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KYM Pony General VI: Return of the Poni

Last posted Apr 19, 2013 at 12:20AM EDT. Added Jul 01, 2012 at 04:43PM EDT
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For once, I agree with you… a little. In my short 17 years in this world, I have witnessed suffering that most have not seen. Being the son of undocumented immigrants doesn’t help, really. I know how men can be arrogant, how they can be cold hearted, and how even the smallest things can corrupt. (I won’t go into detail, but think of the situation in Mexico. I have more relation to that than I would like.) I know how living a life of just and good men can be difficult, how there are many people with such conniving, thieving minds. Such arrogance that they think that they own the whole damn world.

I know how one can feel about the way people treat and a treated in this world. I love it when I see such destruction against many of the immoral hypocrites. I love it when their faces lioght up in fear when they realize they don’t own the world. I love that scared expression, that desolate look of desperation on their face when they discover that they are all worthless pawns towards greater cosmic forces. I love how they can just laugh off with such human ignorance one day, and cry hopelessly for their own kin the next. I know that feeling. But I can’t stand it when I feel that. I can’t stand myself when I feel that, I feel like a monster. The way you go off talking as if they are getting what they deserve, I disagree. How you call all people who enjoy their lives as lackwit and idiotic, cursing them towards suffering, because they have not a tenth of your moral character as you say, is arrogant. I can’t stand that. I just can’t. We all are not right to judge each other, at all.

Those hypocritical fucks are just that, hypocritical. I can’t stand them either. I can’t stand the way they come off as the only good in the world, the only ones fit to judge others and can condemn people to hell for one small fluke in their character. But to wish that. Wish evil upon them. How is that better? Instead of becoming a better person for your experiences, and adding childlike naivety and idealism towards the cynicism that one recieves as they grow in such a crapsack world, you go off damning everyone because they are blissfully ignorant of such things? That is your response? Though I do agree with the high of such a feeling, I cannot agree wholelheartedly with that reasoning. Even if you have strong moral character, you are still prone to the fallings and misgivings of humanity, I don’t judge you because of that. Though I do not agree with it, I understand human nature. I can understand both sides of your case. All I ask for is that you understand their plight, and forgive those that have gone against you. Holding in such anger is not healthy, and can turn you against your family and friends. You become an outcast, a recluse with nothing but hatred towards the world. You become a monster. I know this, for I was one.

And after all that, what good came from all your work to become a just man? So please, it’s okay to revel in destruction once in a while, but don’t let that feeling control you. I’m literally shaking right now with what I am feeling about all this. Try to not only be a just man, but help those around you to be just, after all, “Cynical realism is the intelligent man’s best excuse for doing nothing in an intolerable situation.” Remember that.

Welp. Back to ponies. CHEERS!


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This thread has too much SRS BSNS in it. We’re gather together in honor of a flipping children’s cartoon for Celestia’s sake!

This thread needs a shot of pony STAT.

And now everything is okay.

Okay, guys, I think we need to get back onto the topic of ponies fully and solely. This thread is pretty young, and we don’t want to derail it so early.

So, I pose something to you guys:

Why do you think so many fads have arisen in the brony community. For an example, Derpy loves muffins wholly and solely, becoming a massive trait. This spawned from her saying ‘Muffins!’ in ‘Applebuck Season’. My confusion arises by the fact that she was in a crowd with about a dozen other ponies, all of whom also said ‘Muffins!’ with the same enthusiasm, in the same second, in the same situation. Another example is Lyra, who has grown to want hands and knows about humans, to a point where it is, pretty much, her only defining characteristic (making her a VERY flat character in most fan depictions, in my opinion). This grew from the way she was sitting on a bench, which is a fashion of sitting now replicated by almost everypony now, including the entire Mane Six, pretty much.

I, personally, think the fandom has taken the little quirks to such an extreme and clutched onto them so thoroughly that is makes the characters a little more shallow to have one tiny trait define them so heavily, especially when it’s a trait shared by every other character. It’s not really a big deal, I just wanted to know your opinions on it.

