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The other night I had a very odd dream.

It wasn’t as long as some of the other one I have. It was fairly normal, when suddenly, (in a way different than usual), everything just went WRONG. I was suddenly at a temple of some sort, then a bunch of body swapping occurred. My cat swapped with my sister’s dog, (I highly doubt they would be ok with that) I swapped with Selena Gomez, (do not want!) a small cartoon character swapped with Ben Tennyson, and some other kid also wound up swapping with Selena Gomez. It ended with the imagery in my dream going crazy, everyone was hit by a car and went flying away, and me turning into a Salamence. (which was green for some reason) I woke up feeling very groggy.

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Anyone remember that episode of The Angry Beavers where Norbert got infected with pond scum and became evil or something like that? That is exactly what what happened in my dream last night, except the scum corrupted my dad, and he beat the snot out of everyone while he let burglars destroy and steal everything we owned. Very distressing.

Another random events dream! Man!

So it started with me at the beach with my grandparents, but we were about to leave. So we had left and were driving home. It was when we were driving through a rural area when suddenly, I was no longer in the car and was at a Chuck E Cheese’s type place. I tried to play a cool arcade game, but, curiously, you had to get a toy out of a claw machine rather to be able to play rather than adding a quarter. So I had my eyes set on a Ferb plush toy and tried to get it, but the machine started goofing around and would not let me grab it. A Scumbag Steve hat appeared on it, but then a bunch of employees wearing shirts with Good Guy Greg pictures on them beat the machine up and made it give me the toy. Before I could play the game though, I found myself out in a parking lot beside my grandparents’ car. (Without the Ferb plush. Darn) I got in and we started driving back home like nothing had happened, but we drove by the aforementioned rural spot again, and suddenly, things changed.

Now my grandparents and I were walking into a Pizza Inn. We walked to a table, and I noticed that all the other patrons were people I know. Then we got our pizza, but then termites came and ate it and everything else food related in the building. Everyone left, including us. We climbed back into the car, which now strangely had two random guys in it now, and headed home again. But then we came across the same rural area again, and now I found myself in a fanfic I was making. (Said story involves cartoon characters at the Comic Con and reacting to their fandoms while there is a plot to steal all the valuable items there, etc.) Not long after I arrived there, I suddenly turned into the Angry Beavers. (Yes, I’m not sure how, but I split and became them both, so I was them both at the same time. Screw logic.) So as I walked through the building I’m in, and suddenly, everyone was warned that a shapeshifting serial killer was on the loose. (Curiously, there is an amoeba-type baddie in the the story, but he isn’t a serial killer!) So I (or is it we?) ran out the door along with everyone else, and suddenly found myself in my grandparents’ car again. (I was still both the beavers.) So we start heading home, and suddenly, we’re coming up on the rural area again. “Stop!” I/We yelled. Too late. I/We are warped to another place.

Now I was in Toy Story 2. I was with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the other toys in the elevator shaft trying to figure out how to get down. At this point, I was no longer both Norbert and Daggett; Dag was his normal self while I was just Norbert. Buzz tells me that we keep driving into a dream warp which will render me unable to awake unless we make it past it without being warped again. (He was obviously referring to the rural area my grandparents kept driving through.) So we try to get out of the shaft, only for disaster to strike, sending everyone but me and Mr. Potato Head down into the shaft yelling. (Somehow, they all survived without a scratch. Again, screw logic.) Then we suddenly found ourselves in the lobby of the building. The door was closing after Al left, like in the movie, but unlike the movie, Daggett ran ahead to hold the door open rather than Mr. Potato Head. The door shut on him, and he suddenly blew all to pieces! (Not in a gory manner mind you, in a cartoony manner where his body parts were scattered all over the street and the lobby, except, strangely, a potato shaped lump that now held the door open.) Dag then dubbed himself “Mr. Potato Butt” for some reason. (LOL!) We gathered him up and started running across the street. (For some weird reason, we didn’t hide under traffic cones, the cars just drove right through us.) We ran to the parking lot of Al’s Toy Barn where my grandparents car was parked, my grandparents (and the two guys from earlier) we already in it. Daggett and I jumped in, and the toys waved goodbye and ran to rescue Jessie and Bullseye. (Apparently, Woody had escaped). “Don’t forget about the dream warp!” Woody yelled as we left.

