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Humble Bundle General

Last posted Dec 10, 2012 at 08:25AM EST. Added Dec 01, 2012 at 12:20AM EST
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What is this “Humble Bundle”, you ask? Only the most amazing thing since sliced bread. Remember back in 2007 when Radiohead did that pay whatever you want for their album In Rainbows and it was a massive success (inb4 Fridge Logic YES OMFG)? Some guys decided to take that concept and make it a whole lot awesomer by expanding it to games. As in not just one game, but a whole slew of them. All for the unholy price of pay whatever you want. And these are some really, really good games, might I remind you. They all unlock on Steam, which is very, very nice, and the money goes to both developers and charity (you choose how to distribute it).

Although they usually feature indie games, this time around they’ve expanded to mainstream games for whatever the reason. I ain’t complaining. Right now they have the games Company of Heroes (and expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor), Darksiders, Metro 2033, and Red Faction: Armageddon up. Pay. Whatever. You. Want. Srsly. These are some amazingly high quality games (really high profile too), normally going for a good $20+ a pop, and at this price, only a stupidhead would pass this up (no offense to stupidheads of course). Even if you had all of them but one, you would stand to lose nothing. Got none? Even better.

It’s Gabe Newell supported, mind you, and Notch too (not that that guy matters). Just think, all those games filling up your Steam list.

And seriously guys, don’t be cheap. The developers behind these games work really, really hard, and deserve every last cent for it. You can do $1 if you want, but then you’re just taking advantage of them (more than you should be doing), and all that bandwidth just loses them money. Might as well be pirating at that point. The point is, the gaming industry is really messed up and paranoid right now, throwing spyware and DRM and SecuROM on everything in a misguided attempt to stop piracy, and it is extremely refreshing for a company like THQ to stand up and say, “Hey, this ain’t right. Why are we screwing over consumers when they’re are the ones who are buying our products? We should do our best to take care of them.” And it’s about time.

And if none of that fazes you cold hearted little Grinchy self, they’re offering Saints Row: The Third as a bonus if you beat the average (around $6.00 last time I checked).

So what are you waiting for? Humble Bundle awayyy

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Why isn’t anyone commenting on this?

Anyway I missed the last Humble Bundle but I’m considering this one. Mainly because I have my eye on that copy of Red Faction Armageddon and Metro 2033. Both are the kind of things I would play. Especially since I played Red Faction 1 and 2.

If the average is 6 bucks then 25 aught to do it to get Saints Row. That’s about 30 NZ bucks. I’m thinking of giving 80% of that to charity and 20% to the bundle. I’m sure THQ will be fine.

Now to recover my Paypal account…I hope I remember the password

THQ in the hundle bundle?!
I loved thq’s gameboy advance days.
I hate how people have no morals and used to buy all the hundle bundles for 1 cent over and over, so they could resale them with a bigger price. It sucks that Humble Bundle has to put a minimum price, not because I will pay less, but because it is sad about how people don’t care about the whole bundle’s contributions.

but since there is still a donation that is awesome for gamers, I am very weird about it.
Donation Groups: 1
Humanity: 0

It’s funny because giving the money to THQ is the real charity. They deserve to be out of cash for DLC whoring Saints Row 3 to shit. If you get this, I’d reccomend putting all the money to the Humble Bundle, because THQ is crap and Red Cross hardly does anything.

Bumpitty bump

Just checking in to say that my new card finally arrived and for it’s first purchase I got a bundle.

I gave 25 USD total (30 NZD). I gave 60% to charity and 40% to Humble Bundle. No cookies for THQ, sorry

25 bucks landed me the entire package :D

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Yea that true, but what can I say? I’m a generous guy. (Rarity would be proud)

I heard games in Australia cost like $100 for no reason at all

Pretty much the same thing here. I bought most of my games over Steam or from the US retail stores because NZ and Australia tax those things to hell.

With the exchange rate being so low, this is a great time to buy cheap games from the US

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Twins the Serendipitous Serval wrote:

You fool, do you not realize you could have gotten 4 packs for the same price?

And I heard games in Australia cost like $100 for no reason at all other than they can get away with it (even on Steam). How’s about New Zealand?

Steam logs your IP Address so I’m paying 100$ for Blops 2. But that’s the exception, most AA titles are 70$.

And yes, those are United States Dollars, not New Zealand ones. I tend to buy from a local store that has cheaper prices than most retail outlets. A DEDICATED videogame store, not a retail conglomerate so they know their games.

Most indy games and games from some major publishers are priced the same as in America…

But THQ is not one of them. I love the games they publish (Relic Entertainment titles mostly like Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40k games) but they’re horrible as a publisher and are broke. The company is on the verge of going bankrupt due to mismanagement.

A friend of mine wrote a nice article encapsulating my feelings regarding this humble bundle:

But to sum it up for you:

3) Worst of all, it goes against the other stated intentions of the Bundle: DRM free games that could be played across all spectrums. This bundle requires Windows – Mac and Linux are completely locked out – and furthermore, most of the games on the list require Steam to be redeemed. As far as DRM schemes go, Steam is by far the best, but not everyone likes it, and it’s going to alienate fans, especially those that game on Linux or were looking for a better Bundle for the holidays. It’s already showing; as of this writing, the fourth highest donator, at $101, is “@LinuxGamers not happy”. Despite not being happy, they still donated $101. I can assure everyone that most others won’t be nearly as charitable, especially towards a company that has heavily used anti-consumer practices such as $10 Online Passes.
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