None taken.
I may seem prideful…it’s my damn human nature. I try my best not to, though. I do have…problems with humbling myself before my God sometimes. It’s a blasted curse to come off as such. I try not to think myself above others, just as a person among them who tries to help.
My failures? Trust me, I am no saint. I try my best and fail sometimes. You try to be good, but sometimes you fall. It’s just the matter of picking yourself up, and moving on.
I understand your concern. I’ve dealt (and deal) with zealots and hyprocrites. It’s hard, but I manage. Like I said, I’ve been told I’d go to hell if I didn’t got to their church.
I am not a saint, I’m not always rightous, and I’m not always humble. I am human, but I try to do my best to be a good person. But I will always fail along the road. It’s a fact of life. Just move along.
I’m interested to discuss more with you. PM me Brownmane. I’d like to exchange views.

To poni!
Drunken ponies? (I honestly think this is funny as all hell):


It’s one of the best parts of the fandom in my opinion. We have things like Lyra and Derpy and that enhances the experience. Especially with Derpy’s muffins. I think it’s funny.

Derpy saying ‘muffins’ catching on was simply a result of proximity and attention.
People had just started watching the show and she caught their attention in the first episode.
Her unique appearance made people seek her out in subsequent episodes (probably to see if her eyes were still derped) meaning that she was quickly found in the muffin scene.
Even then, she had quite a lot of fans, so when she spoke, even though it was simultaneous with many others, it just stuck.
This was also very early in the fandom so there really wasn’t a whole lot to work with and people were somewhat eager to grab onto something.

Same goes for Lyra, really.
Her sitting position, while it has been replicated now, was completely unique at the time.
Especially considering Lauren Faust’s stated desire to avoid ‘human,’ or at least ‘non-pony,’ positioning, this made her stand out.

As for them being too shallow, well, that’s to be expected from a ‘personality’ built up in this way.
You could never get large groups of people to agree on every little complex detail that would be required to make a fully-fleshed out character.
It is much easier to reach consensus on minor ‘quirks,’ though, so that’s what happened.
Look into any good fanfiction involving these ‘shallow’ characters and you’ll see more creative explanations for their behaviors, as well as the introduction of more.
Outside of that they are less ‘true characters’ and more along the lines of inside jokes for fans.
It really comes down to-AHH!

“What’cha guys talking about?!”

@RandomMan, below
All correct except for one little point.
Derpy as a mailmare was, in fact, not based on that scene in Pinkie Keen, though that did help to reenforce it.
Pinkie Keen aired on Feb. 11th 2011, but here is a story posted to EQD on Jan. 20th 2011 that uses that characteristic: PRIORITY MAIL.
I don’t know if that story originated the ‘Derpy is a mailmare’ idea, but it definitely pre-dates the episode.

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@Solaire: Yeah, that’s probably the reason. People tend to use these fads and references to attach to characters that would otherwise be left in the background to be forgotten. Indeed, it can get quite overboard once people think these traits are canon when their not, but that’s the thing about fandoms. All fandoms have people that try to blur what is headcanon and what is real. Homestuck, Doctor Who, Psychonauts, etc…

It’s like making an OC without all of the “hard work.”

Personally, I think it’s funny, but that’s because I’m crazy.

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ITT: Emos.

@Muffins ( stop changing your name :[ )

When you said “fads”, I first thought you would go in topics such as socks and sweaters. Those have varied a lot and we’ve seen a lot of small fads rise and fall in that category. The socks, the vehicles, episode related stuff, even Rarity’s “Bend Over” is a fad. So in that, we have a lot of variety and characters are evolving constantly.

But on the fan created characters, you also have to look at the situations. Lyra started out because of her way of sitting. She had, because of that feature, the closest relation to humans. Bronies like to implant themselves into the show or ponies into their live, which is also shown through the popular topics such as the “Portal to Equestria” and “If you could adopt a pony”. Lyra’s way of sitting gave her a closer relation to humans. So fans focussed on that part. They saw the sitting as her way of wanting to be less of a pony and more of a human, a border which we all know is impossible to pass. But that didn’t stop the fans. They made it an obsession of Lyra. It’s just a more popular topic, one which fanonly simply works out best in combination with Lyra. Of course some artworks push this a bit, but most of the times this is for the sake of humor. You shouldn’t take those too seriously but just lol at it.

With Derpy, you have to consider the “Muffins” scene. At the time that episode aired, Derpy was already getting a lot of popularity. But most of the other background characters in that scene didn’t even have a name yet. So then you have a scene with ponies being obsessed by muffins, of which only one pony is known within the community. It’s kinda hard to give the obsession of muffins to a character which hasn’t even been given a name yet. So this was given to Derpy and worked out from there. Same with her job as a “mailmare” based on the piano scene with Twilight.

