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So guy's how was your thanksgiving?

Last posted Nov 24, 2012 at 12:11AM EST. Added Nov 23, 2012 at 10:14AM EST
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Mine’s was pretty good. It was nice seeing my family again and it was wonderful getting to chat up with all of them. Now why don’t you guy’s post what your thanksgiving was like?

Imagine a bear. Now imagine a bear in your house. Imagine him as he goes about his bear activities, sniffing, eating, shitting. But now he multiplies. There are now two bears. Then Four. Eight. Sixteen. There are now thirty-two bears in your home. The bears are hungry. They tear open the cabinets and tip over the fridge. Foodstuff goes flying and down the gullets of thirty-two bears, each one a ravenous creature with a pit of despair and black hunger inside. Soon they tear through the food and start on the stained table wear, crunching down silverware and ceramic plates in chunks that tear away their teeth and gums. There is no more food, no more tableware. The bears look at you. You are suddenly set upon by thirty-two bears, their claws dig into your skin and tear out bloody chunks, quickly stuffing their faces with them. You scream in pain and fear, but no one can hear you. You are all alone with thirty-two bears, and now your limbs are gone. As you lie bleeding out on the floor, you hear the sound of the front door creaking open. Eight more bears have arrived, bearing plates and pots and pans, filled with cakes and pies and pastries. There are now forty bears in your home, and the want desert. The smallest bears go first, knocking over and smashing three pie-pans outright into the floor, licking desperately and leaving the remains of their gums and teeth all over the floor, their desperate wails and complaints driving into your eardrums like tiny wedges and hammers. The rest of the bears, in some semblance of civility, sit at the table and begin consuming the rest of the deserts. Soon the sweets run dry, and the tension rises. They knock over the table, breaking one of the legs and begin roaring at each-other. The youngest bears go into your room and touch your things. Two bears are having sex in your bathroom. Sixteen are playing Rock Band 2 with the volume at maximum. The rest are mauling each-other in the kitchen, fur and water and blood spewing in each direction, coating your drab white walls and tiles in a macabre collage of gore and stains. You are on the floor, bleeding, crying, wanting it all to end. But there is no end. They spend hour after hour brawling, playing eating, fouling your home and shaming your person, before finally shambling off. The eight newest bears leave. There are thirty-two bears in your home. Then sixteen. Eight. Four. Two. There is one bear in your home, carrying with him but a half empty Bud-Light and a tin of leftovers. As you look to him, seeing the last piece of your suffering about to go, he turns to you and gives a sly wink and a tired grin. “See you next year,” he growls, before finally making his way out the door.
You begin to cry.

Ah, Thanksgiving. Get to travel to meet family, watch tons of movies, watch the clear signs of just how low capitalism can go Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (Actually, fun fact: The pilgrims were communist at first. Which just makes the whole thing, the parade and Black Friday, all the more hilarious.) The only glitch in the program is my insane pickiness. Just about the only thing on my plate is some turkey, followed by some ice cream. Festive, isn’t it? Also, my cousins have Floam. It is easily within 5 feet of me. I can be a total brony-hipster with this. Because Gak is too mainstream.

Twenty-One wrote:

You know,as someone also in the UK, you really shouldn’t come here to post that we don’t celebrate it.

I know, I just had an urge that I couldn’t contain. Usually I can, hence why I don’t post often in thread that are irrelevant to me.

Still, I answered the question, which for me was “What did you do on 22nd of November?”.

Last edited Nov 23, 2012 at 01:28PM EST

doesn’t matter

had sex

actually it does matter, I have created a turducken wrapped in bacon

that’s right, a chicken stuff inside a duck, then stuffed inside a turkey, LET ME TELL YOU WHY THIS ISN’T BULLSHIT

chicken and turkey, their white meat is dry as FUCK, which I personally hate, but the duck is fatty as fuck, so while putting this gargantuous creation in the backburner BBQ for 8 hours, all the duck fat is absorbed into the dry parts of the chicken and turkey meat, turning every slice of meat into a juicy succulent delectable bite

mouthgasms…so good, so fucking good

My Grandparents came over, and so did my Boss and his family. Needless to say my introversion was in overdrive and I had to get away several times to keep myself from going crazy.

And the food was good.

Now then, time to go chop down a tree.

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Twenty-One wrote:

You know,as someone also in the UK, you really shouldn’t come here to post that we don’t celebrate it.

>implying you didn’t just post the same thing basically

I ate. I played 4 straight hours of Payload Race on TF2. I bought a new mouse online after Black Friday started.

Last edited Nov 23, 2012 at 05:39PM EST

Let me tell you the horrifying tale of how I spent thanksgiving day. My family and I ate turkey and pie and potatoes and beans. After that, sipped some wine and talked. It was all going pretty well, but then the lights went out. My uncle and I went into the basement to check the fusebox AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT!


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