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KYM Pony General VI: Return of the Poni

Last posted Apr 19, 2013 at 12:20AM EDT. Added Jul 01, 2012 at 04:43PM EDT
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Lone K.K. Slider wrote:

Well, the site I was linking towards was actually this site (if we are talking about the same picture here), except I just used the “View Image” option to separate it from the distracting background. It sounds like it makes sense, but with these change of the MBTI’s, I was thinking:

  • Should we just swap the MBTI’s in the picture with the ones that we’ve just created (the giant, vertical chart)
  • or should we just push away the whole chart somewhere and put it as an “experimental chart”?

I think we should start from scratch.

For a chart of Which ponies are which personality, we kinda have to do a massive overhaul. That’s the square one.

For a chart of which personalities act which ways around the others, the vertical one, we’re going to need a completely diferent theory. And I can’t find a suitible replacement.

So… I shrug.

Just dumping an interesting pony mention I’ve seen:

The_Chieftain is a military expert for and a Captain in the US Army. He recently did an AMA on reddit and this was one of the questions:

Q: I also loved the Halloween decoration of my garage, will we be able to customize the garage more? Can we buy customs skins for our tanks that other players will see? I desperately need a pony on the side of my Ferdi!

A: I have suggested that we officially support pony skins for Christmas. I think the lawyers are kindof balking at it though (and some of the staff aren’t sure players would appreciate being forced to play against bright pink party tanks, even if just for the day).

Lone K.K. Slider wrote:

Soooooo, is that a yes on option 1?

Actually, I am not really sure at all. I picked those two options off the top of my head. But we must keep exploring this topic, said topic shall not go to waste!

I’m not sure how we define option one and option two.

Considering the chart with the “Mirror, Duality, etc”, which I think is the one you’re talking about when you say “Vertical”, makes absolutely no sense. I think you should scrap that one and make a new thing by a completely new theory.

I’ll even Make something up off the top of my head:

Preface-All imaginable relationships are possible, and more to the point, easy enough, but have vastly different dynamics.

- I+E tend to interact in a relationship based around a sort of push and pull rlationship. The E has the energy to pull the I forward most of the time, allowing them to go on adventures together they may enjoy; while the I soothes the E’s doubts and encourages them to go forward.
-I+I tend to interact in a way based off of deep comunication. Perhaps debating, perhaps colaborating ideas, perhaps talking about feelings.
-E+E Tend to Interact in a somewhat volitile atmosphere. Things like Rivalry, Hijinks, sudden romantic surprises, spontaneous dancing. Think of it as them charging themselves up from each other’s energy.

-S+N This works together by giving each other new perspectives. One sees the details and facts, while the other sees the underlying possibilities they could bring.
-N+N They work together in synch. Anticipating the other’s actions as if the other is attuned to them.
-S+S They Work to discover new truths. Acting much like researchers. They might not be intelectual truths though, emotional truths work just as well.

-F+T The one who feels is there to help maintain the emotional balance of the other, and brings them peace when they are in pain. The one who is Rational reassures the Emotional one when their fears have gotten the better of them by showing them a better way of thinking.
-F+F Um… Lets just say they talk about their feelings a lot.
-T+T I think this is the one where they spend a lot of time discussing what they know, sharing experiences.

-P+J They keep each other on their toes. One coming up with things that seem to come out of nowhere, the other keeping the other reminded of what they should be doing. One coming up with what to do in unexpected situations, the other knowing what should be done in the familiar.
-P+P Every Day is a roller coaster.
-J+J A relationship of two reliable partners.

And that’s all I’ve got. I’m purposefully trying to make all of these sound positive here. So… yeah. Pick whichever ones sound like one partner would like in the other.

Whoa, glad that last page is over.
All those sweets really gave me a sugar rush!

@Personality thingie
I’ve never really put much value in these things as anything other than a silly distraction, but according to that test, I guess I’m an INTJ (whatever that means).
And… I’m Twilight again.
Just like the last pony personality test.
Well, at least they’re consistent.

Oh, and according to that shipping chart that means my best match is Cheerilee.