Sure enough, when we got to the same rural area where the dream warp would occur, Dag and I yelled for my grandparents to turn off onto a nearby road. Fortunately, they did. (With a little lucid help from me). Then when we did, there was applause and my grandparents and I were automatically warped back home, and I went back to my normal self while the two strange men and Daggett disappeared. A moment later, I woke up.

Fascinating. Another candidate for BEST DREAM EVER, cause that was fun.

(“The Angry Beavers” is one of my favorite shows, hence their frequent appearences.)

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Aaaaand… here’s yet another dream!

So it started with me and my siblings driving around looking for a place to have a camp-out. We almost stayed in a convenience store, and then my grandparents’ church, but then we decided to chill at an airport of some sort.

So we discover that some friends of ours were there catching a flight to New York City. We go and talk to them, but I got distracted by a Chuck E Cheeses type place nearby. (One that looked uncannily similar to the one from my last dream with the dream warp.) I decided to go see if there were any gumball machines with superballs in them. (I like to collect superballs) It was then that I just seemed to be finding quarters everywhere. In change slots, on the floor, on the tables in chairs, etc. It was then that one of my friends noticed what I was doing. he turned to the “camera” (he faced outward like on a tv screen as if looking at the viewers) and announced that he knew what I was doing and was going to claim all the quarters for himself. So he ran ahead of me and began gathering quarters as fast as he could.

After a moment, he, for no apparent reason, suddenly turned into the Tazmanian Devil, and started wrecking the place and chasing me all over the place. I ran out of the Chuck E Cheese place running very fast, and suddenly a jukebox turned on, and started playing a bizarre song about running in a marathon which was being sung by Rocko. (Rocko’s Modern Life) (If only I could remember how it went, because it was absolutely hilarious.)

I wound up running into some fancy restaurant with Taz still after me. It actually looked like a scene from a Looney Tunes short, complete with all the people there being caricatures of people and me running on tables trying to escape. The whole place was a huge mess, and Rocko’s Marathon Song was playing the whole time.

A little while later, I ran back out of the restaurant and Taz suddenly disappeared. Not having to run from him anymore, I casually headed back to the Chuck E Cheese place and began to look for more quarters. I reached into a change slot on a claw machine, but there wasn’t a quarter inside, in fact, it felt downright disgusting. I fiddled around with it for a while, then managed to pull whatever it was out. It turned out to be a bunch of giant worms and poop. Then my face became that of Ed’s (Ed, Edd, n Eddy) and I yelled: “Nightcrawlers!” before laughing like Ed. Right after this I woke up.

That was a cool dream, but still weird. Not quite as trippy as the one the fellow above me had though.

I had a lucid dream some time ago, where I knew the aliens had invaded my hometown, but I also knew they were coming back. Since I knew it was a dream, I moved a purple cylinder in a table with telekinesis just to make sure it was a dream, then I created a fireball. Full of courage and excitement, I asked my big brother to do 3 bombs, got a baseball bat and stepped outside to challenge whatever creature would dare fight me. But then, I woke up and saw the alarm clock at around 5:00.

Another dream, and one of the coolest dreams I had, was about 3 weeks ago, where I was in the streets of the city I live in with a portal gun. There was a white surface next to a building, and another one about 50 meters away, close to the house I lived in 6 years ago. I obviously saved the 50 meters and jumped out at the park in front of my old house, and found Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie. Now I don’t quite remember this part 100%, but they became fillies and I did something to return them to their original state. They both thanked me and Pinkie hugged me, and shortly thereafter I woke up. Portal+MLP= Awesome

Also, @YNG, lucid dreams are dreams where you can do anything you want, such as making a giant spaceship appear in front of you, because you know it’s a dream. You can practice by waking up 4 hours before the usual and read something or do anything that activates your brain. You can also get a book and write “Next time I have a dream, I’ll know it is a dream.” as many times as possible, and say it too.

I think I found a formula for having bizarre dreams like mine. Recently I noticed that all the nights I had dreams like what I’ve putting here, right before going to sleep I had eaten some pepperoni, and at least one other thing, usually sweet stuff. It may just be me though.

