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Memes? Hmmm, I don’t think so.

I’ve had plenty of subcultures appear however, including, but not limited to: Homestuck, Furries, Ponies, Minecraft, Starcraft, all Valve Games and Batman.

But memes…I don’t think I ever dreamed a meme….


Actually I may have had at least one meme appear in a dream where I WAS A FIRING MAH LASER at something. Details are sketchy

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I’ve actually been having dreams in which I’ve been seeing my dead grandmother (who only died at the age of 59) in certain places. The thing is that in these dreams, I’m the only one who can see her and communicate with her. What if this is her spirit trying to communicate with me?

Last night I had another bizarre dream that may have been connected to my earlier dream where my family and I went to a strange world on a giant cruise ship.

My family and I were with my grandparents at the beach and we were en route to an island of the coast of where we were, but the only way to get there was by a boat. So we went to talk to a guy who ferried people over there, and he asked me to get it for him. Ok….so I got it, and it came to life and started trying to kill me. I wrestled with the boat for about five minutes before I finally won. We piled into the little boat, and it started to go off….then, like most of my dreams, everything got screwed up.

I suddenly started floating into the air as the boat zoomed away, and I suddenly transformed into a character I had made up, (A super deformed Pterodactyl) and found myself sliding on my stomach on a extremely curvy waterslide across the water. As I did, I noticed many other people also sliding on water slides nearby, including, but not limited to, a dragon, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (from Tangled), some other characters I made, and Rainbow Dash. I noticed that a weird version of the song from Tangled (the one from where they flew the lanterns), with weird lyrics. (A frog is on the light-A worm is somehow afflicted-All at once, they have truely seen it-now in ICU…)

After about an hour, I reached the end of the slide, and was suddenly with my folks getting off the boat and back to my normal self like nothing had happened. So we walked up and stayed in a strange hotel that looked like something out of Spongebob Squarepants which had little half-plants half-oysters in them. For a while, nothing happened, but suddenly everyone who had showed up in my dream thus far appeared, and we were told that the island was set to explode into confetti. Everyone began to panic….woke up.

Man, I really wish I had stayed asleep to find out what happened….

Oh lardy, I think I have a contender for the second weirdest dream of the year.

So I was pretty much just minding my own business inside of a warehouse when these two guys come running up to me, yelling that I’m one of 500 people in the world who was part Transformer, part human. “Get out of town,” says I, “No way that’s true.” “It’s true!” One of these guys says, “try to turn into something.”

Pretty much with abandon, I tried to turn into a pen. To my surprise, I actually did. “Try something else,” one of the dudes said. I turned into a computer monitor, then a computer keyboard.

“It’s true!” one of the dudes said, “You are a Transformer!” When he said this, I suddenly turned into Optimus Prime. I made a Me Gusta expression….then, once again, things went strange. Some of my friends ran up, and, (seemingly ignoring that I was now a famous mecha), asked if I had twenty dollars. Rather than give the two twenty dollars, the two guys suddenly REMOVED MY FREAKIN HEAD and gave it to them instead, despite my protests. I spent the rest of the dream as a headless Optimus until I woke up.

Boy, my dreams just keeping getting weirder and weirder….

I have a lot of dreams, but when I know it’s a dream, I can fly and use psychic powers and magic and teleport and stuff.
The dream I liked the most was:

I was inside my house, the aliens had just attacked my neighborhood and were coming back (don’t ask me how did I know that). I looked at the table, and there was this purple glass, and I moved it with my psychic powers. Then I created fire at my own will just above my hand, and since I knew I was a god, I got my baseball bat and asked my brother to do homemade bombs, then went outside… but then I woke up. Damn it all.

Also, wtf at Raichu.

I’m can’t really remember what exactly happened in my dream last night, but it involved lighthouses, beach volleyball, Zoidberg (I do remember that a bunch of people, including myself, turned into him), and Genndy Tartakovsky running around with a gun shooting things.

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Oh! This is the right place to post it, if you have heard this is because I already posted it in the wrong thread:
Two nights I hade a dream where I was a villain and I had a castle, mountend on a flying galleon, whose figurehead (and rostrum) was an anthro Nightmare Moon, which was also a mecha that could disconnect from the galloen, and it was as big as Daitarn 3, the one in the very behind of this groupshot:

Now you can guess the size of the flying galleon.
And I remember very well the BGM of my dream:

I think that I should also mention that I have had dreams where I’m playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero, and suddenly the difficulty goes way up suddenly and I’m not dropping out. Also there’s been times when the note to play board (or whatever you call it on the screen) suddenly begins to twist and turn in wierd directions.