As for my opinion, I love it. All these fads (socks and others) and the new features given to both main and background ponies show that the fandom is constantly growing and evolving. And it’s good that the fandom is doing this, it shows change. Constantly focussing on the same subjects will quickly make it boring. But this constant change, it keeps the fandom fresh and scrolling through fanworks a suprise each time again.

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If it hasn’t been dropped already, I suggest we drop the religion topic. Not only does it not belong here, but chances are it will end hideously. I don’t want a shitstorm this early in the thread. Let’s not taint this one with the drama the last one was tainted with.


I shared the “I hate everyone” mentality for a good part of my life as well, but I grew out of it. Just do your best not to act on that mentality unless absolutely called for.

Explosives wrote:

Why do you think so many fads have arisen in the brony community.

Quite frankly, I think it’s because the fandom is anxious to add character to the vast array of background ponies. All of this is because, as a creativity-dependent fandom we need a somewhat believable world with which to spawn creative material out of.

However, with the Derpy-muffins and the Lyra-hands thing, what happens is that when an idea appeals to someone, they adopt it into their own headcannon. Eventually, it will reach the mass populace of the fandom (if popular enough), where it is free to be exploited to their content via their own creative material, thus creating a derailing effect. And so, a simple choice of food for Derpy becomes one of her prime obsessions in some cases, and Lyra is obsessed with humans.

And I completely agree, Lyra is too often a flat character in many fics. I’ve seen the same with Derpy with muffins in some cases. Also, though I have no problem with popular beliefs/opinions on background character traits, I think people should be more willing to get creative with characters and try something more original. Too many times have I seen what could have been a good fic derailed by a tendency to include such fads.

BSoD wrote:

Though I naturally disagree with this, I can somewhat sympathize with what the person is saying. Most people don’t hate us because we like a show for little girls, but rather because people believe us to be rabid zealots of “love and tolerance”.

And this is true in some cases, but more often it really isn’t (I think). The problem is that this minority is the most vocal, and thus comes to represent us to “outsiders”. But we aren’t innocent of such mistakes ourselves. Many bronies feel like the world is against them for going against gender norms, but most problems always look bigger than they really are.

There is much more to this than what I’ve detailed, but if I go more into this, the less clear and more biased my argument will be. I just think this whole anti-brony vs. brony thing might end if there was greater communication between the two sides. The same could be said though with anything else.

Random wrote:

@Muffins ( stop changing your name :[ )

Explosives asked that. Are we really that similar?

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I don’t take the pictures taking it too far seriously, nor do I for the stuff not taking it to far.

My point by bringing it up was that it went against the last paragraph you typed. It isn’t constantly growing and changing, in my opinion. Derpy has been shown not too love muffins any more than anypony else, not counting fanon, and we still haven’t changed to fit that. Lyra has been shown not to be particularly special in any way with the fashion she sat in, and the fandom hasn’t changed to fit that. I’m not asking them to, or expect them to, nor do I think it’s bad if we don’t, I just think pegging Derpy as obsessed with muffins based on little evidence is kind of shallow, especially when people inflate it so drastically to be her only interesting (if you wish to call it that) trait.

I guess I am complaining, but not only about the extent the fandom takes it to, based on little evidence. If Derpy were the only one saying ‘Muffins!’ I’d be more behind it and it’d make more sense, but given how the fandom has evolved and changed, I think our interpretations of characters would have changed by now, too. Especially considering how much the show has changed to disprove the interpretations. Lyra has, by now, done far fewer things to be considered ‘human’ compared to Rarity, who took a human fighting stance and sat like a human, as well as holding things the way a human would.

I know that a lot of fan-fics and fan-art takes the personalities further than the muffin and human stuff, but it’s still plastered on stuff so constantly that I get a bit irked by it.


I think you’re letting that stuff get to you too much. Personally, I’m with RandomMan on this one, fads can be a lot of fun if you let them. Stuff like socks and Give a Minotaur a ____ are great for keeping things fresh.

As for BG pony stuff, I happen to like the fandom’s exaggerations of Berry’s alcoholism, Lyra’s human obsession, Colgate’s dentistry, and Derpy’s love for muffins (made basically canon in Putting Your Hoof Down, and embraced by the designers of her toy, let’s not forget). And like you said, there are plenty of interpretations of the characters that actually don’t include those things. There have been a ton of Lyra fics that focus on her in totally different ways.

