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^ Agreed!

I have been meaning to post that the “Little Torchic Kid searches for her parents” game appeared in another dream I had the other day, but the game it was based on was different. It was Super Mario Galaxy instead, and the kid had been turned into a Blooper. This time, though, the game had a conclusion, but it wasn’t a happy ending. The kid never found her parents, and was turned back human, only to be turned into a Cheep Cheep. :(

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Oct 05, 2013 at 12:57PM EDT

Most recently, I had one involving Banjo-Kazooie.
What looked like a level of underground tunnels and anti-gravity sections, Kazooie was talon-trotting on the ceiling. At the end of one of the routes, the duo discovers an enemy resembling an N64 cartridge. They defeat it and a item comes out which the mole Bottles immediately explains it’s from Stop N Swop, part III. Then the alarm of my cellphone woke me up.

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Oct 06, 2013 at 09:14AM EDT

I don’t remember much from last night, but I fell asleep watching Wreck It Ralph, and I first began having a dream about Wall-E, but it was a mash-up of both it and Wreck It Ralph, thus creating “Wreck It Wall-E”. That part didn’t last long before it shifted into me and my folks celebrating my birthday party with the characters from “Mulan” in a planet from Super Mario Galaxy. And then that derailed into an episode of the Nicktoon “Sanjay and Craig” where the titular characters ate too much pizza at the pizza restaurant and looked like this:

Then suddenly Sanjay was transformed into a cute girl snake via a pizza with garbage for toppings and he(she?) and Craig got married. (Woke up.)

…This is what happens when you’ve been watching lots of Disney movies lately, trying and failing to catch episodes of your favorite TV shows, reading Foxtrot comics, and eat a ton of food right before bed on your birthday! O_o

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Oct 07, 2013 at 12:16PM EDT

Hey, dudes, I think I’ve discovered something about my dreams and going lucid.

I said that I like to collect bouncy balls and I frequently dream about getting some at some point in my dreams. Well, I’ve had this happen so often it’s gotten to the point where I’ll realize I’m dreaming if I find a machine with bouncy balls in it and get some out of it, particularly if a large amount comes out of the slot. In my dream last night I did so, and as about thirty bouncy balls poured, I grimaced and said: “Oh no! I’m dreaming!” My nearby sister suggested I change things around in the dream, so I turned the area into a Gotham City-like superhero town and turned myself into a super strong bipedal buffalo superhero and kicked some bad guy butt with some other super powered funny animals. I lost direct control of my dream not long after that though. :/

The dream eventually derailed into a big musical number featuring many people, said superhero critters, my folks, myself, and a bunch of characters from Toy Story dancing down the street singing a pop version of “You Got A Friend In Me”. When the music number ended, it went into a fake ending of Toy Story 3 where Andy was somehow aged back down to probably how old he was in Toy Story 2, and Woody, Buzz and the others could be played with again.

I woke up after that.

Oct 14, 2013 at 12:31PM EDT

Triple post??
I dreamed last night that I was rehearsing for a play, but then it became a trap and people were being turned into puppets and being forced to perform really stupid shows. Everyone ganged up on the dude who did this to the people-turned-puppets and ran him out of town, and we all celebrated by singing Christmas songs like Jingle Bells.

I later also had a dream where I was an Exeggutor on the run from the police, but I hid well in places full of plants.

Oct 22, 2013 at 03:41PM EDT

Looks like someone made off with the Star Rod again. Kirby, you know what to do…
Last night got strange.

It started off with me playing Doodle or Die, but I was only getting really well drawn (but very bizarre) My Little Pony related pictures. (One of the stranger pictures I got I described as: “Discord hanging out with Twilight Sparkle, but then he turns her into Spike and he turns himself into a unicycle for no reason. Also, Shining Armor showed up for some reason.”)

Then I went to Arizona (which looked more like Arizona this time unlike the last time the state showed up in one of my dreams). I found myself in a building with a lot of people that had a lot of snakes in cages. The caretaker of this place let us hold some of the snakes, but suddenly a rattlesnake bit someone on the chin. (ow!) Apparently, I was the only one who could take him to the hospital, so I started driving him to one. (I can’t actually drive.) The scenery changed rapidly, and soon I was in a large town that looked like a mix between the one in (Disney’s) “The Hunchback Of Notre Dame” and Boston, Massachusetts. I heard from someone that the hospital was in a large nearby mall, so my friend and I headed that way.

We went in said mall, and I got bouncy balls from a machine (I didn’t notice that I was dreaming, unlike before unfortunately) and got some more directions. A guy told me the hospital was “that-away” and we got hopelessly lost, winding up in the bell towers of Notre Dame. We met Quasimodo, who told us to go north to find the hospital, but then everything literally came to a crashing halt. Everything disappeared, and I found myself in a strange virtual reality chamber. A female voice said: “Dream #(number I can’t remember) has encountered a problem and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconvenience.” Then a male voice said: “If you’d like, you can resume the dream from before the problem occurred (which was apparently back when I was at the snake farm), or start a new dream. Do you want a ‘Flying Dream’, a ‘Bad Dream’, or a ‘Turn Into A Pokemon Dream’, since you seem to favor those, or perhaps a ‘Fight The System Dream’?”

I was so bewildered that I opted to wake up instead.

I’ve never had a meta dream before. Looking back, it was pretty funny, though. I should eat more red velvet cupcakes right before bed!

Oct 26, 2013 at 07:37PM EDT

I’ll see if I can get another noteworthy dream to show up, though at this current point in time, it’s highly unlikely.

Oct 26, 2013 at 11:04PM EDT

The results of roleplaying combined with various youtube videos and chocolate chip cookies before going to bed gives some interesting results. All i can remember is this

Ok started off with me in a weird city of some sort and i somehow ended up looking like Jeanne from Bayonetta. After wandering around Nora from RWBY poped, dressed up like Espure ( might have made a typo then). Then after more wandering around, along with Nora being derpy and walking into walls, finally got to a giant statue of the Colossal Titan from AoT who looked like he was drawn in MS paint. The statue ended up shrinking by braking itself down and rebuilding itself which looked like it was being built out of legos. Then he ended up in power armor and chased us half way across the world. Meanwhile fucking Justin Beiber decided to tag along with us and decided to sing baby untill the collossal titan came along and shot a rocket dildo up his ass and sent him to hell. Finally after being chased into a futuristic looking church, turns out that we ended up in heaven and we are to do battle with the colossal titan, after deflecting numerous rocket dildos, me and Nora did the fusion dance and summoned the flying spagettie monster, who Sparta kicked the titan into hell. Afterwords i ended up waken up in my bed with Nora and the room looked like a helluva party went on in it. At that point i ended up getting woken up by my sister and the dream ended.