One time, when I was 4, I dreamed I was in a strange, small room made out of big, blue bubbles and Red from PKMN was there and he had a Blastoise and Ariados and he tried to use his Blastoise to shoot poisonous water in my mouth so the entire dream was just me running up the walls, on the ceiling and then back on the ground, dodging the water. Then I woke up.

I just remembered a few insane dreams I had recently.

The first one involved me going to Scotland with my folks and a bunch of other people. After we had tried on kilts and eaten haggis, we went to Loch Ness, and the Loch Ness Monster was brought up.
Cue the usual sudden screwing up of my dream. The Monster actually appeared in the lake, and then it turned into some guy. We were all confused, at then the guy explained that he had been Nessie for the past 80 years and now someone else had to be Nessie for the next 80 years. Guess who got picked… (I wound up not minding after a while though.)

I also had one extremely strange dream about Pokemon, namely, things were somewhat normal, then suddenly it was announced that a strange chemical had been leaked into the world’s food which, if ingested, would cause a human person to become a Pokemon. About 90% of the world’s population then turned into all sorts of the little critters, including myself, who turned into a Serperior. Everyone began being captured and taken to a secret area where people who had turned into Pokemon would stay forever. I can remember it was a long tedious in a strange cart through a bunch of strange worlds, including a rainforest, a lava covered land, before you actually got to the quarantine, I never actually made it there because I woke up.

I dream of the future. I shit you not, sometimes I dream of events at school such as simply picking up my bag or having a conversation, and then later in time, they happen, and I get a sense of deja vu. My friend gets it as well…

Oh boy, my dream last night was just one random thing after another.

It started off with me getting a Nickelodeon game for the Wii. It was some sort of bobsledding adventure game. What was weird was that there all sorts of playable characters including, but not limited to: Hank and Bobby Hill, some characters I made up, Discord, and PAULA DEEN. (Unsurprisingly, Paula’s bobsled looked like a big stick of butter.) I wound up being in the game myself, and raced against the aforementioned characters on a course based off of World 7 of Super Mario Bros 3.

When we reached the finish line, we all flew into a TV that was playing some sort of CGI Christmas special featuring Peanuts, MLP:FiM, and Nicktoons. Apparently, it gave a strange backstory to Discord, but I really can’t remember off the top of my head. We wound up saving Christmas from some strange guy who looked like a hybrid of several Nicktoon bad guys, and then we wound up in a strange version of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, where the little guy from Dig Dug was the central character rather than Mario. He wound up inflating everything in sight, Goombas, Mushrooms, the Koopalings, and even Bowser. Bowser turned into a pile of Koopa powder, but was still alive, and lamented his bizarre fate.

Then I was suddenly back in the real world, and went into a nearby Lowe’s Foods, and discovered that they were making toilets out of old magazines. Everyone was eager to use them, but (luckily) before anyone could, all the people who I had met in my dream rushed in and started trashing the place. Before long the whole place was a screwed up mess, thanks to a return by Discord. Paula Deen was trying to give me some butter when I suddenly woke up.

Boy, I’d say that beats out my Transformer dream from a little ways up, huh?

I just remembered a dream I had a while back where we all lived in a world where acting in movies and shows was…strange to say the least.

In this alternate world I dreamed up, whenever people acted in a movie or TV show, they actually transformed into the person they played. It didn’t even matter whether they fit the part or not, they became the character, and acted like they had been them forever. Age or gender didn’t matter either, a 6 year old boy could become the 41 year old woman they wanted him to play, or a 70 year old man could become the 10 year old girl they wanted him to play.

I somehow managed to get assigned to play a 60 year old woman in some drama type movie, and became that person, then after I did that acting job, I wound up in a Star Wars flim and wound up transforming into JAR JAR BINKS. I woke up midway through that film, but, come to think of it, if that was the way acting was in real life, well, things would be very strange indeed.

I actually remember a dream this morning.