I guess I can see that well enough.


Always fun to see pony popping up in new and unusual places!

Last edited Nov 30, 2012 at 04:02AM EST

@Cherilee being paired with Twilight.

I don’t see that working out too well in nine out of ten approaches.

The best way I can see is that Cheerilee may be attracted to Twilight’s inquiring mind, but the problem is, Twilight already has a teacher; and probably doesn’t feel the need for another (being mostly self sufficient on that front).

And as long as Twilight remains ignorant of Cheerilie’s attraction, they won’t even have a chance together… And even even if Twi did find out, Cheerilie wound end up in the Companionable section instead in the most likely scenario. Which is hardly what Cheerilee would have in mind.

… Oh dear, it’s like my chesspiece Metaphor has returned. And it has nothing to do with MBTI, so I’d probably abandon the MBTI.

As for My chess peice annalogy… Find it on this page in the form of a big Shipping chart with some poor anotations…It should be a blank version so you can try it yourself.

Excuse me if it seems a bit… homestuck in nature… in fact… even harder to deal with.

Last edited Nov 30, 2012 at 04:25AM EST

Moving the topic away from shipping and pigeonholing personalities…

I am really stoked for tomorrow’s episode. Not even the season opener came close to this level of anticipation and I don’t even really like the antagonist. I am just excited to see how the writers handled the task.

It’s going to be interesting not only due to the episode, but also because of the communities’ reaction. High expectations do also include the chance of a letdown.

Well I made this gif in advance, being prepared you know. Unforunately I have somehow collected a lot of artifacts during some step, but well it’s my first original gif. I am going to be more careful the next time.

@Whitishcollar, I agree with the high anticipation and potential let down bit. That’s what kinda ruined Dragon Quest and Its About Time for me. Not that these episodes were bad (actually, I really like certain parts of them I was not expecting to) but the anticipation made me think they were going the be the best episodes ever.

Still going to stick around the forums a little bit before the episode, but I think I’m going to try to stay out of the MLP image gallery until the episode airs. I’ve already been spoiled too much IMO, and at this rate I’m afraid I’ll see the whole episode before it airs.

Verbose wrote:

Who made this.

What’s the source on this? Where did you see it??

EDIT: Just did some of my own research. I’m pretty sure this image is completely unrelated to us.

Last edited Nov 30, 2012 at 12:49PM EST

Anyone else interested in talking about the new book synopsis?
Anyway, I found one bit interesting about “Under the Sparkling Sea”:

Apparently, this new King Leo of Aquastria is cousin to Celestia. Also, something about a cosmic council which both of them are a part of. Curious to see what other members are on the council (if they show any, that is).

I know they are trying to work with the show to make these stories line up some (or, at the very least, not make them obviously conflict), but I am curious to see if the show will ever acknowledge stuff that happens in any of the printed media.

Also, out of curiosity, as this are just a synopsis of what happens in book, should they use a spoiler tag? I’m tagging it just in case, but for future reference should this be continued?

Last edited Nov 30, 2012 at 01:51PM EST

Verbose wrote:

Who made this.

Crazy insanity is typical of pony.
Par for the course, really.

Yeah, I do agree with you that it will be all kinds of fun to see how this episode is received by the community at large.
I’ve already seen people trashing it based solely on the ~2 minutes of material we have so far, but they tend to be the same people anticipating the doom of the fandom every week and continuously complaining about everything so I’m really not paying them much mind.
For myself, MLP has yet to disappoint me so I’m looking forward to Saturday.
I don’t know how it’s all going to turn out, but I trust the writers, animators, and actors to deliver as they have for three years now.
It’s always dangerous to get yourself too hyped up because you get to a point where nothing can possibly live up to your expectations.
Just flip the show on with a good attitude and a mindset of wanting to have fun and I doubt you’ll walk away unsatisfied.


I find it amusing that the article asserts resolutely that the creatures described are mythological. I’d just like to point out that plenty of species die out all the time, so it’s a little conceited to completely dismiss the notion that their Qilin (weird reptilian unicorn) ever existed.

