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Page gets feel so good.

Yesterday morning I had Spy’s Deadringer! If you get hit while wearing it, you become invisible and leave behind a body, thus faking your death.
I was picking on my younger brother, waiting for him to hit me. I readied the watch, and he slapped me. I became invisible, but didn’t see the fake body. However, my younger brother was looking at the ground, so maybe the body was invisible to me. Then I got behind him, quit being invisible and nudged him in the head. Then I ran to my room and found my older brother. I did the same, except I scared him at the end.
Nothing feels so good as standing in front of someone without them noticing.

Some of the things i read here should be put in a movie or something.
Anyways this is how the dream went,

Somehow i ended up in a city and it was overrun by zombies. Then i somehow ended up in a Resident Evil like scenario and apparently i was Claire Redfield ( Honestly not complaining ). I somehow was in Raccoon City and i had to protect some magical talking dinosaur named Chuck, who apparently was some prince of a made up country named Ningadingdong. After busting my way through zombies with a light saber that looked like a spork, i noticed all my cloths were replaced with toilet paper. After busting my way through more zombies and some lickers, suddenly Jill rand by us and she was naked. She yelled " Run! " and me and chuck, who had turned into the Wii Fit Trainer wearing only a bra and panties, suddenly warped right to Nemesis fighting a velociraptor who was yelling random things in Spanish while unseeing Rainbow Dash as an rpg, where the rockets were for some reason shaped like dildos and were comming out her ass ( wat ). After some other random shit, me and chuck somehow walked into Wesker who was fighting Chris Redfield naked and Wesker was shooting lasers out his dick ( again wat). The fight ended when Wesker slipped on a banana peal and fell into a bucket of shit ( Yes it was literally a bucket of shit ). Chris then started tbagging him while dressed as Mario. Then at the end of the dream chuck, who looks like the Wii Fit Trainer now, turns into what looked like Ada Wong combined with Moon Moon and Remilia Scarlet. Then i woke up and felt really confused with what just happened.
Yep, surfing on the internet and then watching Resident Evil videos gives you some weird ass dreams.



Last night, I had a strange experience where I dreamed about how I thought the next day (today) was going to go down. It started with me and my siblings driving around town to get something for our dad for his birthday(?). Everything was completely and totally normal, so normal that I thought I was completely awake and this was real. Anyhoo, we stopped at the nearby eye doctor’s office so we could get some glasses for our farsighted dad. Then things started getting weird. When we got out, I suddenly realized that I was wearing the Omnitrix from Ben 10. I decided to use it just for the heck of it and turned into Ripjaws. My transformation startled a nearby man and his wife, who hurried to their car and drove away. Of course, there was no apparent threat anywhere, and becoming Ripjaws on a hot 90 degree weather day was not really a smart idea. So one of my siblings and I ran as fast as we could to a nearby creek so I wouldn’t get too dehydrated.

I dove into the water, and had been swimming around for a while when things just got even more screwed up. My siblings turned into Gwen Tennyson and Grandpa Max, and, while still swimming around, I discovered a weird bacteria of some sort that looked like a really bushy mustache. It told me that it was a very dangerous bacteria that was capable of causing a whole planet and everything on it to dissolve into multicolored goop. But it didn’t mean any harm, it just wanted company and had no intention of destruction. Unfortunately, as I walked back up to the eye doctor office, there were suddenly tons of these bushy mustache creatures all over the place. The one I initially met changed his mind about not destroying the planet, and everything wound up going to you-know-where. I wound up being swept away by a tsunami of multicolored goop that had once been the doctor’s office and everyone in it.

Sadly, I couldn’t see the resolution to the plot unlike my earlier Dexter’s Lab dream because my sister woke me up at that point. Dang it… >:(

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These are the results of being on the weird side of YouTube before going to bed:

I was walking on the side walk of New York. The people in the crowd looked like they were poorly drawn in MS paint. I noticed in my reflection in one of the windows and i looked like Claire Redfield again, and was dressed like a dominatrix in a space suit ( wat). Random shit started happening and then i somehow ended up going on a adventure with the wii fit girl, who was wearing just a miniskirt and a bra. We somehow warped into a random town in the middle of a field and next thing you know it started to look like the animation style of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Then more random shit and we ended up somehow warping into what looked like a bigass lake the size of the Pacific Ocean with a bunch of ships around us, being chased by Mom from Futureama, who was breast stroking and swimming fast as hell. Then we end up time traveling and ended up in a weird forest or something. More random shit happened, i somehow ended up naked and had huge tits, the wii fit girl ended up naked as well and then Wesker shows up and he is naked yet again but his ass and junk was censored ( again wat). Wesker then gets into a mech, which looks like what appears to be a combination of a hawk, a dildo, the cookie monster, slendy, bender, and Remilia Scarlet, and it had these weird laser cannon tits that shot out sharks with laser beams attached to them ( once again WAT). After climbing up that things ass (the hell brain?! ), we make it to where Wesker is controlling it. Wesker, who is wearing a kilt now, suddenly turns into a super dino cyborg mutated tentical monster thing that shoots lasers out its ass and eyes, rockets from its fingers, and shot plasma spears that turned anything that was shot at it into dolan. We somehow ended up deflecting one of those plasma sphears back at Wesker, but insted of turning into dolan, he ends up looking like he was poorly drawn in MS paint. We end up killing him by makeing rocket launchers and a an ass load of guns and stuff come out our tits. He then disintegrated and we made it out of the mech thing, which exploded into dick shaped trees. We then ended up back in New York and i was having sex with the wii fit girl, but then i woke up while i was still making love with her.

The feels i had when i woke up were sorta like this:

Well, today I had partial lucidity.
I was flying in a broom, racing Scout’s mother in my hometown. After nearly dying shocked by annoying cables, we got off in front of my house. The TF2 mercs were there, and we saw a large bunch of MvM robots looking for us along with Zone-Tan a few blocks away. I told Scout’s mom to go get weapons while we hid. The mercs entered the house and Zone asked me if I had seen the mercs around. I obviously said no, and then she kissed me. The dream faded and I was trying to fix the sink with my brother. The house was nearly flooded.
Then, the dream faded again and I was playing a multiplayer Star Wars: Rouge Squadron with my younger brother. The startup screen showed a Shiny Eevee icon and other Pokemons, and I clicked on Shiny. Then, gameplay started. We tried 3 times playing with Y Wing, because my brother got killed 3 times in less than a minute. The third time, he was still alive after I completed the first objective, but the characters said they were in a critical state, and thus should abort to avoid death.
Everything about that dream, except for the multiplayer, looked like the actual game. The dialogue sounded the same for me.

I had a dream this past week kinda like the one BSOD had where he accidentally destroyed KYM, namely, some very frustrating things happened, but it’s actually kinda funny in hindsight.

Before I go on, I should explain that I am an avid bouncy ball collector and try very hard not to lose any of them, or I’ll come unglued. In this dream, I had a bunch of my favorite ones when my pockets suddenly got holes in them and the lil bouncers went everywhere. Doesn’t sound so bad, huh? Well, they wouldn’t stay in my pockets even when I changed pants and they went into some very bad places, like behind things that I couldn’t reach, behind a very dirty toilet at a truck stop, or into the toilet which was the dirtiest toilet I had ever seen and, of course, hadn’t been flushed. Eventually, I got frustrated to the point of tears and woke myself up.

It’s actually pretty funny looking back on it now…:p

My dream last night was really weird. Mainly it involved my Grandma Pat, who died back in 2006. I have previously had dreams where I’m able to see and communicate with her, but no one else can. This dream involved her actually being resurrected, so everyone was seeing her. And even though this didn’t happen in real life, she wanted to do something she did back in the 80s where she was a diva performing on some elaborate setup and singing the song “I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)”.

Since I started my vacation in California, I’ve stopped having my school nightmares. But I started dreaming about having boobs.

If I were to diagnose myself, I think that means that I am no longer worried about my future an preparation for life while on vacation. But I AM concerned about gaining weight from all the Murican foodstuffs (I think I already put on half a kg) and having massive jiggly mantitties.

I’m guessing my conscience just didn’t want to look at mantitties so it pictured big juicy cleavage instead. I sure had nice tits. Still the message got across, I need to knock off the burgers and oreo’s while I’m here. Murican food is so good yet so fattening.

Last night’s dream…I don’t remember a whole lot.