Also, similar to one of the methods Digoxin mentioned, if I go to sleep thinking about something hard enough, I’ll wind up dreaming about it. I once did that thinking about Mario Kart, and I found myself racing on a track that looked like something someone made after drinking too much Red Bull, and I became Birdo. (Complete with gender flip, arrgh…)

Last night I had a lucid dream where I was in a random department, a monkey was sleeping in the couch and I was just walking and checking the rooms. Then the monkey woke up and started attacking me, but I locked him in a room and went outside. Outside were my parent’s, mom asked me for the internet password and I gave it to her correctly, I said “wow I remembered something from real life in a dream” and started flying. A moment later I woke up.
The reason the monkey was there is because I was watching a video of this vlogger talking about respecting women, and he said something like “She sees you as the most disgusting monkey full of shit…” and I liked the way he said that.
Mom asked me for the password because just yesterday we finally got internet in our house.
Last, I could fly because I looked up an article about lucid dreams on Google thanks to you guys.

Last night I had a dream about a bizarre version of one of the Halloween episodes of Regular Show. It involved Mordecai throwing eggs at a cruise ship (instead of Rigby egging a house), and he became one. So I, along with many RS characters, now stood there wondering how to save Mordecai.

“I know how to!” Some guy said. His plan to save Mordecai? To turn him into a tourist attraction of course! (Insane Troll Logic at its finest.) Ironically, it became more visited than Disney World, but it didn’t help to get Mordecai back to normal. So Skips, Margaret, Pops and I were thinking of a better plan to end this insanity, when all of a sudden, the freaky wizard dude from the first episode appeared. he exterminated everyone but me and the others in extremely weird ways. Then wrecked Mordecai with a giant notebook. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Then for some odd reason, it was revealed to be a story that Gerald (Hey Arnold!) was telling to the rest of the Hey Arnold cast, as well as the cast of Arthur. “That story was so lame!” Harold said, “Mine was better!” Then Helga walked up, but she looked really weird. “Hi, guys!” she said in a creepy way. Then she was really that wizard! Everyone screamed and ran away while the wizard said: “Regular Show is in the same universe as Hey Arnold and Arthur!” The End.

It then zoomed out of the screen and I was in a cruise ship cabin with Mordecai and Rigby, apparently, we had been watching the whole thing on TV. “I didn’t know Regular Show was in the same universe as Hey Arnold and Arthur,” I said. “Of course it’s not!” yelled Rigby, “You’re dreaming! Wake up!” And so I did.

What the heck just happened…?

Well, I don’t quite remember everything in the dream I had last night, but I do remember it involved:

A. Riding on a giant boat with a bunch of plush toys
B. Me carrying plush toys of Mac and Bloo almost the whole time
C. My dad driving a tractor straight into a lake
D. Me sitting in a church without a shirt on reading.

What happened after that was me (and Mac and Bloo, who by this time, were the actual characters rather than toys) going to my car to get a shirt to put on. So we climbed in, (and strangely, found Norbert hiding under a large blanket), but then a bunch of teenage girls suddenly hijacked the vehicle, and told us that they were borrowing the car to go to Starbucks and then to go shopping whether we like it or not. For some reason, we were all really scared and hid under the blanket while the girls started laughing and chattering. As I hid under there, Mac, Bloo, and Norbert suddenly turned into a plush tiger, a plush Toad, and a plush Angry Bird, and the girls chattering started to fade out. I peeked out from under the blanket and found myself in my room, apparently having woken up in one of those “gradual-fade-back-to-reality” types of waking up from dreams, and realized that a bunch of plush toys were on my bed, apparently causing the recurring plush toy theme in my dream. Weird.

I had two dreams the other nights.

1. Looking at someone else’s pony related dreams on a different forum caused ME to have one. It basically boiled down to everything I looked at turning into the Mane 6. It ended with me looking at my reflection in the mirror, causing me to become Rainbow Dash.

2. I was at a theater I had been that day, but a ton of my relatives and some other people were there dressed in white togas. Eventually, everything began to turn white, and I found myself in the world of Arthur. Arthur and Buster were also wearing white togas and lead me to some sort of portal. They said that I had been chosen to go into many cartoon worlds and find the character I was most like and turn into them. The first character i needed to find? Rarity. (Who I am not like in the slightest.) Before I started I woke up.

Ok. I remember having this one dream a REALLY long time ago and I don’t think I’m making this up. I was like maybe eight years old when I had this dream.

My oldest sister and I were running though a jungle being chased by a big black cat (I think it was a panther). As we where being chased, I tripped, fell down, and I woke up. After that, I woke up my sister who was still sleeping. I told her about the dream I had and that she was in it. Here’s the freaky part: We both had the same dream on the same night. She told me that after I tripped, she picked up my body and carried me away from the panther. I don’t know what happened after that.

I talked to my sister about this dream today to see if she can confirm it. She said she barely remembers, but she thinks it happened.