I was in six flags great america’s water park cilmbing up a rope ladder, it was connect to a bottom platform with rusty steel legs painted bule like the ones you see holding up water slides. When I made it up I was suddenly in a room with Derpy, Lyra, And Bon Bon dressed as japaness school girls, then I went down stairs to a very normal looking house and I saw old lady in a black dress outside though the front door window, that was the point I woke up.

I’m looking forward to tonight to remember another dream.

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I dozed off this morning and had a dream about New Super Mario Bros Wii.

I was playing level 8-6, (which has you trying to escape the rising lava), and somehow managed to get down a different pipe before you got to the one that leads to the end of the level. Mario wound up in a strange area filled with blocks and more rising lava. Good thing I had the propeller suit. I managed to get Mario out of that area, and to a secret exit. When Mario exited the level, a little wind up mouse who I had never seen in a Mario game before ran up to Mario and said that we had unlocked “Master Mode”. Then the entire game changed.

The worlds and levels became more complex, new enemies appeared, special switches appeared that functioned like the ones in Super Mario World and made certain blocks appear for a short time, a game breaking Bomb Suit power up was unlocked, and Mario would sometimes get an assist from another random Mario character, like Peach, Toad, Waluigi, even Koopa characters.

In short, the new mode that I accidentally found redefined “epic”, and the wind up mousey told us that finding the special hidden area in each world (including world 9) would build a bridge to an even more special warp to World 10, which was even more epic than the other stuff I had already seen. I was eager to start…then I woke up.

(Picks up phone) Hello, Nintendo? I have some ideas for the next Mario game…..

This one happened about 3 weeks ago, but I can still remember it vividly. TL;DR version below.

Well it started with my mother (divorced parents), sister, and I on the way to California in the car to visit one of my mother’s friends. Somehow, my car showed up in California, so I went by myself to this house, even though I hadn’t been there before. The house is hard to describe; it’s a combo of several houses I’ve either lived in or know quite well.

Nonetheless, I was going to be staying downstairs, so I headed down. The basement looked like this (please excuse my terri-bad drawing skills):

The bathroom had a computer in that you were supposed to sign in with on a MSN account. I did this, even though I don’t have on IRL. After this, my mom and sister arrived, so I went to check out around the rest of the house. What happened after this is a bit fuzzy.

The next thing I can remember is standing by the entry door of this huge garage with my mother getting ready to go out on a dune buggy when this British guy pulls in with a Mini Cooper. He closes the garage door as my mom is going out and so she crashes into the garage door. This was a bit of a sweet moment as I crashed my mother’s car into our own garage a few months ago (very minor damage done) and so she couldn’t hold that over me any more.

This made the British guy mad (along with his wife who was my mother’s friend), and that moved downstairs to where some strangers were sitting around in a circle reading a strange text. About 30 seconds later, they began to remove off all of their clothes and revealed that they had no sex organs (as if they were wearing bodysuits). The British guy and his wife did the same with the group, so that’s when I wanted to get the hell out of there.

After logging out of that bathroom computer, I went upstairs (with the sex organ-less strangers following), went outside, and was ready to hightail it when they yanked me back inside. The reason for this was there were these man eating bugs swarming around the mailbox. Think of about a one inch long chocolate covered oval about half an inch in height with a line running down a flat bottom and you have an idea of what these bugs looked like. One of the naked strangers told me they feasted by going under clothes and then ate people alive. Joggers were frequent victims because you didn’t notice the bugs or that they were eating you.

An exterminator was called and came to dispose of the bugs. After spraying them with some weird tan-colored cloud, they appeared to be dead, so I went outside when they popped back up and zoomed over to me (somehow, they flew without wings). I brushed them off and ran back inside and that’s when I woke up. I had the covers on me and I still remembered what the stranger said about them burrowing under clothes, so that freaked me out a bit and I threw them off.

TL;DR version: weird house, crashing into a garage, British guy, naked strangers, man eating bugs.

That was about 3 am when I woke up, so I thought I would try and go back to sleep. Very bad idea.
The second dream of the night started after that first one and it still scares me. It started with me eating dinner with two of my cousins and my father at the table when this bat that was about 1’ tall appeared at one of the windows. I screamed, and my father told me to calm down. I thought he was being irrational, but didn’t say anything else. This bat flew out a window, where it proceeded to kill a rabbit. Then it revealed that it wasn’t really a bat at all, but this horrifying mutant cross between a bat, ape, and eagle. It had the body of a monkey as well as a neck that was about 6’ long, bat wings that had a wingspan of 10’, bat head, and an eagle’s beak filled with incisors.