All I remember is that my sister’s 4.5 month old chickens were already having baby chicks. This, for some odd reason, resulted in an apocalyptic event that leveled a town, and also caused a bunch of other things that involved stuff like scientific experiments going horribly wrong, Christmas, Rayquaza being trapped in a blond haired super model’s body and not being happy about it, wrestling with giant rabbits and other bizarre things that I can’t remember off the top of my head. It was a strange night…O_o

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I could fly all over the place, it was fun, everybody would look in amazement at my ability to fly! But near the end of my dream, I couldn’t fly anymore. Anyone know what it means?

I was on a pirate ship, and the crew consisted of Batman (captain), Hank Hill (first mate), Nicolas Cage (shipwright), Twilight Sparkle (navigator), and Shaggy (cabin boy). We were sailing on the ocean and everyone seemed to be good friends, in fact they we’re having a party with burgers and karaoke, Hank was making the burgers- with propane- and Batman was the one singing- with the deep Christian Bale voice, aaaaaand that’s all I can remember before it peters out.

Last night’s dream:

It started off with me being in the Kids Next Door, but I was about to be decommissioned as I’m not under the age of 13. I ran off to a park. A few random things happened that I can’t remember, but I do remember finding a trail of Pokeballs leading to a small grass hut at the edge of the park. (Only one of the Pokeballs had a Pokemon in it, (a Treecko) the other ones had all sorts of random crap in them. One even contained one of the Sector V KND operatives.) Inside the hut, I found Professor Oak, who congratulated me for some random thing and rewarded me with a Pokeball containing a Mudkip.

After this, my two Pokemon and I, as well as Numbahs 1-5, went to somewhere that my subconscious couldn’t seem to decide what it was. It was either a water park or a children’s museum. We had a heck of a time, and then I found my folks and my grandparents outside the place. I joined up with them and went back to the park from earlier.

While there, my dream shifted over to nearby Ben Tennyson (as the alien Feedback) and Rook (from the newest series). Ben was just going back to his normal self and told Rook that he was about to try a brand new alien. He cued it up on the Omnitrix, and turned into none other than RICHARD WATTERSON (from Gumball). He then went up to Gumball and Darwin and started screwing with their minds, and ultimately, the two could decide who was the real Richard Watterson when the real one showed up. That was where the dream ended.

I think thegreato’s dream was better than this one. Mine was kinda boring. His was better.

(I can’t help but wonder why characters and elements from Codename: Kids Next Door keep showing up in my dreams. It’s been a while since I’ve watched the show, and all I saw of it the day before was a picture of Numbah 1 somewhere.)

I finally remembered my dream last night, and it was another instance of me dreaming up a video game. It was a Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat-esqe game…but with Disney characters! There were playable characters from old movies (Snow White, Pinocchio, Bambi, Peter Pan) and more recent movies (Wreck-It Ralph, Atlantis, Mulan, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame), and some very familiar characters like Mickey Mouse, Sora, and even Winnie the Pooh!

My first thought when I woke up…

I wish all these great video game ideas I keep dreaming up (like “DisneyXHasbro” and “Super Smash Bros Punch Time Explosion” (aka NintendoXCartoon Network) would become reality…)

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Man, I’m on a roll!…but this dream will probably have me down-voted into oblivion! O_o

Last night was another quiet dream where I was at the carnival, but things were strange, and me and some other folks teamed up with a certain trio of widely despised and odd looking Problem Solverz to figure out what the problem was.

Turns out, there was a big radio transmitter type of thing in the middle of the carnival disguised as the Eiffel Tower broadcasting a brain altering signal. (I really can’t remember specifically what it did, but it wasn’t good.) We were instructed by Tux Dog to run down into a corridor beneath the carnival grounds, and there we would find the source of the problem. It was after we got down there that the problem solving part of my dream kinda faded out and went to just being something boring…at least for a little while.

After a moment, I found out via a tiny television in a small office like area that Nintendo was putting out a Sweet Tarts like candy that were shaped and bore the likeness of various Pokemon, and something interesting was supposed to happen when you ate a piece. I reached into the television and pulled out a box of the candy. I pulled out a piece shaped like Zekrom and popped it into my mouth. Almost instantly, I felt myself transforming, and when it was all clear, I discovered that I had become Zekrom! The special properties of the candy was that it transformed you into the Pokemon that the candy you ate looked like! I was stoked…and then I was woken up.

You know, the presence of the main characters of one of television’s most despised animated TV shows is definitely gonna result in some bad karma. Sigh… _

I sure hate to make the fourth post in a row, but…

Sometime in a dream I had last night, I was playing Temple Run on an IPad. Things were otherwise completely normal, but suddenly, cats started appearing all over the place in the game, and they mewed loudly whenever you jumped over them or ran into them. Then I woke up all of a sudden and discovered that the family cat was sitting nearby mewing repeatedly because she was hungry.

Silly kitty…

I had a dream a couple of days ago that had Yugi and Joey from Yugioh dueling against Kaworu from Evangelion. Except, instead of it being a Tag Duel, it was a duel in the style of Duelists of the Roses, that one obscure Yugioh game for the PS2.

Well, I finally had something worth posting.
I was in the Everfree Forest, in front of Zecora’s hut, and entered. I had a bag and opened it. The inside looked like space, and I got a plant out of the bag. I gave it to Zecora, and she mixed it with some kind of salt in a bowl. It released green smoke, and she gave me the mixture.
I don’t remember what happened next, but at some point I appeared in a boat in the middle of the sea. A giant wave was coming towards me, and I took control of the boat. My view changed to 3rd Person, and saw 3 ramps ahead. I missed the first, and when I jumped off the second ramp, the boat started flying.
I don’t remember anything else, but it was pretty fun.

I just had something worth posting here as well…but it is…well, I just don’t know how to put it. It even had ponies in it kind of. O_o

It started off with my folks getting a brand new vacuum cleaner. Normal enough, unless you put the thing into reverse, which was what happened when I was vacuuming outside!

“Of course,” you might think, “you would send the vacuum bag’s contents spewing everywhere.” That wasn’t what happened. If you aimed it at someone while it was in reverse, they would suddenly morph into another random person. In the madness that ensued because of this quirk, I wound up turning myself into Human!Pinkie Pie(!!!), my mom into my dad, my little sister into some twenty year old woman whose t-shirt and shorts were too small and then into my grandpa, and my actual grandpa into said little sister. Then I turned myself into Snow White (the Disney version of course) and a bizarre version of said Disney film ensued. The movie, and the dream itself, ended with Snow White!Me and the seven dwarfs, the prince, and a bunch of ponies watching the sun set over a lake, and the dream shifted into this company logo:

(The duck one)

Which played twice in a row in a slightly different way. (The first time there were two ducks instead of just one, and they flew away, and the hand touching the screen was one of us. The second time was normal.)

I think…I think I lost my ability to even…it even ended with a logo. Should I get help?

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Now last night, I had a dream that a heck of a lot of people finally found Atlantis. Everything was fine and dandy, but then Homer Simpson ate a fixture on a wall that looked like a donut, which for some reason, caused Atlantis to sink back below the ground into a big lava pit. Everyone who came into contact with the lava turned into stone statues for some reason. Everyone who survived got mad at Homer and ran him out of town and up into a tree, and then the dream kinda petered out.

Way to go Homer…

This morning, I was woken up by my sister’s dog barking his head off for literally no apparent reason. Non-stop. For about 3 hours.

When I finally went back to sleep, I wound up dreaming that I was beating the ever living daylights out of that #$!$%$#(%$# dog. (As much as I would like to sometimes, I probably wouldn’t actually do that to that poor dog.) But then the dog suddenly turned into a giant woolly red camel. I rode him into my sisters’ room and surprised the crap out of them. Then I woke up again. Other than that, I didn’t have any other very notable dreams.

(Picks up phone) Hello, Kirby? I think someone snatched the Star Rod from the Fountain of Dreams again.

Last night, I at least had a dream which started off as a mix of the “Silence in the Library” episode of Doctor Who and memories of a vacation, eventually went to Ed, Edd, n Eddy being trolled by Sarah, who tricked them into getting stuck outside on a very hot day, and ended with me becoming Manaphy and going around using Heart Swap on pretty much anything that moved.

I also had a dream where I and a bunch of other folks found a genie who gave us all one wish apiece. I wished that I wouldn’t be such a wimp anymore. The genie granted my wish, and I wound up transforming into Lugia! I leveled the place on accident, and then I woke up, feeling rather disappointed about the wish not being real.