Oct 29, 2013 at 02:21PM EDT

Okay, first I had a rather unpleasant dream where I was trapped in a dark room with a bunch of dead elf like creatures making the creepiest faces. I escaped, but everyone I met was still making these creepy faces the dead elves were making.

I woke up, and it was 2:30 in the morning. So I went back to sleep.

Then I dreamed that I was playing a weird version of Plants vs Zombies with all sorts of weird machanics like an Old Faithful-esque geyser that would randomly erupt and destroy everything. Then it derailed into a Watership Down-like story with a bunch of rabbits trying to get to the Land of Ooo, but shortly derailed into a bizarre Wizard Of Oz parody which, among other things, had Dorothy replaced with Muscle Man from Regular Show!

Scarecrow: I’m going to see the wizard so he can give me a brain!
Muscle Man: You know who else is going to see the wizard so he can give her a brain? MY MOM!!

That was it, unfortunately.

Nov 04, 2013 at 12:12PM EST

The other night I dreamed I was with my mom and my little sister driving home from somewhere when we bumped into Mrs Frizzle. She proceeded to take us on a field trip into the woods of our home state to look at the various habitats of the animals that live there. We turned into owls and snakes at some point…and then there were getting to be too many snakes so we ran home.

I also recently dreamed up a creepypasta, but I don’t have enough time to post it up here, so I’ll do that at a later date.

Nov 10, 2013 at 09:40PM EST

It’s going to be really hard for me to find a good dream as with most people, what I say and do in dreams is very embarrassing and confusing. I feel that I can only give details about rare beautiful things I see but even those are hidden behind figurative rose-tinted glasses.

Nov 11, 2013 at 09:07AM EST

Last night I had a dream where I was at a family gathering with my folks. Everything was pretty normal until Margaret from Regular Show came out of a house declaring that she has made the best cheese Singles (those little thin squares of cheese) in the history of the world. Then for no apparent reason, they grew in size and one of them ate Margaret in one bite, and then they proceeded to try and eat everyone else. We all ran around the neighborhood screaming and running from them until my dad and an uncle grabbed flamethrowers and melted the singles monsters. Then everything turned into a Lilo and Stitch movie and I turned into Stitch. Other things happened after that, but I can’t remember at all. :(

Nov 16, 2013 at 04:16PM EST

The other night’s dream was weird and somewhat funny.

It starts with my folks and I going to a theater to see a new movie. We get there in time to see the previews, and the first one was a movie about the Pokemon anime where Ash was transformed into Arceus in a freak accident. Ashceus lost his sanity out of the stress of the incident and started destroying the world, and Misty, Brock, and many of Ash’s other companions teamed up to try to stop him. It looked pretty cool and it was apparently directed by J. J. Abrams if I remember correctly.

The next trailer was for, ugh, a new Airbuddies movie. It was another Christmas “Santa Buddies” movie, and to drive the point even further, they had actually managed to have the Despicable Me Minions to appear in the movie so it would sell better. (They actually said that in the trailer.) Everyone in the audience groaned, but here’s the funny part. As the trailer ended, a bunch of other D.M. Minions and people in police outfits burst in through a door and tackled the Buddies and other characters in the trailer to the ground. One of the human policemen said, “You are all under arrest for exceeding the Legal Sequel Limit and Excessive Franchise Milking.” And the Buddies and everyone involved with them went to jail, and the audience applauded and cheered.

The movie theater part petered out and the rest of the dream was us swimming in a gigantic swimming pool, but then the pizzas invaded and attacked everyone. “The pizzas are aggressive!” we all cried as they lopped our heads off. Then I woke up.

And yes, I did watch the Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour video before bed.

Nov 18, 2013 at 12:48PM EST

very bump
much necro

So I haven’t posted here in a while. The most interesting dream I’ve had recently was being caught in a University Campus game, where trans people would try to catch you and talk about something. IDK why.
Well, I was lucid, so I was fly-running, and got trapped in a corner. Thanks to lucidity, I imagined I was out of the campus.
Then, at some point, I ate a hamburger. It felt real, and it was delicious. Our mind is so powerful.

Nov 25, 2013 at 01:29AM EST

I had many different dreams last night, among them being and earthquake leveling a building my friends and I were in, an alien invasion, and me turning into Samus Aran. The only one I distinctly remember is one I had about Hey Arnold and Pokemon.
So it was a usual school day at Arnold’s school, and Helga is yelling at Arnold for running into her. Arnold leaves, and of course, Helga proceeds to gush about him like usual. Then she looks down after him and sees him feeding a Squirtle. Helga learns from another student that Arnold is a Pokemon Trainer and his favorite Pokemon is Gardevoir. Then things get weird. Helga goes home and starts making a strange drink out of all sorts of junk and drinks it. She winds up turning into a Kirlia. Hoping this will make Arnold like her better, Helga goes to school and tries to find him. (Weirdly, no one seemed to give a rip about Helga’s new look.)

However, Helga discovers that Lila has turned into a Gardevoir under similar circumstances and is wanting Arnold’s attention as well. Helga panics since she is only a Kirlia. Most of the dream was Helga trying to halt Lila from finding Arnold whilst also trying to get to him herself. Neither of them wind up succeeding and head to their homes. But then they both notice posters about an ice skating competition. They both enter without each other’s knowledge, hoping that the one who won would gain Arnold’s affection.

At the competition, Helga is getting ready to get on the ice when she hears Lila’s name announced and sees her on the ice. Helga freaks out and gets out there as well. Helga tries to mess Lila up and falls several times as Lila tries to avoid her. The audience mistakes this for a double act and starts going bonkers. In the end, they both win first place and try to see Arnold. Arnold is about to give his opinion who he liked the best as Helga walks away when we cut to the school on a later date. Helga and Lila are their normal selves, and Helga is very happy, implying that Arnold must have said Helga.

The dream petered out at that point.

