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Seth MacFarlane is Unfunny and Overrated/KYM "We fell for it OP" General

Last posted Oct 18, 2012 at 10:30PM EDT. Added Oct 18, 2012 at 08:27PM EDT
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I don’t think that it was wise to make this thread. It’s just asking for a flame war.

@OP: I agree with Firo Prochainezo. I’d advise cooling down if you have a history of doing this kind of thing. I don’t think that this thread was created with the intention of trolling, as the above post implies that you make threads like this somewhat often. So I think your feelings are genuine and that this post is justifiable.

Rather, I’m asking for a lock. I know that that kind of thing doesn’t really contribute to discussion, but I think it’s necessary. If a mod does decide to reprimand me for posting here, then I apologize in advance. But as I said, I don’t think this is a troll thread. So hopefully, it’s not wrong or bad that I’m posting here.

Why do I want a lock? So that we don’t get a bunch of Seth MacFarlane fans and haters arguing with each other. Which could easily happen. This is like making a thread called “Ponies Suck, Who Agrees?” Instant flame war.

As for your question, I really don’t care about Seth anymore. I used to like some of his stuff, but now, meh. I stopped really paying attention to him and his work a while ago.

OK, there. I’m finished. Once again, requesting lock, and advising that the OP just log out and calm down.

I would request that lock discussion stop now, and Seth discussion starts.
I used to really like Family Guy, but either I matured(like hell I fucking matured are you kidding me) or Family Guy got less funny. I still will watch Family Guy now and again and I enjoy some of it. I don’t give a flying fuck if the humor is crass and stupid, I still sort of enjoy it.

Seth MacFarlen originaly created family guy to highlight problems in society using comedy like antisemitism, Seth MacFarlane is Jewish himself, in a similar fashion to Sasha Baron Cohen, and make references to current and past cultural icons. But the material slowly deteriorated over the years as it attempts to pander to the massive following it has generated, the writers have abandoned clever writing practices in favor for stupid and/or offensive humor. Do not get me wrong, it is ok to be offensive once in a while but the level to which Family Guy is executing now is dry and tasteless. The only reason why it is still popular is because it is filling a void in culture which newer generations are facing. In conclusion, Family Guy was genuinely funny but unfortunately has succumbed to cheap humor to generate content for its fan-base.

Last edited Oct 18, 2012 at 09:44PM EDT

I liked most of Family Guy and American Dad. Can’t say the same about the Cleveland Show or that I was interested in seeing Ted at all though so I do think that some of the positive attention he gets may be unwarranted. But he was okay on the Comedy Central roasts I saw him on.

Pointless thread based on a negative opinion? Must have been made by Ansem.

I disagree with you about Seth. His jokes are very hit and miss for me (most of the time a miss these days) but a lot of his comedy has a sort of brilliance to it. There are certain jokes that you really have to think about to get it, and I love that.

Dear Mr.OP,

I have no clue how many times I have told people this, yet there doesn’t ever seem to be an end. It is a fact that I have not even heard of this Seth Macfarlane till this point. Because of this, if you had not posted a thread attempting to create a hate bandwagon I would still not know who this person is. Now that I know about him, he is immediately known to one more person, which is by far the exact opposite of what you want.

Now please adapt this method in the future: If you do not like something, don’t talk about it. Ever. If you wish for other people not to “suffer” from the viewing of this persons content, keeping them in the dark will always be the better option.

Thank you have have a good day.
~Natsuru Springfield.


We discussed it in the IRC and technically this thread has discussion value so its not going to be locked as quick as the other one as it is an opinion thread. You can express your opinion and discuss how much Seth sucks or he doesn’t. But this thread is very close to being locked.

What is there to discuss? The whole purpose of this thread (and the previous) is to say “HURRR LETS PRETEND THAT [SUBJECT] IS WORSE THAN IT REALLY IS BECAUSE THE CAT SHAT IN MY CORNFLAKES THIS MORNING!”

Chris most likely locked the last thread because he foresaw nothing but a bunch of people (or just one guy) pointing out how much they hate a trivial non-issue for no apparent reason. That’s pretty much all the OP has done so far.

Personally I don’t care what Seth does. All I know is that one of my friends really likes Family Guy and I’m not going to like my friends any less just because the internet tells me that Family Guy sucks. I can tell that Family Guy lost a lot of inspiration over the last several seasons to the point where The Simpsons and South Park openly mock it, but if the show can still give my friends something to laugh at while drunk off our faces then it matters little how much better other shows are. I’m going to enjoy what I enjoy rather than join some pointless hate train.


So Seth is the reincarnation of Hitler? Sure, hate if you please. But I’m just letting you know that I’m comparing you to the same people who portray Justin Beiber, Nickelback, Sonic OC’s and Ponification as the harbingers of evil.


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