Ok, so, the Three Stooges were investors of Wall Street and when they started to slap each other, shares somehow decreased. Suddenly, the camera pulls back to reveal a massive stadium where the entire cast of Rocko’s Modern Life and My Little Pony are having a hockey tournament.

Hell, that’s nothing compared to that other dream I had several years ago: A cabin is shown. Inside, a giant, floating, severed hand is pointing at a corner of the building. That corner has a wardrobe in black and white which is completely covered by purple roots coming from the brownish walls.

Well, it’s been a while since I posted here.
I had a dream where I was held hostage along with hundreds of people inside a mall by the kid from Home Alone. He had a rifle, and I had a cheap looking shotgun. I shot him from about 5 feet away, but he didn’t take a lot of damage, because shotguns are short ranged. He shot me and it hurt, but I didn’t die.
Eventually I met his father, who wasn’t on his side, but couldn’t do anything because he was his son. The kid gave everyone time to hide, and I hid behind a fountain. He found me and shot me, but I survived again. Then the kid started to execute people, and he started looking for me. He was closer this time, so I was able to shoot him in the head and killed him (no blood, tho).
Then people started driving cars inside the mall, and I saw white guards appear on the extreme end of the mall. I got in a car and started driving while shooting.
The dream ended with me driving with an uncle.

I actually did have a dream the other night…or it might have been last night, I can’t remember.


I dreamed that people had Pokemon evolutions, and, of course, under the right conditions, people would transform into a whole other person. Among other things, my little cousin went and got a stone which made him evolve into a thirteen year old girl, and my sister became someone’s mom after leveling up.

That’s really it aside from Luke Triton from the Professor Layton games using telekinesis to fight a nightmarish looking plant/mushroom monster.

I haven’t posted in a long time, but I just HAVE to post this:

I had a whole bunch of dreams this morning, but the last one is the one I want to write about. It had the MLP: FiM ponies in school like in Equestria Girls, but they were still ponies. The Mane 6 were in a classroom that must’ve been a cooking classroom; the room looked like a kitchen. Apparently, I was Twilight (Aitselom would be so jelly). I was finishing off the crust of a slice of pizza, and the other Mane 6 were also eating stuff. I was sitting next to Pinkie Pie, who was talking to me about all of us going bowling that night because a relative of hers died. I questioned why Pinkie would go bowling in memory of her relative. She replied it was because the bowling alley was brown (that’s really WAT, even for her). I said, “Well, I don’t have that much homework…” The other Mane 6 made noises of disbelief (I guess), then I said “I mean, anything going on after school…” I was going to tell Pinkie that she was my best friend (I have no idea why), but there was a commotion and I was quickly slid over to my left (the other Mane 6 were sitting in a line to my left, but apparently they got out of the way). I was facing that direction and saw a monkey there (apparently the cause of the commotion). Something that looked like a Minecraft death message appeared at the bottom of my view, but whatever it said didn’t look like it would be something that caused death. Then my alarm clock went off and I woke up.

I’ve been meaning to post that I had an interesting dream the other night…

Lately, my folks and I have become addicted to Plants vs. Zombies, but I’m the one who has the dreams about them. This dream I had was one where the zombies were invading our house! But we combated them in the usual way with the plants, and we ourselves fought back with air guns. There were some zombies I’m pretty sure weren’t featured in either of the actual games, as well, such as zombies on bicycles (as opposed to unicycles), karate zombies in karate outfits (they could take out plants in an instant), and others. It was actually more epic than it sounded, but I can’t remember much, except that the zombies got to one unlucky bystander, and a karate zombie nearly got my mom, but I pulled him away and knocked his head off.

Okay, check this: Me, Lisbeth Salander, and Quagmire were smoking weed outside of the North Charleston Arena. Lisbeth is writing a story, when suddenly the giant praying mantis from the Goosebumps book A Shocker On Shock Street falls from the sky. It starts slashing at us, and we run into the stadium. Remembering an episode of Regular Show, I take Lisbeth’s notepad, and sure enough, her story contains said giant mantis. I write that we each get a superpower; I get psychic powers, Lisbeth gets control over dark matter, and Quagmire gets the ability to morph into anything. We run outside and confront the giant mantis, who swipes at us. I teleport onto it’s back as Lisbeth fires a beam of darkness at the mantis’ head. It’s knocked back, throwing me off in the process. Quagmire morphs into a trampoline at the last second, and I land safely on the grass. The mantis comes charging back, and Quagmire becomes a tank. I get in the driver’s seat while Lisbeth mans the machine gun. We approach the mantis, who is barely affected by the gunfire. It picks us up and shakes Tankmire violently, nearly flinging Lisbeth out. Through the shaking, I manage to crawl to the dashboard and fire the cannon. Tankmire lets out a loud groan (apparently, firing the cannon is a forced orgasm), and it hits the mantis right in the face, causing it to fade from existence. We fall to the ground, Quagmire returns to normal, and finally… we continue smoking our weed as if nothing happened.

Last night included a failed attempt at lucid dreaming. :(

It started off with me as Lucario in a Super Smash Brothers match against Ganondorf and Zelda, I think. The stage was a large warehouse by my house for some reason. Then my mom flooded the warehouse for some reason, causing us to lose all of our stock via drowning KOs. Then my mom pulled me out and told us we were moving from our house to somewhere across the country. I went back to being my normal self and we loaded up a truck that looked uncannily like the one used in Toy Story. Speaking of Toy Story, as we drove through Arizona (it looked more like Utah, but there were Arizona flags everywhere), my dream recreated the whole Woody-and-Buzz-try-to-catch-the-moving-van climax of the movie, at least up to Buzz stopping the dog from chewing on Woody.

After that, we suddenly stopped at a convenience store to get snacks and stuff, and I found a gumball machine with bouncy balls in it and got a few. Then, all of a sudden, I was riding in none other than The Magic School Bus through Phoenix. (I’ve never been to Phoenix in my life, so my subconscious made it look more like…say, a town in South Carolina.) While driving down the highway, we suddenly pulled over, and we all got out. While out there, I lost track of one of the bouncy balls I had gotten earlier and it fell into some woods behind a large shopping area. I freaked out, but Ms Frizzle decided this would be a great opportunity to take us all on a field trip. We went down there, but I wandered away from the Bus as they went on a field trip. I wound up meeting up with one of my siblings and told her I was looking for the bouncy ball. She told me I did this every night and I was probably dreaming.

I realized that I probably was and decided to do whatever, but nothing that I wanted to happen happened. I tried to imagine the bouncy ball back to my location, but all the wrong things showed up, including other random bouncy balls and a friend of mine. I tried to turn back into Lucario, but nothing happened, and, when something did, I wound up turning into a Muk instead!

I wound up actually rage-quitting my dream and woke up out of frustration.

Here we go again!
Just last night, I had a couple of slightly interesting dreams.

First, I was sleeping on top of the bunk bed, and Isabelle (from New Leaf) was down. I said something I don’t remember and she looked worried. Then I was in the kitchen and found some sweets resembling her head. They tasted pretty sweet.
At some point, I appeared in the super market, looking for a New Leaf magazine, but only found magazines with Rover and bacon in a small bag. I got the bacon and ate it.

Then, I was in a street near my grandma’s house. A guy who was supposed to be my friend was hiding an axe behind his back, and I knew that he was planning to kill me. Luckily, I was lucid at the moment, but decided to play fool with him. I asked something close to “Oh, hello there. What do you have behind your back?” and had a psychic shield ready.
He tried hacking, but the shield stopped him. I held both his hands, and forced him to my grandma’s house. I don’t know why, but I planned to lock him and burn the house a la Meet the Pyro. However, my uncle and grandma were in the house. I explained why I wanted to kill this guy, but ended up forgiving him.

Now, something weird is me remembering that I’d done the same to another guy in another dream. But I’ve been writing my dreams, and I haven’t had that dream. Or at least, I don’t remember it.

All right, this is so bizarre, I just had to put it here. I’m taking this from an IRC post.