Nov 25, 2013 at 12:51PM EST

Hey Kirby someone decided to piss in the fountain of dreams this time while running off with the star rod.
Ok so i somehow ended up in what i assume to be California or Florida and somehow North Korea was fine with America and they were piloting black fighter jets which me and kids who i went to school with along with my parents were being transported in. The fking seatbelts were undone for me and the piolet didn’t bother to give me time to buckle in so we were flying at high speeds all over the place while doing fancy maneuvers in the air. I finally got buckled in and holey crap he was doing loppty loops in the air and we landed by some aquairium which had over 136 different species of sharks in it which me and the people that were being flown were going to. Went in, saw sharks, one climbed out of the tank and started talking to me and said it wants to be my companion on any adventures i might have. I was fine with that and i ended up with a land shark following me around.
After waken up from that dream to take a piss i fell back asleep and it continued where i left off sort of. The shark was now a fricken shark lady ( think shark boy only female and has the body of mila kunis ) with fricken lasers attached to her head, well tenicly it was more like a third eye on her forehead that shoots lasers but you get the point. Then it went all bioshock on me and i was a little sister, the shark lady ended up sticking along side me while a Big Sister was fighting Mr. Bubbles ( aka a Bouncer). They somehow ended up doing the fusion dance and merged together to form a big sister daddy version 2.0 that pissed lightning, shit fire, and it farted cyclones and tornados. By that time the shark lady was fighting that thing and i was screaming "Go get em Mr. Bubbles err Big Sister, whatever you are. " The shark lady got killed and exploded and it made a farting nose and a fart cloud appeared in the explosion. I yelled " I gotta pee!" And pissed myself. At that point i woke up and noticed my sister put my hand in warm water and made me wet the bed.

Dec 05, 2013 at 11:57AM EST

^ Lol! That’s messed up!
I haven’t had a whole lot of eventful dreams since my Hey Arnold/Pokemon dream, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had any:

  • One night my family went on that old Nickelodeon game show Family Double Dare and won, but then me, my family, and Marc Summers kept turning into different Pokemon as we went through the final flag challenge but we still won a trip to space camp! (End dream)
  • Another night I dreamed that a parade had come to my town. And my sisters won a cruise for five! But Reggie Fils-Amie’s body was ready and he wanted to take the trip away from my sisters for some reason. We still got the trip and he was thrown off the boat. And then he was turned into an Infernape by a furious Shiguru Miyamoto and a voice over started: "Will Reggie right what he has done wrong to Lugia41’s sisters, the only way to return to his normal form? Find out in the upcoming motion picture event: “My Body Is Ready”! Coming only to theaters this holiday season." (Dream ended)
  • And then there was a dream where Daleks invaded my home state and I joined up with various folks to stop them. It was like a parody of Red Dawn.
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Dec 05, 2013 at 09:50PM EST

I had this dream where I was walking through a forest and someone said if you listen carefully, you can hear a voice whisper your name. I wasn’t expecting it to sound so scary, and I woke up and this anthro wolf thing was standing in my room.

I think I have sleep Paralysis

Dec 06, 2013 at 04:43PM EST

Sleep paralysis isn’t a disease or something like that. It has been linked to some disorders, tho.
It seems it prevents your body from moving when you sleep, so you don’t jump around when sleeping. And sometimes, when you wake up, your body is not fully awaken. To top it off, your brain will give you scary visions such as a ghost in front of you.

Dec 07, 2013 at 12:34PM EST

I had a very screwed up dream the other night.

Things were relatively normal and I was in town with my folks when a bunch of Freaky Friday-esqe body swapping occured. I wound up being my mom and she was me. A bunch of people, (including me) went down to the center of the Earth to find out what was going on. Turns out that a Gastly and a Gengar are at the center of the planet messing with the core of the planet, which is somehow causing reality-altering effects on the surface. No one bothered to stop them, so the world went bonkers. Among other things, big hot dogs appeared in my pants and underwear non-stop, my mom regenerated into the Fourth Doctor, and people sometimes turned into Ghost-Type Pokemon.

That was it.

Dec 14, 2013 at 01:29PM EST

Well, finally I have something new to share:

It’s all set in Bioshock Infinite. A faceless guy is giving a speech to what appears to be Elizabeth about the past, the present and the future. And that’s it.

Dec 15, 2013 at 12:10PM EST

Foxy The Pirate Fox wrote:

I had this dream where I was walking through a forest and someone said if you listen carefully, you can hear a voice whisper your name. I wasn’t expecting it to sound so scary, and I woke up and this anthro wolf thing was standing in my room.

I think I have sleep Paralysis

Anthro wolf thing?

I wonder…

Dec 15, 2013 at 12:37PM EST

Well, I finally had a dream worth putting up here.

It was one of those dreams that feels so real you don’t think you’re dreaming. It started with me and my folks waking up extra early because we were going to the mountains with my grandparents for a vacation. We drove out there to a cabin by a lake that was apparently a national historical site as well. There was a long trail that included a small exhibit that actually went under water. (I can’t remember what the historical significance of the lake was.)

Anyway, as we looked at the various things underwater, I happened to find some gumball machines in the exhibit, one of which contained bouncy balls. I went to get one, but then a ridiculously large amount of balls came out of the slot. As this happens in my dreams often, I realized that I was being trolled by my subconscious. “Oh no! I’m dreaming!” I cried. Fortunately, I didn’t wake up immediately, so I seized the opportunity to change things around, such as turning the mountainous setting to a coastal setting and turning myself into various Pokemon just for the heck of it. It wasn’t that long after before I did wake up, though.

I also had a dream that I was playing Sonic: Lost Worlds (which I haven’t actually played yet) but there was all sorts of weird things going on. Wreck It Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweets from the former’s eponymous movie were playable, as well as a Silver Surfer like character who loved to swim, and you could get use Portals if you got a portal gun.

Dec 23, 2013 at 12:40PM EST

Ok so I just had this one dream for like the third time in my life for some messed up reason ( First time was when I was 7 or 8 ).

Ok so I am in my house and I am about the height of a cat. Everything has a washed out green tint to it except the clouds. They are red and orangish and are circling like a hurricane does and every once in a while a redish green lightning bolt flickers lighting everything up before everything goes back to the washed out look. There is barely any sound, just the faint sound of wind from the storm outside like hearing a storm through thick curtains. Though everything around my house is calm once you get a house or two down the trees are all bending from the wind.

The first thing I remember is I am cooking icecream on a stove that some how switches between being my height when I am using it to being huge when I just glance at it. It goes like that for some time but I start to notice large dinosaurs ( T – Rex’s to be specific ) dressed in normal clothing walking around outside. As I am putting the ice cream away in the freezer that I can some how reach the front door slams open ( Though even the sound of that is muted. I just got a sense of the door slamming without hearing the actual sound ) and in walks two T – Rex’s. One wears a black suit and a top hat and the other wears a pink dress. As they walk in I run into the living room and watch them from around the door frame. I can’t remember much after this point exempt constantly running from place to place trying not to be seen.