It then jumped up and flew into the air, and flew at a neighbor’s head. It’s at this point the roof is somehow gone from my father’s house and and everyone in the neighborhood starts clapping for this thing. As it flies off into the distance, they start chanting “Speech! Speech! Speech!” I can remember thinking “Why is the entire goddamned neighborhood chanting?! Shut up, you fools, it’s going to kill us all!”

Just as it’s about to disappear from view, it turns around and I immediately know that it’s headed straight for me and that it’s going to kill me. Just before it reaches me, I can see it’s eyes, which are endless pits of deep red with it’s beak open and that’s when I woke up. That second dream scared me shitless.

So yeah, those are my kind of dreams.

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I remember having this one dream that I owned a bakery/restaurant and there was a next door bakery/restaurant that was owned by Voldemort (I did not get what happened). There were a couple of known characters that were in line at my bakery and I ran out of dough. Wat. So I try to sneak over to the other bakery via rooftops so I can haggle some dough. There was a door in the chimney there, for some illogical reason, and dough was stashed inside. I reached in there and then, apparently, I was stopped in my tracks by Rainbow Dash, who happened to work there and was a friend and rival, according to my dream. Then I tried to tell her I needed dough, she said no, so we faced-off with each other in a baking contest. I lost, she tried to cheer me up. She hugged and gave a kiss to me, and then my dream ended. Best. Fucking. Dream… ever.

That shows I can’t even win in dreams (no, not winning her heart, but winning a contest).
Boy, I sure have some strange dreams.

@Lucid dreams
I need one. I want to do anything in my dreams.

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I had a strange dream last night. First it started off with my family going to pick up my sister up from a strange stone building where everyone was sliding down a big water slide. So we did that, and for a while, most of the dream was just me in the car with my folks just driving around all over the place. I can’t really remember all that we went to, except for the last place which was a large field covered in leaves which also had another large slide dropping off into a leaf pile.

Cue my dream going crazy again.

Suddenly, the car and my family disappeared, and the landscape began transforming. I thought to myself: “What am I doing here? I should become an alien!” So I turned myself into the alien Gray Matter from Ben 10, and found myself inside a strange room. I began running all over the place, looking for something I wasn’t sure what. After about five minutes of searching, I crawled under a sofa that appeared, and found what I had apparently been looking for.

A BUNCH OF NICKELODEON THEMED LEGOS! Complete with mini figures of characters from Rugrats, Angry Beavers, Danny Phantom, and many more. Unfortunately, not long after that, I woke up. I thought: “I want Nicktoon Legos!”

There was something unusual about my dream last night…

I can only remember the very end, unfortunately, but that’s the most important part. So my sister and I were visiting some woman who lived in a chalet in the mountains. It was a very small house, only having two rooms, a kitchen and a living room where the lady slept.

As we walked around the house, I noticed she had many video tapes of many TV shows. Each time I looked at one of them, the show’s main characters appeared in the room and began making themselves at home. Soon, the Angry Beavers, Doug and Skeeter, Ren and Stimpy, and Tommy and Chuckie were all in the room. For some weird reason, Conker, the squirrel from the N64 game “Conker’s Bad Fur Day”, also appeared, even though there wasn’t any tapes with him on it. (Neither was the game for that matter.)

But right after this, the building began to shake. The woman informed us that the house sat on top of a volcano, and it was about to erupt. We began to panic, and suddenly, several fissures opened up in the floor. Conker fell into one and died from falling into lava. Lava filled the room and everything caught on fire. We all retreated into the woman’s kitchen, which, for some odd reason, seemed to be the safest place around, as the lava didn’t enter the room, nor was anything on fire.

It was about this time that my dream screwed up again, but not in a good way.