Of course, these North Korean propaganda machines are evidently not above spouting complete and utter nonsense, but still, an extinct creature owned by some ancient ruler is well within the realm of possibility.

Last edited Nov 30, 2012 at 04:32PM EST

Okay, I’ve got a spoiler-ed Image here… And I’ve got a question to go with it…

How fast is this going to be shipped?

I can feel just by how they are looking at each other that somebody is going to consider this shipping bait, no matter how out of context that is; or how irrelevant it is to the actual matter of things.

…And I’m starting to wonder if I’m one of them…

Tomorrow, I want a good battle. I don’t want a let’s turn the villain into good person with the elements of harmony or crap like that such as Nightmare Moon being defeated. Twilight vs. Trixie. I want the battle to be like this:

@Pyro’s Chart.

I have no idea how I’m supposed to know the difference between all the pics save for a couple.

I mean… 90% of them are Celestia Molestia the sun princess. and the remaining ones are like… 4 in total. (25, 29, 30, 31).

Being born on November 5th, I have no idea why the sticky broad would be playing games… I don’t even know what she’s covered in, but i know it’s not my place to find out.

And most of all… I am sorely disapointed that there is no 31st of November. Because Nobody is ever going to be allowed to play against Luna with this chart. It’s an outrage! I want to VS Luna!

Why must my love of both Gaming and Luna be stifled by a lack of Video Game Dates?

Anyways… Just So I’ve got my timezones Right… The Show starts at… what, 10AM over there? and for some reason, the streams start at what over here is 2AM (on a Sunday mind you).

So And since its 5PM here… and 9 hours till 2AM… that means its 1AM over there right? Check your clock, at the time of posting, I should be right.

Anyways… The Americans among you are 16 hours behind me right?

Just Checking. You can never be sure with time… Especially time travel.

@Deadparrot: Holy shit. I mean, it’s been months since you found that specifically appropriate of a pic, but… are your dark gif conjurer powers acting up again?

@ZeroBlue: The show itself, post season premiere, is 10:30 eastern time, actually. It would be about 1:20 over east when you posted, and 1:30-ish now.

@Pyro: February 7th: I am molested by Molestia. Yeah, seems like something she does.


Thanks, Just making sure.

Anyways, i was just coming back with my Brunch when i considered something…

If there’s an equivalent of Australia in the world of MLP, then they have the easiest Winter Wrap up ever.

Let Me illustrate:

Pegasus 1: So, what were we supposed to do?
Pegasus 2: Thaw everything out?
Pegasus 1: Already done, it never snows here, and nothing freezes over either… next?
Pegasus 2: Bring back the Northern birds?
Pegasus 1: Oh please, most of the birds just stay here over winter. The northern Pegasi probably told the birds to come down here just before their winter anyways, so they should be on their way… next?
Pegasus 2: Clear the sky?
Pegasus 1: Well… We do tend to leave the cloud cover over during spring for the downpour… At least for the inhabited coastal regions anyways… So it can stay… Next?
Pegasus 2: Plant seeds?
Pegasus 1: The earth ponies have been doing that all year round, our climate is great for that… Anything else?
Pegasus 2: Wake the animals?
Pegasus 1: Our animals don’t hibernate. Sounds like there’s almost nothing to do.
Pegasus 2: Wait… there’s one more… Dealing with the bird nests…
Pegasus 1: Umm… You know what… let’s skip that one. those things are scary. One ones that can fly are aggressive as hell, and the ones that can’t are bigger than us.
Pegasus 2: Okay then… good job guys… See you next year…
Pegasus 1: See ya!

And that… Is the story of an Australian Winter Wrap Up… Not one flying blue flip was given that day.

So… Since that Last comment I made on Australian Winter wrap up hasn’t provoked anything yet… I’ll just leave you guys with a question, and take a nap until the Streams are about ready to start.

Who wants to see more of those Bat Ponies/Night guard?

I do, they’re like tied for my favorite Pony-Kind. They one they are tied with is Pegasus-Kind.

And… now I need an obligatory picture.

@My fellow partner in Blueness

Australian Winder Wrap-up is still hard work, it simply involves different jobs from Equestrian winter wrap-up.