After a while I run into the basement to escape and my dream completely changes. ( So for this part you have to know that I was completely scared of the basement when I was young since some one broke into my house and the cops found him hiding in the basement. He was there for over 4 hours after I got home from school alone they had estimated. Also this long dream happened right after that incident. ) So as I entered the basement everything returns to regular size and the lighting changes a bit. The washed out look fades away and leaves the area looking like a normal basement except the dark seemed to eat at the light. As I walked slowly down into the basement I could see half of the basement from the stairs but I couldn’t see either of the far walls since the stairs came down into one corner. The atmosphere felt heavy, oppressive and I felt like I was being watched. As I pressed on farther into the basement ( I felt like I needed to get something from the storage closet set in the one corner ) the oppressive feeling kept getting heavier and heavier. Then as I passed the furnace I saw a hand grab at me. And that’s when I always wake up.

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Dec 23, 2013 at 08:56PM EST

This one, I had just last night:

Me, my older brother, and my dad, were at a soccer game that was taking place in a Super-Bowl sized stadium. Somehow, there was this whole tournament being held. Even stranger was the fact that the tournament just consisted of one on one matches, which I don’t think is even possible in official soccer matches. When it got to the final round, one of the finalists broke his leg and couldn’t compete, so they were about to give the remaining player his trophy. But, my brother then walked down onto the field and declared that he would face the finalist instead. For some reason, the coaches agreed to this. So, they played their game, and my brother lost. The finalist was given a golden first place trophy that declared him to be the best soccer player in the US, while my brother got a silver trophy of equal size that declared him to be the 2nd best soccer player in the US, somehow. We go home, and everybody’s making this huge big deal about how our family had the 2nd best soccer player in the US, and I feel completely ignored. Then, my dad turns to me, and he says that he’s considering getting me soccer lessons. And then I woke up because I guess I couldn’t fathom me being on an actual damn soccer team.

Dec 23, 2013 at 09:57PM EST

I did have a dream last night, but I can only remember this one scene near the end.

I went out of my house to the mailbox to see if we got any mail, only to find that there was about 50 pounds worth of mail inside. (The mailbox is a tiny one, and somehow there was that much mail in it.) As I started taking the mail out of the mailbox, I noticed a cream colored convertible sedan coming down the road in my direction. I managed to get the rest of the mail out, but the car pulled over in front of me and the convertible top came down, revealing a guy who looked a lot like Johnny Depp.

“Hey, I know you, dude!” he told me, “I met you at the store back in 1989!” I told him that it wasn’t possible because I hadn’t been born yet in 1989. Then he tells me: “I know you’re Mew.” I was taken aback and suddenly turned into a Mew. “How’d you know I was really Mew?” I asked him. He was about to answer when I woke up.

Dangit, I wanted to see where that was going! (Unfortunately, I’m not really Mew in real life.)

Dec 26, 2013 at 03:32PM EST

I had a dream where I was stuck in 6th grade class after school, and my parents and teachers were calling me out about something. I think it was about a bad grade I had in class.

But the weird thing was how I was aware that it was a dream, because the faces of my parents and teacher were very blurry. And seeing that this weird effect must be because I’m in some sort of dream, I decided to consciously wake myself up.

Right when I woke up, I realized that I woke up from a dream within a dream. Now I was part of a terrorist group that recruited child soldiers. Apparently, the leader of the children took down the only adult of the group and was now driving the van in a crazy fashion. We finally crashed into a laboratory of some sort. In the laboratory was supposed to be a nuclear device, we were tasked to take for the terrorists. And that’s when I woke up.

Dec 26, 2013 at 06:40PM EST

All right, so it’s been a while, but I just had another bizarre dream.

Pretty much, I got my hands on an N64 and started playing Super Mario 64, but something felt… odd. A lot of things were completely unfamiliar (textures, music, etc), even though the game was relatively the same. So, it turns out that the game that I was familiar with never actually existed. The game I had played and known for such a long time was actually the only copy of an early ROM hack of the “real” Super Mario 64.

So this is what it feels like to have schizophrenia.

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Dec 27, 2013 at 04:26PM EST

The host of Dream General has returned, my children!

Anyway, I forgot most of my good dreams after a while.
Though I found this cute grey tabby kitten under my bed, then I looked at the TV. Apparently, my dream was trying to be like “The Day Earth Stood Stupid”, except instead of brains, it could’ve been like parasites… I dunno.

I wanna be Retrospective here. So I’ll list my dreams in order of… favorites?

1. MARIO KART: Dreamcast (Ironic)
2. Mortal Kombat Cartoons Vs The Fighters
3. HeliSpaceChopperVehicle… thing
4. Mugen: Defeat the floor!!

Ah… I miss crappy textures, chopping-no, RIPPING limbs and riding in a 4tool vehicle.
Good times…

Dec 29, 2013 at 05:33AM EST

Here’s one that’s a bit short, but one that I wish would actually happen:

I’m standing outside of this house. I go up and knock on the door, for some reason. The door opens, and it turns out that Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam-sama of Two Best Friends Play are all inside. They invite me inside, and we play video games, eat breadsticks, and in general have a damn good time.

Then I wake up and realize how lonely I am in reality.

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Dec 31, 2013 at 08:39PM EST

I had a really confusing dream-within-a-dream last night.

Initially, I was walking around a town while the Incredibles and Frozone beat up some invading Omnidroids nearby. As they did, I was given a magazine with the strangest articles inside. Among them was a story about some lady who was convinced that she was in a sexual relationship with her dog. (It turned out to be true. They really loved each other. Squick!) Then the Incredibles destroyed the last Omnidroid, and suddenly some judges appeared and they gave them a five rating, claiming that they didn’t destroy the droids fast enough. They seemed disappointed and went home.

It was then that I supposedly woke up. I looked at my clock to see that it was 9:00. Deciding that I could sleep a little while longer, I rolled off of my bed and went back to sleep.

A short time later, my mom started yelling for me to get up because we needed to do something. I went downstairs to find that it was now dark outside and my sisters were washing dishes. I asked them why we needed to get up at 5:30 in the morning when we had been up so late last night. They looked at me like I was nuts. I went to the front of my house and looked out the window. There were a number of unfamiliar cars in the driveway, and an enormous double decker bus was coming our way. There was a knock on the door. I opened it to find an old friend asking if I was ready to go. “To where?” I asked.