Occasionally, I’ve seen some people say that they like this interpretation or that one more than something they see, but it’s just personal preference to me. To say there’s too much Derpy+muffin art is as unfair as complaining that someone went and depicted Bonbon as being straight. It’s all just headcanon and taste, no need to get rustled.

Now have a cider.

@Windigo, below

I see nothing particularly alarming about your response.

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Guys, I rarely go to facebook, but this morning I found something concerning, and I’m wondering if I behaved correctly. Any hints as to what to do or say would be appreciated. Here’s the convo verbatim with names changed of course.

Ok I am officially sick of all this my little pony crap! Grown men posting about a little girls collectable! Ok I can see girls posting and being obsessed about in an attempt at not growing up, but come on guys! Grow a pair and post something a guy would post or just admit your gay! This shit has to stop! Straight men posting about a little girls toy is just insulting to guys everywhere! THANK YOU!

Rainbow Dash is best pony! Also, why do you care? Us bronies aren’t hurting anybody. We just enjoy a well directed show.

You think you aren’t but what haven’t seen is the typecasting that people are doing

Typecasting? I do not think it means what you think it means.You’re the one who called bronies “gay” and “insulting to guys everywhere.”

Yea and thanks to you strait guys like me are being typecasted as “bronies” and that we all like that

So you’re upset at bronies because some dude assumed you were one? And because of this you thought it would be OK to call an entire subculture “insulting to guys everywhere”? WTF Garble? Most bronies are really nice, amiable people. A lot of my friends are bronies. And the bronies have created some really cool stuff. Knock it off.

Dude, this is akin to telling a kid not to like chocolate ice cream because you prefer vanilla. You have the right to like what you like, but not to tell others what is “wrong” to be interested in. Try telling girls they shouldn’t like cars, guns, or superheroes because they aren’t girly. Stop the hate, man!

Speaking of typecasting, what do you call your comment?

Bronies make me want to stick various utensils into my facial orifices.

Time Turner:
You’ve obviously never been to equestria…

I’d say you handled it just fine, though arguing against someone as incoherent as ‘Garble’ really doesn’t seem too difficult.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard the accusation that ‘all you straight bronies are making people assume I’m a brony just because I’m straight.’
That line of thought is so diametrically opposed to to nearly every other attack on bronies that I can’t possibly believe it to be true.
And I think Lyra made the best point: Complaining about ‘typecasting’ (which is entirely the wrong word; he wants ‘stereotyping’) and then requiring everyone else to conform to your personal gender roles is the height of hypocrisy.
All in all, Garble is an idiot.

On the other hand, ponies make Discord hungry, I guess.
He just can’t stop stuffing his fork in his mouth when he watches them!

Yeah, you did fine. Honestly, some people can’t be reasoned with. I’ve been called gay( half jokingly) for liking TLA/LOK, caring about how I dress, working out, having earrings, faux hawk, and it goes on and on. Some people can be dumb, everything is ‘gay’ and being gay is a bad thing. Haters are gonna hate about anything imaginable, don’t worry about it.

@Lasers ( Hope I got the good one now, still too many namechanges :[ )

I explained before why those characteristics have been given to Lyra and Derpy, two which you have to remember are part of the most popular background characters (they even have confirmed entries here). These specific characterisitics were given to those background ponies when the fandom was still small and fresh. Newcomers were introduced to a Derpy that loves muffins, not to 3 different Derpys that all love different stuff. Because these characteristics were given to those popular background ponies so early, they have grown from just features that come with them, to basics given to them.

But honestly, they aren’t so different from the canon cast. Let’s compare them:

  • Twilight Sparkle: Loves to study and feels the need to have everything organised, very skilled with magic.
  • Rarity: A fashionista who doesn’t bother with making others aware of their flaws on the topic of fashion.
  • Fluttershy: Shy and timid, not very good in handling stressful situations, loves critters.
  • Derpy: Absent minded pony with derp eyes, loves muffins.
  • Lyra: Pony trying to make itself stand out from the other ponies by acting more like a human.