My sister, Doug, Skeeter, Ren, Stimpy, Tommy, Chuckie and I made it safely in, but as Norbert and Daggett ran for the room, Dag suddenly fell into a fissure too. Norb promptly stopped and ran back to the fissure that Dag fell into and started crying hysterically. (Not in a comedic way mind you, he was genuinely sad.) Norb’s crying began to sound even more heart rending and started to get louder, and he began to whimper about the stuff he was never going to do with Dag. His voice became louder as he continued, as if someone had grabbed a remote control and was cranking up the volume on my dream. The noise of Norb’s crying and the erupting volcano came to a peak as Norb yelled: “Now we won’t be ABLE TO MAKE A BIG SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRREEEEEEEE!” (Don’t know what that meant.) The last word was so loud it hurt our ears, and at that moment, the volcano completely exploded, the room we were all in went flying through the air, and so did we!

Suddenly, I landed with a thud, and found myself back in the strange room from my last dream. (The one right up there, two posts up.) It turned out that the whole thing had just been me playing with the Nicktoon Legos I had found in it. It was right then that I woke up, Norbert’s screaming still echoing in my head. Man, what a dream; it was a while before I went back to sleep.

Wow, continuity in my dreams, that’s new, anyone else had dreams with continuity?

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Speaking of cartoon characters, I dreamed of being a part of an agency in the United States years ago (I am Asian and residing somewhere in Asia btw).

Anyway, this agency is capable of searching and reuniting children to their long lost, biological parents. So, in this dream of mine, it was Arnold (from Hey Arnold!) whom I was supposed to search because I’ve had plenty of evidences indicating that his parents were actually alive and are in good condition.

He was already attending middle school/college by that time and was about to get home after being dismissed from his final class. I was standing in the street in search of him. Later on, I found Arnold walking on the other side of the street which is only a few steps away from his school/university. I was ready to approach him until a large group of middle school/college students began appearing all of a sudden, overcrowding each and every places like there was a school concert or a road traffic just now. I was unable to get pass through the crowd and I have lost sight of Arnold, unfortunately. Even if I forced myself pushing against these people at that moment, I won’t have any luck in getting near him at all because he was quickly fading away from the crowd.

I instantly woke up feeling dismayed right after that because my dream was left unfinished, where I wanted to approach him so bad and explain him the good news about the existence of his parents. This is one of my dreams that I can’t seem to forget and it kind of disturbs me when I keep on remembering it. lol

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I just remembered the dream I had last night, and it involved an Oshawott and Junior Asparagus (from the “Veggietales” series), running from living irate carnival rides who were trying to get the “chocolate flavored blue bowtie” that they were carrying while running through a screwed up fair. That was really weird.

But that dream can’t hold a candle, (much less a chocolate bowtie) compared to the one I had last night.

So it starts off with my mom and I going to some park that everyone kept insisting was Disney World, but it didn’t look like it in the very least, it looked like a very bare bones carnival that really wanted to be D.W., but wasn’t.

Anyway, my mom decided that we had to stop at the gift shop first, so we went in, and it looked like a condensed version of a Barnes and Noble. While we were in there, I found a bunch of boxed sets of a bunch of TV shows I liked. I brought my mom over to see, but for some reason, they were all replaced with a ton of bootleg Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry DVDs. I was disappointed and got some Where’s Waldo books instead.

After that, we left and headed toward a ride that desperately wanted to be the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney, but was still cruddy, the line was in a very bland white hallway, but at least it still had Buzz briefing everyone about Zurg and all that. So I got in one of the carts and slide through the door…(dream goes nuts)

Suddenly, I was no longer in the boring Disney World wannabe place, but instead, I found myself in “Rayman 2: The Great Escape”, a Rayman game for the N64 and PS1. I was really pumped and quickly began running around through the various areas. It wasn’t really until I made it to an underground cove of some sort that something else happened. Murfy (the little flying green guy who always grins), and told me about a new move.

MURFY: Hey, raichu41! Did you know that some enemies can’t be beat when you’re like that? In certain areas, you can press “F6” to change forms! You can beat enemies you couldn’t beat before that way!

I didn’t really pay attention to him until he mentioned Pokemon being a possible choice. Eagerly, I pressed a button that appeared…and for some reason, the only choices were Scooby Doo, and another Hanna Barbera dog: Huckleberry Hound. (For those who don’t know, Huck is a blue dog who likes to sing about someone named Clementine). I decided to become Huck since he has always been one of my favorite characters. Nothing really changed except that my attack level got a boost. So I went through the rest of the level and came to a boss battle. It was a bunch of big snakes that popped out of holes in the wall, and you simply had to attack the heads when they were visible. I managed to win by hurling a supercharged attack at a three headed snake, which for some reason, caused all the other ones to die.