Before I knew it, my mom and my sisters were shoving me out the door and shoving a suitcase and some books into my hands. Bewildered, I asked what was going on. They told me that I was going on vacation with a bunch of other people around my age to a town called “Herecroft”, which was apparently in Africa. I asked why they weren’t going with me, and they said that it was because they didn’t want to contract AIDS. (Well ain’t ya’ll sensitive!) I went on the bus and sat down by a Hispanic guy and off we went. I was still very confused and tried to ask the guy what we were doing. He didn’t say why we were going, but he told me that the people on the bus (of which there was a lot) got their seats depending on their “genre”. People who had quiet personalities sat in one part of the bus while bombastic and silly people sat in another, etc. I was in the silly section of the bus, he told me.

I was getting used to being on this trip and was getting excited when I got this feeling in the back of my mind that this whole thing was still just a dream. Sure enough, I woke up a moment later to find that it was 11:00. Everything was a just a dream (including when I thought I woke up at 9. I realized that it was because, A. I was back in my bed now, and B. My bed had been in a different position in my room, I realized.) That was weird.

Jan 01, 2014 at 12:55PM EST

Once I had a dream I was in some brick building that somehow was my history class. When we were learning history the entire building spontaneously combusted and I jumped out of the building into a truck where I then drove to Dustbowl to browse /v/. When I got there, some weird nerd kid was there trying to stab me. However, a bunch of black people showed up and killed him. The black people then started WW3 where this motherfucker showed up to play a tuba:

Jan 05, 2014 at 08:16PM EST

Ok, I remember a bit from the end of the dream I had last night (contains mild pony content):

Ok, so Jak and Daxter were visiting my house for some reason, and we were chatting our heads off when I got bored and started looking at a video game catalog. Among the many nonsensical games in it, there was a game called: “Pikimin Solitaire”. Aside from the dubious Nintendo franchise focus (either Pikmin or Pokemon), there was also a miscolored Lucario on the cover of the game. (It was in fact, one of the recolors of Lucario in Brawl.)

(How I remember it looking in my dream:)

Then suddenly the game was in my lap instead of a catalog, and the Lucario on the cover suddenly turned a chartreuse color, gained a Zoroark’s flowing hair, and now had Rainbow Dash’s tail. I put the game in my computer, installed it and started to play. Turns out, it’s not even about solitaire in the slightest. It was some sort of RPG about Super Smash Bros, but it had more than just Nintendo characters in it. It had just about every video game, TV show, and movie character in it. I began playing it. Sometime into the game, I was controlling Lucario, Mordecai and Rigby, and Rainbow Dash fighting a ton of Pikmin, and did something really stupid that KO’d everyone including my own characters. Rather than show a game over screen, it showed the reaction picture of Ronald McDonald saying something along the lines of: “Hahaha you f****ing fail!” That I really don’t have the patience to find right now.

I was woken up shortly afterwards.

Jan 12, 2014 at 04:10PM EST

Welp, last night I had something worth posting here.

I was the main character from Assassin’s Creed (haven’t played it) and I was in a Pirate Ship with Napoleon (I think. He was really small) and a cannonball completely destroyed the ship. I naturally fell on the water, and saw Napoleon with a sword impaled in his chest, while other people tried to save him. I turned to the ship that shot us, and it had machine guns on both sides. I started swimming like Zora Link, underwater to avoid detection, and punched the ship, causing surreal damage. Then, I saw a scene of some poison mutant with blades coming out of his arms jumping in the water. He could swim at high speeds, and I avoided 2 of his attacks. Then he cut my right arm off and poisoned me. I swam away and ended in front of my house, looking for a solution, but then I appeared in Clock Town. Stuff happened, and I don’t know what happened, then I woke up.

When he cut my arm, I did feel some pain. It wasn’t excruciating, but it got sore, and I was a bit desperate.

Jan 13, 2014 at 12:22AM EST

Well, I had a random Youtube Poop-like dream last night.
I can’t exactly remember how it started off, but I do remember that, among other things, my little sister was a Keyblade Wielder, and I was disappointed that I wasn’t. Then my family hiked to someone’s house for a birthday party or something, and Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and Doug Funnie and his friends were there along with some relatives of mine and a few other random people. The birthday cake then came to life and started causing people to swap heads with each other. I had Doug’s head for a while while my mom had Mr. Peabody’s and Beebee whatsherlastname (from Doug) had a fat guy’s head.

We destroyed the cake and escaped into Mr. Peabody’s WAYBACK to a futuristic waterpark with some really awesome waterslides and pools. We all took a slide down a waterslide that looked like Rainbow Road and shot through the stars…then I woke up.

…Is this what it feels like to be high?

Jan 17, 2014 at 07:40PM EST

From time to time I have weird dreams and even immediately waking up I only remember that they were very weird.
For some reason “me eating yoghurt in [INSERT TV SHOW HERE]” is a reccuring theme.
Also once I dreamt with death… We were in some kind of cafeteria and as he was leaving through a wall I shouted “Wait!” then asked him to take a seat. He told me “Give space.” then sat down.
The end.
Weird dreams yeeah…

Jan 22, 2014 at 12:37PM EST

Well, in last night’s dream…:
It started with me reading a fanfic about Frozen, though that’s at least how it started, I watched the events take place like a movie. In it, Jimmy Neutron, for some reason, was trying to cause a massive volcanic eruption without considering the safety of the various villages nearby, so Anna and Elsa were trying to knock some sense into him. (I have yet to see Frozen at the time of this post.) Then it derailed into a Gravity Falls story where Dipper and Mabel suddenly turned into conjoined twins in a weird way. (They looked almost Catdog-like.) They kept reappearing for the rest of the dream.

Then I had to go to the store with my mom, so we went, and, the whole way through I heard an argument in my head between various Legendary Pokemon over whether or not they should have set genders rather than being genderless. (“Why should you be male, Zekrom? You don’t even have a d**k!” was a statement I vividly remember.) At the store, we got newspapers with the best funny papers ever, having just about all of them.