You see, the canon characters are not so different. Twilight’s studying and Fluttershy’s love for little creatures are just basic characteristics given to those characters by the show. So why should the most popular fanon characters like Derpy and Lyra be any different? Their popularity simply reached such a level that some of their features have become widely accepted as standard. Same as artists often feel the need to give Fluttershy a more calm and timid role in their fanworks because of how she’s presented in the show, they feel the need to give Derpy a more absend minded role based on how she’s presented in the fandom.

The less popular a fandom character becomes, the more changes can be found in their personalities. Simply because with those characters there isn’t a widely accepted personality (yet). Artists still want to appeal to the masses. Changing a widely accepted character brings risks, risks which can backfire greatly when done incorrect, risks which not every artist is willing to make. With the less popular characters or even OCs, these risks drops significantly.

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found this while looking on Google[itemid]=6232726&mid=PostsList#Post_6232726

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Randombrony9001 wrote:

Enter: me

Oh, well hay there stranger who I have definitely never ever seen before ever! Welcome to Pony General.

Since we’re talking about fan-based pony characteristics, I’m curious to know what everyone’s favorite fan-imposed persona is, especially the more involved ones. For example, Dr. Whooves (Time Turner?) is most often portrayed by fans as an incarnation of the actual Doctor from Dr. Who. He therefore obviously has a lot of built-in personality and back story, which can make for some fairly complex fan depictions. That includes Discord Whooves, which is a story that I personally dislike, but it is somewhat deep.

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We have no MLP merch here in Syria, so the solution?

If I can’t find MLP stuff, I’LL MAKE MLP STUFF!!!
Sorry for the messy desk, BTW that’s my lucky bullet-casing up there.
Props to my IRL brony friend, he works with lasers ( the industrial cutting type, not the PEW PEW type), so he made this, it’s a shame it’s of his favorite pony…
Alas, he is misguided from the righteous path of best pony, and by that I mean Rarity or AJ of course (Scootaloo is also a viable answer).
Here’s another one but from leather:

But seriously though, best pony discussion aside, coloring this will be hard…. 8 colors and all.
He promised he’d make another but with Rarity for me (2 simple colors), will post here when he is done with them.

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I’d agree that the Doctor’s personality is the most interesting of the background characters, but then again, he’s piggy-backing on a long-running, well-established franchise.
(I kinda like Discord Whooves, too. The concept of a 900-year-old time-traveler finally getting fed up with the trouble of helping people is very interesting, though the execution has been hit or miss for me.)

Of those completely fabricated by this fandom, I’d probably say Derpy when it comes to her relationship with Dinky (Very loving though occasionally troubled) or the whole Octavia/Vinyl Scratch dynamic (Classic odd couple thing).
Really, I like all the background characterizations to some degree.
We’ve helped to build this little community of ponies and watching them play off of each other is very entertaining.

Cool looking work!
I have a feeling that Dash would fully approve of being cut out with friggin’ LASERS!

And you’re damn right Scootaloo is a viable answer for best pony!

Explosive Lasers AKA Solaire AKA Sexiest wrote:

I’m back from going to a Rangers game with my brother and dad, which is why I was absent for the end and start of the last thread and this thread, respectively. I’ve read most of the posts since then, but I’m too out of the loop/lazy to respond.

However, if I had to get into an epic battle against a pony, I’d probably go with Trixie or Flim/Flam. They’re antagonistic enough that I could stand subduing them (I tend to not mercilessly beat other people, and usually just headlock when I get into fights), and probably not strong enough to beat me. Trixie could use pizzazz to distract me, but I’d still tackle her ass easily enough. Flim and Flam would both be stronger than her, but without the magical talent. I’d wager I could still tackle them.

Anyways, that’s all I got. Carry on.

Did you say Rangers game? As in Texas Rangers? I go to those games too.

Millennial Dan wrote:

Oh, well hay there stranger who I have definitely never ever seen before ever! Welcome to Pony General.

Since we’re talking about fan-based pony characteristics, I’m curious to know what everyone’s favorite fan-imposed persona is, especially the more involved ones. For example, Dr. Whooves (Time Turner?) is most often portrayed by fans as an incarnation of the actual Doctor from Dr. Who. He therefore obviously has a lot of built-in personality and back story, which can make for some fairly complex fan depictions. That includes Discord Whooves, which is a story that I personally dislike, but it is somewhat deep.

Hello there person I definatly do not know!

Holy fucking shit on a stick!

