionable. As mentioned before, in the 5th point about loss of founding values: The article claims that love and tolerance is one of the shows underlying values. That one raised an eyebrow with me because we know that love and tolerance is not and never was a value taught by the show. It is not fair to expect anyone to uphold that mantra. This shows that the author is being way too critical on this aspect and is blowing things out of proportion.

Fewer newbies isn’t much of a sign either without statistics proving an actual trend. Media oversaturation also means little. Has media oversaturation stopped other fandoms? No. I don’t need to explain much further why I disagree with those points, because everyone else here already said what I was going to say.

However, despite the fallacies, lets not disregard the possibilities.

If the author is criticising us for not loving and tolerating, could the rest of the world be doing the same? And when they see that we don’t, would the disillusion cause precisely the damage that the author warned about? We have a good reason not to love and tolerate but it seems that not everyone realizes that and may judge anyway.

For what started as another in-joke; “Love and Tolerance” really is coming back to bite us in the ass. Now everyone thinks we should do that when we realistically can’t. We really need to get that message across.

The article is also right about one thing: that if we see an increase in bullying and in-fighting within the fandom, it can cause a lot of damage. At the very least I see that as a warning worth heeding. We can dispute how severe bullying is in this thread and I agree it’s not likely as bad as the author makes it seem but that doesn’t change the fact that it could get that bad as fandom numbers increase. It seems that in any situation; greater numbers also seem to mean greater stupidity. I would remain aware of that.

We should also be on the lookout for how the term “Brony” is treated. We don’t want it carrying a whole bunch of negative connotations. In fact it already may. Has anyone noticed that the stereotypical image of a Brony is an obese pimply neckbeard that faps to Fluttershy’s butt? It’s absolutely hilarious…for now. But I imagine it will stop being funny if the world starts taking that seriously. I think it would pay to be mindful of how our actions paint the term as a whole.

Long story short:

While I agree with the rebuttals everyone made already, I feel that you guys are also being a bit too dismissive and I wanted to point out that at least two of those things pointed out by the author (Internal fighting and external negative connotation) do carry some considerable threats to the lifespan of the fandom. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to ignore them

But is the Fandom dying? Probably not.

Lost story shorter:

Yes I did just play devils advocate just so I could get in on this tl;dr action

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@Fandom fading

That is all.
I would do some actual talky analysis, but everything’s been coverd 3 times over already.



…Well on the flipside this means I have to isolate myself from society to avoid the spoilers the internet magically obtains.


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nukefire wrote:

@Fandom fading

That is all.
I would do some actual talky analysis, but everything’s been coverd 3 times over already.



…Well on the flipside this means I have to isolate myself from society to avoid the spoilers the internet magically obtains.


It’s nearly impossible to avoid spoilers anymore… So I gave up… Any now I have the ability to have an entire movie spoiled to me, and I’ll still enjoy watching it.

Still, even with spoilers and teasers; its possible to get it wrong.

-I’d say how, but the people here are spoiler sensitive.

How do spoiler tags work? Ah Here we go:

I assumed at first that the Crystal ponies saga involved a civil war that was being held at bay by Cadance’s Magics; and that the Mane 6 were trying to remind them what it was like to be a unified nation… and how good that would feel! I was Wrong, as apparently Crystal Ponies are all Amnesiacs who need to be reminded.

Edit: Also, where did that “Man walking out a window” image come from? I must know!

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Verbose wrote:

I came by to tell you that the only post I read in all of this tl;dr is X-singular’s.

I also intend on not responding until later just to spite him.

Carry on.

Seeing how all good points against that article were brought up already, I’m pretty certain the reasons for you not posting are different. You do want to post, you just don’t know of anything that hasn’t already been said before. You’re losing your title of tl;dr king Verbose, you’re growing weaker. Go back to tl;dr kindergarten where you belong.

Whitishcollar wrote:

Ah damn i just love that scene. One of the best Fluttershy-being-assertive moments ever.

inb4 dat thumbnail

Fluttershy is best non-assertive assertive pony.

Also it would be impossible for anypony to rape fluttershy because when she says no she means no, it’s not going to happen…and then the rapist dies. (And goes to pony hell.)

Edit: And now I’m posting diabetes and nopony can stop m-HNNNGGGGGG!

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UPDATE: As it turns out I was wrong about John DeLancie being at Dallas Comic Con. At least, not the one I’m going to. Apparently he was at the one back in May, but this one is “Dallas Comic Con Presents Fan Days” or something. Many sads were had.

Woah, guys, I just realized that my 18th birthday was 10 days after MLP:FiM first aired… 10 days after 10/10/10. COINCIDENCE? Probably.

On a side note, it’s my birthday tomorrow!

Woot! Party!!!

And that is all. As you were, gentlemen.

@X-Singular’s article thing:

Most points have been hit on quite well and even the final point I have to address has been mentioned by Solaire and Deadparrot but:

5) Loss of founding values

The four reasons outlined above are but symptoms of a larger problem. The biggest reason brony fandom is jumping the shark is that it lost the values that held it together in the first place.