23:19 DarkErmac ALLO
23:19 --- DarkErmac is back
23:20 Ann_Hiro hey
23:20 DarkErmac so yeah, I’ll start fromt he top…
23:20 DarkErmac one sec
23:22 DarkErmac back
23:22 Ann_Hiro k
23:22 DarkErmac okay, so before I begin, let me just say that this was the dream I had last night
23:22 DarkErmac It’s been about 12 hours since I woke up, so things are still a bit fuzzy
23:23 DarkErmac and it sounds like a really bad fanfiction gone horribly right
23:23 DarkErmac okay, so here we go…
23:23 --- Sui is away (Auto away)
23:24 DarkErmac So it starts off as a normal episode of Rugrats
23:24 DarkErmac except they’re all in high school
23:24 DarkErmac So it starts in a rowdy algebra class
23:25 Ann_Hiro oh boy
23:25 DarkErmac kinda setting the tone for the episode, with stuff like Phil throwing a paper airplane, and Tommy gazing out the window
23:26 DarkErmac Then the screen pans away and goes to the roof of the school as the teacher’s scathing remarks can be heard from below
23:26 Ann_Hiro heh
23:26 DarkErmac on the roof, there’s some random guy
23:26 DarkErmac and in front of him is some man in a suit, his back facing the camera
23:27 DarkErmac so the random guy is apparently trying to shill some shitty product at this man, but he’s not buying into it
23:27 DarkErmac So the guy in the suit is actually the school’s principal
23:28 DarkErmac and the other guy starts pleading with him, adding a bunch of crazy offers on top of the shitty product
23:28 DarkErmac but the principal refuses to budge
23:28 DarkErmac back inside, the Rugrats cast is experiencing typical highschool drama
23:29 DarkErmac love triangles, importand assignments due the next class or else they fail, etc.
23:29 DarkErmac then some rich kid comes by and mentions a house party later
23:29 DarkErmac hard cut to the rich kid’s house
23:30 DarkErmac there’s a couple dark figures on the roof
23:30 DarkErmac which appear to be ninjas
23:30 Ann_Hiro hehehe
23:30 DarkErmac they sneak in through a skylight
23:30 DarkErmac and end up in a drab concrete passageway leading to a bunch of mazelike corridors
23:31 DarkErmac they effortlessly navigate through them, evading all the traps set up
23:31 DarkErmac reaching a rather nondescript door, which is then opened, revealing a small room
23:31 DarkErmac with what looks like a fax machine on the far wall
23:31 DarkErmac “Yes! we found it!”
23:32 DarkErmac The two, who turn out to be a “ninja couple”, take off their masks and start pushing buttons on the machine
23:32 DarkErmac then the screen displays “curse filter: OFF
23:33 DarkErmac “fucking finally.”
23:33 DarkErmac unknown to them, however, turning off the curse filter also created another side effect…
23:33 Ann_Hiro heh
23:33 DarkErmac In which anything said on-camera would come true
23:34 DarkErmac “All right, let’s blow this joint”
23:34 DarkErmac KA-BOOM
23:34 DarkErmac We get a sweet exterior shot of the mansion blowing up
23:35 DarkErmac cut back to the school
23:36 DarkErmac in another class, with Phil sitting in the foreground, and Lil talking with some random boy in the background
23:36 DarkErmac Phil says “Man, I’m so sick of her. sometimes I wish she would just disappear.”
23:37 DarkErmac Phil spontaneously turns green and starts vomiting, while Lil gets sucked into her backpack and disappears
23:37 DarkErmac Cut to Chuckie and Tommy in the hall
23:38 DarkErmac Chuckie’s talking about all the crazy things that are happening around school, and Tommy’s not buying it
23:38 DarkErmac “Yeah, and then you’re going to tell me that there’s a dragon on the roof.”
23:39 DarkErmac Cut back to the roof, where the principal turns into a crazy-looking black dragon with red/blue hair, which then eats the other guy up there
23:39 DarkErmac and flys away
23:39 DarkErmac So then there’s another cut, and now the gang, minus Lil, decide to go whitewater rafting
23:40 DarkErmac The waters are overflowing and really crazy, so initially they’re unsure
23:40 DarkErmac but then someone in their group goes “it’s okay, last time I encountered water like this, only 3 people died.”
23:41 DarkErmac So they get in the water, and shoot down the river at a crazy speed
23:42 DarkErmac then they spill out into a small lake, and everything goes calm
23:42 DarkErmac then suddenly, the dragon emerges from the water and attacks them
23:42 DarkErmac it goes into a freeze-frame, in an obvious cliffhanger-like fashion
23:43 DarkErmac then it transitions onto a screen with these weird symbols drawn on old paper, as an epic voiceover starts
23:47 DarkErmac “HE IS… MARIO.”
23:48 DarkErmac So then, one of the kids in the group gets up and sheds his clothes, revealing a red shirt and overalls, and takes out a flaming sword
23:48 DarkErmac And does battle with “Bowser”
23:49 DarkErmac All while an epic remix of a Mario song is blaring in the background
23:50 DarkErmac The fight is filled with stereotypical cheesy anime-style clashes, attack-calling, and flashiness
23:50 DarkErmac and it is amazing
23:50 Zar Wait, what.
23:50 DarkErmac read fromt he top, Zar.
23:51 DarkErmac so anyway, unfortunately for Tommy and co, Mario fails to defeat the dragon
23:51 DarkErmac which then flies into the sky and vanishes
23:52 DarkErmac followed by the sky cracking, pieces of glass-like shards of it falling to the water
23:52 DarkErmac then the whole dimension collapses
23:52 DarkErmac cut to another dimension
23:53 DarkErmac there’s a floating castle that looks like something from Arabia, flying above a sea of pink clouds
23:53 DarkErmac there’s an old man standing at the edge of the island, gazing over the lands below the clouds
23:54 DarkErmac His skin is pitch-black, his hair is red/blue, and he’s shrouded in white robes
23:54 DarkErmac The epic voice over comes back
23:57 DarkErmac The dragon reappears nearby, and lands beside him
23:58 DarkErmac the old man turns his head, and asks “who is there?”
23:58 DarkErmac The dragon, noting the man’s bad eyesight, whispers in a hushed tone “F-Fluttershy…”
23:58 DarkErmac “Oh, hello there. Come sit down.”
23:59 DarkErmac The dragon changes into a bird form for no real reason, except it looks cool, I guess
23:59 DarkErmac or he could be masking his identity. I don’t know.
00:00 DarkErmac so he flutters over to the man, then produces a large knife and stabs him through his back
00:00 DarkErmac Then the voiceover comes on again
00:02 DarkErmac and explains how this dragon/bird is a god who exists in multiple dimensions
00:02 DarkErmac and that it’s killing all of its other selves so that it can gain their powers
00:02 DarkErmac kinda like in that shitty movie, The One
00:03 DarkErmac while this is going on, there’s a montage of the dragon killing more of his other selves, destroying their dimensions in the process
00:05 DarkErmac but then the voice talks about how each of the fragments left behind by the destroyed dimensions start piecing themselves together to form new dimensions
00:05 DarkErmac and, with their dark god equivalents killed, the new dimensions are completely pure
00:06 DarkErmac and will eventually bear heroes who can travel between dimensions, with the goal of slaying the dragon and stopping his evil once and for all
00:06 DarkErmac and they will be called…. MARIO.
00:06 DarkErmac the end?
00:06 DarkErmac I think that’s it
00:07 DarkErmac after that, I rewound back to the beginning to watch the Rugrats part again for the lulz
00:07 Zar So was this a dream you had?
00:07 DarkErmac yep
00:08 Zar Sounds interesting…
00:08 DarkErmac It was so much better in person
00:08 Zar Oh, and the RP thread is still going.
00:08 Zar 142 pages now.
00:08 DarkErmac I was jumping up and down at the Mario fight
00:08 DarkErmac it was just so perfect and unexpected
00:08 DarkErmac It was like reading a really bad fanfiction gone horribly right
00:08 Zar Lol.

I had a dream last night where I was playing Disney Infinity. Except it kinda wasn’t Disney Infinity because it had Kingdom Hearts music and level design in it. Just as I pointed it out in the dream, a giant chicken suddenly chased Sora, Donald, and Goofy out of the game.

So, yeah, that happened.

I dreamed another episode of a TV show last night, but it was a lot less interesting than my Dexter’s Lab episode dream.

It was an episode of Adventure Time, and Finn and Jake weren’t doing much, just walking through Ooo minding their own business when Finn eats some sort of fruit that they apparently found. Immediately, Finn’s stomach inflates to an enormous height to where he looks like a giant beachball with a head and arms and legs, and anything that runs into him is simply bouced away. Finn uses this to his advantage and simply bounces naughty folks like the Ice King far away if they start causing trouble. Unfortunately, there’s always a catch.