Has anyone ever had those dreams, where a real life sound takes part in the dream just before you wake up?
If you didn’t understand, here’s an example:
A dream where a friend is building a clubhouse. Your friends uses the hammer, but the hammer was actually your mom knocking on your door.
Weird, huh? Just like disturbedbrony’s co-op dream.

Also, I had a dream about 2 weeks ago. I don’t remember what it was, but it was almost a lucid dream. Here’s the interesting part: My (stupid) baby brother was making noise with some toys in his room, and I heard that, so I woke up. But I closed my eyes and got in the dream again for a couple of seconds before he made a noise again and definitely woke me up.

This morning at 7:20, I went with my older brother to do some crazy exercises with a guy. Since I’m not the one for sports, I was really tired and went to sleep after a nice shower. I had some kind of hallucination dream, where my younger brother turned the laptop on and gave it to me. In the laptop, a video of Paper Mario: TTYD was playing, and as I watched it, I got the control for the characters. I was tired inside the dream, and realized Mario had no partner (you meet your first partner 3 seconds after you start playing), then my older brother turned the light on (I don’t know if he did it in real life) and I closed my eyes. Then my father arrived (in the dream) and I stood up to say hi.
Then, I woke up, and my father arrived seconds later.

We should post our dreams more often, so this thread doesn’t die.

Digoxin wrote:

Has anyone ever had those dreams, where a real life sound takes part in the dream just before you wake up?


I was having this Harry Potter dream once, when everything suddenly turned to how the Lego Harry Potter games look (I don’t play video games, I just saw trailers and stuff). Then I hear this honking noise. My dream cuts to a Lego Batman (again in game-style) repeatedly honking the horn of a (Lego) steering wheel. I woke up and I still heard the noise. It was a car alarm.

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Dramatic moment, everyone watches as a dog walks up to make an announcement that will change the world. What does he say?


Also, (notices all the thumbs downs) is someone getting sick of me?

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It’s really late, so I´ll post the last dream I had this morning:
It was a lucid dream, so I haad telekinesis and magic as always. I was in the living room, looking out the window, and a toy plane was flying in circles. I don’t remember what happened then, and then I was in some rural field of Ecuador. One large group of people where about to fight, and I was flying around, avoiding machetes and kicking @sses. Eventually, I flew out of there far off to the sea, and my vision turned into some kind of sushi restaurant commercial, with a timer in the upper left corner. I ate some steak and mashed potatoes, and then I suddenly appeared somewhere in the USA (I live in South America) with my younger brother and a bodyboard. I opened portals and played with the bodyboard, but then I started flying with the bodyboard really fast. After a few seconds, I saw and recognized a lake that belongs to Charlotte, close to my aunt’s house. I slowed down and entered her house, and then I don’t remember what happened.

It was a hell of a dream, but it was a lucid dream. I seem to have lucid dreams mostly when I’m on holidays, so it’s likely that I´ll post something the next days until 2012 is over.

Also, I just checked, and saw most of raichu’s posts with -1 score. Must be nuthn?

Last night’s weird dream:

So I was with my folks driving around a town trying to see what people were watching in their cars. I did see one where the people inside were watching Nick Jr. (I could really tell cause the literal “Face” of the block in the 90s was on there.) They were about to watch Blue’s Clues. We drove off, but suddenly, I saw the usual opening of Blue’s Clues in front of my face. (Where a book marked “Blue’s Clues” lays on top of familiar kids books like Good Night Moon, Corduroy, etc.) The book opened, but rather than an episode of Blue’s Clues happening, it instead showed an episode of Ed, Edd, n Eddy!

It was an episode that seemed just like the episode of “The Looney Tunes Show” where Yosemite Sam is trying to repay Bugs Bunny for saving his life, but, for some strange reason, it was Double Dee trying to do this for Ed! This very out of character for both of them, I realized here I was dreaming. Eventually, Ed got freaked out, and he and Rolf ran away, a crazed Edd following behind. I found myself suddenly running after them along with a bunch of other folks. We all ran to a daycare in a mall-strip and ran inside. Here, a bunch of the people who had been running to here became kindergartners and did stuff like what 5 year olds would do. I suddenly found myself participating in an eating contest against Chowder and Schnitzel. What were be eating? Wet cardboard boxes. Yuck. I winced and ran into a nearby ball pit. (Schnitzel didn’t seem to thrilled about it either, because he followed me.)