For instance, instead of bringing back the northern birds, your goal instead is to kill off the western cane toad. And instead of waking the nocturnal animals, you are warding off the poisonous spiders, snakes and rabid kangaroo’s

New Zealand winter wrap-up isn’t much better. Rather than thaw everything out, we have to drain off the floodwaters. We don’t bring back the northern birds but we save the southern ones from extinction and instead of waking the animals, we breed the sheep


Wut’d I tell you bout workin that black image summonin’ magic boy? Do I have to make another trip down to California, because I will.

You keep them dark arts off my internet, ya hear?


Fuck you, tell the truth. In order to restore the seasons, the people of New Zealand must make an epic journey from their quaint little villages to an active volcano in a black land in order to destroy the one ring. Only then will the dark lord lift his gaze and the summer months be allowed to return. And because there was only ONE ring that this Winter gazing fuck was interested in, the people of New Zealand now don’t get cold weather anymore, returning home to the shire Auckland to live their lives in blissful summer peace.

Seriously, my girlfriend made me sit through a 9 hour documentary about some shit like this. Good thing I had my old friend AJ to help me through it…

Last edited Dec 01, 2012 at 09:01AM EST

I would love to see the bat pegasi return. I made some concept art of what different ones might look like (on paper, so they don’t transfer to computer very well.) I like to think that the guard helmets have slits in the top of the helmet, and that the webbed crests are actually their manes (fish fin like manes). Granted, there isn’t any real evidence for this, but it does make them look more interesting without armor on.

Yep, just what I thought about Trixie’s new necklace. This ought to be interesting to see how this ends.

Also, best pony is doing the mission.


Last edited Dec 01, 2012 at 10:59AM EST

Tch, Fluttershy was literally dragged into doing her mission by her friends. She ain’t do s*** (per usual).

Somewhat adorable but still inept.

I’ll let that episode sit for a while.

As for the JJ Birthday thing, I’d be playing vidya with Celestia.

I CAME (to play Super Smash Bros.)

Okay, a few things here…

-Zecora used magic. I don’t know how, but she did. My Rainbow Hadouken Theory is Vindicated. But that brings up another question…
-How can Zecora Summon water? If trickery, I’ll be freaking peeved… But considering it looks legit, is it because she’s a zebra? Or is it because Zecora is a freaking Monk? (which would be why it’s only her)
-Can RD do it with enough training? I mean, if Zecora can…

-Also, Twilight broke the fourth wall! And so did Pinkie… Fourth wall is now cannon! (Also, that makes it seem that Pinkie can use Eldritch Magic, if in a crude form)

And for the rest of you…

-Alicorn is a cannon term now.

I’m feeling smugly vindicated…

Last edited Dec 01, 2012 at 11:24AM EST

Only thing missing:
<div class=spoiler title=“Ending Spoilerishness”>

Tell me that I wasn’t the only one who wished that had happened!

I kid, I kid (sort of…)

Epic episode!

It just aired.
Give it an hour or two and it will be up.

Last edited Dec 01, 2012 at 11:26AM EST

Lunar Protege wrote:

Okay, a few things here…

-Zecora used magic. I don’t know how, but she did. My Rainbow Hadouken Theory is Vindicated. But that brings up another question…
-How can Zecora Summon water? If trickery, I’ll be freaking peeved… But considering it looks legit, is it because she’s a zebra? Or is it because Zecora is a freaking Monk? (which would be why it’s only her)
-Can RD do it with enough training? I mean, if Zecora can…

-Also, Twilight broke the fourth wall! And so did Pinkie… Fourth wall is now cannon! (Also, that makes it seem that Pinkie can use Eldritch Magic, if in a crude form)

And for the rest of you…

-Alicorn is a cannon term now.

I’m feeling smugly vindicated…

What’s wrong with Zecora using slight of hand? It was smoke ’n mirrors stage magic that saved ponyville anyway, not actual legit magic.

Also, are we able to talk about this out of spoiler tags yet?

Last edited Dec 01, 2012 at 11:31AM EST

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