Finn tries to exit a cave later, but his new found width winds up getting him stuck in the entrance. Things begin to look like a parody of Winnie The Pooh as he must wait until he’s lost enough weight before he can exit, and with Finn stuck, Ooo begins to degenerate into chaos, even with Jake trying to fix problems and stop bad guys, not to mention that Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh) has begun drawing on Finn’s butt.

Unfortunately, this story had no conclusion as the dream suddenly derailed at this point into a Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi music video featuring a nonsensical song about Adventure Time with Finn (who was still in beach ball form), Jake, and Princess Bubblegum singing along with Ami and Yumi.

First: My dreams only take two routes, either epic journeys; or horrifying, mind-fucking places.
Second: I got lost reading the clusterfuck that this thread began as. It was fun reading.

I’ve been having pretty much the same dream multiple times in the past few weeks.

I’m walking down a dark road in an empty city, the sky colorless and frozen in time. The only sounds I hear are the desperate meowing of a dying cat, the lonely barking of an abandoned dog, and the soft whistling of the dusty breeze as it travels between the crumbling skyscrapers. Despite the emptiness that hovers within the place I can’t help but feel that I’m being followed, I turn around to see a man dressed in a dark cloak, his face hidden in the shadows that the buildings cast, in his hand he holds a bloodied dagger, the hilt of a sword is visable at his side. I turn back and continue walking for a ways then look back again, the man was still standing there motionless, as if he’s waiting for something. I once again continue walking, knowing full well that he’s following me, yet I feel safe… and then I wake up.

I’m not really sure what to think about this, it seems a little creepy but I actually like this dream. I’ve never been able to fully explain it so this is only a glimpse of what it’s truly like, and obviously it changes a little each time I dream it.

For the past few months now, I’ve had this sort of “framing device” for my dreams. It always appears to take place in the same location with the same people, but it’s not like I’m repeating the same sequence over and over again. It’s more like it continues from where I left off the last time I was asleep. I guess I’ll go over the base structure of this segment first:

So, I wake up in an open grassy field. In front of me is a sheer drop, with an amazing view of a sunset and a view of endless trees below.To the right is a picnic table, shaded by a single tree precariously hanging over the edge. To the left is a small forest of really tall trees, one of which has some kind of house built into it high above. I go into this forest, climb up the ladder on this tree, and enter the hut. From the outside, it looks a bit like something from that treetop village stage in Donkey Kong Country. Inside, it’s a fairly cozy, 2-story house.

There are 2 people who live in here: a man who calls himself Rho, who is dressed in what looks like a blue t-shirt and a hakama, with really long dark semi-spiky hair, bright blue eyes, and a fairly pale complexion. Sitting beside him, on a makeshift bed underneath the spiraling staircase, is an unnamed woman, who tends to wear bright pastel-ish colors, has very long, smooth auburn hair, and wide eyes, an even brighter shade of blue than Rho’s. She was actually not originally part of the dream, but spontaneously appeared a couple months later. Rho mentioned that she came from “a faraway land”, and that there was probably no way to send her back, so she’s been offered residence here. Both of them stop whatever they’re doing and turn to me as soon as I enter.

I usually hang out with Rho a bit, make some conversation, ask how he’s been and what’s going on. Usually the girl just sits there and nods, rarely speaking, if ever. I’ve heard her sing exactly once, and words cannot describe how beautiful it sounded.

After a while, there’s this strange noise that occurs, and Rho turns to me and says that the dream is ready. We head outside, to see a large, swirling portal of many colors right beyond the deck. Soon, the portal envelops us, and the real dream begins. Unfortunately, all attempts to find Rho and the girl in this new sequence have failed, save for one. Last night, there were four portals instead, and a nearby tree came to life and asked me to choose one of them. I’m not sure what this means, but I’ll continue experimenting.

I dreamed last night that Earthbound got a fourth game!

It felt like an actual Earthbound game, with boss battles in Pizza Huts and enemies like wrestlers and stuff, at least until the very end when stuff went off the deep end with Super Mario Bros and Punch Out! getting involved, and the final boss being a pale white Haruhi Suzumiya who talked in gibberish. Then things got even crazier, but I can’t remember what happened…:(

Last night describes the things that happened when I visited Maryland (only in the dream, I haven’t actually been to Maryland), though it didn’t start out that way. It actually started out with my folks and I going to go swimming in a nearby lake for the day. But that didn’t last long. We started going down a road with some nice scenery, and that’s when signs that said we were going into Maryland started showing up. Eventually, we came to a big turnaround in the road which wound around a huge water tower. It was as we went around this turnaround that, for seemingly no apparent reason, everyone in the car except the person driving started floating out an open car window. The last person out grabbed the car door, and we floated outside the car like this while the “You Can Fly!” song from Peter Pan started playing:

(Yeah, I know, cruddy illustration, but I can’t draw people to save my life anyway.)

When the song ended, we all suddenly flew back into the car and we came to the end of the road, which was a ferry dock at a very large body of water. The had been a bridge there, but it fell out, so people had just started using ferries to get across. We boarded one of the ferries along with some random people, and Bart Simpson as well, who apparently believed that eating donuts gave him the power to heal people’s injuries. (He wasn’t able to.)

So, as we rode the ferry, it turned out that this was actually a special “Mall Ferry” which took people to a bunch of shopping areas that were on a bunch of small islands scattered around this large body of water. We docked at an island with some office stores and a Sears and went around the area before my grandma and one of my siblings had to go to the bathroom and we went inside a very fancy hotel to wait for them. I found a TV and turned it on, and Jeopardy! was on. The dream changed to that, with me as one of the contestants, but in the end, I didn’t win. Some 60 year old man won because no one knew the answer to the Final Jeopardy round’s question. When the show ended, I woke up.

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All right, Lugia. This one’s for you.