Then Shcnitzel and I went outside for a bit and found Kirby. Kirby proceeded to tell us that he was really very evil (:O) and was going to go into the daycare and was going to kill everybody. He also told us that he was the one downvoting all my posts on this very thread. (Whoa! Real life events in my dream?) I didn’t want Kirby to hurt my friends, so I went lucid to try to stop him, but he zapped me with something that caused my mind to not only go ninety miles and hour, but also to turn the events of my dream in his favor. (Double :O) He went up to the door and Eduardo (FHFIF) let him in. Eduardo was apparently so happy to see Kirby he began breaking wind non-stop. (WTH?) Panicking, I tried very hard to stop Kirby, only resulting in breaking reality and causing everything to go to you-know-where. At that moment, I woke up.

Ok, that was a little out there….

Interesting how my sudden downvote burst was mentioned here, I must have been thinking about it when I went to sleep. (I also can’t help but notice that it started when I commented about accidentally double-posting a post.)

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Last night I had a dream where I was fighting a dog, I kicked him, he turned black and died (while I felt bad about it). Then, I was in some kind of giant hotel resort complex whatever. There was this huge courtyard with cool decorations that made it look like a videogame (with platforms and stuff), and 2 big buildings. I was inside one of the buildings, on the top floor, and there were RED team people fighting. I simply jumped out and started flying towards the other building. I landed inside some kind of restaurant, some friends and family members were sitting, and I started using telekinesis to play with the straws and screw with my mom’s hair.
Lucid dreams FTW.
The dog was in the dream, because last night I was walking with my big brother, and a dog attacked us. Luckily, no one was hurt, but another dog had bitten me some time ago, and I wanted to kick him.
And while we’re talking about dreams, I remember that 2 days ago, my brother woke up at around 6:00 and threw a pillow at me. He says he doesn’t remember that, the poor bastard.

And about what raichu said of his Kirby downvoting dream, something similar happened to me last year: I was walking outside of school, and saw a small bug on the floor. I said “Wow, I saw that bug. I have Super Vision.” and continued with my daily routine. That night, I had a dream where I was drinking orange juice, and the bug was inside the freaking glass. If it wasn’t for thaat dream, I would have forgotten about that bug, but nowadays, everytime someone starts talking about dreams, I talk about the bug. Of course. after I mention all the crazy lucid dreams I have.

You people need to stop smoking weed before bed. Also, the first page of this thread is hilarious.


Anyway, I don’t remember having any lucid dreams in my life, ever.
I suppose the closest one I could recount is a goofy one I had when I was ten where one day my parents were inexplicably arrested and in order to see them at the police station I had to indentify myself at the front desk, where I proceeded to lick my elbow because it’s one talent I know I have.

If you’re curious my parents were cleared of any accusations.

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Some weird thing happened to me today. I came back from school early, at around 11:00, and fell asleep. I had a couple of dreams in a row, and they were really long, and I woke up at 1:30.
I was also switching from dream to dream in some parts.

I was here in my house, Rarity had been kidnapped (she was also married to my father, WTF), and I was in my room with my brother. I kinda forgot what happened there, but I remember playing Portal on the Wii. Later, I was checking some Rarity drawings, looking for clues. I knew that a member of the gang that kidnapped Rarity entered the house, so I hid under the bed. Later, he found me and attacked me, but I fought back and smashed his head against the floor, and I heard his skull breaking. Then, I drifted away to another dream where I was in a bus station with my brother and a friend. The floor was moving, and I felt as if I was standing on top of a train, and almost fell on the ground. Then I had glimpses of a super awesome and famous fanmade game based on SNES games called something like “King of Bart”. The game was a free for all sidescrolling fighter with characters I had never seen before. Then, I was in the Rarity dream again. I was going out of my house, and there were some classmates in a car. They said “Crap, he’s bleeding.” and I went inside again, while some background music played as an ending to a game. Then, I drifted to the King of Bart dream again, but I can’t quite remember what happened. I thinl I just had that dream again. Between dreams, I barely remember thinking “I’m dreaming, and it’s taking long.”

These dreams were similar to the hallucination I had las Saturday.

The dream I had the other morning just seemed to me like a Emperor’s New Groove fanfic gone bezerk. All I can remember (details were really spotty) was that Yzma (the movie’s big bad) was trying to extract revenge on Kuzco and his friends, but everything that happened was just insane, for one thing there was:

A. People running around in their underwear
B. A giant news helicopter with a giant picture of Spongebob Squarepants painted on it
C. Weird transformations from potions (If I remember correctly, the helicopter was really a person)
D. Random Cameos from all sorts of places (like MLPFIM, Cartoon Network shows, and some Disney shows.