Prepare your individual anuses, gentlemen. I’m going to be checking this out to see how awesome it is, and to help report bugs and all that jazz.



My favorite fan-based personality really depends on a lot of factors. I’ve liked a good many different interpretations for many reasons. I’m going to go out and say that I like the more creative depictions that avoid sticking to the stereotypes for the character and the stereotypes only.

If we’re also counting characters that have a canon personality already, I’d say I like the Discorderly Conduct tumblr’s interpretations of characters, as well as Moonstuck’s interpretation of Woona.


Yeah, I think they’re pretty awesome. I’m likely only going to be seeing one game this season, though. I’m kind of surprised that they’ve been so awesome the past few years, given their track record before that, which wasn’t nearly as good.

Moon, forget about that bet you lost to Celestia.
Go upstairs and put on some decent clothes, then we’ll play chess like we normally do at night.

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Oh boy, I’m going to have a field day with this…


I’d like to start my tl;dr by kindly asking you to go fuck yourself with a searing hot rake. “I have sought to make myself a just man and blah blah blah”. Seriously, you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Your life has been a hard one? I’m sure you have no right to complain when your life has been compared to others. Hypocrites are terrible things, but that’s not the issue here. The issue is whether you should hold your head above theirs or not. Who are you to judge these people? All I’ve heard from you is whiny emo ranting. We all have problems, yet we don’t take it out on the others around us. Go cry in a corner if you’ve felt wronged. Because, guess what. You’ve been wronged, you’re feeling bad… AND THE WORLD KEEPS TURNING. Wishing they’d all be hurt for it makes you a far worse person than anyone who’s wronged you. So once again, I ask you to go fuck yourself. If you want my advice, go out there and be whoever you want to be without the desire to prove yourself to ANYONE. You’ll be a better person than you are now.

Here’s something you should do. Ask X-singular about his problems, then tell me if you have a right to judge the evils of man.

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You know what bothers me? The earth ponies don’t really have magic or the ability to fly, but they are supposed to be the strongest. But then why did rainbow dash hold her own against an earth pony who does nothing by hard labor, applejack? Come on! Give the earth ponies something!

Woah… I mean, I can’t say I disagree with you at all, but woah.
Ok, I think its time to drop this topic lest we start a flamewar. Fifths, please don’t respond even if you feel offended. We don’t need a flame war and you needed to be put in your place a bit, no offence. Let’s just drop it please.

Last edited Jul 03, 2012 at 09:27PM EDT

Dac wrote:

You know what bothers me? The earth ponies don’t really have magic or the ability to fly, but they are supposed to be the strongest. But then why did rainbow dash hold her own against an earth pony who does nothing by hard labor, applejack? Come on! Give the earth ponies something!

Woah… I mean, I can’t say I disagree with you at all, but woah.
Ok, I think its time to drop this topic lest we start a flamewar. Fifths, please don’t respond even if you feel offended. We don’t need a flame war and you needed to be put in your place a bit, no offence. Let’s just drop it please.

They have to ability to hide their boners in public.

RandomMan wrote:

They have to ability to hide their boners in public.

Why is it that the girls get boners more often than the guys? Can’t we just say twilight is ‘horny’! Lololol I’m so funny guise

Cale wrote:

Did you hear about the BronyCon Orgy?

I’m not going back to search through this dump of a thread because it will literally crash my browser.

No seriously, Pinkie must know. What in the name of the dark ones are you saying? Pinkie honestly never knew this event ever toke place…

Wait, I just noticed the trending entry.

Pretty sure the orgy is fake (at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself so I don’t lose any sleep tonight).

“What’s goin’ on in here?”

@Bronycon Orgy:
Wat. I don’t really know what the hell to say about that. Some dude made an article about it, but put no information whatsoever in said article. I would like to find out more about this just to see how ridiculous it is.

Oh yes, I’m also giving out one million points to whoever gets this reference.

Jesus, you people just couldn’t let me enjoy some fallen trees. Let me try to make a few responses and hopefully this can be wrapped up and we can get back to pony.


You know, I really resent this attitude that you can’t judge anyone for anything no matter what. It’s an impossible way to go through life, and undrerpins a larger philosophical attitude that I find frankly abhorent. Are you telling me that if I put a paragon of saintly virtue next to Hitler that it’s wrong to judge one as morally superior to the other? Do we really lack the ability to judge between examples that are as clear as day and night? If so, then fuck it, we clearly have no ability to lay judgement on anyone or anything ever.