The fandom started on 4chan’s /co/ board and never for the reason of love and tolerance. It’s fucking 4chan for god’s sake. I was there in the /co/ MLP General threads before moving to KYM and frankly it was hell. Rule 34, Scootabuse, assholes everywhere and all the time.

Love and Tolerate as everyone knows started as a joke that went spiralling out of control which leads to these problems that Blue Screen of Death mentions:

If the author is criticising us for not loving and tolerating, could the rest of the world be doing the same? And when they see that we don’t, would the disillusion cause precisely the damage that the author warned about? We have a good reason not to love and tolerate but it seems that not everyone realizes that and may judge anyway.

For what started as another in-joke; “Love and Tolerance” really is coming back to bite us in the ass. Now everyone thinks we should do that when we realistically can’t. We really need to get that message across.

I’ve seen waaaaay to many people come into the fandom with unrealistic expectations that everyone is going to put up with all their idiosyncrasies (and sometimes bullshit) like we’re fucking Fluttershy levels of patience. We’re not emotional supermen, most of try not to be assholes and I think that’s commendable.

For the record, I really don’t hate the people who are all “love and tolerance” and everything. More power to them, but can they at least give some warning to these interviewers that not everyone is that deep into creed?

I didn’t go into a whole lot of detail on the point that Burning and everyone else made, but I do actually agree with this. The main point I wanted to get at was just how bad her article was, and in the end point out the fact that most bronies are more than happy to find ways to get along. But it’s also true that no, there isn’t some kind of creed that one must follow in order to be a “true” fan, and to say that whatever arguments and fights have occurred are indicative of us having lost something, you’re assuming it was there to begin with, when it never actually was. I object to the idea that we’re all becoming a bunch of jerks, but just as annoying is the implication that we went back on our word somehow.

Basically, I see it like this: the show attempts to demonstrate good principles of friendship (not love and tolerance, as Fifths has rather eloquently written about in the past). Many fans realized that those lessons are applicable to all ages, but even beyond that, there’s a subtle style, a personality to the show, that makes some people just have a desire to be kinder to one another. But heck, as IAmSlow mentioned, it also draws a whole lot of people for it’s artistic design, great music, funny stories, awesome characters, good VA work, the list goes on. The fandom is plenty diverse, with every brony’s story a little different from the next as to why they started watching. The fact that some fans see it as a call to be kinder in general is laudable if you ask me, but it certainly shouldn’t be used to beat fans over the head when you think they’ve gotten out of line or jumped the shark or whatever.

Also, about this:

I wanted to point out that at least two of those things pointed out by the author (Internal fighting and external negative connotation) do carry some considerable threats to the lifespan of the fandom.

That’s why I said that some of her points were worth bringing up in discussion. We’re not writing off her observations completely, but rather pointing out that she did such a terrible job of crafting a believable argumentative platform that the whole thing just sort of falls apart.

Commodore 64 wrote:

Woah, guys, I just realized that my 18th birthday was 10 days after MLP:FiM first aired… 10 days after 10/10/10. COINCIDENCE? Probably.

On a side note, it’s my birthday tomorrow!

Woot! Party!!!

And that is all. As you were, gentlemen.

I feel like I should say something… like the fact I’m probably on the other side of the globe means it’s already your Birthday… over here at least.

So…Merry Birthday Greetings?

…Maybe I should leave this to Pinkie, So here’s a relatively Recent, and probably appropriate remix:

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Commodore 64 wrote:

Woah, guys, I just realized that my 18th birthday was 10 days after MLP:FiM first aired… 10 days after 10/10/10. COINCIDENCE? Probably.

On a side note, it’s my birthday tomorrow!

Woot! Party!!!

And that is all. As you were, gentlemen.

After seeing that gif, I really want to take the characters out of the foreground, make the background a continuous loop, then put them back in so it’s not so jumpy.

But, back on topic…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

We threw a surprise party for you!

Amy Mebberson finally put up a decent version of her Hastings-exclusive cover of the official MLP:FIM comic on her tumblr. This has definitely got to be the second best cover variant, no question. It could easily have been number one if Fluttershy were a little bigger, and that other pony wasn’t quite so prominent. As it is, I give the number one spot to this version:

Also in the top 3:

Amusingly, all three have were made by Mebberson. Don’t get me wrong, the others are great, but these three are da best.

I don’t suppose any of you pay much attention to EqD comments these days. If you do, you may have noticed a few people making the claim that bronies are being squeezed for every last dollar they have by all these covers being made. Personally, I think they’re getting uptight over nothing. Just pick the one you like and be happy, for pony’s sake.


Nineteen covers, to be exact. And with movies, I could easily see the reasoning behind your complaint, but with these covers? Heck, we’ve got ‘em all right here for free anyway, so it doesn’t bother me one bit. Heheh, bit. Get it? You know, cuz money? Yeah? Ahahaah, I’m hilarious. Anyway, the way I see it, it’s just more pony art to enjoy, which is definitely a good thing.


Rainbow who now?

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