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Loli General

Last posted Jul 19, 2012 at 10:10PM EDT. Added Jul 19, 2012 at 09:38PM EDT
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This is only a discussion thread. No dumping of Loli porn.

I have been reading a lot of Loli Dojins lately and wanted to discuss what is the fascination behind it. For me it’s not like I would condone it IRL or even do anything like that but it is a form of fantasy like any other anime or manga.
So is it like the forbidden fruit / taboo or the corruption of something so innocent that makes it so interesting?

>mfw I see loli general

This is one thing that I don’t tolerate at all. Real or not, I have to say that it sickens me. I don’t hate people for liking it, better looking at lolis than molesting kids, but I still hate it. Kids are pure and innocent, if there is one thing that I think we shouldn’t sexualize, it’s them.


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