It ended with Yzma’s henchman (who was a random extra from the original movie) turning into a pig and running out into the 43rd Annual Wear Nothing But Your Undies Festival. T.J. Dettweiler and the other “Recess” kids stood nearby and watched him run down some stairs. They made some…odd obsevations about this:

T.J.: That kid was taking the stairs down two at a time!
Gus: That can only mean one thing…
T.J.: It’s Mrs. Finster! Let’s follow him!

After they started following, the dream abruptly ended. (Arrgh, I hate cliffhanger dreams…)

And last night I had another pony-related dream. I had woken up and turned on the TV, but MLP:FiM was on every channel. I was then forced by Trixie (who broke the fourth wall) to turn the entire world into Equestria and the population into ponies, threatening bodily harm if I didn’t. Curiously, the dream then lead into the “everything I look at becomes the Mane 6” dream I had a while ago.

Either that dream is a recurring dream about me becoming a brony or just a recurring dream.

Last night I had a short dream. My mother and I were walking in some city at night, she wanted me to get on top of a building to get something and launched me. I grabbed the something and jumped down, and then I don’t remember.
The good news: This weekend I’m almost certainly sure to have a lucid dream, since I’ll have a lot of time to sleep.

Arrrgh…not another pony-related dream! It seemed to be another version of last night’s dream.

I was on my computer and checked my Facebook, only to suddenly find out that Trixie had posted on Facebook about what I was doing. (It seemed to be a redux of last night’s dream.) Everyone then was suddenly out to get me and to do unknown things to me. I went running all around a town with people hot on my heels. then for no apparent reason, I turned into Pinkie Pie. Shortly afterwards, the people caught me, did all sorts of weird crap to me and locked me up in a jail cell. I woke up wanting to find Trixie and complain to her about putting me up to this.

Man, I keep having that kind of dream, maybe something’s about to happen?

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The Average Swampert (U41) wrote:

Arrrgh…not another pony-related dream! It seemed to be another version of last night’s dream.

I was on my computer and checked my Facebook, only to suddenly find out that Trixie had posted on Facebook about what I was doing. (It seemed to be a redux of last night’s dream.) Everyone then was suddenly out to get me and to do unknown things to me. I went running all around a town with people hot on my heels. then for no apparent reason, I turned into Pinkie Pie. Shortly afterwards, the people caught me, did all sorts of weird crap to me and locked me up in a jail cell. I woke up wanting to find Trixie and complain to her about putting me up to this.

Man, I keep having that kind of dream, maybe something’s about to happen?

Hey, if you don’t like them, give me your dreams.
I can count all the pony-related dreams with one hand :(
I didn’t have any dream last night. Maybe it’s because next week I’ll have the final tests, and then I’ll become independent, and if I screw up these tests, I’m done for. Let’s just hope I have a cool lucid dream tonight so I can post here.

I had a bunch of dreams last night, but the one I remember most prominently was a man without skin, eyes, or teeth walking through my backyard.

Sounds like something out of a creepypasta story, doesn’t it?

Digoxin wrote:

Hey, if you don’t like them, give me your dreams.
I can count all the pony-related dreams with one hand :(
I didn’t have any dream last night. Maybe it’s because next week I’ll have the final tests, and then I’ll become independent, and if I screw up these tests, I’m done for. Let’s just hope I have a cool lucid dream tonight so I can post here.

Nah, it’s fine. Besides, the whole situation was resolved in the dream last night. I was ticked and finally dragged Trixie to court for harassment and being forced to alter the world. In the end, they made Trixie get off my case and we left on good terms. The rest of the dream involved volcanoes.

While taking a nap this afternoon, I dreamed that I was going with my folks to the store. As I went and got some superballs out of a gumball machine, things went haywire.

One of my siblings ran up and told me to help her with something. I followed her to a strange hovercraft where Capt. America, Iron Man, and the other Avengers were. Apparently, they had done something to tick off the world and everyone was out to get them. Then the angry crowd from my dream from the other night appeared and started chasing us. We hopped on the hovercraft and hurried away, flying for a short time before crash landing in a strange field. What was rather creepy was that the field was filled with corpses that resembled a bunch of cartoon characters.