Having won, I ran down a pathway that appeared and found a cage. I broke it, and, instead of a Teensie coming out like what happens at the end of most of the levels in this game, my little sister popped out instead, and told me to hurry and enter the portal, or else someone was going to die. I exited the level, and found myself in front of my house, back to my normal self. For some reason, I thought I was awake, and started toward the front door when Murfy suddenly appeared again.

MURFY: Can’t go in, raichu41, this place is no longer safe, you must find Flutterrshy’s van and join everyone else in escaping to Disney World.

This was getting very strange. I went to the back yard and found everyone I had met in my dream so far (my mom, my sister, Buzz Lightyear, Murfy), as well as several others who had made cameo appearences, or hadn’t actually appeared at all, (like Rayman, Globlox, Waldo, Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, the Angry Beavers, and Chuckie Finster, and several others) all standing in front of a huge van, (being driven, like Murfy had said, by Fluttershy, and Twilight Sparkle was in the passenger seat) waiting for me to arrive.

“We must hurry!” They all said. We all piled in, and had just started to leave when the van exploded, and suddenly I woke up.

And that’s what happens when you eat too much pizza before bed, fellow interneters!

Here’s the craziest dream I’ve had yet (fortunately, I can remember it because it stuck out so much):

I walked out of my room, down the hallway, and into the living room. Somehow, I was in both the living room and the kitchen at the same time and was able to see both rooms at once (which is IMPOSSIBRU in my house; the fridge is too wide even if the doorway between the rooms was wider). My dad and two of my mom were in the rooms.
I was suddenly in my parents’ bedroom approaching the window facing the backyard (don’t know why I didn’t look out the kitchen sliding glass door). The view was different; it looked more like the view out of the bathroom window next to it. Outside was a duplicate of my dad (in swim trunks) on the deck. I saw a bunch of people in and around the pool. My dad said “Merry Christmas” (wat).
So I went outside and down to the pool deck. I noticed that what looked like females from a distance were actually fat guys in women’s bathing suits (facial hair gave them away). I think there was one female, but she was fat too.

Most of the dreams I have come up indistinct when I wake up.

Last night, I had some dream with Grunkle Stan, putting Lego on shelves, and a riddle that I easily solved. Everything else is indistinct.
Funny how I haven’t remembered having any dreams lately, then I read this thread last night; thinking “I hope I have some dreams tonight so I can post them in this thread.” And boom, I have a dream.

I had a terrifying dream tonight

I was eating cream filled donuts and went to lick the cream and chocolate off my fingers.

Somehow I managed to bite my middle and index fingers off in the process

I spent the rest of the dream panic stricken rushing between hospitals and trying to convince surgeons to sow my fingers back on before they turn gangrenous

The thought of losing those two fingers is a nightmare. I need those to type. My future and career depended on them.

Turns out I had just slept on my shoulder all night and lost blood circulation to my hand, thus causing that sensation of decapitated fingers

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I dreamed not so long ago of me waking up to a slightly distorted world. The feeling got worse so i decided to go outside and it did help refresh my mind but then everyone left the town centre i was near and it became desolate other then about 3 shops with cashiers. So i bought a comic and when i went to walk home i felt so ill i threw up on the pavement when a bunch of deformed people attacked me and knocked me out. I woke up in room that felt underground with only one door and then the demon from the las dream strangled me shouting that i was just insane and making odd screeches and i felt frozen.

Then i woke up.

Blue Screen (of Death) wrote:

I had a terrifying dream tonight

I was eating cream filled donuts and went to lick the cream and chocolate off my fingers.

Somehow I managed to bite my middle and index fingers off in the process

I spent the rest of the dream panic stricken rushing between hospitals and trying to convince surgeons to sow my fingers back on before they turn gangrenous

The thought of losing those two fingers is a nightmare. I need those to type. My future and career depended on them.

Turns out I had just slept on my shoulder all night and lost blood circulation to my hand, thus causing that sensation of decapitated fingers

I know that feel bro.

Sometimes I wind up waking up after sleeping on my hand or arms all night, but it never actually affects my dreams…or at least it hasn’t happened yet.

