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How many shock sites have you visited

Last posted Nov 15, 2012 at 10:47PM EST. Added Nov 15, 2012 at 05:04PM EST
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I tend to try all of the shock sites and read all the popular fanfictions and creepypastas to see how they are, and no shock site so far has bothered me at all. The only thing that has bothered me after viewing was Dipper Goes to Taco Bell, which isn’t a shock site more than it is a disgustingly nauseating and putrid waste of space.

My shock site history?

(Puts on sunglasses)

Alright, I’ll try to cover every instance as best I can. I’m just so gullible that I used to blindly click links without suspecting anything, but now my trust for posters on the Internet has decreased greatly, so no worries.

My earliest known counter with a shock site: Mr. Hands. Yeah, that one. This guy by the username of like “7Penises” or something like that registered on the Gaming-Age Forums (now known as NeoGAF), and that was seriously the very first thing he posted. In a new thread. A moderator removed the thread and banned the troll quickly enough, but not before I saw a little bit of the video. I’d actually put it up there with Goatse in terms of unsettlement, maybe higher because it was my first shock site. Luckily for me, I haven’t seen it since then, so I don’t really remember it, although I find it surprising that I could forget something like that.

No more than a few weeks later did I happen across Goosh Goosh. Same sort of feel as the first one, except I can’t decide if it was less or more off-putting. My curiosity forced me to watch a little bit of the video, but I don’t think I’ll ever finish it. And for very good reason. I will admit, I don’t exactly remember how I ran into this one, but I believe it was a friend messing with me with an email link.

The first few seconds of 2 Girls 1 Cup weren’t gross. Then things took a turn for the worse very quickly. This one my friend had already seen and had me watch with him, until I slammed my laptop shut and turned around to punch him in the stomach. Good times.

I knew of Budd Dwyer’s name already, and I knew that he had committed suicide. So I sensed that something was amiss when I opened a video featuring Budd Dwyer giving a speech, then advising weak-stomached people to leave the room. That, of course, includes me. I managed to close the tab playing the video only a moment before he actually killed himself, something I’m still proud of. I likely saved myself from much more trauma.

Yeah, I would classify some Rule 34 as having been created for shock value as well. I’ve been trolled with that kind of crap a couple of times, but it’s not as bad because usually it’s just artwork and not actual image or video. Still not enjoyable, though.

Have you ever had a guy on your Facebook feed post ridiculously depraved porn and force you to block him? Yeah, that’s only happened to me once, and it was a guy a friend of mine knew. Not that I’m quite interested in meeting him now, though.

If troll fanfictions count, I’ve read Cupcakes and Sweet Apple Massacre, and Dipper Goes to Taco Bell. None of them really fazed me. Also, can you blame me for having not been able to get past the first few sentences of Agony in Pink? Can you really blame me?

Also, for what it’s worth, I count My Immortal as literary gore, so I’ll list that under troll fanfictions as well.

(Don’t get me wrong--I’m certainly not a regular fanfiction reader. I actually only read ones that have KYM entries, and ones that some of my friends that read it recommend.)

So, yeah, unlike Random 21, I don’t go looking for shock sites, but I haplessly run into them. Some of them are worse than others. Like, a lot worse. Also, just out of curiosity, who posted Goatse on the forums? (Which I’m proud to say I’ve never seen.)

Dac wrote:

I try to avoid them. I almost got tricked into seeing 2 girls 1 cup, but it wouldn’t load. I have seen lemonparty though.

2G1C is kinda disgusting, but I can see how some people might enjoy that. Its a fetish vid for a reason
As for mine, pretty much all of them in KYM’s listings. So far none have really bothered me that much, aside from slight cringing at 2 kids 1 sandbox

Last edited Nov 15, 2012 at 06:50PM EST

The most I’ve seen of shock sites are the KYM articles for them. Usually because I know about one long before ever coming across it. I have read Cupcakes (yawn), part of Dipper Goes to Taco Bell, and saw a dramatic reading of My Immortal

I have seen Goatse, Blue Waffle, Budd Dwyer’s suicide, Harlequin fetus, Mr. Hands, Goosh Goosh, but the one that has grossed me out the most is one that hasn’t been documented on the site. It’s called Pizza Time, and it can actually be found on Youtube.

I think I’ve probably seen most shock sites out there. As for the worst one, that would definitely be 3 guys 1 hammer. It’s an actual murder, if that says anything.

3 times I can remember.

My first encounter was when I got Goatse’d once years ago when I was younger and unsuspecting of bait & switch links.

I think it was on one of the gaming forums I used to post on. I got linked to a page that crashes IE and locks it on goatse until I hit ctrl+alt+del. it also played really loud static noise but fortunately I wasn’t wearing the headphones. I didn’t even know what I was looking at. I found out it was distended anus some years later.

Over the years I learned about shock sites and which ones to avoid so I have successfully dodged 2g1c, lemonparty, etc. But while I was taking care to avoid shocksites in my own time, that doesn’t stop friends from bringing them to you which takes me to my 2nd encounter

2nd encounter: Tubgirl. WORST. IMAGE. EVER. How is that even possible, just…WHO LETS THAT HAPPEN TO THEMSELVES!? If the internet was Diablo, Tubgirl would be Baal, Lord of Destruction

I enjoyed the liberty of seeing this demon when a friend of mine made it his laptop background and casually showed it around to everyone in the room. He just tapped me on the shoulder, said “Hey look at this” with his laptop in his hand and BOOM, there it was. I couldn’t avoid it.

3rd encounter was 1 Priest 1 Nun (It’s basically 2g1c with bad actors pretending to be Catholics holding a scat eating ritual, because that’s just what Catholics do, right?) Again my friends forced me into this one. They all decided unanimously that they needed to watch it on my laptop, so they did so against my better judgement.

Blue Screen (of death) wrote

2nd encounter: Tubgirl. WORST. IMAGE. EVER. How is that even possible, just…WHO LETS THAT HAPPEN TO THEMSELVES!? If the internet was Diablo, Tubgirl would be Baal, Lord of Destruction

I’ve never seen it, but my mom told me that when my siblings and I were younger she had a friend who would keep linking it to her and and say something like “hey, look at this picture of me and my kids!”. One time my mom fell for it when my brother (who was probably 4 or so) was standing right next to her. She turned off the monitor as fast as she could and my brother paused for a second and asked “Mom, was that pudding?”

The first shock site/video I’ve watched was 2 Girls 1 Cup.
It did not disturb me in the slightest (no, I am not kidding around).
The second video was Goosh Goosh.
Same reaction as the 2 Girls 1 Cup video, I was not rustled in any way.

To me, both of these videos were very… unamusing (unamusing should really be a word).

Fridge wrote:

Someone goatse’d the forums once.

That was pretty fucking unsettling.

Funny thing. I actually bumped into that pic today…

This accurately sums up my reaction:


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