Then suddenly my dream changed to were I was no longer traveling around with the Avengers, but instead I was with a bunch of Nintendo characters, such as Mario, Samus, and Yoshi, as well as other characters like Bugs Bunny, some weird creature, and some that I made up myself. I also found that I had turned into Lucario.

It was a scenario like the Story Mode in Super Smash Bros Brawl. Subspace was taking over again. We all split up and beat up enemies before getting to where the bad guy, Tabuu, hid. If you’ve played SSSB, you’ll know that the entrance to where Tabuu hides is a giant door which is surrounded by a bunch of characters you must fight. So I was there, when all of a sudden, there was a bunch of applause and the characters turned into a large crowd. I was now in a projector room of some sort where a ton of people and fictional characters were watching my dream on a screen.

Someone walked up to me and told me how entertaining my dreams were to these people, even if some people didn’t. (Another downvote jam allusion?) I was very confused and wound up waking up.

Woot. I had a dream last night, which was more fantastic than any other dreams I had these last days.
I was in a house, that resembled a little bit to my father’s. I was walking through rooms with my younger brother, and found some kind of cyber-arcade. I was mad at my brother for something he did IRL, and we started fighting zero gravity. After that, I went to a room with a television, sat on a corner, and then Luna walked in (yay) to get something. She said “Oh hi”, I didn’t say anything, and she left. Then I went to the garden, and as I walked outside, the house disappeared, and I was in the middle of a forest. After that, I woke up.
Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll have better dreams.

I overheard my owner talking about playing an unfinished Mario Mart on an portable dreamcast, and his mom giving him the console and the prototype. My owner described the only track being dull, as there were no walls and it was boring.

Ninja, the console wasn’t much, it was just a rectangular prism with buttons and screen slapped on one side. I liked that the characters’ graphics came from Mario Kart64. I also liked that the title screen was a remix of MK:SC, despite that game sucking. And I knew it was a dreamcast, because when I booted the game up, the swirl came up. I forgot what else happened.

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I overheard another dream! I had a dream one night at my stepgrandparents about sending my pokemon Porygon to space. Dora the explorer was on TV, so I heard the theme song throughout the dream. And because it was playing, Swiper was going on the small spaceship to steal Oran Berries from Porygon. Porygon was PISSED, and he beat the shit out of swiper. Then that’s when I woke up. I asked myself, What just happened?

One more dream story! I had this dream about Mugen (a fighting game where you can put spongebob vs gumball) where I was playing as 4838(some random jumble of numbers) Bender (from Futurama) and I was kicking major ASS. Then I was playing as Gungsten (a tysplosion that has my personality) and I kicked even more ass. Suddenly, I switched to this 8-bit guy that has a gun and I had to fight the floor and suddenly I rendered an match with “unmovable” characters and they just stood still, throwing punches because they’re unmovable and I woke up. Best. Fucking. Dream. Ever.

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Two days ago, I had a dream where I was in a college, in the theology class my older brother hates with the colombian priest (or whatever he is) talking about something with the colombian accent my brother mentioned. After that, some chaotic events happened, but I don’t quite remember.

Today, I slept at a friend’s house, and he left the TV on. Some show about people surviving dangerous situations and stuff was on. I wasn’t really asleep, so the music and dialogue got in my dreams in a way that I was scared, as if in a nightmare. I don’t quite remember much of this either.

The only thing I remember out of all the dreams last night was the very end of the last one, a Tom and Jerry-like cartoon (it was as if I was watching it on TV). The cartoon ended, then instantly my alarm clock woke me up. It’s uncommon for a dream to have THAT PRECISE timing.

BoxFigs wrote:

The only thing I remember out of all the dreams last night was the very end of the last one, a Tom and Jerry-like cartoon (it was as if I was watching it on TV). The cartoon ended, then instantly my alarm clock woke me up. It’s uncommon for a dream to have THAT PRECISE timing.

Bro, you have no idea…
When I was like 8, I was dreaming I was in a Pókemon fight. I had Pikachu and the opponent had Squirtle. The opponent said “Use water gun” and I was like “Water is not very effective against the Electric type”, and then Pikachu was hit by the attack and some of the water hit me, then I woke up to realize my cousin and older brother threw some water in my face to wake me up.
I actually had many dreams with that precise timing you talk about, but I can’t remember right now.

WARNING: This dream contains pony.