I have had what I’ve been dreaming affected by what I’ve been listening to on the radio, though, that happened one night and I had a dream of a music video of a song on a radio that was pretty insane, but still crazily awesome at the same time, and the song was being sung by Timmy Turner! Wat.

I just had this very (MLP-related) weird dream.
So it starts off when I wake up in the Canterlot Castle, where as I am greeted by two guards. Apparently I am the princesses’ right hand, or hoof as it should be; second to Twilight Sparkle. I was also greeted by the Mane 6, apparently in my dream I was close (not distance-wise) to Rainbow Dash, so ya. I was sent on a mission to stop this one criminal that apparently, not sure how and why, loves to kidnap and take off pegasi wings. :| I confront the villain, who appears randomly in the castle (weird dream) and the villain LOOKS LIKE A FREAKING SHOEBOX OR A BOX OF SOME SORT. He has kidnapped the princesses and locked them inside his SHOEBOX BODY. As we are fighting, I ask the villain, “Why are we fighting?” and he tells me why he has taken a few pegasi to take their wings. According to the dream, he has always dreamed to fly and can’t stand the pegasus flying over his head. He does give the pegasi their wings back after he kidnaps them, just because he can’t find the “perfect wings”. Awkward silence. I ask Twilight to grant him the power of flight in exchange for the princess’esand a promise to never take pegasi wings again. Wish granted, princesses released, promise kept, get to cuddle with Rainbow Dash, The End.

I got to cuddle with Rainbow Dash! Squee~

My dream last night was difficult to describe, but here goes:

It started off with my house apparently having turned into a log cabin. For some reason, my siblings were insisting that I would really like an episode of a show that was going to air the next day.

The next day came, and the show was doing a crossover with the Pokemon anime and Fairly Oddparents. Everyone was rendered in a strange CGI/anime artstyle that looked really freaky. As I watched the show, something strange began to happen, which resulted in reality and the show starting to merge together. Suddenly, I was with Timmy, Ash, and a few other characters from both shows, and we were told that the Anti-Fairies and Team Rocket were going to blow up the planet. They did, but instead of the world exploding, or us making like Team Rocket and blasting off, the world screwed up in a spectacular way, the world turning bizarre colors and all of us turning into all sorts of different Pokemon. I was kind of relived when my mom woke me up.

Now I had an even more bizarre dream!

It started off with me and my folks going to India for some reason, and entering an airport that looked like M. C. Erscher or whatever his name is built it. For next while, my family and I wandered around and played basketball with some friendly teenager dudes at a small B-ball court that stood by a volcano crater which was surrounded by a small lava lake. (In an airport! What the…) The aforementioned guys wound up losing the basketball because it was tossed into the crater, and started swimming through the lava to get a new one.

Suddenly, I’m moving through the airport, except that now it looks like a mall, and, from now onward for the rest of my dream, I continuously morphed into all sorts of different people, mostly adults. I found a gumball machine constantly spitting out superballs. Then suddenly I was in a bathroom. I went and used it, but then suddenly, I was in some sort of glass container in the middle of a convention of some sort, still on the toilet.

Immediately, I went into lucid dream mode and quickly changed the dream to something else.

Now I was inside a resort complex, and was informed that I needed to help catch a bunch of incontinent piglets all running around the place. So I went and found one that was currently taking a dump on a trash can, (YUCK!!) and zoomed around the area, eventually finding where I was supposed to take the pigs. The pig I was holding began shrieking and messily went all over the floor. (DOUBLE YUCK!!!) Then I was told that I didn’t need to help anymore and I could go inside. So I went inside and began watching some sort of show that involved Cartoon Network characters also rounding up pooping piglets. Then Bloo yelled at me: “Hey, raichu41! It’s time to get up! Up and at em!” in my mom’s voice.

I hope I don’t have a dream like THAT again. THAT LAST PART WAS FRICKING DISGUSTING.

My dream last night just seemed like an extended Youtube Poop.

So it starts off somewhat normal, my family and I are visiting some sort of SeaWorld type park, but it only has an Arctic/Antarctic theme, there were only penguins, seals, and other cold weather critters there. While we’re there, things start to get colder, and it turns out that the whole place is going to freeze solid in a block of ice unless we find out what the problem is. So I was randomly selected along with a bunch of other people to go underneath the park to investigate.