16:35 DarkErmac Okay then
16:36 DarkErmac So, starting now…
16:36 DarkErmac Well, the first thing that happened was me waking up in real life
16:36 --- Zar is away (Auto away)
16:37 Natsuru Heh, that’s always odd.
16:37 DarkErmac yeah
16:37 DarkErmac but my roommate had someone else over and they were discussing Magic
16:37 DarkErmac I decided it would be really awkward if I just woke up, so I stayed in bed for a bit and my mind began to wander
16:37 DarkErmac I tried to remember what I was dreaming about, but there was nothing there
16:38 DarkErmac Apparently, I went for the entire night without dreaming
16:38 DarkErmac “whatever”, I thought
16:38 DarkErmac so I decided to think something up
16:38 DarkErmac and soon enough, the Four Portals showed up
16:39 DarkErmac I looked over to Rho, and he was silent, beckoning for me to enter one of the portals and begin the dream
16:39 Natsuru o_o
16:39 DarkErmac In case you’re confused, Rho is a denizen of the dream world that makes up the framing device for my real dreams
16:40 DarkErmac The realm is pieced together from images from my childhood
16:40 DarkErmac I posted something in the dreams thread all about it, if you want to see it
16:41 DarkErmac Anyway, the portals were marked “past”, “present”, “future”, and “other”
16:41 DarkErmac I decided to enter the “other” portal, hopefully getting a real dream this time instead of nothingness like the last few attempts
16:42 DarkErmac I ended up sitting at my desk in front of my laptop, looking up… fanfiction?
16:42 DarkErmac I looked around, and wondered if I had actually entered the “present” portal by mistake
16:43 DarkErmac but I figured “eh, it’s something”, so I looked at what I was reading
16:43 DarkErmac The contents are of a personal nature, so I’ll gloss over that for now
16:44 DarkErmac But, to get a jist of things, it involved adventures of seven individuals in some crazy realm
16:44 DarkErmac The fic was relatively unspectacular at first, but I continued reading because one of the characters was eerily similar to me
16:44 Natsuru Alright.
16:45 DarkErmac and as I continued to read, I started getting pulled into the chapters and interacting with the actual story
16:46 DarkErmac Eventually, I came across the last chapter, in which my fic equivalent became some sort of crazy monster that the other six had to fight
16:47 DarkErmac The monster’s physical body acted independently of the guy’s thoughts, and he was attempting to regain control
16:47 DarkErmac Eventually, Professor Oak, of all people, appeared and somehow caught him
16:48 DarkErmac Back at his lab, he created a serum that would return the guy back to normal
16:48 Natsuru Oh god Oak. xD
16:48 DarkErmac Though it wasn’t quite perfect and he kept a couple of traits from his monsterous form
16:50 DarkErmac He kept a wing, claw, and a set of spines, but was otherwise normal
16:50 DarkErmac oh, and his hair was really long for some reason
16:51 DarkErmac And, because things will get confusing, I’ll give everyone names
16:52 DarkErmac Let’s call the six A, R, W, D, P, and L, while the main character gets T
16:53 DarkErmac So, T, after having returned to normal, decides to continue on the quest with the others like nothing happened
16:53 DarkErmac and the chapter pretty much turned into a big-lipped alligator moment, with T’s mutations becoming a noodle incident
16:54 DarkErmac So, after the last chapter was read, I was disappointed since it was just getting interesting
16:54 DarkErmac but then a new one appeared just then
16:54 DarkErmac so I started reading
16:55 DarkErmac The perspective changed to a 2D 3rd-person perspective, and I realized that this chapter was actually an interactive game
16:55 DarkErmac It became clear that it was like a clone of Super Mario 64
16:55 Natsuru Ah
16:56 DarkErmac so I checked the inventory, and found that I had 64 stars, and had defeated the game’s equivalent of Bowser for the 3rd time
16:56 DarkErmac Apparently this antagonist was the one who possessed T and mutated him in the previous chapter
16:57 DarkErmac So, I ended up finding a secret area
16:57 DarkErmac which lead down into a sewer-like level
16:57 DarkErmac There was a glowing passage off to the right-hand side, so I entered it
16:58 DarkErmac but then the fic ended
16:58 DarkErmac I decided to see if there was anything else to do
16:58 DarkErmac So I reloaded it, and went back into the same area
16:58 DarkErmac and sure enough, there was an alternate passage
16:58 DarkErmac which lead into a large room
16:59 DarkErmac there was a platform moving along a circuit path, which lead to red coins
16:59 DarkErmac so of course, I colected them all and got an additional star
16:59 DarkErmac Then I found that this room had other passages that lead to other parts of the level
17:00 DarkErmac I quickly realized that the level was a bit unfinished, as some stars could be obtained for no effort
17:00 DarkErmac but eventually, I found another secret passage that lead to a rather gigantic room
17:01 DarkErmac There was a large window on the back wall, that showed a city in flames, and a stream of meteors falling from the sky
17:01 DarkErmac I navigated around the room, finding passages that lead to other hidden star areas
17:02 DarkErmac before deciding to enter the passage that lead to the final encounter
17:02 DarkErmac only to be met with a hallway that had would make I Wanna Be the Guy blush
17:03 DarkErmac Just a whole bunch of moving spiked columns and traps that would instantly kill T whenever I tried to conquer it
17:03 DarkErmac At this point, I realized that I could actually switch between characters
17:04 DarkErmac I switched to W, who turned out to be the girl who normally accompanies Rho in the framing dream
17:05 DarkErmac She handled a lot easier than T, and I was able to get through the passage without much effort
17:06 DarkErmac The final battle was about to begin, when suddenly the antagonist turned the seven into what can only be described as “bizarro penguins”, and sent them to the real Earth
17:07 DarkErmac There, they attracted too much attention, due to spontaneously appearing in the middle of a crowded metropolitan area in a smoldering crater, accompanied by a loud “BANG
17:07 DarkErmac They shot off into the sky and attempted to seek asylum in a more remote location
17:07 DarkErmac because, apparently penguins can fly now
17:08 DarkErmac then again, they were bizarro, so I won’t question it
17:08 DarkErmac Anyway, they decide to go to Antarctica until everything blows over
17:09 DarkErmac Only to find that Antarctica is actually a tropical paradise now, after having shifted away from the south pole
17:10 DarkErmac There, they meet others who were caught in a similar situation
17:10 DarkErmac just random people changed into fantastical forms attempting to hide from the public, or from the government
17:11 DarkErmac So the seven get acquainted with these people
17:11 DarkErmac and live out relatively secluded, normalish lives
17:11 DarkErmac …until one day
17:12 DarkErmac Apparently, someone discovered them, and now there were many insect-like drones flying straight towards the island
17:13 DarkErmac Many tried to flee, only to get sliced to bits by the bladed appendages fastened to the drones
17:13 DarkErmac T was able to escape, but he was unable to find the other six
17:14 DarkErmac He became lost, having no one to fight alongside him for his cause
17:14 DarkErmac Eventually, he returned back to normal, save for the mutations he had acquired earlier in his adventure
17:14 DarkErmac and re-integrated himself into society
17:15 DarkErmac He would get the occasional glance because of his appearance, but for the most part he wasn’t bothered
17:15 DarkErmac One day, he returned to his apartment to find W inside
17:16 DarkErmac “T, we’re ready. It’s time to finish what we started five years ago.”
17:16 DarkErmac Sure enough, the other five were in there as well
17:17 DarkErmac “All right then. Let’s go kick some ass.”
17:17 DarkErmac -end dream-
17:17 Natsuru Wow.
17:17 DarkErmac I know, right?
17:17 DarkErmac I have the best dreams
17:18 DarkErmac but only when they’re the most inconvenient for me

Last night I had two dreams, but unfortunately, I can only remember going lucid and turning myself into Lugia in the first one and communicating telepathically with everyone in the first one.

The second one was kinda short, but extremely disturbing. Not like scary disturbing, just…disturbing. It starts with me finding out that the last of a species of rhinoceros is being kept by my house and some scientists are unhappy because it’s a male rhino and there are no females of his species left. But then they get an idea and take me out of my house and used some sort of device to transform me into a female rhino! They turned me loose with the guy rhino, and we mated, and a short time later, I gave birth to two baby rhinos. The scientists refused to change me back even though they accomplished what they had wanted, so they overwrote my memory with that of the rhino, and I was gone…but then I woke up.

That was disturbing beyond logical reason…O_o

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So, I had a weird-ass dream involving my laptop being haunted by Japan, and Pokemon X and Y.

So, it started with me in the backyard (For some reason) and I was using my laptop. All of the sudden, the screen went out. This usually happens when it crashes, but not on this particular user. While I waited for it to reboot, I went to the front of my house and my brother and I watched the Batmobile drive by. After that, I returned to my laptop, only to discover that it was playing a Vocaloid music video. I tried to X out of it, but a small text box came up saying something along the lines of, “FINISH THE FUCKING VIDEO!”. So, as the video finished, my laptop automatically opened up Internet Explorer and went to some website that had facts about Japan. I tried to X out of that, but a small text box came up again saying, “TROLOLOLOLOLOL!” and wouldn’t let me X out of it.

That’s when the next part of my dream began. It was lunchtime at my high school, and I was sitting outside, mumbling how Pokemon X and Y comes out today (Even though it was still September) as I watched Yuno Gasai plot to kill everyone in the pool that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Then, a copy of Pokemon X appeared in my hand. My GF and other friend (Who was shunning me these past couple of weeks) run up to me, super hyped about how I got the game. I took out my 3DS, put the game in, and we watched the opening, so hyped. I pressed start, scrolled down to New Game, and I woke up.

Welp, I’ve decided I don’t want Pokemon X and Y. I NEED it.

What a coincidence, OP, Pokemon X/Y was in my dream last night as well!

My dream started off with me as Courage the Cowardly Dog in an almost completely accurate replay of the infamous Freaky Fred episode. It played up until I was locked in the bathroom with him, but then the toilet in the room turned into some gigantic chasm with a bunch of random words flying around it. My dream then transitioned into me being my usual self with my folks, who said that we were going to move to a football stadium because Freaky Fred wouldn’t go away.

As I started packing stuff up, I found a 3DS with a copy of Pokemon Y by it. When I showed my mom, she got extraordinarily P’ed off at me for some weird reason and locked me in our car. Oh well. I turned the game on and it showed a title screen with Yveltal on it. I hit start, and it showed a cut-scene that didn’t look like it had much to do with Pokemon X/Y at all. It showed a girl who looked about eight years old asleep in bed when her dad woke her up. He said that tonight was the night for something. The girl and her dad went out of their small house and everything took on an abstract appearance, like a painting by Monet or something like that. There were fireflies flying everywhere flashing, moths flew by and there was a shooting star. A Zigzagoon was asleep in a nearby flower bed.