Then I was suddenly browsing Deviantart on my computer and discovered a new bizarre fetish: “De-evolutionizing” which involved taking a fictional character and causing him/her to regress into cavemen/primal animals or even piles of slime. Someone on there had actually made a video about minimalistic versions of folks like Johnny Bravo, Dexter (Dexter’s Lab), Gumball Watterson, Mordecai (Regular Show), and others regressing to primordial slime and back again. (The credits had Darwin Watterson turning into a whale, which actually looked well drawn.) Then everything was revealed to have been a computer game Arthur Read had been playing while D.W., Buster, and the Conjoined Pine Twins had been watching. A short time later, I woke up and went and started eating breakfast only to wake up in bed again because of my sister’s dog barking his head off.

That was very weird…

Jan 25, 2014 at 12:17PM EST

So, last week, I had the same dream, two days in a row: A dystopian city was the scenario, a bunch of mercenaries were fighting some kind of opposition. Today, I had one involving the zombie apocalypse. Both cases had their faceless characters trying to get somewhere, only to realize they’ve been running in circles.

Jan 28, 2014 at 09:54AM EST

I often dream about falling over in monochrome environments and being unable to move.

Jan 28, 2014 at 05:23PM EST

I don’t normally post here, but I had this really freaky dream last night that I want to share.

So basically it starts off at what I think may have been a room at my school, but that’s not where it takes place. Somehow I got to like this basement area where people are playing a strange fighting game. What made it strange were two things:

1. The characters. For some reason there were a lot of characters who just shouldn’t be in a fighting game together out of sheer unrealisticness. The only ones I remember though were Goku, some made up form of Goku called “Vera Goku” or something, Mr. Game and Watch, and Diddy Kong, who people called Donkey among for some reason.
2. The play style. Instead of using controllers, people used big pieces of paper! And you could power up a character by placing a certain pin through a picture representing a move, but you couldn’t choose every move for some reason.

So anyway, there was a bit involving that, but that’s when it starts getting weird. Basically I start wandering around and I come across a few pretty crazy people. Unfortunately I don’t remember who they were of what they were like, but they were crazy. Since this is a building with more floors, I go on the other floors. Somehow I was able to get up and down the stairs quickly, but that’s not the point. Anyway, the most notable floor of the dream was like this crazy daycare or kindergarten thing, although I’m fuzzy on whether children were actually there or not now. Whoever was there, though, was pretty creepy. I think this floor showed up a couple times?

But then I go onto the higher floors. This is where the dream became less freaking and probably more scary. I went to a level to find a bathroom to wash my hands in for whatever reason. Although no one attacked me, there were people who looked deformed in what I would call a cartoon way, so they’d look like cartoon characters. The only by I remember clearly was an older, mid-height man in a lab coat with a strange bald head that could have pointed if it wasn’t drooping. He wore small green, square-lenses glasses, and crooked his head in a way that made him creepier. Everyone on this floor was talking about people who’d had things like severe or mortal injuries happen to them, but in an extremely casual day that implied they had attacked their victims.

I quickly got off this floor, but the next one wasn’t much better. I think this one had a bunch of odd people like a guy in a dog suit running opposite my direction. In fact, all of them may have been in costumes now that I think about it. They all mentioned a fire that was implied to be down the hallway from where they came from, but there was no fire. I left this floor.

I think I may have gone back down to the room with the fighting game, where there was a scene of intense violence. I think what happened was that someone got some liquid all over his face. This was dangerous liquid like acid, and his face quickly started swelling and malforming. His eyes were bloodshot and facing opposite directions, and he was saying in a worried fashion about how they couldn’t see. But then someone came over and killed him. I don’t totally remember how they did it, but his head may have been blown up. This was probably the scariest part of the dream in terms of goriness.

I know somewhere I went again to the creepy daycare. It wasn’t creepy in a way like it was zombie infested or dilapidated or something like that. It was just off. I want to compare it to something like Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, in that you can tell something is off but can’t tell what it is, but maybe without the extreme gore that comes in the end. I know some of the people there had an obsessing “join us” attitude, and that’s one reason it was scary.

Around this time I knew I needed to escape from where I was, since I knew that this was a bad place, but first I explored the lower levels a bit. I think they were more oriented toward children, but they were still freaky. I think one floor focused around a demented version of SpongeBob SquarePants (the show, not the chraracter). The most normal floor was the lowest one, which even though it led to outside and could be considered ground floor was considered -6. This level was basically a miniature version of a supermarket, with all the rows condensed into one small one closed off section, like if you put a cap on the end of a normal supermarket isle and put all the most popular products in this isle. Since this was the most normal floor out everything in this entire building, I felt relief being here. I went out of this store place. Outside of it and about ten feet lower was an area with a few dumpsters, and beyond these was an exit to the outside. Before I exited, I talked to a young, nerdy looking boy who was probably sick or something. I talked to him for a while, but I asked him something and he went to a higher level to check. I screamed for him not to like I was losing a good friend, but he did it anyway.

That was when I made my escape. Getting down and out was easy, but escaping was going to be the hard part. It was dark and raining. There were a few lights, but remembering that you avoid these in stealth video games, I ran in the shadows instead. There were a lot of small fences, and even more places lined with yellow caution tape, as if they started putting new cement over some parts.

I had managed to get pretty far until the sun started rising on me. I had caught myself up in a playground toy involving a net bridge, which I managed to get out of, but by the time I was almost at the edge of the property, the scariest thing on a psychological level happened. Basically a huge group of children from the daycare, along with someone who was their adult leader, started coming after me. He had them start singing some song, which only made them creepier. I ran until I was backed into a corner. With them coming closer and closer, I got scared and started yelling for help. But then I remembered, people react more if you yell “fire” instead. So I yelled that, and sure enough, everyone who was coming after me panicked and fled back toward the building. I woke up before I could actually leave, but I think that I did since I was about 10 feet from the border and there weren’t anymore threats.

Strange dream, eh?

Feb 05, 2014 at 09:38AM EST

I briefly went lucid in a dream I had the other night via the Endless Flowing Bouncy Balls cue that tends to happen in my dreams. I was in a party supply store with my mom when I found the gumball machines and stuck a quarter in one containing bouncy balls. Hundreds of bouncy balls came flooding out of the slot, and I knew I was dreaming. The party store turned into a gray void and I tried to think of what to do to my dream. My mind wandered over to Pokemon, specifically Cubone. Before I knew it, I had turned into one and started looking for my mom…but then I remembered Cubone’s backstory and knew I wouldn’t find her. Then I woke up for some reason.
Off the subject of my own dreams, my sister told me about a dream she had when she fell asleep watching Dreamwork’s Megamind, wherein the movie was playing normally until Weeping Angels suddenly invaded and sent Megamind and another guy back to the Civil War, and the rest of the movie was about them trying to get back to normal time.