I grew up around a lot of bad people, a lot of alcoholics and drug addicts, and I swore that I would make myself better than them. I won’t say I’ve become that saintly paragon of virtue, but I’ve tried. A duck is a duck, a tree is a tree, and a shitbag is a shitbag, and I’ve worked hard to make myself “not a shitbag”. To say that no matter my efforts I will never be able to differentiate between me and those people, to have somehow gotten beyond them, is just insulting. If calling the man who practices virtue more moral than the one who doesn’t makes me arrogant, then you can call me the most arrogant son of a bitch on the fucking planet, because that’s a viewpoint I don’t know how to abandon.

tl;dr: Saying that you shouldn’t judge people logically implies that Mother Teresa is no better than Hitler.


You told me to stop being so dramatic, which is the smartest thing anyone has said in response to my whiny tl;dr. Congratulations Dac, you have the ability to spot a ham when you see one. I don’t really ‘loathe all of humanity’ as much as I am ‘vaguely disappointed with most of humanity’, I don’t ‘torture myself to practice moral virtue’ as much as I ‘try not to be a dickhead from time to time’ I haven’t ‘failed in my quest for moral virtue and hate myself for it’ as much as I ‘have occasionally been a dickhead anyway, and feel kind of bad for it’ I don’t know, the first way just sounds more exciting.

I mean ya, I was legitimately enjoying my fucked up neighborhood, but when everything is destroyed, it’s just kind of fun to revel in the destruction. When you see a guy with four pine trees in his front yard, you can either laugh or cry. I chose to laugh.

tl;dr: Bitches, my being a drama queen didn’t derail this thread. You taking me seriously did.


You’re just a dumbass.

tl;dr: Dumbass

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I don’t know if it’s real. A post is going around Tumblr warning that people report having itchiness after said orgy. “its probably crabs”.

Whether or not it’s real will be found soon enough.

I speak from the heart and try to give advice, and you call it out as an overreaction to hamminess? Well, thats the last time I do that.

@BroNYCon orgy
As quoted from Milord RandomMan

“Hahaha, I was also made aware of that rumor today. But no, it’s a fake. Someone just asked that on a brony’s Tumblr blog as a joke, the owner of the blog decided to fool around and say there was an orgy. Others soon followed with the joke, making up reasons why it is most likely “true”. As more questions flooded in, the original guy noticed it was better to admit it was just a joke. So no, there wasn’t an orgy at Bronycon.”

I am rather happy, I would’ve been disappointed if it were true… BECAUSE IT WOULD BE SHAMEFUL! NOT ’CAUSE I WANTED TO JOIN!

@Character interpretations
I agree with Muffins and RandomMan. And totally not because I am a kiss ass.
The character interpretations that I have the most gripe with are the ones that portray Derpy as borderline ‘tarded. The ones I prefer are where she is a loving mother with wall eyes and maybe a bit of clumsiness.

Adorable. Though it raises the question, Who is Dinky’s father? Fanon seems to have accepted the Time Turner/Ditzy paring. (Just tryin’ out the official names, people.) What do you think of this pairing? And fandom pairing of BG ponies in general?

Speaking of shipping…
@Shipping chart
Holy f*ck. I think someone is obessed… What frightens me is that Iron Will is listed.

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@Kaisrkae and brony orgy.

Oh. My. God. Are you telling me that a bunch of young people with similar interests got together and had sex with each other? Sounds…familiar.

Oh shit, does that mean we’re the new hippies? Oh man, but I don’t even like dropping acid. Next thing you know, these fucks will be popping out kids and naming them stupid names, names like

Pinkamena Zecora Smith


@El Slinker

I do appreciate the sentiment if that counts for anything, I still think it was an overreaction. It’s not that it was your fault, I kind of set the tone for it.

Personally, I was hoping we could keep calling him Doctor Whooves. I figured “Time Turner” was just Hasbro’s clever way of acknowledging the Doctor Who association without actually using the copyright name.

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I understand that, but in the future, please be considerate of what you post. I responded in such a way because it is something I can relate to almost too much. I will move on now.

@Time Turner name thing… stuff.
I figured we could at least accept it as an alias. Kinda like how the Doctor uses John Smith on occasion.


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