So, my dream having gone berzerk again, we all go under there, and all wind up turning into penguins and seals. (I think I was a seal.) The underside of the park was a huge ice cavern where all of the animals lived. It turns out that the reason everything is freezing up is because Mumble, the lead character of the “Happy Feet” movies, has somehow lost his ability to tap dance. For some reason, the problem was solved by throwing a ton of frozen TV dinners at him. he regained his dancing ability, and the place thawed out. Everyone cheered as we emerged from the cavern, (going back to normal when we did) and everyone got to see a show free of charge. I started to head towards a cafeteria and said bye to my friends, when my dream abruptly changed to something else.

Suddenly, I was in a different cavern, and had become a Mudkip. I was now in a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon scenario, and my partner was a Pokemon who it seemed my subconscious could not decide what Pokemon he was, he kept switching between a Totodile, a Chikorita, and a Torchic. So we went on and began being harassed by a Zoroark, who kept taking our items and flinging them everywhere and occasionally hitting one of us. When we told him to stop, he froze, and suddenly melted into a pile of grayish goo. My partner broke down and started hollering about how sorry we were and that he needed to join us in our journey. I lucidly added him and he went back to normal form, but then I suddenly found myself in my grandparents house reading the funny papers. Apparently, my partner, who was really Jason Fox of “Foxtrot” fame, took Zoroark home and had found a new arsenal of ways to annoy his older siblings.

It was then that I was told that we needed to go to the store. I got up and the house became an office building of some sort. My family and I walked around in circles for a while before the building became a Food Lion. While my folks went to get stuff, I walked out the door, where a person informed me that the Avengers were doing a concert behind a nearby McDonald’s. I went over there to find myself back at the SeaWorld Expy, only there was a huge stage where The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were in a country music band, and a bunch of people I had met in my dream were up on stage (including my folks, the people I saved the park with, the penguins, the seals, Jason Fox, Zoroark, Mumble and others) singing a country song with nonsensical lyrics with them. I joined them and we all sang the night away for the rest of my dream.


I had a strange dream last night…….I don’t think Ill ever forget it.well here goes
I was suddenly a Pokemon trainer on my way to lavender town.When I get there everybody was hung by the neck and all that was there was a jigglypuff with bleeding eyes.
I suddenly woke up sweating.The end

Last night I dreamed I was in some sort of wormhole filled with a bunch of random numbers and letters, then suddenly this medieval knight with a windmill for a head just appeared, mumbled something incoherent, and then I found myself slamming into a brick wall in the middle of a large plain.

Uh oh, another one!

This one wasn’t as good. It mostly involved me and my friends (and Eduardo (FHFIF) for some reason), all on the run from a bunch of evil pirates who were killing everyone in sight by throwing knives and stuff at them. For some reason, though, they really wanted to kill me and the aformentioned friends (and imaginary friend). We ran away from them all around a university of some sort, when suddenly, my dream changed.

I was now at a gathering at an old house with some of my folks and others. It was very quiet, and, strangely, not weird at all. I was under the impression that I was now awake.

Suddenly, from behind a wall, burst those sadistic pirates again. “This is our house now!” one said. They totally destroyed the building and decimated nearly everyone in it. The dream ended with me, my sister and her friend, and Eduardo running for our lives down the road I live on with the pirates in hot pursuit.

The creepy thing was that whenever I was hit by one of the pirates’ weapons, it actually hurt. I vividly remember that!

@YNG: Wowsers, that’s trippy…


But… you can’t feel pain or other uncomfortable physical sensations in dreams. That’s why people say, “Pinch me, I must be dreaming.”
I walked through snow in a dream once and I felt numb, but not cold.

Are you sure the pain wasn’t real (you rolling over and hitting something with a part of your body)? That’s the only way I can think of that you could possibly feel pain in a dream.

BoxFigs wrote:


But… you can’t feel pain or other uncomfortable physical sensations in dreams. That’s why people say, “Pinch me, I must be dreaming.”
I walked through snow in a dream once and I felt numb, but not cold.

Are you sure the pain wasn’t real (you rolling over and hitting something with a part of your body)? That’s the only way I can think of that you could possibly feel pain in a dream.

I concluded after waking up that my pet cat or my sister’s dog was biting or clawing me while I was asleep, I know for sure that my cat is capable of doing that and her dog doesn’t like me very much.

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