Feb 05, 2014 at 12:26PM EST

Someone needs to get a fucking pad lock on the star rod.
Ok so the dream started out with it being dark as hell, completely blank, jack shit was visible. Then next thing i know, i ended up in what looked like some weird mansion and i was wearing Senketsu, but his color scheme was inverted and he was yelling at me in German. After walking around a little, he finally stops yelling at me in German and starts talking to me in English, he still had a German accent for some reason. After one long walk through some extremely long back ally in New Jersey, i ended up getting falcon punched by Ryuko, who was naked. She then started yelling at me that i was late for an important meeting which was about something in my dream called " The power ball dick fan cube". At that point i was being dragged through a sewer by a nude Ryuko, both of us were wading through a knee deep river of shit and rainbows, and Senketsu was yelling at me in German again in which i was punched in the crotch by Ryuko and told to stop flailing my duodenum around. (Wtf is a duodenum?) I then noticed it started to look like it was taking on the appearance of the Fairly Odd Parents kind of animation style a little bit and i suddenly was at some really creepy pet store which had a jaw shaped lock on the gated door to it. The lady at the store was saying " No no, don’t get them." and i ended up walking out with a bag of angry ferrets. I then was going to toss it at some lady who apparently was being a jackass to me. The woman then was being nice to me and walked off, i tossed the bag at the woman but it landed on the floor and the ferrets came out of the bag and mauled me. At that point i woke up, saw some scary images, heard a very loud scream which woke me up. I then noticed i was in the same house again with Timmy Turner in it, walls crashed and ashes in his hands, a picture of Jorgen Van Strangle in a wedding dress behind Timmy’s dad who looked shocked, and Timmy was just a black ash blob. Then it suddenly went to a flashback where the doctors were in a hole in the wall with a baby Timmy, who had his buck teeth still were all shocked and horrified by him. One doctor tried handing Timmy off to the other one but he moved away from Timmy when he was brought closer to him. It then ended up with me wading through the sewers again, knee deep in shit, Ryuko literally dragging my ass through it and Senketsu yelling me in German to " Turn the shit switch off!". When we finally got out of the sewers, we ended up in an arena which looked like a Colosseum. Me and Ryuko had to fight Satsuki and Obama. Obama was in a mech suit, which looked like a Rockem Sockem Robot, and Satsuki was yelling at me about how i could never eat as many cheese flavored barstools as her, while trying to cut me with a cardboard cutout of a dick which was spray painted silver. I finally managed to beat her in which Amy Wong came in and said " So can we fuck now?" In which a orgy occurred and i woke up at that point and realized i slept till 12:00 in the fucking afternoon.

Feb 17, 2014 at 01:35PM EST

I would have posting some thing else, but I was unable to use the internet for a while. I’ve had three notable dreams in the past four days.

Dream One (Thursday night): Bratty Girls and Zombie Animals

It started with me riding my bike around the woods behind my house while everyone watched, but suddenly a girl from Despicable Me (a boss in one of the Ipad games based on the series) showed up out of nowhere on a rocket powered trike and started firing Cookie Bots at me. I managed to avoid the Cookie Bots and stopped the girl by grabbing one of the wheels on her bike, which sent her crashing into a tree. Everyone was happy that I had stopped her, but then the girl used crocodile tears to turn everyone against me, even though she was clearly trying to kill me. I got mad and stomped up to my house, but then the dream abruptly changed to something else.

Now I was Thomas the Tank Engine riding down an Interstate highway numbered: “85” taking party supplies to a train station for someone’s birthday party. (There were train tracks in the middle of the road for some reason.) The train station was a Chuck E Cheese’s on an island in the middle of a lake in the mountains. Upon arriving at the station, I was suddenly back to being me and everyone was running inside. I went inside and quite a few of the people in there were Youtube Poop characters and quoting Youtube Poops on the fly. Alvin and the Chipmunks were also there playing out a Youtube Poop of themselves.

Then the doors locked. Someone said that it was because a zombie outbreak was ensuing and only people inside this train station were safe. Outside, people conducted business as usual until everything outside suddenly went pitch black for about five minutes and came back on. We were then allowed to exit the building, and discovered that everyone caught outside had turned into hideous looking zombie animals that had no eyes and fell apart and their skin felt like Play Doh and could be molded as such. I was disturbed and woke up.

Dream Two (Saturday Night): Trapped on the Moon

My sister and my dad and I were stuck on the moon in a moon base with the casts of the movies Frozen (Ana, Elsa, and Kristoff), 101 Dalmatians (all canine characters), and The Hunt For The Red October. We had been locked in there by some bad guy (who I can’t remember who it was) and there seemed to be no way of escaping. No one could do anything. (Not even Elsa.)

After a bit, I was suddenly looking at the landscape through the eyes of one of the dalmatian puppies and wandered off. As I walked around, a voice whispered in my ear: “Only by combining two people’s abilities can you escape.” I ran back to everyone else and told them what we needed to do. I went back to being me again as we decided who would combine their powers. (Apparently, no one specific could combine their powers). It was decided that the dalmatian puppy I briefly was and Elsa should be the ones to combine. The puppy and Elsa did the Fusion Dance and combined into a Lucario-esqe spotted furry lady, and created a giant portal in the wall. We all leaped through and were transported back to Earth.

Afterwards, we all went home, but my dad was very cross for some reason, because he left his car keys on the moon. I woke up as we drove away in someone’s mini van.

Dream Three (Sunday Night): The Movie Theater Labyrinth

My siblings and I decided to go see a movie at a theater, so we drove to one. We got our tickets, but the theater then turned into a giant maze that lead who knows where. There were places that were physically impossible to walk on, but we walked on anyway, such as paths going up walls or on ceilings and other bizarre paths. We walked around looking for the movie room showing “Tangled”, and eventually climbed up a ladder to a movie room on the ceiling that was showing it. We sat down and started watching, but a short time into the movie, the audience was encouraged by Mickey Mouse to walk into the movie and take part in it. We all got up and walked through the screen into the movie.

When we did, the movie for some reason switched from Tangled to a Team Fortress 2 movie about The Scout being the only survivor of an apocalyptic event that destroyed the Team Fortress world, and he was currently in the process of searching for the rest of the Red Team who had also survived, but had severe amnesia and had whole new identities. We joined Scout and helped him search. We found Heavy Weapons Guy at restaurant from Tangled in the middle of a music number from Tangled (I’ve Got A Dream), and then we later found the Medic who, most amusingly, was now the lead singer of a heavy metal band called: “Bonesaw”. and sang about dreams where he was a doctor helping a bunch of guys win a battle of some sort. Sadly, that was as far as we got until I woke up. :(

So there! Maybe we can hold off on the padlock until a bit later.

