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Last posted Jul 31, 2012 at 12:39PM EDT. Added Jul 30, 2012 at 05:17AM EDT
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When you think the Internet can’t surprise you, you find a page like this:

Some epic quotes from the website:

-“Our goal here at is to re-establish 9GAG’s reputation and defeat all rival sites. Starting with 4chan. This is a call to arms! Support our cause!”

-“Reddit, 4chan, Tumblr and FunnyJunk are all enemies of Save9GAG and we must work together to have them shut down and removed from the internet.”

-"Things 9GAG has created:

Rage comics."

-"The Forever Alone face is a face used in “Forever Alone” comics and other 9GAG comics to represent a man (or woman) who will always be single, ie forever alone. This first started to appear on 9GAG in 2011."

-“The original date of this meme is unknown, but it originated on 9GAG several years ago. Basically it is just a guy sitting in front of his computer giving a reaction face, often using other memes as well. 4Channers commonly use these images on their website however little do they know they are copying our material.”

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Here you have it folks. For anyone that has ever come to this forum asking why people hate 9gag:

That website and everything it stands for is your reason why,

Here we have 9gag playing a victim card, showing clear provocative intentions against the most popular hubs on the internet and worst of all: claiming to have invented memes.

That one website is pretty much all of the “Why do people hate 9gag” threads in KYM summarized to perfection

I think it might be a troll. Lemme browse 9gag and see if they have any posts on this…

EDIT: Searching Save9GAG gives no results, and no posts seen about this site while scrolling down on the homepage.
Probably a troll trying to cause another raid.

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How about the “rival sites” that were listed? Especially 4chan.

Are they aware of the site? If so, that could point to them having something to do with its existence.

Otherwise it could just be the work of an induvidual troll of no affinity (or a very ignorant 9gagger)

Zipperbars wrote:

I think it might be a troll. Lemme browse 9gag and see if they have any posts on this…

EDIT: Searching Save9GAG gives no results, and no posts seen about this site while scrolling down on the homepage.
Probably a troll trying to cause another raid.

At first look they don’t look that bad, right? Just 1 video, post a single video on that site and wait for a river of annoying comments sayng “9GAG army has arrived/ 9GAG/ 9GAG Army is here! We’re legion! We’re…” blah blah blah blah…

The amount of original material there is very small, most is reposted and I saw something that seens to be a Upvote-bot. Because 1431 people don’t like something in 1 minute.
Repost from Reddit, Memebase, 4chan even Oatmeal!

Also, take a look a the Vote page. Browse that page for a few minutes and you will see some of the worst post in the internet.


I think r/9GAG is a sub-Reddit only for raging on the fact that 9GAG copy/paster most of Reddit’s posts.

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if a fight were to break out between 9gag, and 4chan.
I believe that 9gag will surprise everyone by making the first move.
Then a joint attack. 9gag will make a big scene, and inside of 4chan, 7chan shall sabotage things.
I feel like tumblr, KYM shall stay neutral.
Fucktards are gonna get Facebook involved.
Reddit will back up Facebook.
Now we have a 3 way.

RandomMan wrote:

If you have a section for 9gag memes…

…I’m going to call fake on this.

Well made troll, but still an obvious troll.

Unfortunately, it apparently totally works, probably because people have such a low opinion of 9gag that they actually believe 9gag is this stupid.

I continue to be disgusted by the dislike people have for 9gag, and that someone would make crap like this to just stoke the fires. Perhaps the funny thing is, whatever troll made this must actually consider 9gag a force to be reckoned with, if they felt they needed to fight them this bad.

I’ve been doing some digging, trying to find out if 4chan and Reddit are aware of this website. Well, they probably are but whether or not they care, or are willing to do anything about it…I cannot tell.

I can find some Redditors raging about it, but not much. And I cannot find any follow-ups from 4chan at all. So far KYM has expressed far more concern over save9gag than anybody. If anyone is getting trolled here, it’s us.

Save9gag also has a twitter feed which been clearly trying to get the attention of 4chan and Reddit but there has been no response even there.

I wouldn’t be quick to assume that 4chan is behind this…if it’s the work of a 4channer, he is probably working alone. But since 9gag doesn’t seem to be any more aware of save9gag either, I would not be too quick to assume that 9gag is behind it as well.

Funnyjunk has generated more discussion on save9gag than 9gag and Funnyjunk thinks its some lame joke.

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Everybody, I hate 9Gag as much as the next 4channer, KYMer, or Redditor. The reason I hate them though is because they claim to have created all these memes. If they just used them, they wouldn’t even have to give credit to the actual creators and I for one would have no trouble with them. But they’re claiming that they’re the funniest site on the Internet because they “created” all these memes. It’s like 4chan and Reddit use these memes, but they don’t think they’re the Gods of the Internet. Does that make sense to anyone else?

“…re-establish 9GAG’s reputation…”

9GAG had a reputation at some point in time?

In all seriousness, though, you’d think the last thing 9GAG would want after the Internet has gone and pissed all over it is to openly declare war on sites that are much better supported and much more well-developed…

Anonymous could easily drop the Internet equivalent of a tactical nuclear weapon and shut this cute little operation down before it ever gets on its feet…

I seriously hope this is just a fail troll being a fail troll. Not even 9GAG deserves the potential backlash this could produce if it actually gets anywhere…

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