But then, a bunch of Team Rocket agents sprang up out of nowhere and kidnapped the girl’s parents and started to drive away in a large van. The girl panicked and tried to catch up, but a Team Rocket agent shot her with a strange gun. Rather than being killed, though, the girl was transformed into a Torchic and was unable to move for a little while, while Team Rocket drove away in their van with her parents. Gameplay started a short time afterward. You controlled the little girl-turned-Torchic on a journey to find her parents in what seemed like a 3D platformer while retaining the usual Pokemon battles initiated when running into certain Pokemon. I didn’t get very far in the game before I woke up though.

It totally sounds like a game Game Freak would make, though.

Like a Kappa Caught in a Bottle of Vodka: An RPG Dream (Part 1)

13:58 DarkErmac hi
13:58 Natsuru Hey.
13:58 DarkErmac I just want to let you guys know
13:58 DarkErmac that I had another insane dream last night
13:59 DarkErmac Though this one is really confusing, for reasons that will be explained later
13:59 Natsuru Lawl, okay.
14:00 DarkErmac All right, so I guess I’ll begin now
14:00 DarkErmac So, it starts out like a relatively normal day at my house
14:01 DarkErmac It’s present day, though everything’s been aged down maybe seven years or so
14:01 DarkErmac So, I’m just hanging out, and my brother’s birthday is today
14:02 DarkErmac And so, people start arriving, pretty much his gang of friends and such
14:02 DarkErmac and one of them brought a film to watch
14:02 DarkErmac I forget the exact name of it, but it was supposedly an Austin Powers film
14:03 DarkErmac I was all like “oh great, a post-Friedberg/Seltzer comedy.”
14:03 DarkErmac I had seen a trailer for the film earlier, and it looked like complete dreck
14:03 DarkErmac so anyway, we watched it
14:03 DarkErmac and it was… absolutely hilarious
14:05 DarkErmac I don’t remember much of it, but there were bits involving a rather insane version of cookie clicker in real life, and a jab at how movies are always preceded by shitty trailers that spoil the movies
14:05 DarkErmac so after it ended, I checked rotten Tomatoes and it had a 94% rating
14:05 DarkErmac I was like “finally, a good comedy”
14:06 DarkErmac It also turned out there was a sequel in the works, called “Like a Kappa Caught in a Bottle of Vodka”
14:07 DarkErmac So anyway, after that, we ate some Chinese food and went to bed
14:07 DarkErmac The next morning, we had some pancakes as usual, and someone left me some crab rangoon from the last night because I passed out early
14:08 DarkErmac And then, my brother got to open presents
14:08 DarkErmac and one of them was this new RPG game
14:08 DarkErmac Apparently it was supposed to be really good
14:09 DarkErmac So he starts playing it, with all of us watching
14:09 DarkErmac his friend has this… beaming smile on his face for some reason
14:09 DarkErmac So, the game begins with the player’s character living in an Orwellian society of some sort
14:10 DarkErmac but it looks like typical Japanese RPG fare
14:10 DarkErmac The main character was pretty much like an ordinary guy, maybe in his late teens, who was getting sick of this shit
14:11 DarkErmac So he plotted a way out of the world
14:11 DarkErmac In the RPG, this guy was like a red mage of sorts
14:12 DarkErmac he was physically pretty powerful, but also had some magic powers
14:12 DarkErmac Though in this society, magic has been completely outlawed, so after his first battle he gets arrested and thrown into prison
14:13 DarkErmac where he meets another man, a black mage, who becomes the second member ofthe party
14:13 DarkErmac A second controller is plugged in, and I take on the role of this guy
14:14 DarkErmac So Red and Black plot to escape from the prison and break free from this society
14:15 DarkErmac But Red wants to make a quick detour to pick up one of his friends, Blue, a monk character
14:15 DarkErmac So, cut to the actual escape sequence
14:15 DarkErmac In this game, unlike most other RPGs, all the combat is in real-time
14:15 DarkErmac Including the entire escape sequence
14:16 DarkErmac So it’s like an action RPG with a bunch of these guards just showing up out of nowhere to fight
14:16 DarkErmac with a blend of ToS with the idea of having party members controlled by multiple players
14:17 DarkErmac so anyway, the escape is a success
14:18 DarkErmac Red and Black had to fight against some sort of executioner boss towards the end of it, who was just this giant figure we called “Roid Man”
14:18 DarkErmac And then the fight spilled out onto the streets of the city, as the two of us made our way to Blue’s apartment
14:19 DarkErmac The combat died down for a bit, and Red and Black made their way to the top of the building
14:20 DarkErmac They talked with Blue for a moment, who was entirely opposed to the idea of escaping at first, because of his not wanting to get killed himself
14:21 DarkErmac “Well, you’re going to be associated with us as a co-conspirator anyway, given you’re talking with us now and are likely to allow us to escape”
14:21 DarkErmac So, my brother’s friend takes the third controller
14:21 DarkErmac The three members make their way to the roof, where this massive attack helicopter is waiting for them
14:22 DarkErmac Unlike the previous boss, this one was constantly flying around and really freaking hard to hit
14:23 DarkErmac But it turns out that Blue had this crazy aerial maneuver that allowed him to breach the cockpit and kill the guys piloting it
14:24 DarkErmac cue victory fanfare
14:25 DarkErmac So, the three take the helicopter and use it in their escape
14:25 DarkErmac of course, they have to dodge anti-air missiles on the way, but eventually they make it out
14:26 DarkErmac So then, there’s a quick mock-up of this world’s planet that shows up on the screen
14:26 DarkErmac With rings carved into it at various points
14:26 DarkErmac The top ring is labeled witht he name of the city
14:26 DarkErmac the next is labeled "anyone above this line loses their first-born son
14:27 DarkErmac the next line is labeled “the border”, and is heavily implied to be some sort of impassable mountain range
14:27 DarkErmac and then the area beneath that, which takes up almost half the planet, is simply labeled “???”
14:28 DarkErmac Then it shows a short line curving over the top-most ring
14:28 DarkErmac and says “begin part II”
14:28 DarkErmac I guess I should probably get into the characters in a bit more detail right now
14:29 DarkErmac Red, being the main character, is mostly a blank slate, to allow the player to fit easier into his shoes
14:29 DarkErmac but he’s shown to be quite a pessimist
14:30 DarkErmac and has simplistic elemental magic abilities of each element
14:30 DarkErmac Black is a guy who interacts very little with other people, often going for long periods of time without saying anything
14:31 DarkErmac that tends to happen when one is locked away in a prison for many years
14:31 DarkErmac He pretty much used his time to further his knowledge into his own magic abilities
14:31 DarkErmac Most of his magic has very explosive properties to it
14:32 DarkErmac He also kinda reminds me a bit of Ermac, because he also has teleportation/telekinetic attacks
14:32 DarkErmac my kind of character, for sure
14:33 DarkErmac Blue is supposedly a nice person, though any idea of that facade is shattered when he gets out of the city
14:33 DarkErmac then he goes into “arrogant kung fu guy” mode
14:34 DarkErmac he pretty much he’s above everyone else, aside from Red and Black
14:34 DarkErmac *thinks
14:35 Ann_Hiro Hai Natsuru
14:35 DarkErmac He’s a very combo-heavy character, due to his playstyle consisting of strings of weak attacks in a rapid succession
14:36 DarkErmac he can also jump really damn high
14:36 DarkErmac So yeah, through most of the first part of the game, he was almost like a walking Disc One Nuke
14:36 DarkErmac Especially in the hands of my brother’s friend, who was a wizard at fighting games
14:37 DarkErmac Anyway, outside of the city, the world was pretty much a wasteland
14:37 DarkErmac sure, there were occasional groups of bandits that wandered the countryside, and a few packs of enemies to fight, but it was a veritable dead zone

Like a Kappa Caught in a Bottle of Vodka: An RPG Dream (Part 2)