I’m in a large theme park with my family, going on coasters, and decidedly not playing any of those “win-a-giant-Scooby-Doo” games. Suddenly I’m alone, but without a park map. Not worried in the least, I decide to explore. I enter that end of the park where nobody goes anymore, the outdated part that used to be cool too many years ago. Not chipped-paint-bad-carnival-ride old, but rather a dusty, untouched by years type of old, and I wonder if I’m supposed to be here, but there are no signs telling me to keep out, so I keep exploring.

Soon I find a tall building that reminds me of some sort of upscale lodge. I enter, to find that it is 100% My Little Pony themed. However, far from any glaring pastel wallpaper, instead I find intricate woodcarvings of sun, moon, and stars, illuminated purely by sunlight coming from the many windows. I find some stairs that, as I climb them, contribute the only noise to be heard in this abandoned masterpiece of a building. The handrail has a dark, glossy stain that contains almost a baroque level of detail in design. I marvel at the amount of love put into this work, and I feel like I’m in some sort of worship center for those who rely on ponies to raise the sun.

I look up above the stairs and see carved wings, the wings of two regal sisters who rule over the day and night, whose silhouettes are carved into the ceiling. Light shines through between them, and upon reaching the second story, I see the light comes from the noonday sun and a brilliant skylight overhead. Walking around this masterpiece (now below me) I find a door that leads to a beautifully furnished room, full of burgundy old-fashioned armchairs, mahogany desks, little jewelery boxes full of pony bracelet charms, and cabinets with fancy earthenware, all crafted in the most paradoxical high-class style with ponies and cutie marks, which also cover the ceiling and furniture. A window looks outside, not over rides and techno music, but over a well kept lawn of the most beautiful green, surrounded by tall oaks and shrubs.

On the lawn I see two figures in those disturbingly accurate full-body pony suits that are creepy in real life, but perfectly acceptable in a theme park. Scootaloo is there, running and kicking a soccer ball back and forth with someone dressed as Rainbow Dash. I do not question why the park would keep this building here, nor do I wonder why they pay two employees to dress up in character and guard it My only thought now, is that everything is going to be just fine.

I never dream different nightmares, it’s always the same thing, I think it’s permanent because those nightmares I have them since I was 9 years old, do not give anything scary to see that movie today (RE), but for me, my nightmares are always the usual thing, a zombie invasion,, it sounds very stupid, but its true. I do not know if became a trauma or an obsession, but I never take off my mind images of those dreams as “they” attack entire cities (sometimes i dreamed about different scenes in different countries), attack people, kill people, eat people. those scenes never removed me from head or my dreams. NEVER

Latest dream:

So I apparently had kids. My child was Jake Jr (bugs seem to on him always.) And because of this, I looked everywhere for a bath tub. I chose a plastic cup in a cafeteria, yet I never got it done.
I think you guys might have cameos in there. NeonWabbit was a really bright white.
And for some reason, I was at the toilet one time.
The weirdest part was that spongebob (likely because of a previous avatar) and Patrick needed to things, but they needed to underwater to do it. Yeah, they’re sea creatures. But they almost drowned doing it. and weirder, The house was just in a rectangular hole until PeanutButterGamer came with a water cannon and fucked shit up.

The dream above me was possible because of weed. (JK)
Last night I had a dream where I was in my cousin’s house, checked their books and found 6 pocket books about Alone in the Dark 1,2 and 3. I was like “Hell yeah” and borrowed them, but then I was in a room outside of the house, close to an alley that I used to visit sometimes, and the books had disappeared (nuu…) and then again I suddenly appeared in one of the streets close to my house, then on a wooden house with a bunch of ladders. After that, I only remember something about my dad and walking around and bikes.

Now this dream is just boring, but the thing is that I haven’t had many dreams the last few days, and if I do have any dreams, they’re not lucid, and I don’t quite remember them; but last night was different, since I was actually “living” the dream, or felt it 100%. Last night I went to sleep at 3:00 after drawing for a while, so I don’t know if being sleepy or staying up late helps you have any dreams.

The other night (I would have posted this yesterday) I had a dream where I was playing a really scary game. Anyone here remember the Living Books series of CDs? I was playing on one of them (purely for nostalgia) and suddenly, a bunch of creepy creatures and eldritch abominations appeared and did in the characters in horrific ways. Then they charged toward the screen, forcing me to shoot the monitor. I hate creepypasta dreams….

The dream I had last night was a lot more pleasant. It involved me hanging out with family and friends on a really nice looking beach, where the worse thing that happened was only a bird randomly being eaten by a giant rat. It ended with the whole area being flooded with gumballs and superballs for some weird reason.


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