Last edited Feb 18, 2014 at 11:19PM EST
Feb 18, 2014 at 11:14PM EST

Point taken, still who decided to steal the star rod replace the real one with a cardboard cutout of it.
So the dream started out with me wrapped up in a blanket, sitting outside my old neighbors house a the end of the driveway in the middle of winter with snow on the ground, sitting in a lawn chair. Then suddenly, a Spanish speaking velociraptor wearing a top hat appeared and started to tell me that Obama stole his pants. I then ended up with the same inverted colored German speaking Senketsu from the previous dream only i noticed i was Ryuko. He kept on yelling at me in German about dividing by zero to get to the pants. I then did that and was sucked into a inverted colored world, with the pants which looked like they were made out of solid gold and encrusted with many jewels sitting on the top of a giant spike covered pillar. Then Nui suddenly appeared and yelled at me about how she wants those pants too and i have to race her in a Mario Kart like setting. I ended up in what looked like a slender Batmobile esque car, which had the same color scheme as Senketsu, Nui was driving a car that resembled a cross between Heavy Lobster from Kirby and a giant spider with multiple tendrils coming out of it. Half way through the race, Nui tosses thermonuclear grenades at us and nearly blows us off the track. I then noticed a button that said " Press this for cocaine warp star supersonic speed." at which i pressed the button and i suddenly ended up going so fast it looked like i was traveling through the vortex. I then ended up coming out of a wormhole and reached the finish line, i then had to do a battle to the death with Nui since it was a tie. I then realized and said out loud " Wait a second, were fighting over a pair of fucking pants…" at which Nui said she was needing to bring the pants to the same raptor that i was trying to get the pants for. We both then looked at the raptor who was wearing the pants and had a big trollface. We then both beat the living shit out of the raptor with it’s last words being “Tu madre es una puta!” ( Which roughly translates to your mother is a whore) before it took out Nui’s other eye and died. I then ended up getting Nui a retarded seeing eye dog and it dragged her ass into the sunset.

And that’s why i need to start eating more cheese flavored pretzels before going to bed.

Feb 19, 2014 at 11:27AM EST

The other night I dreamed that Disney was making an Inspector Gadget movie. Wait…

Okay, so it was actually a new animated adaption of the series rather than that. I think Jim Carrey was playing Gadget while the girl who voiced Margo in the Despicable Me movies played Penny.
Then last night…

It started with me on the beach from Steven Universe, chatting with Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl. (Garnet was missing for some reason.) We talked about stuff I was gonna do tomorrow (today), and the books we had been reading. After a few minutes, I realized I had to go, so I dove in the ocean and swam away. Then I realized that this was an “Animorphs” dream (the books) so I turned into a shark so I could stay underwater.

(The next part requires some context. I like to collect the Super Mario Bros figures that come with the Mario K’nex sets they recently put out, and I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to get a Daisy figure.)

As I swam, I came across an underwater Target store (the logo was dark blue instead of red for some reason) and went inside. (Even though the inside was completely dry, I’m pretty sure that I stayed a shark, walking around on my tail fins.) I found the Mario K’nex sets and found mystery packs. I got some new ones…and also noticed figure packs that had random folks like The Three Stooges and other people in them. The Larry, Moe, and Curly figures came to life and started slapping each other as I grabbed eight Mario Mystery Figure packs and left the store.

As I swam away, I opened one of the packs to find the Daisy figure that I had been looking for. I was very glad I had found it (even though I knew I was dreaming by this time). I realized that I needed to wake up soon, but then a Peach figure appeared next to the Daisy figure. I looked and saw that they had very different hair. (Peach’s blonde hair is long while Daisy’s is a bit shorter and a different shape.) I woke up shortly after, and decided that I should feel more carefully next time I really went to somewhere with the figures, and make sure I felt the hair of the princess mini-figures.

I don’t know if I’ve ever had an epiphany dream before…

Feb 22, 2014 at 04:52PM EST

God, I can only remember very little from my dreams. I therefore remember very few. I think the most recent one I remember was when I actually met an old friend I still dearly miss. Put me in the feels. The stupid thing is I know I can contact him or her I am just too shy to. Don’t know why. Maybe I’m afraid they wont remember me.

Enough with the feels. Now to the ridiculous.

One dream I went to this fancy party in this huge mansion. At one point me and my siblings turned into dogs and had to find a bomb that was going to detonate and kill everyone. In the end, we all didn’t die from a massive explosion. Oh no, that’d be silly. As it turns out, the mansion was supported by wooden beams that kept it above the hole of a volcano. Not only that, but it wasn’t lava in the volcano, it was all honey in which humongous bees flew out and murdered everyone as the mansion sunk us all into our sweet demise.

I only wish I could convince you I actually had that dream.

Feb 23, 2014 at 10:29PM EST

My dream last night was an uneventful dream with a lot of cats…but my mom had a pretty interesting dream, though!
She was in our house with a bunch of people, but the house was a mix of a normal house and a Hobbit house. Among the people were Sherlock (you know, the BBC version) and Smaug the dragon in the Hobbit.

Something happened that cause Smaug to wake up, prompting everyone in the house to flee. As everyone piled into one vehicle, a woman realized they had left Sherlock in the building as they left. They looked back to find him in the window waving for them to hurry up and leave, and just leave him behind.

My mom was woken up at that point, however. She says that she wishes she could have seen what happened next.

Feb 28, 2014 at 09:50PM EST

How wonderful, a thread for me cause I got some fucked up dreams.

Just last night I had a dream I ingested some sort of parasitic food which made my bile duct extremely resilient to damage, however my bile itself became acidic enough to melt through asphalt, and Kevlar.

By that point I decided this would be my secret weapon, until of course, I got sick at school. I went to throw up at the toilet, but instead my bile melted both the toilet and most of the brick around where I had thrown up. At that point, the FBI showed up.

They decided to utilize my bile as a bio-weapon, in the first successful battle against the mexican drug cartel. They replicated my bile in canisters of pure melting pain. So then I used my vomit as a weapon, and fought for good.

Then I woke up.

Feb 28, 2014 at 11:25PM EST

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