14:38 DarkErmac It was here that the party met White
14:38 DarkErmac White was once one of the members of the Council back in the city, but once his secret of magic use got out he was permanently exiled
14:39 DarkErmac So he used his time wandering the wasteland to further his own magic abilities
14:39 DarkErmac though unlike Black, who wanted to use his magic to cause harm, White wanted to provide assistance to anyone else who found themselves in his situation
14:41 DarkErmac So the party was invited to White’s home, which was something of a makeshift structure dug into the ground
14:41 DarkErmac The next day, White was invited into the party
14:41 DarkErmac A second friend plugged in a fourth controller not long afterwards
14:42 DarkErmac Another guy who was encountered in this wasteland area was a man who was clearly insane
14:43 DarkErmac He was… mostly naked, and continually rambled to himself (and to others) about crazy scenarios which were supposedly happening
14:43 DarkErmac he just wouldn’t shut up about it either
14:44 Zar Natsuru?
14:44 DarkErmac This guy also mentioned a world “beyond the world”, pointing out an impassible mountain range
14:45 DarkErmac Red decided to see just what was beyond these mountains, that was supposedly so “sacred”
14:45 Natsuru Not really certain what to do. Anyways, BRB, shower.
14:46 Zar Okay.
14:46 DarkErmac So, Crazy joined the party as well
14:46 DarkErmac He became the party’s oddball member
14:47 DarkErmac Pretty much, whenever an enemy was killed or a chest was looted, he would always pocket some item from it
14:47 DarkErmac and as soon as you forgot said item even existed, he would randomly pull it out and use it in combat
14:48 Ann_Hiro Hai Natsuru when he comes back
14:48 DarkErmac There were quite a few of these improvised weapons over the course of the adventure
14:48 DarkErmac It reminds me of that guy from Paycheck, who had all these seemingly useless items that were all useful at some poing
14:48 DarkErmac pint
14:48 DarkErmac point
14:49 DarkErmac So yeah, he was a real gamble to deal with, but also probably the most fun of the five
14:50 DarkErmac After crossing the “anyone above this line loses their first-born son” line, the scenery started to become more green
14:50 DarkErmac and the party soon found themselves quickly surrounded by dense forest
14:51 DarkErmac It was here that the party met Tan
14:51 DarkErmac One of those “macho woodsman” stereotypes
14:52 DarkErmac He became the group’s Fighter
14:52 DarkErmac and specialized in ax combat
14:53 DarkErmac He sowed them the proper way to go to the mountain range, and seeing as how he had a great opportunity to see the outside world for himself, he agreed to join the party
14:54 DarkErmac He probably saw the least amount of use out of all the other members, due to his rather boring, straightforward fighting style and his lack of growth as a character
14:55 DarkErmac Further on, we met Green
14:55 DarkErmac He was a bit of a loner, who lived in a shrine deep within the woods, and could manipulate flora and fauna alike to do whatever he wanted
14:56 DarkErmac I’m not entirely sure what class he fits under
14:56 DarkErmac but his fighting style involved a lot of plant usage
14:58 DarkErmac I guess he’s closest to another red mage in style, though specializing in one kind of magic
14:58 DarkErmac He was able to pretty much channel the natural aether of the world to channel into his powers and such
14:59 DarkErmac but anyway, he joined the party and, utilizing his knowledge of the surrounding woods, the party reached the mountains in a very quick time
15:00 DarkErmac I guess he was also a bit of a nuke during the forest part, since he was able to defeat this crazy man-eating plant monster thing just by willing it to die
15:01 DarkErmac So anyway, we reached th mountain range, which was populated by orcs, just everywhere
15:01 DarkErmac Pretty much the entire climb up was like one large battle, much like the prison escape near the beginning of the game
15:02 DarkErmac “Oh hey, it’s Roid Man again!”
15:02 DarkErmac “STAB
15:02 DarkErmac “It’s like a rule in every RPG. They always bring back old bosses under a new coat of paint.”
15:03 DarkErmac After reaching the top, the party encountered a… massive space whale
15:04 DarkErmac Of course, a boss battle in the heavens ensued
15:05 DarkErmac And, like all massive dream-based fights, it was quite amazing
15:05 DarkErmac pretty much all seven of the party members had to use the full extent of their powers to defeat it
15:08 DarkErmac You had Red casting Gravity on it, Black bombing it with explosives, Blue pounding away on its exterior with rapid fists of fury, Green whittling away with poisonous attacks, Tan slicing it open with axes, Crazy throwing whatever shit he gathered on his quest thus far, and White healing everyone when they got weak
15:09 DarkErmac Eventually, the space whale “died”, and a compartment opened up on the side, revealing what looked like an airborne laboratory inside
15:09 DarkErmac There was some professor-looking guy and his assistant working some controls, when they looked outside and just stared at the seven of us
15:10 DarkErmac Red wasted no time in just obliterating the craft, and the duo’s audible screams could be heard as the craft exploded
15:10 DarkErmac Even Black called him out on it
15:11 DarkErmac So of course, that was one of those points in an RPG where your action influenced the plot a bit
15:11 DarkErmac so my brother assumed these people were from the city, and trying to take them back, what with their demands to not cross this border and all
15:12 DarkErmac Though, looking back on it, I kinda wish we did as they said
15:12 DarkErmac It would’ve avoided the… crazy situation
15:12 DarkErmac so after the defeat of the space whale, it turned out we weren’t even a third of the way into the game
15:13 DarkErmac according to our friend, the game was just beginning
15:13 DarkErmac so we headed down the other side of the impassable mountain range
15:13 DarkErmac walked a bit of a way away from them, through the uncharted territory
15:13 DarkErmac then we came to a small clearing
15:14 DarkErmac and way of in the distance, you could see a massive spire, a single mountain jumping out into the clouds above
15:14 DarkErmac “Olympus Mons?”
15:14 DarkErmac “Oh, you’ll see. Right about now.”
15:14 DarkErmac “???”
15:15 DarkErmac “Just wait for the next cutscene.”
15:15 DarkErmac So, the next cutscene begins
15:15 DarkErmac and everyone’s taking in the surrounding landscape
15:15 DarkErmac so bright, so vivid
15:16 DarkErmac It’s obvious that this place has been completely untainted by the City on the other side
15:17 DarkErmac Just standing in this new place triggered old memories from the party
15:18 DarkErmac “What’s this? Another RPG cliche? Now what, are they all going to be like, ‘we knew each other before our adventure’?”
15:18 DarkErmac “Actually…”
15:19 DarkErmac “Black: I see memories coming back… memories of… White? And Blue? and… even you, Crazy?”
15:19 DarkErmac “… Dammit.”
15:19 DarkErmac “Wait, it gets better”
15:19 DarkErmac “They all came from the same orphanage?”
15:19 DarkErmac “No, but they did save the world before.”
15:20 DarkErmac “Oh, like that’s any better.”
15:20 DarkErmac Back in the game, Red is about as in disbelief as I am
15:20 DarkErmac Unlike the others, he has none of these memories or “unlockings”, of any kind
15:21 DarkErmac And then…
15:22 DarkErmac “White: I feel… I feel a strange sensation.”
15:22 DarkErmac “Green: It’s like we’re meant to be here.”
15:23 DarkErmac “Crazy: See! I told you, I’m not insane, you are the crazy ones for doubting my theories! Which turned out to be true!”
15:23 DarkErmac “Red: I still don’t know what you guys are talking about. I don’t-”
15:24 DarkErmac And then everyone except red discard their outwards appearances, casting them aside to reveal…
15:24 DarkErmac …
15:24 DarkErmac ponies.
15:25 DarkErmac As it turns out, the entire game was just a disguise for some game dev to fulfill some sort of personal fantasy of his
15:25 DarkErmac And as a means for my brother’s friend to attempt to get us to join the herd
15:25 DarkErmac Needless to say, I put my controller down and just left, in silence
15:26 DarkErmac Only to hear the sounds of the game continue
15:26 DarkErmac They got him. End of dream.
15:28 DarkErmac So yeah, that was it
15:28 Zar Back from the shower.
15:28 DarkErmac wb
15:28 Zar Thanks.
15:29 DarkErmac yyyyyyyyyyep. That dream was a bit weird, especially the ending
15:30 DarkErmac It’s like those 4chan posts about some guy complaining about his shitty life, and then being like “and now I have to become a pokemon master.”
15:30 DarkErmac I must admit, I was caught off-guard by the whole hting
15:30 DarkErmac but it was also a bit amusing
15:31 DarkErmac a lot like the “Mario” bit from the shitty fanfiction dream
15:31 Zar Lol.

Last night was another random events dream, starting with me trying (and failing) to catch Suicune, then went into other random things, like:

  • The Team Fortress 2 guys enrolling in a water skiing school, (Scout and Pyro got the hang of it quick, Heavy, Spy, and Medic, not so much),
  • An episode of Rugrats where a tornado hit the Pickles’ house and what happened afterward,
  • And a buttload of people having a party by our house and giving us gigantic enchiladas and tacos.

That’s all I vividly remember, unfortunately. (The Team Fortress 2 part was my favorite.)


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